MetalStorm: Online

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Dominate the skies and master the world’s most advanced combat aircraft as you experience the best looking, most action packed jet fighting game for iOS - MetalStorm: Online!

• Campaign – Experience an epic storyline spanning several single player missions.
• Versus Mode – Challenge your friends and enemies in a one-on-one duel!
• Survival Mode –Destroy wave upon wave of enemy aircraft with a friend in co-op or on your own!

• Next-Gen 3D graphics with Retina Display
• Gyroscope enabled controls enable full 360-degree flight in 3D space
• Perform advanced evasive maneuvers by swiping different directions
• Real Time Multiplayer over 3G and Wi-Fi
• Play on your TV with AirPlay and an Apple TV for a true HD gaming experience
• Customize your aircraft with advanced missiles, machine guns and a deep tech tree
• Talk with other players via the optional in-game Voice Chat system
• Invite a Game Center friend to help you complete difficult missions

MetalStorm: Online requires an internet connection to play (WiFi or 3G).

What's New

Version 5.2.1 (Sep 21, 2013)

MSO 5.2.1 is optimized for iOS 7

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Version 5.2.0 (Jun 20, 2013)

Take to the skies in our 5.2 update packed with seven new planes, and for the first time ever, AN ALL NEW MISSILE!

NEW MISSILE - The all new Matra T-55 Missile is locked and loaded. You can pick up these powerful missiles using Medals earned from gameplay.

NEW PLANES - We’re adding the following 7 new planes to the Hangar:

• UT-37 Vindicator
• EY-20 Isis
• AT-77 Tundra

• TK-42 Karma
• EY-19 Anubis
• NK-99 Quicksilver

• MO-10 Condor

PVP CHANGE - Due to overwhelming player feedback, pilots will no longer be credited with a Win upon disconnect in PVP.

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Version 5.1.1 (May 21, 2013)

MetalStorm 5.1.1 has bug fixes and performance improvements.

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Version 5.1.0 (Apr 04, 2013)

MetalStorm: Online version 5.1.0 includes the following:
• Issues when logging back into the game have been resolved
• Wingman Selection: Fixed an issue regarding players not able to add wingmen in the campaign
• General bug fixes and stability improvements

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Version 5.0 (Mar 15, 2013)

MetalStorm: Online version 5.0 includes the following:

Multiplayer Matchmaking: We have implemented a new and improved system for multiplayer matches!

Boosts Removal: All boosts have been removed from the game.

Third New Currency: We're introducing a brand new currency, Medals, which can be earned in-game and are particularly useful when upgrading your planes.

Additional Bug Fixes, Crash Fixes, Stability and Graphics Improvements, and more!

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Version 4.2.3 (Feb 16, 2013)

MetalStorm: Online 4.2.3 includes:

- Flurry videos: Earn free Coins when you watch video clips.
- Memory leaks have been patched and resolved.
- Multiple bug fixes and stability improvements.

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Version 4.2.2 (Dec 11, 2012)

In MetalStorm 4.2.2 we fixed a crash upon startup that certain players were experiencing.

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Version 4.2.1 (Nov 14, 2012)

MetalStorm 4.2.1 includes:

- Russian: MetalStorm is now translated for Russian speaking players!

- Bug Fixes: Included in these is a fix for the Objective system which blocked players from progressing, as well as adjustments and improvements to Spawn Points.

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Version 4.2.0 (Sep 19, 2012)

What's new in MetalStorm: Wingman 4.2:

- iOS 6: MetalStorm takes advantage of amazing new iOS 6 features! Take on your friends in a test of the best with Game Center Challenges, and seamlessly share with your Facebook, Twitter, and Sina Weibo friends and followers!

- MetalStorm: Wingman has been updated to support the new iPhone 5 and new iPod Touch resolution! Flying the skies has never looked so good!

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Version 4.1.4 (Aug 13, 2012)

New in MetalStorm: Wingman 4.1.4:

Boosts - Pilots will now be able to see what Boosts opponents have activated in the Versus UI, prior to the match beginning.

Facebook - Social features have been removed due to SDK deprecation. Facebook features will be back in 4.1.5 which is already in development.

Italian - MetalStorm: Wingman is now translated for Italian speaking players!

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Version 4.1.3 (Jul 10, 2012)

New in MS:W 4.1.3:

- Improved Versus Mode Spawn Points - After a kill in Versus mode, the player that has been shot down will re-spawn at better angles, generally improving the balance of the match.

- Temporary Boosts - In each session players are offered the option to select Boosts which will temporarily improve the stats of any plane they fly in Campaign, Versus, or Survival modes. The available Boosts change every day and range from free, to Credit-based, to Coin-based. Players can equip up to three Boosts, which will last until the end of a session. The end of a session happens when players exit their game. Please note that if players exit the game, there is a ""grace period"" of a few minutes during which players can re-enter the session and Boosts will still be active.

- Localized Game Copy - MetalStorm: Wingman now has more text localized in-game.

- General Bug Fixes - Including fixing a bug which showed your Versus opponent having standard issue ammo at the end of a match though they may have started with different ammo.

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Version 4.1.2 (Jun 05, 2012)

This release contains the following improvements:

•The level up pop-up will now appear at the appropriate time.
•Multiple bug fixes and improvements.

