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App Annie is on a mission to inform critical business decisions within the apps and digital goods industry. We’re creating a new generation of innovative data products, designed for the needs of tomorrow’s businesses. Our people are passionate about data, and enjoy building new things with algorithms, numbers and paper mâché.

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we’re taking off

  • an early start

    We were the first company to join the marketplace analytics game. As a disruptive force in the industry, we set the global standard in app store data.


    We’re a fun bunch who love brainstorming about how the world can be progressed through data. Our leadership team come from top app, gaming and data companies around the world.

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    Today 90% of the Top 100 iOS publishers use App Annie. Our data innovations fuel the growth of the digital content industry.


    We exist at the intersection of data science, analytics and apps. As the digital superstore ecosystem continues to grow and evolve, so will we.


    In 18 months, we have grown globally across 10 offices in Beijing, San Francisco, London, Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Moscow. Together we represent over 18 different countries.

Working at App Annie

Competitive salary and equity stake in the company.

health benefits
to keep you and your dependents healthy.

All the computer gear you need to stay productive, including the latest laptops, tablets and smartphones.


Gym membership subsidies help you focus on personal fitness.

A casual work environment with free snacks and team meals.

International workplace with diverse perspectives and colleagues from around the world.

Inside App Annie

Our People

  • Julia Kan

    Sales, Business Development Manager

    • Graduate of:
    • University of California, Berkeley
    • I speak:
    • English, Cantonese, Mandarin
    • Hometown:
    • San Francisco, California
    • What I do:
    • Help clients get a better idea of the mobile market and improve their standing in it using App Annie’s data.

    “What’s unique about App Annie is that we have the best data available, as a sales person confidence in our product makes it easier to be passionate about selling it.”

  • Robert Iwatt

    Intelligence, Senior Software Engineer

    • Graduate of:
    • Budapesti Mûszaki és Gazdaságtudományi Egyetem
    • I speak:
    • English, Hungarian, German
    • Hometown:
    • Budapest, Hungary
    • What I do:
    • I take what the marketing, sales, or product guys want and translate that into code, as well as managing the development and scalability of the code base.

    “I personally have grown a lot in terms of how to manage myself and my team as we grew. This includes learning to be on my game every day, as well as meeting the technical challenge of managing a code base used by a growing team of engineers.”

  • Mark Ungerer

    Intelligence, Senior Product Manager

    • Graduate of:
    • Princeton University
    • I speak:
    • English, Chinese
    • Hometown:
    • Santa Barbara, California
    • What I do:
    • Setting and clarifying the requirements for each of the teams (delivery, engineering, data science, sales, management) that contribute to the intelligence product.

    “I’ve worked in a lot of product-based roles, but this one is very unique because we have many teams coming together to work on one product from different angles. I have never before worked on a product to which data science is so crucial.”

  • Shelene Chang

    Market Insights, Principal Analyst

    • Graduate of:
    • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    • I speak:
    • English
    • Hometown:
    • United States
    • What I do:
    • Uncover insights and trends about the App economy using App Annie’s data.

    “I’m very happy about the productive and entrepreneurial culture: we move faster, it’s easier to get things done, and people are empowered.”

  • Justin Rapp

    Customer Success, Senior Customer Success Manager

    • Graduate of:
    • University of Pennsylvania
    • I speak:
    • English, Chinese, French & Flemish
    • Hometown:
    • Little Rock, Arkansas
    • What I do:
    • Work with clients to fully understand how our data can be used to drive their strategy, helping them make more informed decisions, and creating value for them and their end users.

    “By working closely with so many leaders from key companies, I get a unique insight into where the whole market is going. I can’t think of any other company where this would be possible.”

  • Kelly Huang

    Operations, Events Manager

    • Graduate of:
    • Anhui Normal University
    • I speak:
    • English, Chinese, Italian
    • Hometown:
    • Anhui, China
    • What I do:
    • I’m involved in planning and running App Annie’s internal and external events.

    “One of things I love about working here is that it doesn’t matter whether you are the CEO or a new employee, everyone is equal, and you can express your ideas.”

  • Leo Zhang

    Analytics, Senior Front End Engineer

    • Graduate of:
    • Beijing Jiaotong University
    • I speak:
    • English, Chinese
    • Hometown:
    • Wuxi, China
    • What I do:
    • I am responsible for the user interface of our online products.

    “Although the team is not huge, we get through a lot of work every day. For example, we are developing better ways of testing code and reducing bugs. At the same time, we are also always observing the latest developments in technology to see whether they can improve our effectiveness.”

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App Annie is and always will be a community of people who love data. Join a vibrant, creative family of the brightest minds, working together to engineer the future of digital content analytics.


Data science is increasingly important for businesses working with new digital content platforms. The work we do is central to the success of tomorrow’s companies.


To date, App Annie has tracked 79 billion downloads and more than $22 billion in grossing revenue, more than any other app store market data company. We offer an unmatched opportunity to unlock the potential this data holds.


We ask our people to do the best work, so we supply them with the best equipment and technology – top of the line, all the time.



Global R&D is headquartered in Beijing, meaning our engineers are close to decision making. We empower our development team with the entire process of creating, developing and maintaining products.


We use an Agile development methodology in a fast-paced environment, and release new features and improvements to production every day.

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  • No positions open at App Annie's Seoul office at the moment.