App Annie FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Sales Tracking

How can I start using App Annie to track my apps?

All you need to do is sign-up for Analytics, it’s free and you can start tracking your apps’ data immediately. Click here to signup for Analytics

Why can't I sync my iTunes Connect account?

Either the username or password are incorrect, or the account you provided doesn't have sufficient rights (The "Sales" role should be assigned to the user). If the account you provided is new, you might also need to confirm it first. Try logging in to iTunes Connect from within your browser and make sure the sales reports are accessible.

I have linked my iTunes Connect account, but some of my historical sales are missing?

iTunes Connect only stores the last 30 days of daily sales reports for your apps, plus the last 13 weeks of aggregated weekly data. App Annie will import all the available daily and weekly data. If you have older reports, you can upload them manually.

Are promos included in download figures?

Yes, download figures include the promo units listed.

How does App Annie handle currency conversion?

Currencies are converted to US dollars using conversion rates updated daily.

Why do my sales reports in App Annie not exactly match my financial reports in iTunes Connect?

App Annie fetches the sales data from the iTunes Connect "Sales and Trends" section. There are a few reasons why the sales data doesn't match Apple's "Financial Reports" and the amount of money you receive from Apple.

Fiscal calendar. Apple uses fiscal months rather than calendar months for payouts. To see Apple's fiscal calendar, go to "Payments and Financial Reports" and click the "Fiscal Calendar" link. For example, fiscal March 2011 starts on Feb. 27 and ends on Mar. 26.

Clearing of payments. What matters in the case of financial reports is what payments were made during a fiscal month, not how many downloads were made. Since most people use credit cards to buy apps, it can take up to 2-3 days for a payment to go through. Also, some payments never go through!

Currency conversions. Apple's "Financial Reports" use Apple's own currency rates, whereas App Annie always uses today's exchange rate.

Remember that the last two points above have a certain degree of unpredictability, which makes the figures we get from Apple's "Sales and Trends" slightly different from the figures in Apple's "Financial Reports".

Account Security

What are App Annie’s security measures for protecting my information?

The security of your information is very important to us. We keep you protected by using encryption, our own secure servers, conducting regular penetration testing and never, ever, sharing your data.

To learn more about our security measures, please read our Data Security policy.

How can I limit App Annie's access to my iTunes Connect account?

We only use your iTunes Connect account to collect relevant sales data. Additionally, you can ensure the security of your iTunes Connect account by setting up a separate iTunes Connect account, just for App Annie and assign it a Sales only role. This step-by-step guide will walk you through setting up an iTunes Connect account and linking it to your App Annie account.

Step-by-step guide

How can I unlink my iTunes Connect account?

You can unlink your iTunes Connect account at the account page.

How can I delete my App Annie account?

You can delete your account by going to the Account Management settings.

When contacting support, do I need to provide my password?

No. We will never request that you send us your password by email, or any other unsecure channel. Please don’t email sensitive information like passwords to anyone, as it can threaten the security of your account.

Daily Email Report

What are the time periods used for comparisons in the daily report?

All sales figures are compared to same day in the previous week, and ranks are compared to the previous day.

Are ranks in the daily email report for the full previous day?

The ranks in the email reports use the most current set of rank data, so if you receive a report on Monday morning the ranks are from Monday as well.

Are in-app purchases included in downloads?

No, we don't include in-app purchases in downloads, although they are included in the revenue figures.

Google Play

What statistics do you collect from my Google Play Developer Account?

We collect sales and download data for all your applications including in app purchase items.

My Google account is setup with the “2-step verification” option. Is it supported by App Annie? What is the workaround?

This option is not supported, as it would require a code each time we fetch data on your behalf. There is a workaround to let us access your Developer Account without removing your "2-steps verification", please see the section "How to create a new Google Developer account sub user?"

I don't want to share the gmail account linked with my Developer console account. Is there a workaround to collect my Google Play stats?

Yes, simply create a new Google user and grant him access to your Developer Console Data. Please see the section "How to create a new Google Developer account sub user ?"

How to create a new Google Developer account sub user?

Here's how:

  1. Create a new gmail account dedicated for App Annie, let's say ""
  2. In your Developer Console account, select the "Manage user accounts" and select "Invite a new user"
  3. In the pop up window enter the user you have just created for that purpose ( in our example) and grant access for Financial Data (choose the Yes option)
  4. To validate the access Google will automatically send a validation email to the invited user ( in our example)

  5. Open the gmail account ( in our example) and click the validation link Google has sent to you and follow the instruction to validate the access
  6. From that point the new user has access to your Developer Console Account data only
  7. Login to and set your Google Play account credentials to use this new sub user ( in our example)

Google detects a Suspicious login to my account, why is that?

App Annie uses servers based in the USA to log into your Google Play Developer Console Account for data collection. In some cases, Google may alert you about a suspicious login to your account and advise you to change your password. Rest assured, you can trust all the connections coming from App Annie machines, which having the following IP addresses:

List of the App Annie IP addresses:

In the case you change your Google Play account password, please login to App Annie and modify your Google account settings, or else we will not be able to fetch your data.

How to contact support

My question isn’t here! How can I get help?

For technical questions or feedback, please email For all other enquiries, please check the Contact Us page. In all cases, a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.