Finish. The to-do list for procrastinators.

Finish. The to-do list for procrastinators. - iPhone Mobile Analytics and App Store Data Finish. The to-do list for procrastinators. - iPhone Mobile Analytics and App Store Data Finish. The to-do list for procrastinators. - iPhone Mobile Analytics and App Store Data Finish. The to-do list for procrastinators. - iPhone Mobile Analytics and App Store Data Finish. The to-do list for procrastinators. - iPhone Mobile Analytics and App Store Data

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Sometimes just making a list of chores can become a chore. Thankfully, Finish takes the hassle out of prioritizing. With a clean, gesture-based interface and well-thought-out notifications, remembering what to do and when to do it is effortless.


**2013 Apple Design Award Winner!!!**

Overcome the clutches of procrastination with Finish, a busy iPhone user’s best friend. Unlike other to-do apps that are "clever" for their own sake, only Finish takes advantage of how you naturally think. Finish gets in your face when you need it, stays out of the way when you don't, and effortlessly keeps you focused on the only thing that matters: completing important tasks.

Fully rebuilt for iOS 7!


Forbes: "You can retire your post it notes!"

iPhone Life Magazine: "I've never found task apps that useful…but Finish for iPhone has changed that."

TechCrunch: "If you’re a high school or college student, or a freelancer with deadlines, Finish’s due-date-based system will probably be just the trick."

TUAW: "Finish is a nice looking app. It's very well done. As days go by, tasks get re-assigned accordingly. That's pretty handy as deadlines draw nearer."

– Simple, intuitive to-do entry. Name, date, done.

– Unique, fully automated, timeframes-based task management. Your tasks automatically slide up as time passes through your customizable Short-, Mid-, and Long-Term Timeframes.

– Notifications that actually help: with optional notifications for both when a task slides or becomes due, you can stay focused on each individual task, while also maintaining a broader sense of how long you have to do everything. Set a time for any task in just a few taps, and even turn on the "Bother Me" switch if you want be be bothered every hour to finish your task! It's a secret weapon against procrastination.

– Truly satisfying completion indicators.

– A gorgeous, gesture-based interface--Finish is smooth as can be and a joy to use, because you deserve it.

- One-tap access to all of your completed tasks. Just tap the Finish in the top bar to see what you've finished!

– Multiple view modes--don't want to be stressed and overwhelmed, no matter how much you have to do? Finish intelligently collapses your less urgent tasks, without you needing to worry about a thing. Feeling ahead of the game, and want to see everything at once? Just flick off Focus Mode in Settings. You'll be ready to conquer all of your stuff, no matter the circumstances.

– …and more! (full list & descriptions at

With updates constantly in the works, Finish can only get better. You're awesome, so why not grab the best procrastination-beating and To-Do app available?

With Finish at your fingertips, procrastination is a thing of the past.

What's New

Version 2.3.1 (Sep 22, 2014)

This is an emergency bugfix update for those of you who were experiencing crashes or loss of tasks on version 2.3. We messed up and we're sorry, this should fix it for you. We rushed to have this fix done as soon as possible. If you have any further problems, please email and we'll take a look right away.

If you wrote a mean review, we hear you and understand--if this fixes everything for you, if you'd like to change your review, that would mean a lot to us.


The Finish Team

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Version 2.3 (Sep 17, 2014)

***IMPORTANT: DO NOT UPDATE. We messed up and didn't fully test iOS 7 compatibility while ensuring this update was done for iOS 8. We're really really sorry. If you're seeing crashes, this is why--and we're working as fast as we can to submit an update with a fix. It will be available in the next day or two. Then, simply update and you should be all back to normal. Again, our fault--and we're making it right as fast as possible.***

Hi there! Finish is now fully compatible and takes advantage of advanced new iOS 8 features. No worries though--we're still compatible with iOS 7 as well. So, what's new for iOS 8 users?

--Notification Center widget: now, you can peek at your next three tasks in Finish right in the Notification Center on your device! You can even complete tasks from notification center without even needing to open Finish. We've also added ultra-quick adding of new tasks--just tap the + button in Finish's widget.

--Interactive Notifications: We're super excited about this one. Now, the notifications you get when a task is due include two buttons: Finish and Stall. You have to make a choice--have you finished your task yet, or do you have to stall, procrastinate, and push it back a day?

