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Marksta allows you to watermark your photography, adding text or a logo directly from your iPhone or iPad. Add a copyright notice to your images before sharing them to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Flickr, etc. Or add your Twitter name, or your website address. Whatever you want to write, Marksta makes it simple and fast. And now you can add and edit IPTC and caption information too.

*** As featured in The Economist, Wired, British Journal of Photography, The Sunday Times, The Guardian and selected by ABC News as App of the Week. ***

• Add multiple lines of text to your photos, including ©, @, and #
• Add an image or company logo to your photographs
• Adjust size and position of text and/or logo using gesture control
• Adjust font, colour, and opacity of text and/or logo
• Add a customizable border
• Reverse your text in a box to improve visibility
• Add parallel lines or crossing lines to your text to increase protection
• Justify text depending on placement
• View all changes on screen in real time
• Edit IPTC information, including copyright owner
• Add/remove GPS geo-tags on the map screen
• Save multiple templates to improve workflow and speed
• Non-destructive editing; Marksta will save new versions of your edit but always preserves the original image
• Share directly to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr or send to Instagram, Camera+ and more, or email directly from inside the app
• Customizable output size presets
• Information button on each page guides you through the many advanced features of Marksta

Reasons to use Marksta
• Add copyright information and IPTC to your photographs directly from your iPhone or iPad before sharing online
• Protect your images from misuse and theft
• Ensure acknowledgement of your creative work
• Safeguard your photos from being designated “orphan works”

This full-feature, professional standard app is completely ad-free. We have total respect for your privacy and intellectual property, and we will never store or sell any of your information or images - our only income is from the purchase price of the app.

What's New

Version 4.1 (Nov 04, 2014)

* Slide-up colour chooser much improved, and now simpler to use
* Appearance of some panels altered to look better in iOS 8.

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Version 4.0 (Oct 08, 2014)

• Fixes problems with app crashing in iOS 8
• New metadata text type
• Colours can now be changed for all text layers at the same time
• Font can now be changed for all text layers at the same time
• New colour chart added
• Text layers can now be locked
• 2 new border styles
• Flickr interface updated to match their new upload requirements

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Version 3.2 (Oct 23, 2013)

Bug fix (affecting iOS7 users only) 'Photo Apps' and 'Instagram' share buttons were not working

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Version 3.1 (Sep 26, 2013)

Emergency bug fixes for iOS7:

• buttons on slide-ups were not displaying properly for iOS 7 users.

• text edit field was not displaying the text for iOS 7 users.

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Version 3.0 (Sep 10, 2013)

• FTP Client
• Batch FTP, with automatic watermarking and IPTC
• You can now set a 'default' watermark, which shows as bold in the list, and is always loaded when you start Marksta.
• You can now set a 'default' IPTC template (shown in bold in the list), which is automatically added to the IPTC data of any photo you load into Marksta.
• We have added a new screen listing all your Tumblr blogs, so you can choose which one to post to.
• The 'parallel lines' effect now rotates to any angle to follow the text rotation.

• We have added a separate button for sending to Instagram. This fixes a problem where the 'photo apps' button was sometimes not working on phones without Instagram installed.

... plus various other minor fixes and enhancements

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Version 2.1 (Mar 29, 2013)

Bug fixes
• when changing the location on the map screen (from the 'metadata' panel), locations west of the meridian were being saved incorrectly - now fixed.
• When adding more than one image layer, some of the images were being rendered incorrectly - now fixed.
• Image layers above a certain size were being reduced in quality - this version fixes that - Marksta now preserves the original image quality of all image layers.

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Version 2.0 (Mar 18, 2013)

• New 'Metadata' feature shows all Exif and IPTC data
• Full IPTC metadata editing now supported
• IPTC templates now supported (including sharing on iCloud)
• GPS location can now be shown, moved or removed on a full-screen map
• Text and images can now be rotated to any angle
• Drop shadow colour can now be changed (independently of the text colour)

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Version 1.1 (Jan 28, 2013)

New features
• Now works on iPad (full-screen, any orientation, optimised for retina display)
• Image metadata (EXIF, IPTC, GPS) now preserved in all uploads and shares
• Option to remove GPS location information from all uploads for your privacy and security
• You can now upload to Flickr (images, messages and hashtags)
• Save and synchronise templates between all your devices using iCloud (note, this feature needs to be switched on in settings)
• Send and load templates as email attachments
• Email attachments are now sent as JPEG files (highest quality), with metadata preserved
• Send images direct to Marksta from other apps using the 'share' button
• Send hashtags to Tumblr and Flickr (any word beginning with '#' is sent as a hashtag)
• Adding images and logos is now much easier using a new button on the text-edit slide-up

Bug fixes
• Reverse image text was low quality - fixed: now matches full resolution of the image
• On some older iPhone models, images were being rotated incorrectly. Fixed - note, this fix needs to be switched on in settings, since it affects loading time, and is not required on modern devices.
• some other minor fixes

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Version 1.0 (Jan 02, 2013)

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4.1Nov 04, 2014Current release
4.0Oct 08, 2014
3.2Oct 23, 2013
3.1Sep 26, 2013
3.0Sep 10, 2013
2.1Mar 29, 2013
2.0Mar 18, 2013
1.1Jan 28, 2013
1.0Jan 02, 2013First tracked
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Updated on Jan 26, 2015


Compatibility: Universal

Category: Photo and Video

Updated: Jan 23, 2015

Version: 4.1

Size: 16.2 MB

Language: English

Seller: Marksta Ltd

Rating: Rated 4+

Family Sharing: Yes

Requirements: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Bundle ID: com.marksta.Marksta

App ID:  589118011  [Copy]