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App Store "Essential" for Photo Editing. From the creator of Flare.

❝If you enjoyed Snapseed, you’ll love Process.❞
- Ben Reid, Redmond Pie

Process is the fastest, most powerful photo editor. Create reusable effects/presets with unprecedented speed and control. Share them with others, and sign up to get access to thousands of unique looks.

❝Very well thought out...Process is a pleasure to use.❞
- Mel Martin, TUAW

Process believes in your creativity. It doesn't limit you to the same old tired looks, and lets you learn from the skill of others. Process is both a serious tool for people who love their work, and a simple and quick way to make every photo reach its full potential.

❝Process has some very clever ideas about how we edit our photos.❞
- Charlie Sorrel, Cult of Mac

As seen in New & Noteworthy and Essentials

             Process is different. Here's why:

★ Unlike most apps, Process shows every adjustment in real time, live, so you can fine tune your image without ever waiting.

★ There is no "history"--undo a change at any time.

★ Changes you make are shown in a list, in the order that you applied them. From this list you can move around, delete, or disable adjustments.

★ This list can be saved as an effect/preset, to be added to other photos. What makes Process special is the ability to share these presets (we call them "processes").

★ Process understands that every image is unique. So, you can preview your photo with any or all of the effects that you or others create--get the perfect look, tailored for a particular image.

Process gives you complete control. For many it is a replacement for Lightroom or Aperture.


☆ Real-time, hardware-accelerated editing.
☆ Non-destructive editing and layering of effects.
☆ Large, precise previews of all effects/presets.
☆ Stores fx in the cloud so they're always available.
☆ Let others see the effects you create.
☆ 30 professional-grade adjustments.


Creative license included.

NOTE: all screenshots show a user signed in.

What's New

Version 4.0 (May 07, 2013)

New incredibly sharp and accurate effect previews
Blend modes!
Performance and stability improvements.

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Version 3.95 (May 03, 2013)

New Adjustments:
- Grain
- False Color
- Halftone

Bug fixes and quality improvements.

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Version 3.9 (Mar 08, 2013)

✓ Vastly improved sharpness in previews
✓ New Adjustments:
★ Zoom Blur
★ Motion Blur
✓ Category search now supports multiple items--press and hold to select multiple categories to search
✓ New Support system
✓ You can now send processed images to other apps
✓ You can adjust Fisheye and Vignette size and center by pinching/dragging
✓ Adjust Vignette Color

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Version 3.8 (Mar 01, 2013)

✓ Improved accuracy of blurs/smoothing
✓ New Adjustment: Posterize
✓ Stability improvements

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Version 3.5 (Jan 31, 2013)

★ Fixes for blurs, tilt-shift, bloom, and definition. Now extra-smooth.
★ Collections! Create a custom list of effects (i.e. "Instagram Looks", B&W, etc.)
★ New Adjustments:
✓ Toon
✓ Invert
✓ Pixelate
★ Additional ProPic EXIF data
★ Speeding up shares and reducing size of images in emails
★ Process, Favorites (and your Lists) are now under the My Stuff tab

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Version 3.2 (Jan 24, 2013)

Support for usernames with underscores (_)
Faster display of Process previews
Favorites now order by most recent

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Version 3.1 (Dec 19, 2012)

★ You can now view additional albums
★ Improved adjustment range view
★ New Adjustments:
✓ Bloom
✓ Levels
✓ Barrel Distortion (Fisheye)
★ Additional ProPic EXIF data
★ Chinese localization
★ Fix for inaccurate adjustment previews in process list

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Version 3.0 (Nov 27, 2012)

★ Performance and stability improvements
★ New way to Favorite Processes
★ New Adjustments:
✓ Smoothing (Noise Reduction)
✓ Hue
★ New "Fresh" screen to show the most recent Processes
★ Improved caching of Processes to fix slow/no network issues
★ Faster, easier sharing
★ New flickable high resolution Process previews
★ Improved smoothness when scrolling through Processes
★ Faster library, new photos now save directly to Camera Roll
★ ProPic can now share automatically to Twitter and Facebook