--Tons of bug fixes: these are pretty boring.

Enjoy--iOS 8 makes Finish even better!

You're awesome,
The Finish Team

Questions? Hit us up! @getfinish,

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Version 2.2 (Mar 01, 2014)

It's time to let Finish help even more people stop procrastinating and get through their tasks.

Finish is now free, and we're announcing Finish More. If you've already bought Finish, don't freak out! We aren't ripping you off, we promise.

Here's how it works:

You can now add up to ten tasks to Finish at once, and you won't be able to set a specific time for those tasks. With the quick one-time in-app $0.99 purchase of Finish More, you can add unlimited tasks along with being able set specific due times. It's that simple.

If you've already bought Finish, you get Finish More for free (and you're awesome). Simply enter your Apple ID and password when you try to set a time or add more than ten tasks, and you'll instantly get Finish More for free. Sweet!

We can't wait for Finish to start helping even more people. You all have already completed over half a million tasks with Finish, and that's just the very beginning.

Stop procrastinating, get Finish!

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Version 2.1.2 (Feb 20, 2014)


Just bug fixes here, mostly for the stuff you guys have reported to us so thanks a bunch for that! We're listening.

We've been busy working on some amazing new things, and though this is just bug fixes, keep an eye out--we think you're going to really like what we have on the way ;P *cough* iPad *cough*

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Version 2.1.1 (Nov 28, 2013)

Hi there,

Hope you've been great! Just bug fixes and general improvements here, especially improved rewards. We've been listening to all your feedback and have tons more coming. As always, feel free to reach out @getfinish on Twitter or

Also, happy thanksgiving to those in the US!

You're awesome,

--Michael and Ryan (the Finish team).

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Version 2.1 (Sep 18, 2013)

Hi there,

Finish is now BUILT FOR iOS 7. We've given the app a huge overhaul to fit perfectly with Apple's brand-new version of iOS. And hey, we're pretty pumped about it!

In addition, we've added some great new stuff:

-- AIRDROP: This is really cool. New in iOS 7, you can now AirDrop tasks to anyone nearby. Simply tap AirDrop from the new task sharing menu, and instantly beam a task to anyone near you using AirDrop. Spiffy? For sure!
-- REPEAT: See, we totally listened to your feedback! Ba-ba-boom. You can now easily set any task to repeat Daily, Weekly, or Monthly. It's super smooth and simple. Aw yeah.

We love hearing any and all of your feedback, and how Finish has helped you put an end to procrastination! Hit up, or @getfinish on Twitter, and we'll be on the other end.

Now for a bit of a personal're the best, and we couldn't have made Finish what it is without your feedback and support. That's something that's often said broadly, but we really mean it. We hear from you guys every day how Finish has helped so much, and that's more valuable to us than anything. Honestly, Finish started as something we built to solve our own problems with procrastination--In fact, the idea even came from our struggles during high school finals week. Since we launched Finish at the beginning of 2013, it's become so so much more. That wouldn't have happened if it weren't for you letting us know how Finish helps you, what you want added, sharing the app with your friends around school and work, and everything else. Thank you. For Real.

Much Love!

Ryan and Michael, the Finish team.

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Version 2.0 (Aug 15, 2013)

Hey everyone,

We're proud to announce Finish 2.0!

We want to say that we can't thank you enough for all of the support, amazing reviews, and so much more. We've spent hours upon hours going through your feedback, and we couldn't have done this without you. So without further ado, here's what's new:

1. TASK-BY-TASK TIME SETTING: This has been the most requested feature by far, and we put a ton of work into finding the very best way to let you set times for your tasks--you'll love it. If you'd rather not set a time, no problem! Finish will continue working great for you exactly as it always has.

2. OPTIONAL “BOTHER ME” REMINDERS: This is insanely handy. Whenever you set a time for a task, you can flip on the “Bother Me” switch. We’ll remind you at the time you set, and then bother you every hour until you finish the task. It takes solving procrastination to a whole new level.

3. TASK NOTES: Another one of our most requested features, you can now add notes to any task. You could add the page number of your homework assignment, the address of your yoga teacher, the color of the paint you need to buy, the gate your flight leaves from, or anything else you can think of.

