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LINE reshapes communication around the globe, bringing you closer to your family, friends, and loved ones—for free. With voice and video calls, messages, and a limitless variety of exciting stickers, you’ll be able to express yourself in ways that you’ve never thought possible. With over 600 million users worldwide, LINE’s constantly expanding platform will continue to provide exciting new experiences and convenience.

LINE’s New Features

Chat search feature: Never lose track of a conversation again with the new chat search feature. Search chat room names and messages to always keep on top of things.

LINE’s Main Features

Free voice and video calls: Use your PC or smartphone to keep in touch with friends and family both at home and abroad, or hold a business meeting on the go!

Instant messaging anywhere: Conversation is just a tap away. Spice it up with LINE’s exciting collection of stickers or send pictures, videos, and even GPS coordinates to let your friends know what you’re up to.

A full-featured social networking service: Post your day-to-day activities to your Timeline or comment on your friends’ posts.

Group chats: Share important information with your co-workers or talk about mutual interests with your closest friends.

Find new expressions in the Sticker Shop: The world’s largest collection of stickers features famous and unique characters from around the world to let you express yourself just the way you want to.

Stay informed with LINE official accounts: Connect directly with your favorite celebrities and companies by friending their official accounts.

Get connected to new apps: LINE provides a gateway to entertainment and lifestyle apps that will keep you entertained and bring new convenience to your life.

We recommend that you use LINE with iOS versions 7.0 or higher with an iPhone 4 or above.

For more information about LINE, check out our official website.

What's New

Version 5.1.2 (Apr 28, 2015)

- Fixed bugs

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Version 5.1.1 (Apr 17, 2015)

- Fixed bugs

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Version 5.1.0 (Apr 14, 2015)

- Groups can now be added to Favorites.
- Notifications are sent to chats when new posts are added.
- Improved message typing status UI.

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Version 5.0.2 (Mar 26, 2015)

- Added support for Apple Watch.

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Version 5.0.1 (Mar 04, 2015)

- Bug fixes.

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Version 5.0.0 (Feb 24, 2015)

- Design updates to profile thumbnail and other aspects
- Improvements to settings menu
- Added new photo filters

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Version 4.9.2 (Jan 26, 2015)

- Minor bug fixes.

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Version 4.9.0 (Dec 22, 2014)

[Release Notes]
- Added chat list and message searching features.
- Optimized the app for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

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Version 4.8.0 (Dec 16, 2014)

- Added LINE Pay feature to make payments conveniently
- Displayed the typing status for chat room messages (available for 1:1 chat room only in certain countries)
- Stabilized and improved voice and video call quality
- Improved UI and fixed bugs

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Version 4.7.2 (Oct 27, 2014)

- Minor bug fixes

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Version 4.7.1 (Oct 10, 2014)

- Timeline menu improved to focus more on groups.
- ​Fixed the issue with iOS 8.
- Messages can now be forwarded to multiple users.
- Other minor bug fixes.

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Version 4.6.1 (Sep 17, 2014)

- Support for iOS 8 added.
- Other minor bug fixes.

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Version 4.6.0 (Aug 28, 2014)

- Added a Suggestion feature that displays stickers or emoji related to input text.
- Added chat list search function.
- Added feature that allows users to hide chat rooms from their chat list.
- Added feature that allows users to create LINE Premium Call shortcuts.
- Now can buy stickers and themes by LINE coins.
- Arabic now supported.

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Version 4.5.1 (Jul 26, 2014)

- Minor bug fixes

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Version 4.5.0 (Jul 22, 2014)

- Added "Hidden Chat", messages that will be deleted after a predetermined amount of time.
- Improvements to Timeline notifications.
- Design improvements and bug fixes.

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Version 4.4.1 (Jun 18, 2014)

- Minor bug fixes

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Version 4.4.0 (Jun 09, 2014)

-New animated stickers
-Official accounts added as friends now displayed in the same category
-Minor bug fixes

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Version 4.3.2 (May 26, 2014)

Minor bug fixes

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Version 4.3.0 (May 02, 2014)

- LINE Call added
Available in Japan, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, the Philippines, Spain, Thailand, Argentina, Australia, Malaysia and the U.S.A. All LINE users in the supported regions who have registered their mobile phone number can make cheap domestic and international calls to landlines and mobile phones.
-New sticker preview function.
-Tapping a sticker you already own will open the sticker entry window.
-Group member limit increased to 200.
-The reason that friends appear in your Recommended Friends list is now displayed.
-A message now appears to tell you when other people have added you as a friend.
-New feature to block messages from apps you are not using.
-Other minor bug fixes

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Version 4.2.0 (May 01, 2014)

