Fitness Trainer HD - Exercise & Workout Guide

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"New Fitness app a solid exercise primer for any gym enthusiast" -

Fitness Trainer is a revolutionary exercise app designed to be the only tool you need other than yourself in the gym or at home. The first class Fitness Trainer app brings you everything you need to know about working out with tons of other features that make it far superior than any other fitness app.

Eltima Software, a world class developer with over 10 years of software development under its belt, has entered the fitness category to bring you a personal fitness trainer in the palm of your hand.


- 450+ Comprehensive exercises
- 100+ Bodyweight and home based exercises (no gym membership required!)
- 15+ workouts for everyone, from beginners to pros
- Capability to fully edit existing workouts
- Capability to create custom workouts
- Detailed text description of every exercise
- HD audio instructions of every exercise
- HD images of every exercise
- HD videos of every exercise
- Exercise Equipment Categorization
- Body Categorization
- Muscle Categorization
- iCloud backup and restore to your iPhone or Mac.

User-Friendly Features:
- UI built specifically for the iPad
- Multitasking
- iPod controls within app

- BMI calculator
- Capability to log exercises and edit or delete log data
- Tracker provides capability to track body parameters and chart progress
- Automatically generated graphs for each exercise to evaluate progress

We will continuously support and update Fitness Trainer to make it even better. Please feel free to email us with any comments/suggestions or additions you would like to see in future updates.

Fitness Trainer is available for all iOS devices 4.3 and up.

What's New

Version 2.0.3 (Jan 02, 2015)

Bug Fixes.

Thank you for your support!

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Version 2.0.2 (Dec 21, 2014)

Bug Fixes

Thank you for your support!

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Version 2.0.0 (Sep 23, 2014)

Please make sure to update all versions of Fitness Trainer especially if using iCloud so they sync properly.

1. Complete app makeover for iOS 8.
2. Added stretches section.
3. Added timer with presets.
4. Your last log is remembered to continue where you left off.
5. Many bug fixes and adjustments.

Thank you very much for your support over the past 3 years.

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Version 1.4.4 (Oct 25, 2013)

* iCloud support re-enabled
*code refactoring & minor bug fixes
**Fitness Trainer is available for iPhone & Mac**

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Version 1.4.3 (Oct 07, 2013)

Please keep logging even though iCloud has been disabled for this version while we make some changes for next release.

* Important fixes for iOS 7
* Video playback improvements
* Resources loading is faster now

Thank you for your support!!

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Version 1.4.2 (Sep 24, 2013)

Please keep logging as normal while we change the way we do backups for the next update.

+ speed improvements
+ exercise logging fixes

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Version 1.3.3 (Apr 25, 2013)

Fixed the download all content bug.
Download the companion Mac and iPhone versions.

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Version 1.3.2 (Jan 15, 2013)

Bug Fixes

Thank you for your continued support and we are always working on making Fitness Trainer the best possible app.

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Version 1.3.1 (Dec 10, 2012)

Fixed video loading issue

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Version 1.3 (Nov 27, 2012)

* New app name
* Improvements related to iOS 6
* Some minor enhancements and fixes

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Version 1.2 (Oct 18, 2012)

* Tracker provides capability to track body parameters and chart progress
* Automatically generated graphs for each exercise to evaluate progress
* Improved remote resources downloading for exercises images, video-tutorials and narration

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Version 1.1 (Sep 08, 2012)

- If you are having issues updating, quit the running the app, or delete it completely and reinstall. Don't forget to back up your data first!
(email us from within the app if you are having any issues)
- UI improvements
- Updated descriptions of some of the exercises
- Better modes' switching

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Version 1.0.7 (Jul 31, 2012)

* Now you can choose a specific date when logging something
* You can even edit dates in previously logged items
* A number of other fixes

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Version 1.0.6 (Jun 08, 2012)

* Creation of custom exercises
* Backup your personal data to iCloud and restore it on any other iOS device with iFitness installed
* Fixed incorrect data selection in log's calendar
* When adding a new set of exercises the values are populated from the previous set
* Send your questions or get technical support right from the app
* Precise parameters input

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Version 1.0.5 (May 15, 2012)

* Fixed unexpected crashes on app launch
* Capability to edit existing workouts or add your own custom workout
* Capability to edit the data logged
* A number of UI improvements and fixes
* Several tweaks and minor modifications

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Version 1.0.4 (May 11, 2012)

* Ability to add your own workouts and edit existing ones
* Ability to edit the data logged.
* A number of UI improvements and fixes
* A bunch of other minor corrections and improvements

Thank you for your support.

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Version 1.0.2 (Dec 19, 2011)

- fixed logging
- added new workouts

New update with create workouts and iCloud support is coming soon.

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Version 1.0.1 (Dec 14, 2011)

- Polished UI
- Added Log Details

Thank you for the support!!!

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Version 1.0 (Dec 08, 2011)

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2.0.3Jan 02, 2015Current release
2.0.2Dec 21, 2014
2.0.0Sep 23, 2014
1.4.4Oct 25, 2013
1.4.3Oct 07, 2013
1.4.2Sep 24, 2013
1.3.3Apr 25, 2013
1.3.2Jan 15, 2013
1.3.1Dec 10, 2012
1.3Nov 27, 2012
1.2Oct 18, 2012
1.1Sep 08, 2012
1.0.7Jul 31, 2012
1.0.6Jun 08, 2012
1.0.5May 15, 2012
1.0.4May 11, 2012
1.0.2Dec 19, 2011
1.0.1Dec 14, 2011
1.0Dec 08, 2011First tracked
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All Versions - 4.1 - 172 ratings
Updated on Jul 06, 2015


Compatibility: iPad Only

Category: Health and Fitness

Updated: May 21, 2015

Version: 2.0.3

Size: 17.1 MB

Language: English

Seller: Vitaliy Golubenko

Rating: Rated 4+

Family Sharing: Yes

Requirements: Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPad.

Bundle ID: com.eltima.ifitnesshd2

Supports Apple Watch: No

App ID:  484071005  [Copy]