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SpongeBob Marbles and Slides is a drawing-meets-physics puzzler that lets you play with SpongeBob and the rest of the Bikini Bottom gang as you never have before!

Help SpongeBob and friends foil Plankton’s plot to steal the Krabby Patty recipe! Navigate crazy obstacles and Plankton’s diabolical traps through various Bikini Bottom locations, rolling their marble-shaped bodies through level after level by drawing slides, using the environment, and tilting your device.

Earn bonus points based on how skillfully and quickly the levels are completed. Unlock achievements and more levels of play!

With SpongeBob Marbles and Slides you can:
* Explore eighty levels of varying difficulty spread across Bikini Bottom
* Draw lines to create slides and guide SpongeBob and his friends to safety
* Use a variety of special tools—flippers, cannons, teleportals, etc.—to solve each puzzle
* Compile a Spectacular Collection of Stuff: rack up achievements and collect tons of SpongeBob memorabilia

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© 2013 Viacom International Inc. All Rights Reserved. Nickelodeon, SpongeBob SquarePants, and all related titles, logos and characters are trademarks of Viacom International Inc. Created by Stephen Hillenburg.

What's New

Version 2.4 (Oct 09, 2014)

- performance enhancements

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Version 2.3 (Nov 14, 2013)

Performance enhancements

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Version 2.2 (Jul 07, 2013)

-iPhone 5 support

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Version 2.0 (Oct 17, 2011)

- A New pack of 10 levels: Rock Bottom Return!

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Version 1.9 (Jun 12, 2011)

-performance enhancements

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Version 1.8 (May 24, 2011)


Embark on one of the most epic super heroic adventures in the history of SpongeBob Marbles and Slides!

When SpongeBob and Patrick discover the Dirty Bubble floating freely through downtown Bikini Bottom they rush to warn the semi-retired hero, Mermaid Man! Mermaid Man and his sidekick Barnacle Boy dash into action to stop their arch nemesis!

The NEW level pack includes:

• EVIL! Dangerous and nasty smelling Dirty Bubble marbles!
• New Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy marbles to stop the Dirty Bubble scourge!
• 10 fresh and challenging levels!

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Version 1.6 (Mar 17, 2011)

Improved stablility

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Version 1.5 (Feb 17, 2011)

Grab some red-bue glasses and strap yourself in for a wild ride into the third dimension! SpongeBob Marbles and Slides has gone 3D!

- 10 brand spankin' new levels in SPECTACULAR red/blue 3D!

- Follow along with Plankton on his newest scheme to steal the Krabby Patty Secret formula by traveling into SpongeBob's head!

- Don't worry, we've made it easy for you to switch back and forth between 2d and 3d! Switch between dimensions from the main menu, from the pack select screen or from the OPTIONS menu!

* BONUS!* Classic Marbles and Slides levels have been converted into 3D: 'Gettin' Started' and 'Bikini Bottom' are now fully 3D swap-able!

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Version 1.4 (Jan 12, 2011)

Gather round for 10 new spine-tingling levels (if you have a spine, that is) as SpongeBob, Patrick, and the rest of their Bikini Bottom friends dive into the Legends of Bikini Bottom! And don't forget to tune-in on January 28th @ 8PM to watch 'SpongeBob's Legends of Bikini Bottom' on Nickelodeon.

* Tons of things to find and unlock for your Collection of Stuff!

* Befriend a gigantic mutated barnacle creature and meet other new friends and enemies along the way!

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Version 1.3 (Dec 15, 2010)

It's snowing in Bikini Bottom! Help SpongeBob and Patrick save the Frycook Winter Games by rolling as much snow as they can to the other side of town!

- 10 new holiday snow-packed levels following SpongeBob and Patrick on a holiday adventure!
- SNOWBALLS! Roll them through the snow and make them huge, tap to make them small again!
- Completely new set of items to collect in the new levels and the original levels too!

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Version 1.1 (Oct 21, 2010)

It's Halloween and before the Flying Dutchman can begin his evening of soul-stealing he must find his lost dining sock! Help SpongeBob and Patrick through 10 action packed levels to find the sock and return it to the Dutchman’s ghostly ship!

Keep your eyes peeled for the next exciting, new, FREE level pack coming soon!

* New pack of levels titled 'The Dutchman's Dilemma' added to the game
* Several new levels include The Flying Dutchman!
* A surprise added to the final level of the new pack
* Many revised graphics and animations
* Better cannon and portal mechanics
* Achievement images and descriptions now shown when they are won
* Button added to turn off all tutorial and dialog text from the main menu settings

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Version 1.0 (Oct 07, 2010)

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2.4Oct 09, 2014Current release
2.3Nov 14, 2013
2.2Jul 07, 2013
2.0Oct 17, 2011
1.9Jun 12, 2011
1.8May 24, 2011
1.6Mar 17, 2011
1.5Feb 17, 2011
1.4Jan 12, 2011
1.3Dec 15, 2010
1.1Oct 21, 2010
1.0Oct 07, 2010First tracked
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Current Version - 4.1 - 7 ratings
Updated on May 25, 2015
All Versions - 4.5 - 5,620 ratings
Updated on May 25, 2015


Compatibility: Universal

Category: Games

Updated: May 21, 2015

Version: 2.4

Size: 183.4 MB

Language: English

Seller: Viacom International Inc.

Rating: Rated 4+, Made for Ages 9-11

Family Sharing: Yes

Requirements: Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Bundle ID: com.mtvn.SpongeBobMarblesSlides

Supports Apple Watch: No

App ID:  394392302  [Copy]