- Added around 1,000 new Emoji
- Minor bug fixes

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Version 4.0.1 (Mar 05, 2014)

- Minor bug fixes

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Version 4.0.0 (Feb 17, 2014)

- Theme Shop
- Added Delete Messages, Forward, and Save to Notes features
- Changed to flat design.
- The most recently downloaded stickers now display first in the chat room sticker input display window
- Improved the quality of free voice calls
- Added an error message that displays when you are not connected to a network
- Added 2 new notification tones
- Feature added for iOS7 that returns you to the previous screen by swiping.
- Minor bug fixes and other small improvements

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Version 3.10.1 (Dec 17, 2013)

- Added 4 new Christmas and New Year BGMs to Snap Movie.
- Bug fixes

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Version 3.10.0 (Dec 12, 2013)

- Changed Timeline tab on main menu to Add Friends in some countries, and added an option to do so in all other countries.
- Added "Video Call" and "Edit Name" to the menu at the top of chat rooms.
- Added categories and a search feature to the Sticker Shop.
- Improved the Timeline so that privacy settings for posts can be changed even after publishing.
- Added a new feature that allows users to reply to Timeline comments by using "@friend's name".
- Increased the maximum number of photos per album to 1000.
- Added a feature to save Snap Movies without having to send them.
- Minor bug fixes and various UI improvements

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Version 3.9.3 (Nov 12, 2013)

- Bug fixes

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Version 3.9.2 (Oct 22, 2013)

- Bug fixes

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Version 3.9.1 (Oct 04, 2013)

- Added a settiing that prevents users who are not your friends from sending you messages.
- Increased the length of voice messages to 30 minutes.
- Other minor bug fixes.

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Version 3.9.0 (Sep 24, 2013)

- Video Calls
- Added the "Snap Movie" function which allows you to add BGM to short videos and send them to your friends
- Added "Albums" which allow you to create and edit photo albums with a friend or in groups
- Improved the Home feature to allow privacy settings for individual posts
- Added a function to delete users from your Blocked Users and Hidden Users lists
- Added support for iOS7

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Version 3.8.2 (Aug 21, 2013)

- Now available in Russian
- Other minor bug fixes

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Version 3.8.1 (Aug 02, 2013)

- Bug fixes

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Version 3.8.0 (Jul 30, 2013)

- Added a new Brown theme
- Added new Emoji featuring LINE characters and other emoticons
- Added a new feature to download all stickers used on the previous device in one go when changing to a new device
- Added a new Notes feature to 1:1 chats
- Increased the maximum number of characters for each message to 10,000
- Made posting of photos and stickers on Timeline and Home easier
- Added a new option to turn notifications on or off for multiple member chat rooms

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Version 3.7.1 (Jun 18, 2013)

- Minor bug fixes

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Version 3.7.0 (Jun 13, 2013)

- Added Themes featuring LINE characters
- Added an in-app browser
- Added a Home function for Official Accounts
- Enabled alerts in the Chats list for messages that failed to send
- Added a Photos button to the Chat room menu, where all Photos sent and received in that Chat room can be viewed
- New function to display users' LINE account QR codes on their profile pages
- Now available in German, Italian, and Portuguese (European)

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Version 3.6.5 (May 13, 2013)

- Improvements to transmission speed.

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Version 3.6.1 (Mar 22, 2013)

-Now available in French and Portuguese (Brazil)
-Other minor bug fixes

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Version 3.6.0 (Mar 11, 2013)

We've added the following new features:

- Added 20 new emoji-stickers featuring the LINE characters.
- New function to view all sent and received photos in list form at the chat-room.
- Audio messages can now be cancelled during recording and also be forwarded to other chat-rooms.
- Improved chat-room functionality: You can now start reading from the unread messages when you open a chat-room.
- Added a function to add URL links to the Timeline/Home, and Group Board features.
- Added a function to add stickers, emoji and kaomoji as comments to the Timeline/Home.

*We also have plans to add a function to the PC version of LINE which will allow you to send files.

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Version 3.5.1 (Feb 22, 2013)

-Fixed problems where the original photo would be sent instead of the photo edited using the iOS album.

-Other minor bug fixes

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Version 3.5.0 (Feb 05, 2013)

-You can now send several photos at once from the chatroom.

-You can now attach several photos at once at your Home/Timeline.

-Added an extra menu giving you the option of editing with LINE camera when sending/posting photos.

-Added a function to delete multiple chatrooms at once. 

-New steps to check your identification on desktop version of LINE for improved security.

-When you are invited to a group, you can now check who's in the group before you join it. 

-Added a function to search for “Recommended Official Accounts" on the top section of the Friends menu.

-Other improvements to UI and minor bug fixes.

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Version 3.4.1 (Jan 10, 2013)

Bug fixes.

