Artemis Director's Viewfinder

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Artemis Director's Viewfinder reproduces any camera, aspect ratio and lens combination. Included is a comprehensive list of commonly used motion picture and stills cameras and a Custom Camera function that allows for any new or exotic camera to be added.

Used by established directors, cinematographers & VFX supervisors worldwide, Artemis works in much the same way as a traditional directors viewfinder but more accurately and with many additional features. It's perfect for blocking, location scouting or making storyboards, as some of our users attest....

Roger Deakins ASC, BSC (Cinematographer: Unbroken, Prisoners, Skyfall, The Company of Men, The Shawshank Redemption)
"It’s great having Artemis on my iPhone. Since I always have my phone with me, I always have a viewfinder at hand. Not only convenient but extremely accurate."

Richard Loncraine (Director: The Special Relationship, Firewall, Richard III, Wimbledon)
"Artemis is an accurate, compact professional viewfinder that in my opinion cant be beaten. I used it on "Ruth and Alex" with Morgan Freeman and Diane Keaton, where it dramatically shortened the time it took to get our set ups. I have used everything viewfinder available over the last 40 years but non of them compare to Artemis.”

Phedon Papamichael ASC (Cinematographer: Monuments Men, Nebraska, The Descendants, Sideways)
“Artemis is always in my pocket - no more need for a PA carrying a large case of lenses up a mountain on a scout. It's changed the way we do things!”

Terry McDonough (Director: Breaking Bad, Hell on Wheels, An Adventure In Space And Time)
"When in prep, it’s hard to be in the same country with your heads of department let alone the same state let alone the same room, Artemis makes it feel like you are."

Bruno Delbonnel ASC, AFC (Cinematographer: Big Eyes, Inside Llewyn Davis, Amelie, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince)
"Artemis is a great viewfinder. I use it a lot when scouting. And since it's very accurate you can show a frame to whoever needs to see what the shot will be or could be....and discuss it."

Yves Bélanger CSC (Cinematographer: Dallas Buyers Club, Laurence Always, Ma Fille, Mon Ange)
"Artemis is the best invention for film people since the expresso machine!"

Barry Ackroyd BSC (Cinematographer: Captain Phillips, Hurt Locker, United 93)
"Artemis makes me feel smarter than I was without it. It’s the sharpest tool on my iPhone."

Linus Sandgren FSF (Cinematographer: American Hustle, Promised Land, 6 Souls)
"Artemis is an amazing Swiss army knife style lens kit that has helped me frame up countless shots in any format in an instant.”

Sean Bobbit BSC (Cinematographer: 12 Years a Slave, Oldboy, Hunger)
"I never leave home without Artemis. It is the one app I can guarantee will be used everyday on the job."

Roberto Schaefer ASC, AIC (Cinematographer: Quantum of Solace, The Kite Runner, Stranger than Fiction)
“I agree with what every other DP on the planet says about Artemis. They are all correct. Nothing comes close to Artemis for a convenient pocket size viewfinder, even on my iPad mini which fits in my cargo pants pockets."

Larry McConkey SOC (Steadicam: 12 Years a Slave, World War Z, Hugo, The Bourne Ultimatum)
"Artemis has made my life much easier. Instead of carrying a traditional viewfinder with lenses and a monitor, I can use Artemis with iPro on my iPhone for accurate scouts and rehearsals anytime, anywhere. I use Artemis HD on my iPad when I need a larger image that groups of people can see easily. With Artemis, I can set marks during rehearsals and be confident that when I have my Steadicam on ready to shoot, the frame will be exactly as I planned."

David Franko (Cinematographer: Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, The Bridge, The Whole Nine Yards)
"Since I discovered Artemis, there is never a day at work that I don’t use it. Whether in prep, making story boards or lining up shots with the director, Artemis is a workhorse tool.”

What's New

Version 7.1 (Apr 02, 2015)

Bug fixes : database update bug fixed (apologies)
Database updated
Pressing and holding Gallery button summons magic unicorn.

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Version 7.0 (Mar 06, 2015)

Optimized for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus.
Improved interface, bug fixes and general feel-good tweaks.
Expanded database of motion picture cameras and lenses.
For users who prefer to just use Artemis on their iPad we recommend you look for Artemis HD.

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Version 6.7 (Jan 30, 2014)

Fixed a bug where only one image in the gallery could be selected.

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Version 6.6 (Nov 20, 2013)

Bug fixes and tweaks.

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Version 6.5 (Oct 09, 2013)

Updates for IOS7 and the 5s.

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Version 6.4 (Jun 03, 2013)

Bug fixes for people who are still using Artemis on iPads rather than Artemis HD (you know who you are).

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Version 6.3 (May 29, 2013)

Added support for our special Artemis edition Schneider IPro Lens kit. See inside app for details.

App now works on iPad better even though of course artemis HD is a better option.

Added ability to save camera packages for quick retrieval.

