Advertising Analytics
Unify data from all your ad platforms into one awesome dashboard
Combine data from all your ad platforms, automatically
Combine data from all your ad platforms, automatically
Logging into separate platforms to download CSVs takes too much time. We've consolidated all that advertising data for you.
Get a complete view of your app and ad revenues
Track your ad revenue alongside your app sales revenue and in-app purchase revenue for a more holistic understanding of your app business.
Use your new dashboard for free, in minutes
Get started using your new Advertising Analytics dashboard today without any technical integration. No APIs, no SDKs and no waiting.
Analyze your user acquisition strategy
Compare all your ad platforms and see how your marketing strategy is impacting downloads, rankings and revenue.
Create your own App Annie Advertising Analytics dashboard

Log in and connect your ad platform accounts to get robust, reliable reporting for all your advertising data.

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Become an ad platform supported on App Annie

Discover our new API standard for ad platforms and integrate in less than a week.

Quickly gain exposure to our international network of 65,000 publishers.

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