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Version 3.4.0 (Dec 14, 2012)

- You can now send stickers as gifts to friends.
(Coins need to be purchased to use this feature. Coins can only be used when sending gifts.)

- You can now choose whether to receive messages from linked apps such as LINE Game.

- You can now report spamming and harassment directly from the chat-room when chatting to users who have not been added to your Friends list.

- New Profile popup design.

- Now available in Spanish.

- New winter-style icon.

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Version 3.3.0 (Nov 30, 2012)

- You can now use your Facebook account to register as a new LINE user and to carry over your account when changing devices.

- Improved the privacy settings within the Timeline.

- Added settings to change the quality of sent photos.

- Other minor bug fixes.

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Version 3.2.1 (Nov 14, 2012)

- Bug fixes

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Version 3.2.0 (Nov 05, 2012)

Update Details

- Improved the settings menu within chat-rooms enabling easier notification settings and group editing.

- Receive notifications of new messages while viewing Home and More menus.

- New function: after tapping the sent/received photo in the chat-room, the photo can be posted directly to Home or edited with LINE camera.

- View which user has invited or deleted members from a group.

- Support for Vietnamese language.

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Version 3.1.3 (Oct 09, 2012)

Update Details:

- Fixed the bug where users were repeatedly prompted to enter their Apple ID/password.
(After updating, the problem fixes itself after the details are entered once only)

- Fixed the bug where received stickers (not owned by the user) were not displayed properly in the chat-room after changing devices.

- Other minor bug fixes.

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Version 3.1.2 (Sep 29, 2012)

Update Details:

1. Now supports iOS6/iPhone5
2. Added a new authentication system which supports the restore from back up function from iTunes/iCloud when switching devices.
3. Fixed the bug which sometimes caused the app to crash when using the Timeline feature.
4. Added a new feature which allows users to attach stickers to the Home and Group Boards.
5. Previous “What’s Up?” messages can now be viewed.
6. Added identification checks when making changes to the registered email.
7. Manage friends easier!
We have added:
- a 'favorite' function
- a 'hide' function
- a function to edit your hidden friends
- a new 'friends' menu to settings
- and made improvements to the popup UI and friends list.
8. Added a feature to send your friend's contact details (LINE contact details only).
9. Improved the quality and functionality of voice calls.
10. Added an integration menu for LINE Brush in the chat-room.

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Version 3.0.0 (Aug 13, 2012)

1. Added a new ‘Timeline’ menu where you can check your friends recent developments in real time
2. Added a new ‘Home’ function to share your recent news with friends
3. Added a history button to the sticker input keyboard
4. Improved the design of the Chats list.
5. The ‘What’s Up?’ function changes to ‘Status Messages’

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Version 2.5.0 (Jun 26, 2012)

- Added a new ‘Event’ category to the Sticker Shop
- Other minor bug fixes

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Version 2.4.0 (Jun 05, 2012)

- Move to LINE Card/LINE Camera using the [+] button in the chat-room
- New notification options for individual, one to one chats
- Changed the order of settings menu
- Other minor bug fixes

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Version 2.3.1 (May 09, 2012)

- Added “Official Accounts” in “ Add Friends” tab
- Added “Group Board” function to share images/videos etc. for each group
- Now available in Thai and Turkish
- Other bug fixes

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Version 2.3.0 (May 09, 2012)

- Added “Official Accounts” in “ Add Friends” tab
- Added “Group Board” function to share images/videos etc. for each group
- Now available in Thai and Turkish
- Other bug fixes

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Version 2.2.1 (Apr 27, 2012)

Bug fixes

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Version 2.2.0 (Apr 26, 2012)

- New Sticker Shop
- Increased number of standard stickers
- New function to send video/audio messages
- Now available in Malaysian and Indonesian
- Other bug fixes

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Version 2.0.2 (Mar 14, 2012)

Bug fixes

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Version 2.0.1 (Mar 11, 2012)

- Corrected several problems that were causing the app to not open.
- Fixed a sticker that was corrupted in iOS 5.1.
- Many other bug and usability fixes.

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Version 2.0.0 (Mar 08, 2012)

- Added a “What’s Up?!” Feature.
- You can now use our service, even if you choose not to input your private information or opt-out of registering a phone number.
“New Friends” and “Profile” now shown on the “Friends” list.
- Added a feature which allows you to back-up your account details with an email account.
- Improved voice call quality.
- New function to share your received images with friends.
- Fixed the problem regarding the notifications of selected Group chats. LINE will no-longer notify you of new messages when notifications are turned off in the group’s chat settings, even while LINE is still running.
- Changed the display order of your Friends: Now they will be displayed according to the language settings of your phone, and from the very top of the list.

