Data Security

Your data is secure with App Annie.
We adhere to the highest industry and technology standards.

Dear App Annie Analytics Users,

We’re in the business of data, so the privacy and security of that data is just as important as the products that treat that data. Here at App Annie, we continually invest in maintaining the highest security standards whilst making sure we always protect the privacy of our users’ data. We take a comprehensive approach to data security, which is outlined below.

Encryption for sensitive data
The information you exchange with App Annie is encrypted with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology.

Any time you need to enter a password on the App Annie site, the information will be transmitted using SSL 256-bit encryption. You can check this by looking for the “lock icon” in your browser's notification area.

SSL encryption is the industry standard for transmitting private information, such as usernames and passwords, over the internet.

Hosted on secure App Annie servers
Your information is stored on our own servers in the United States. Your username and password, including those of 3rd party services you have linked with App Annie (such as iTunes Connect or Google Play) are never displayed to third parties online or offline and are always stored encrypted.

Security tested regularly
We monitor the security of our hardware and software on a regular basis. Our servers are tested (regularly) by a team of experts whose sole job is to maintain security.

Your data is never shared with anyone
You may have heard of App Annie Intelligence, our product that provides markets estimates. App Annie Intelligence is built from an advanced statistical model that utilizes fully anonymized datapoints and publicly available data to generate market estimates. We want to assure you that we never share and will never share your data through any product or service we offer.

We have a strict privacy policy
You can read our privacy policy here.

The App Annie Team