Chapter 1: Before App Annie

Back in the day, analyzing your eBook sales was a 12-hour chore.

How are our children's books doing in Western Europe? Downloading Kindle data, downloading iBooks data Lots of data to analyze Hard to compile an appstores data reports 12 hours later: Our sales are up 54%

Chapter 2: How App Annie Helps

Today, App Annie makes analyzing your eBook sales a 2-minute breeze.

How are our children's books doing in Western Europe? Quickly check App Annie Analytics for eBooks 2 minutes later: Our sales are up 54%
Easy Tracking

Easy Tracking

Know everything about your eBooks, no spreadsheets or calculations required.

Understand your Sales Figures

Understand your Sales Figures

Country-by-country, see how reader downloads are impacting your rankings and revenues.

Quick Access

Quick Access

No more manual file downloads. Your eBook data is automatically synchronized, so you can access the latest data anytime.

Know the eBook Marketplace

Know the eBook Marketplace

Comprehensive eBook Top Charts to track global trends, or scrutinize a particular title, with access to rankings, ratings, and more.

Charts and Graphs

Charts and Graphs

Your entire eBook catalogue is visualized on one easy-to-read dashboard.

Get Reader Feedback

Get Reader Feedback

Track ratings and reviews for all your eBooks, broken-down by each country they are published in.

Chapter 3: How App Annie Works

  • Step 1

    Connect your iBooks, Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing & Amazon Vendor Central accounts.

  • Step 2

    App Annie for eBooks retrieves and organizes all your data automatically…

  • Step 3

    …and creates intuitive reports accessible through web, email, spreadsheets, and soon – our mobile app.


Chapter 4: App Annie Features

eBooks Performance Tracking

Multiple Account Connections

Connect all your Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, or iTunes Connect Books accounts to App Annie.

Complete Reports

Access to all your eBooks analytics through the web, emails, spreadsheets, and soon – our mobile app.

Automatic Synchronization

No more manual file downloads required. Our systems automatically synchronizes your eBook data, monthly for Amazon Kindle and daily for iBooks.

Sales in Detail

Downloads and revenue can be easily split by Apple Identifier Code/ Amazon Standard Identification Number, country, and transaction type.

Reader Reviews

See customer reviews and ratings for all your eBooks, country-by-country.

Featured Tracker

Records when your eBooks are included on iBooks ‘featured’ pages, broken down by day, country, and inventory.

eBooks Sharing

Share information for any one of your eBooks, without revealing your entire account.

Pre-Sales Tracking

Analyze pre-order sales and track trends, before your eBooks even hit the ‘shelves.’
(Coming Soon)

iOS App

See all your eBooks data from the convenience of your smartphone for instant analysis on-the-go.
(Coming Soon)

Industry-Wide Analysis

eBooks Top Charts

An exhaustive source of country-specific rankings for eBooks – available for every writer and publisher.

Top 5 Matrix

Displays the top 5 eBooks for 155 countries, allowing you to see macro trends over time.

Daily Ranks

See when your competitors appear in the Top Chart eBooks rankings, for each country they publish in.

Rank History

Understand how the rank of any eBook changes over time, by country and category.

Featured Tracker

Track when your competitors’ eBooks are included on the iBooks ‘featured’ page across all countries.

Ratings Follower

See ratings for any eBook, with access in a quick-view panel.

Top eBook Publishers Rely on App Annie

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App Annie – A better way to track eBook sales.