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Make regular video into fun, creative, and memorable animated pictures.

Kinotopic+ allows you to create, share, and store short video moments and make them more expressive – in the form of animated pictures and cinemagraphs.

✦ Create and edit videos with custom filters, borders, and effects
✦ Animate just a portion of your video to create a cinemagraph
✦ Meet people from all around the World and see kinos that they’ve created

Capture a unique visual experience, the crazy party from last night, your dog wagging his tail when he sees you, the cloudy sky when you went fishing with your family, kids smiling, and all those memorable moments in life.

Kinotopic+ is the same product as Kinotopic with the in-app PRO upgrade.


✦✦✦ Works fantastically well with ✦✦✦
✦✦✦ the brilliant camera on the ✦✦✦
✦✦✦ new iPhone 5 and with iOS 6!  ✦✦✦


Capture the essence of memorable moments in your life …

★ Get creative
Everybody has a creative side… Kinotopic+ will bring out that creativity in you.

★ Steady now!…
Use the stabilizer to steady your video and get the sharpest kinos you can.

★ Amazing effects …
Create your work of art. 12 new filters to make your kinos look great on the new iPhone 5. Improve it even more with 5 borders and 2 effects.

★ Share your creations…
Show off your kinos to friends and family or the whole world, Kinotopic+ has got you covered. Share your kinos on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. Or go the simple route and email them once you create your kino.

★ Talk about your creations…
Interact with your friends through giving & receiving likes and comments

★ Unlimited uploads
You’ll have your own personalized web page with all the kinos that you’ve created.

★ Offline Kino Creation
Create a kino while you’re not logged in and save it directly to your camera roll.

★ High Resolution Kinos
If you have a device with a retina display you can create kinos at a resolution of 570x760. (except on iPod Touch devices)

What are you waiting for? Try Kinotopic+ now and discover that you can truly create stunning animated pictures with your iPhone.

What's New

Version 2.7 (Mar 25, 2013)

* Added the ability to unlike kinos.
* Minor bugfixes.

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Version 2.6 (Jan 08, 2013)

* Fix a bug when saving a gif offline where reverse at end was not taken into account.

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Version 2.5 (Dec 18, 2012)

Video stabilizer fixes.

From version 2.4:
* Import videos (.mov and .mp4) from the Dropbox, Google Drive, or Gmail.
* Kinotopic now saves the original video when capturing it. You can disable this feature in Account Settings.

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Version 2.4 (Dec 12, 2012)

* Import videos (.mov and .mp4) from the Dropbox, Google Drive, or Gmail.
* Kinotopic now saves the original video when capturing it. You can disable this feature in Account Settings.

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Version 2.3 (Nov 14, 2012)

* We've added back the Choose Fixed frame feature. Find it in Create -> Draw.
* 5 borders to make your kinos look better.
* Tilt Shift. You can now add a tilt shift effect to your kinos.
* Share by email. After a kino is created you can now email it via the share interface.

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Version 2.2 (Sep 30, 2012)

iOS6 and iPhone 5 fixes. More stuff coming soon.

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Version 2.1 (Sep 10, 2012)

* Added a 'My Likes' button.
* Added 3 new filters.
* Stopped storing of temporary data in iCloud.

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Version 2.0.2 (Jul 24, 2012)

* Fixed a crash on iPad 1.
* Fixed a bug in creation process where the kino would end up with the wrong orientation.

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Version 2.0.1 (Jul 12, 2012)

* Fixed the follow button in profile. Thanks to Ben for the bug report.
* Fixed a bug on the 'finish up' page that would close the window before setting up a title.
* Other minor bugfixes.

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Version 2.0 (Jun 28, 2012)

With Kinotopic+ 2.0 we are changing the focus from cinemagraphs to animated pictures. While Kinotopic still has all the awesome features for making cinemagraphs, we redesigned the create flow so you can now easily create an animated picture from a video.

Here are some of the new things:
* A shiny new design. We removed a lot of clutter to put the focus on your kinos.
* Activity Stream to check out what the people you're following are doing and receive news important to you.
* A classics tabs to display older but still awesome kinos.
* Resigned the create kino flow.
* 6 new filters. We removed some of the old ones that weren't that used and replaced them with new ones.
* The filters now work on iOS4 too.

Plus tons of bug fixes.


Send us bug reports to and if you're the first one to report a bug we don't know about we'll give you credit here and thank you.

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Version 1.3 (May 15, 2012)

* Improved the speed of kino creation, and loading of kinos.
* Fixed the filter getting applied only on part of image bug.

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Version 1.2 (Apr 26, 2012)

* Removed the status bar to show bigger kinos.
* On a person's public profile you can tap following/followers to see them.

If you have issues with filters not being applied to the whole image we're fixing kinos server side.

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Version 1.1 (Apr 17, 2012)

* fix bug that would cause the extra features to not be shown in some devices.

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Version 1.0 (Apr 12, 2012)

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2.7Mar 25, 2013Current release
2.6Jan 08, 2013
2.5Dec 18, 2012
2.4Dec 12, 2012
2.3Nov 14, 2012
2.2Sep 30, 2012
2.1Sep 10, 2012
2.0.2Jul 24, 2012
2.0.1Jul 12, 2012
2.0Jun 28, 2012
1.3May 15, 2012
1.2Apr 26, 2012
1.1Apr 17, 2012
1.0Apr 12, 2012First tracked
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All Versions - 3.6 - 40 ratings
Updated on Apr 26, 2015


Compatibility: Universal

Category: Photo and Video

Updated: Apr 22, 2015

Version: 2.7

Size: 15.6 MB

Language: English

Seller: Radu Spineanu

Rating: Rated 4+

Family Sharing: Yes

Requirements: Requires iOS 5.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Bundle ID: KinotopicPRO.Kinotopic

App ID:  506405881  [Copy]