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Version 4.1.1 (May 07, 2012)

Welcome to MetalStorm 4.1.1! This update contains the following improvements:

- New Objectives system for new Pilots that extends the Tutorial experience.
- The level cap has been raised to 45!
- The Nightwing, a new Defensive Class plane that unlocks at level 45!
- New bonus for the "First Win of the Day " in Versus mode
- Improved language localization
- Additional bug fixes, including a fix for iPad 3 Airplay

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Version 4.0.7 (Apr 04, 2012)

This release contains the following improvements:

• 4.0.7 adds additional security for guest accounts
• Improved graphics for the new iPad
• We've made some optimizations to help reduce lag and are committed to continuing these efforts in our future updates.
• Additional bug fixes

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Version 4.0.6 (Mar 28, 2012)

This release contains the following improvements:

• Improved graphics for the new iPad
• We've made some optimizations to help reduce lag and are committed to continuing these efforts in our future updates.
• Additional bug fixes

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Version 4.0.5 (Feb 24, 2012)

This release contains the following improvements:

• Improved Matchmaking. Go head-to-head against players with similar Skill Ratings and climb the leaderboards!
• Two new planes join the hangar! Take flight with the D-21 Falcon or the D-7 Wartusk and dominate the skies!!
• Numerous bug fixes and stability improvements!

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Version 4.0.4 (Jan 21, 2012)

This release contains the following improvements:

• Network performance has been improved

• The game now supports Korean

• Fixed an issue where players could hear others even when voice chat was disabled

• Fixed an issue where audio volume would change unexpectedly

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Version 4.0.3 (Dec 14, 2011)

This release makes a variety of improvements, including the following:

• Framerate has been improved and network lag has been reduced

• Missile tracking and aircraft speeds have been balanced for Versus mode

• When a friend disconnects from Co-Op Survival match, the remaining player may now continue to take on enemy planes

• Issues where some sounds were too loud or too faint has been fixed

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Version 4.0.2 (Nov 11, 2011)

• Missiles now fire reliably and no longer disappear

• Missile speeds and tracking rebalanced

• Client/server sync issue have been resolved. Progress made in the various game modes will no longer be lost.

• Missile Tracking now works correctly

• Survival mode enemy aircraft rebalance

• Player plane destroyed after reaching extreme velocity issue fixed

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Version 4.0.1 (Oct 27, 2011)

Campaign Mode is largely the same, the only main change is that cannons are now more effective. Versus Mode has been revamped to feel more like the old MSO.

Here are the main fixes this update takes care of:
-Rebalanced and enhanced cannons and missiles for PvP
-Updated sounds for cannons and missiles
-HUD update
-Networking optimization
-Multiple feature fixes
-Target indicators should now correctly identify direction of opponents
-Game no longer immediately calibrates at respawn (Fix for multi-player)

Thanks for being patient and hanging tight while we continue to make MetalStorm great!

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Version 4.0.0 (Oct 12, 2011)

MetalStorm: Wingman has landed! This is a massive update for MetalStorm: Online and includes the top requested feature that we’ve received from fans... Single Player Campaign Mode!

• Campaigns: Join the Legion’s Royal Air Force and experience an epic storyline spanning several single player missions. (Note: Campaign Mode is not supported by 2nd Generation iOS devices)

• The theatre of war has expanded and now includes ground forces, naval ships and defensive structures.

• Level Cap raised to 40!

• Wingman: Stuck on a mission? Invite a Game Center friend to be your Wingman on a mission to even the odds. You’ll earn bonus Credits every time a friend selects you as their Wingman!

• Play on your TV with AirPlay and an Apple TV for a true HD gaming experience

• Revamped HUD: Improved visibility and now displays altitude and airspeed

• Rear targeting camera: Keep your eye on the enemy at all times

• Two new Versus maps: Open Sea and Port Crescent

• Improved Survival Mode with faster, more aggressive AI

• Level up faster with the 20mm Vulcan, the first Cannon to include a XP Multiplier

• 16 new achievements

• Sync your settings across iCloud

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Version 3.2.1 (Jul 15, 2011)

• Fixed a bug that caused heavy network lag in multiplayer matches

• Fixed a bug that caused performance issues on iPads

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Version 3.2.0 (Jul 08, 2011)

• Improved Voice Chat, you will now be notified when your opponent or co-op partner wants to chat.

• MetalStorm no longer requires that you log into Game Center to play single player Survival Mode.

• Improved user interface performance.

• You will now be able to restock your weapons directly from the Out of Ammo menu.

• Improved server stability to reduce disconnections.

• Miscellaneous bug fixes and performance enhancements.

Want more updates? Your 5-star reviews keep them coming!

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Version 3.1.0 (Jun 04, 2011)

• Added a new plane - the F-113 Eagle-X! Unlock it by completing the Champion achievement!
• Improved security to prevent cheating / hacking
• Improved server stability

Your positive reviews keep the updates coming! Thanks for your feedback!

- MetalStorm: Online Team

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Version 3.0.0 (May 10, 2011)

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5.1.1May 21, 2013
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4.2.3Feb 16, 2013
4.2.2Dec 11, 2012
4.2.1Nov 14, 2012
4.2.0Sep 19, 2012
4.1.4Aug 13, 2012
4.1.3Jul 10, 2012
4.1.2Jun 05, 2012
4.1.1May 07, 2012
4.0.7Apr 04, 2012
4.0.6Mar 28, 2012
4.0.5Feb 24, 2012
4.0.4Jan 21, 2012
4.0.3Dec 14, 2011
4.0.2Nov 11, 2011
4.0.1Oct 27, 2011
4.0.0Oct 12, 2011
3.2.1Jul 15, 2011
3.2.0Jul 08, 2011
3.1.0Jun 04, 2011
3.0.0May 10, 2011First tracked
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Compatibility: Universal

Category: Games

Updated: Jul 06, 2015

Version: 5.2.1

Size: 251.6 MB

Language: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish

Seller: Z2Live, Inc

Rating: Rated 9+

  • Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence

Family Sharing: Yes

Requirements: Requires iOS 5.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Bundle ID: com.z2live.modernAirCombat

Supports Apple Watch: No

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