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Version 1.7.0 (Feb 02, 2012)

- Fixed an issue where voice calls were not available on iPod touch and iPad.
- Added a function to select push notification tones.
- Added a function to e-mail chat history.
- The chat screen no longer scrolls down when new messages arrive.
- Added font size setting.
- Added an option to send with the return key. (Applies to the return key on external keyboards as well.)
- Dates and times have been localized.
- Other bug fixes.

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Version 1.6.0 (Dec 19, 2011)

- Added over 200 different kinds of stickers and a function to download stickers.
- Improved voice call quality.
- Message preview setting function has been added in Notifications.
- Improved so that exchanged images on a chat wall are displayed in series.
- Applied Winter version icons and Splash images.
- Added a function to save photos taken in chat room and wallpaper in the camera roll.
- Bug fixes.

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Version 1.5.1 (Dec 09, 2011)

* Bug fixes.

We've made it easier to adjust privacy settings.
We also added an option to turn on and off adding friends automatically from your address book.

Other changes:
* Improved interface for sending and viewing locations.
* Bug fixes.

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Version 1.5.0 (Dec 05, 2011)

We've made it easier to adjust privacy settings.
We also added an option to turn on and off adding friends automatically from your address book.

Other changes:
* Improved interface for sending and viewing locations.
* Bug fixes.

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Version 1.4.0 (Nov 11, 2011)

- Vastly improved network responsiveness.
- Added Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) localizations.
- Worked around a bug in iOS 5 where new users were unable to receive message notifications.
- Siri no longer activates while waiting for someone to pick up a phone call.
- Bug fixes.

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Version 1.3.4 (Nov 01, 2011)

- Can now easily return a missed call by tapping the phone icon in your chat history.
- Bug fixes.

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Version 1.3.1 (Oct 10, 2011)
Version 1.3.0
Version 1.2.2
Version 1.2.0
Version 1.1.1
Version 1.1.0
Version 1.0.0

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5.1.2Apr 28, 2015Current release
5.1.1Apr 17, 2015
5.1.0Apr 14, 2015
5.0.2Mar 26, 2015
5.0.1Mar 04, 2015
5.0.0Feb 24, 2015
4.9.2Jan 26, 2015
4.9.0Dec 22, 2014
4.8.0Dec 16, 2014
4.7.2Oct 27, 2014
4.7.1Oct 10, 2014
4.6.1Sep 17, 2014
4.6.0Aug 28, 2014
4.5.1Jul 26, 2014
4.5.0Jul 22, 2014
4.4.1Jun 18, 2014
4.4.0Jun 09, 2014
4.3.2May 26, 2014
4.3.0May 02, 2014
4.2.0May 01, 2014
4.0.1Mar 05, 2014
4.0.0Feb 17, 2014
3.10.1Dec 17, 2013
3.10.0Dec 12, 2013
3.9.3Nov 12, 2013
3.9.2Oct 22, 2013
3.9.1Oct 04, 2013
3.9.0Sep 24, 2013
3.8.2Aug 21, 2013
3.8.1Aug 02, 2013
3.8.0Jul 30, 2013
3.7.1Jun 18, 2013
3.7.0Jun 13, 2013
3.6.5May 13, 2013
3.6.1Mar 22, 2013
3.6.0Mar 11, 2013
3.5.1Feb 22, 2013
3.5.0Feb 05, 2013
3.4.1Jan 10, 2013
3.4.0Dec 14, 2012
3.3.0Nov 30, 2012
3.2.1Nov 14, 2012
3.2.0Nov 05, 2012
3.1.3Oct 09, 2012
3.1.2Sep 29, 2012
3.0.0Aug 13, 2012
2.5.0Jun 26, 2012
2.4.0Jun 05, 2012
2.3.1May 09, 2012
2.3.0May 09, 2012
2.2.1Apr 27, 2012
2.2.0Apr 26, 2012
2.0.2Mar 14, 2012
2.0.1Mar 11, 2012
2.0.0Mar 08, 2012
1.7.0Feb 02, 2012
1.6.0Dec 19, 2011
1.5.1Dec 09, 2011
1.5.0Dec 05, 2011
1.4.0Nov 11, 2011
1.3.4Nov 01, 2011
1.3.1Oct 10, 2011
1.0.0First tracked
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Compatibility: Universal

Category: Social Networking

Updated: May 21, 2015

Version: 5.1.2

Size: 66.9 MB

Language: Arabic, English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Vietnamese

Seller: LINE Corporation

Rating: Rated 4+

Family Sharing: Yes

Requirements: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus.

Bundle ID: jp.naver.line

Supports Apple Watch: Yes (Apr 16, 2015)

App ID:  443904275  [Copy]