3 Steps to Your Job in the USA

3 Steps to Your Job in the USA - iPhone Mobile Analytics and App Store Data 3 Steps to Your Job in the USA - iPhone Mobile Analytics and App Store Data


If you are wondering why so many international students do not receive responses to their job applications, you will be interested to know that up to 80% of jobs are never posted, fewer than 25% of posted jobs are filled by an outside candidate, almost 50% of jobs are filled by candidates recommended by a current employee, and it’s no longer unusual for a company to receive 500 or more resumes in response to a single job posting.
One job search misconception that you might have is that the only way to get a job interview is to send your resume to a company in response to a job posting. This book is intended to help you understand that there are actually six ways to get a job interview, and they are not equally effective or successful in getting you the interview or priority consideration.

Over last few years, I have introduced the 3-step approach to thousands of professional job seekers through workshops and seminars, as well as to the executives, professionals, and recent graduates that have been my coaching clients. Many seminar attendees have contacted me to tell me that they have dramatically improved and accelerated their job search results by using the 3-step approach and the job search strategies, tactics and tips contained in this book.

We will introduce you to 3 simple steps of Discovery, Preparation, and Action that will give you the basic outline you will need to follow.

Some of the many other things you will learn from this book:
How to start planning your job search from the first day you are in the USA
How to network effectively even if you are shy or have limited English skills
The power of the informational interview
How to master a job interview
How to work with third 3rd Party Recruiters and Contractors
How to Intern, Volunteer, Part time Your Way to a Job
How to Negotiate Your Salary
How to keep a positive mindset during your job search
Visa Laws and your work Options

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3 Steps to Your Job in the USA, the book, is now available in the iTunes bookstore. Link updated.

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Updated links to the book, plus a bug fix which now allows users to sign up for push notifications.

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