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Have a Plan. Register. Have a Back Up Plan. Make Roll Call. Get Selected. Get Airborne.

Or search for and access Local Info--before you depart, just after arrival, anytime.

Take-a-Hop's MilSpaceA app allows authorized U.S. government users to register for Department of Defense (DoD) military space-available travel. It is the exclusive app for all DoD travelers wanting a quick, easy, reliable, and authorized means to sign up for Space-A at primary DoD departure terminals.

VISITING FAMILY MEMBERS and TDY military and contractors are now using MilSpaceA app as well, because there's MUCH MORE to it than just space-a signup.

Expanded LOCAL INFO: billeting, car rental, dining, BX/PX/NEX info, links to air terminals' pages, USOs, and more.

ENHANCED ONLINE MAPPING and ROUTING: Your location relative to points of interest in the app (requires active geolocation and Internet access). POIs are now also associated with your device's INTERNAL MAPS so you can now use routing info, too!

First, browse through "Airfields of Interest" so you can call ahead to various terminals (call-enabled for iPhone; just tap the number). Or visit terminals’ flight schedule pages (if they have them--most don't) Then fill in your details, select departure airfields and destination countries, and send out the signup to register for travel. Some terminals will reply; most will not. Just keep a copy of e-mail(s) as proof of signup.

• Remote space-a registration for multiple airfields, all in one transaction. Prepare signups offline or online, your choice--then transmit when you have connectivity
• Complies with Air Mobility Command (AMC) rules: Signups generated by you, with your e-mail as the sender & reply-to address.
• Copies are saved directly in your e-mail Sent items & stored in-app as well. Users can view signup data, track signup dates, and delete/purge expired signups.
• Data protection: No SSAN required. EXCLUSIVE: AMC-authorized Pseudo Person ID (PPID) is auto-created. Safe 9-character code derived from "RMT" & letters from your name. (Some Navy terminals still insist on SSANs--contact them directly after signup to pass SSAN)
• EXCLUSIVE: Multi-branch support (Air Force, Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Active, Guard & Reserve)
• Utilizes local storage. Stored template with full control of your data, auto-saved on your device only, ability to purge anytime.

"My mom came to visit me and she used the app, too. It's not just for space-a. It's great for anyone visiting [the base]." - LT
"Amazing how easy this app made our trip. This and our books together, because weird or not, I still like the smell of paper" - JD
"Great app. Very easy to use" - TT

Policies governing space-a travel are implemented in DoD Directive 4515.13-R (Air Transportation Eligibility) and AMCI 24-101 Vol 14. Determine your eligibility before registering for travel. CONTACT YOUR LOCAL TERMINAL if you have any questions of eligibility. Refer to for current official AMC policy. Utilize and support, & for unofficial discussions, information and desktop-based space-a signup.

Only after military mission requirements are met will remaining seats be offered up for space-a. Be prepared for delays or a short-notice diversions. Space-A is a privilege, not a right--movement is never guaranteed. UNDERSTAND THE BASICS OF SPACE-A before signing up.

More about Take-a-Hop

Since inception, Take-a-Hop's platform has generated over 500,000 signups, trusted by passengers and passenger service agents (PSAs) alike. Used by thousands of DoD travelers around the globe. Solely managed by a USAF veteran who has also traveled military space-a and knows what travelers are up against. Take-a-Hop and MilSpaceA app are not endorsed by the US Federal Government, DoD, or any branch thereof. And still, the name recommended by thousands and earning your trust for years now.

Thanks and Happy Travels!

What's New

Version 2.6 (Nov 27, 2013)

√ Foreign Currency Rates and Calculation
√ User Notes capability, iCloud support
√ Enhanced Signup Archive & Passbook Support
√ 'Snap-to-new-AOI' via in-app Map Interface
Top reviews & 5-star ratings keep FREE updates coming to you by bringing new users onboard. Thanks for your great support!

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Version 2.5 (Jun 06, 2013)

√ In-App Signup Archive - User signups are now stored in-app (as well as in user's own e-mail "Sent" items) after submitting to terminal. Inside MilSpaceA app, users can views signups, track their signup dates (grouped by

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Version 2.4 (Feb 11, 2013)

✓ Sorting by Region/State/Nearest
✓ Aircraft Gallery - Photos / Basic info
✓ More Locations, even those without remote signup.
(= Access local area info, even if that location doesn't allow remote signup)
✓ Navigational association of POIs - now with navigational routing by tapping on POI pins.
✓ Document Library - Policy / AMC Grams
✓ Travel Advisories - announcements of temporary conditions affecting space-a travel
Top reviews & 5-star ratings keep FREE updates coming to you by bringing new users onboard. Thanks for your great support!

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Version 2.3 (Oct 25, 2012)

✓ Autorotation (portrait/landscape mode)
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Version 2.2 (Sep 26, 2012)

✓ Expanded datasets ✓iOS6 compatibility
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Version 2.1 (May 25, 2012)

Fixes issue for new users adding # of seats required (and thanks for all those 5-star ratings! We're staying on top of things for you and adding info every day!)

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Version 2.0 (May 22, 2012)

- Billeting, car rent, dining, BX/PX info
- Terminals' Fb pages, USOs, and more
- Online mapping for many POIs
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If you find the MilSpaceA app useful, please rate it "5-star" in the App Store every time we release an update. Highest ratings bring new app users and will help keep future updates FREE.

And if you ever have an issue with the app, please don't ding the app in the App Store forever. Rating it poorly only hurts you and other users by steering away those new users.

Instead, tell me the issue using the in-app "About - Feedback" e-mail [ (at) takeahop DOT com ]. I take your e-mail suggestions very seriously and incorporate them when practical (as I've hopefully proven with this huge update).

I realize we're all busy: you don't need to write any review--just a quick tap of the 5 stars. Thanks for your support!

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Version 1.1 (Feb 20, 2012)

New in V1.1
-added local surrounding area information
-improved element labeling
-highlighted in-app calling
-retooled over-the-air updating feature

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Version 1.0 (Jan 27, 2012)

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2.5Jun 06, 2013
2.4Feb 11, 2013
2.3Oct 25, 2012
2.2Sep 26, 2012
2.1May 25, 2012
2.0May 22, 2012
1.1Feb 20, 2012
1.0Jan 27, 2012First tracked
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Compatibility: iPhone, iPod touch

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Updated: Oct 25, 2014

Version: 2.6

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Requirements: Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

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