4. MAJOR DESIGN IMPROVEMENTS: We've improved both visual and interaction designs across the board. Every corner of the app is more beautiful, more polished, and smoother than ever. Awwww yeah.

4. REWARDS: As you complete your tasks, you’ll have the option to earn free, real-life rewards. You’ll never know for sure when you’ll receive rewards--though let’s just say, the earlier you finish your stuff, the better ;). Rewards are constantly changing. They could be anything from productivity tools, coupons,yummy snacks, gift cards, discounts, and more. Keep an eye out for stuff from your favorite brands, and enjoy another huge weapon against procrastination.

5. QUICK-ADD: Simply tap and hold the + button, and you'll instantly be able to type in a task. Just hit enter on the keyboard, and the task is added as due today. Quick-add takes just seconds. (Seriously, we've timed it).

6. SUPER DUPER TASK SHARING: You can now share tasks via email, SMS/iMessage, Facebook, and Twitter. Beyond that, sharing will create links that anyone can tap and instantly add that task to their list in Finish. Our testers have been using this for weeks, and they've been amazed at how valuable Finish's new task sharing is.

7. FULL TASK RESTORE ABILITIES: Simply tap on any task in the Finished Tasks list to restore it to your tasks--easy as pie. And who doesn't like pie?

8. DATA EXPORT: Email yourself or anyone else a backup of all your tasks, in just a few taps!

There's even more to this update--little hidden features, fun animations, and all sorts of other goodies that we'll leave as a surprise for you to find yourself.

We can't thank you enough. None of this could have happened without you. We wish we could give you all a free hug and a cookie.

Much love,

--The Finish Team

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Version 1.0.4 (Apr 09, 2013)


Just bug fixes here--but don't worry, this is in preparation for a very big update that includes all of your most requested features. You may not notice anything different, but we definitely suggest you update to this version.

Thanks a bunch, and we can't wait to share the big update coming soon.

You rock!

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Version 1.0.3 (Feb 26, 2013)


This update should fix a crash upon launch that affected a small number of users. (If you had to open Finish a few times to get it to stay open, this should fix that). It was totally our fault, and we rushed to fix it as soon as we narrowed down the problem. We're really sorry about that. Thanks again, and please keep the feedback and suggestions coming! We're hard at work on the next big update.

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Version 1.0.2 (Feb 17, 2013)

Hey there,

The nice pretty update button above will provide little tweaks and improvements. These little tweaks and improvements are based on your feedback, because, to be completely honest, we love you. There aren't any big new features here, though we're very hard at work on some things and are testing major new features internally to make sure they're awesome before we release them.

Specifics: (which is a fun word to say out loud. Spe-ce-fics. Spe-cefics.)

1. There's now an option in settings to start the week on Monday. This wasn't in the first version because we're dumb and didn't compensate for how the week was set up in a variety of countries. Very sorry about that.

2. Smoother gestures! We vastly improved the code behind swiping a task to reveal the options. We got emails from kind folks saying the swipe gesture occasionally lagged. We looked into it. They were right. We got kinda sad. Then we fixed it. If you still notice any issues, please let us know! We won't get sad, we'll fix it.

3. Some small interface improvements: We've added some subtle shadows and made some graphical tweaks to help visual flow throughout the interface. That sounds fancy! But really, it looks and performs better now. What's not to like?

4. Good ol' VARIOUS BUG FIXES! Because how much fun are those, right?? We've followed the tradition of every app update ever. Not only bug fixes, but they're various. Var-i-ous! We've basically been testing and trying to break the app in any way we can, then fixing everything we find.

You guys rock, though, really. The response to Finish had been incredible, and we're just getting started. If you have any suggestions, please drop us a line! Feel free to use the in-app feedback button or get in touch on Twitter, @getfinish.

Enjoy the update! Lots more is on the way. Stay classy!

--Ryan, Michael, and the whole Finish team.

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Version 1.0.1 (Jan 18, 2013)

Minor updates and improvements. Thanks so much for using Finish, the response has been incredible.

We've been listening to your feedback, and have updates planned with many more improvements coming soon.

Stay awesome. We hope you had a super productive week, and enjoy this upcoming weekend!

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Version 1.0 (Dec 04, 2012)

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