Analytics for Google Play

the Secret Weapon for Android Publishers

Further your quest for App Publishing World Domination!

For months my minions have been toiling away, preparing a weapon of unrivaled strength. Finally, no more checking between platforms. Track your iOS, Mac, Google Play and Amazon apps in a single dashboard. The Secret Weapon is here. Are you ready to take aim?

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Six Reasons to Sign Up

The Number 1 analytics service for $0.00? You’d be insane not to.

Completely free

We charge you nothing for using App Annie Analytics. Some think we’re crazy. Some think we’re generous.

Annie’s On Your Side

People know her for being the Queen Nerd of iOS, but just wait ‘til you see what App Annie Analytics can do for Google Play developers.

The ultimate in convenience

No SDKs, credit cards or ads. Just a clean, intuitive interface.

Easiest Sign-Up Ever

It takes an average of 15.1 seconds to sign up for App Annie Analytics. The sign up record of 5.9 seconds has been beaten with a time of 5.5!

All Your Data… Visualized

Get all of your Google Developer Console data broken down by country and source.

Daily Email Reports

We even spoon feed you with data. Email reports delivered right to your inbox every day.


Over 210,000 app enthusiasts rely on App Annie.

Whether for analytics or marketing intelligence, many of the biggest developers and publishers in the market use App Annie’s products. More than 400,000+ apps worldwide rely on App Annie analytics.

Analytics for Google Play includes all of these wonderful features

Daily tracking of key Google Play Android stats

Star ratings, Active User Installs and Daily User Installs, right where you need them, whenever you need them.

All In One Dashboard for cross-platform publishers

Developing for iOS, Google Play and Amazon? Move seamlessly between your apps in the same dashboard, still completely free.

Geographic segmentation

Is your app big in Japan? Now you’ll know exactly how your apps are performing the world over. Maybe that Icelandic localization you were thinking about is a good idea.

Customizable graphs for trend analysis = better decision making

Lots of sales on Mondays, but only a couple on Fridays? Now you have the information to plan promotions and incentives that will actually get noticed by your users.

Stats in your inbox

Wake up to a daily dose of data, with the most up to date stats you need to stay on top of your development business.

Reviews and Feature tracking

It’s fantastic when you get featured, and it’s even better when you actually know about it. App Annie has extensive feature tracking for all categories and regions so you’ll be the first to know when your app is in the spotlight.

iPad, Kindle Fire, Transformer Prime, Galaxy or Nook

Our dashboard natively supports tablets of all shapes and sizes. Perfect for keeping an eye on things whether you’re in the boardroom or the bedroom.

Not an app publisher? Click here to get free market stats