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Version 2.2 (Oct 10, 2012)

New adjustment : Haze/UV
Fixes for some non-English users

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Version 2.1 (Sep 19, 2012)

★ Nondestructive Crops
★ You can now adjust by touch
         ✓ Pinch Vignette to change size
         ✓ Move Tilt/Shift
         ✓ Pinch or move Blur
★ You can now import Adobe Curve Files (.acv) from Photoshop
★ Improved caching of processes to fix slow/no network issues
★ Changed account requirements, basic account management
★ Improved layout for iOS 6 and the iPhone 5 and new iPod Touch

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Version 2.0 (Aug 01, 2012)

★ Completely rewritten graphics engine. Now the fastest image editor is even faster.
✓ New Adjustments
               • Sharpen/Blur
               • Tilt/Shift
               • Definition
               • RGB Tone Curves
✓ Brightness, saturation, contrast, highlights, and shadows are now their own adjustment
✓ Improved brightness and exposure algorithms
✓ Improved speed of highlights and shadows

★ Better UI and layout, all based on your feedback
✓ More precise, larger dials
✓ Incredible new RGB curves tool--sign up to enable it!
✓ Faster, more accurate loupe
✓ It's now quicker to disable an adjustment--just slide it to the left
✓ Processes are now sticky, but are easily switched off
✓ Simplified parameters--get more control only when you need it by signing up

★ Other:
✓ Ability to read most RAW files directly via Dropbox or other apps
✓ Fixes and stability improvements
✓ New high resolution switch to help performance with older devices
✓ Better output to Instagram, Dropbox, and other photo apps
✓ ProPic sharing - Sign up at

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Version 1.9 (Mar 20, 2012)

✓ Revamped, ergonomic UI. Ready for your retina "new" iPad.

✓ New Icon

✓ Instagram sharing.

✓ Loupe is now higher resolution.

✓ Drastically improved sharpness of image.

✓ Tone Curve totally rewritten.

✓ Improved temperature controls, now called White Balance.

✓ Status bar now visible on iPhone.

✓ New button lets you toggle your process on or off.

✓ Removed reset parameters button as it's now integrated into the dials.

✓ Fixed bug in scrolling process previews that would cause touches to not register momentarily.

✓ Gestures, Shortcuts, and Tips section (on the About/info screen).

✓ Integrated support.

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Version 1.1.1 (Dec 20, 2011)

Fix for rare but deadly startup crash on the iPhone.
Fix for shared Processes sometimes not importing correctly.
Fix for loupe issues in landscape on the iPad.
Minor tweaks to the About section.
Minor tweaks to iPad look and feel.

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Version 1.1 (Dec 11, 2011)

iPhone compatibility! Now your Processes are shared automatically between all of your devices, no matter what they are.
Two new Processes (effects). More coming soon...or why not create your own?

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Version 1.0 (Dec 01, 2011)

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4.0May 07, 2013Current release
3.95May 03, 2013
3.9Mar 08, 2013
3.8Mar 01, 2013
3.5Jan 31, 2013
3.2Jan 24, 2013
3.1Dec 19, 2012
3.0Nov 27, 2012
2.2Oct 10, 2012
2.1Sep 19, 2012
2.0Aug 01, 2012
1.9Mar 20, 2012
1.1.1Dec 20, 2011
1.1Dec 11, 2011
1.0Dec 01, 2011First tracked
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Current Version - 1.9 - 12 ratings
Updated on Jul 05, 2015
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Compatibility: Universal

Category: Photo and Video

Updated: Jul 05, 2015

Version: 4.0

Size: 19.2 MB

Language: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese

Seller: Gist LLC

Rating: Rated 4+

Family Sharing: Yes

Requirements: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Bundle ID: com.waveui.image

Supports Apple Watch: No

App ID:  435587440  [Copy]