Fixed bug for transferring multiple images from the Artemis gallery to the camera gallery.

Lots of tweaks here and there.

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Version 6.2 (Apr 18, 2013)

Addresses bug with Location Services and Airplane mode
Various Image Gallery bug fixes.

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Version 6.1 (Jan 22, 2013)

Added support for iOS5.

Fixed a bug with location services and saving images.
Fixed issue with dropbox authentication.
Interface tweaks and other minor bug fixes.

Please note that whilst this works with iOS5, it's not perfect. Some limitations were introduced in iOS5 that were removed in iOS6 made this beyond our control.

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Version 6.0 (Jan 09, 2013)


Completely redesigned version which includes a gallery and airplay support.

Please note that this version requires a minimum of iOS 6.0.

Sorry about this it bypasses a few bugs introduces in IOS 5 which prevented the camera working well.

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Version 5.6 (Aug 15, 2012)

Brand new interface, including a gallery and a host of new features.

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Version 5.5 (Apr 25, 2012)

New Red Camera Formats

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Version 5.4 (Apr 18, 2012)

Many new cameras added. General fixes.

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Version 5.3 (Apr 06, 2012)

Fixed bug that rotated images when picture was taken at an angle.

Added a number of New Camera Formats.

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Version 5.2 (Oct 27, 2011)

Fixed bug causing crashes on update for some people.

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Version 5.1 (Oct 18, 2011)

IMPORTANT : If Artemis crashes on startup, uninstall, restart your device, then reinstall Artemis. We are working on a solution. Apologies.
Added support for 4S. New cameras and formats added.

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Version 5.0 (Oct 05, 2011)

NOTE If you are having a crashing issue: Uninstall Artemis, restart your iPhone, install a fresh copy of Artemis. We are working on a solution.

Many new Cameras including popular still cameras and formats. Add a custom camera now by simply matching what your camera can see with what the iPhone viewfinder can see or by adding sensor size data.

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Version 4.2 (Feb 18, 2011)

Added Compass and GPS coordinates as overlay.
Added support for Verizon iPhone 4.

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Version 4.1 (Jan 15, 2011)

Fixed bug with iPhone 3g and Original iPhone saving images.

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Version 4.0 (Jan 12, 2011)

Artemis remote is back for the ipad working over a wireless network.

Retina graphics for iphone 4.

Image metadata is saved within image when images are saved.

Many code rewrites and enhancements.

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Version 3.45 (Nov 17, 2010)

Fixed bug that stopped cameras being saved on exit.

Added the ability to control flash on iphone4.

Minor bug fixes.

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Version 3.4 (Sep 24, 2010)

Restored lenses for DSLRs (apologies for that mishap); fixed issue with adding a Custom Camera

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Version 3.3 (Sep 07, 2010)

There was an os bug that occasionally prevented images being saved. We have worked to find a way round this.

Lots of new cameras and lenses added.

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Version 3.2 (Jul 01, 2010)

iphone 4 now measured and included.
Looks lovely.

Bug fix for deleting custom camera.
Bug fix for Artemis Remote.
Higher rez icons for iPhone 4.

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Version 3.1 (May 18, 2010)

This version now works with Artemis Remote for iPad. Use your new and shiny iPad to remotely view Artemis on your phone, control lens selection and save images onto your ipad.

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Version 3.0 (Apr 02, 2010)

Artemis now allows you to add your own camera to those we include.

Enter some simple measurements and the focal length of your lens and you can calibrate Artemis to any camera format. We have even added a way for you to let us know what your results are, so we can add your camera to our database.

Our selection of lenses and camera formats has enlarged to include a more comprehensive selection of video capable DSLRs, Digital High Speed cameras and others.

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Version 2.2 (Nov 30, 2009)

Bug fixes and return to proper logo.

Additional formats included.

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Version 2.1 (Nov 19, 2009)

Bug fixes for crashing if too many lenses are removed.

Bug fix for displaying correct lens on saving image.

Interface tweaks.

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Version 2.0 (Nov 13, 2009)

Artemis now simulates wider angle lenses in full screen mode.

It also allows you to save images to your photo library for storyboards.

Additional formats include RED One 4k 2:1 Ana, Canon 5D Mk II and 7D.

We are aware that some users are experiencing problems with v2.0 of Artemis. If Artemis is crashing or you are having problems saving images, try restarting your iPhone. In most cases this an immediate fix. If the problem persists, remove Artemis from your iPhone and download the app again. You only pay once. All subsequent downloads are free. Please contact us via email with any bugs or perceived inaccuracies.

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Version 1.0 (Oct 16, 2009)

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Compatibility: Universal

Category: Photo and Video

Updated: May 21, 2015

Version: 7.1

Size: 13.8 MB

Language: English

Seller: Chemical Wedding

Rating: Rated 4+

Family Sharing: Yes

Requirements: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus.

Bundle ID: com.chemicalwedding.Artemis

Supports Apple Watch: No

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