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CameraSync brings wireless, hassle-free syncing to iPhone and iPad!

CameraSync allows you to upload all pictures & videos from your Camera Roll to your Dropbox, OneDrive, Flickr account, WebDAV Server, FTP server, Amazon S3 bucket or account.

Do you regularly take photos on your iPhone and want to make sure they're all backed up and always accessible? CameraSync has got you covered.

Tired of e-mailing photos and screenshots to yourself just to get them onto your computer? CameraSync will make sure they're all ready & waiting for you.

Got an iPad with a Camera Connection Kit? Want to be able to upload the new photos you've taken on your DSLR or point-and-shoot camera from anywhere? CameraSync can do that for you too.

Recommended by "Call me lazy, but I don't like plugging my phone into my computer just to get all my pictures. CameraSync fixes this annoyance by wirelessly sending all new photos you take to Dropbox. In fact, if you prefer a different online backup program (like Flickr, Amazon S3, SkyDrive, an FTP server or you can do that too. It's essentially like an Eye-Fi for your iPhone—which is pretty awesome."

• Background Location Syncs - CameraSync can automatically start uploading your photos in the background when you arrive at certain locations, such as your home or office. (This feature is only available on devices that support geofencing; that's the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and current iPad)
• Continue Uploading - after starting the app CameraSync can upload your photos even in the background while you use other apps (for a maximum of 10 minutes). It will even alert you when it's done.
• Zero Interaction Required - once you've setup your accounts, all you need to do is open CameraSync to keep your remote photos up to date. You don't need to pick which photos to upload, or confirm the upload, or fiddle with settings - it just works!
• Full Quality Uploads - CameraSync doesn't compress or resize your photos & videos so they are uploaded in the full quality you took them in, no pixels left behind! It also keeps all of the EXIF metadata saved by your camera.
• Smart Syncing - CameraSync remembers what it has uploaded so if you delete a remote file you don't want anymore, it won't just sync it again.
• iPad Support - CameraSync can upload photos you've imported to your iPad using the iPad Camera Connection Kit, or photos taken on your iPad.
• Works with most third party photo taking or editing apps such as Hipstamatic and Camera+ - in fact it'll work with any app that saves pictures or videos to the Camera Roll.

CameraSync requires location services to be enabled on your device, and to be allowed access to location services. This is because photos taken with iOS devices store the location in which they were taken. CameraSync is a one way sync designed to sync photos & videos from your iOS device to various online services. SkyDrive currently only supports photos and videos under 100MB.

What's New

Version 1.5.9 (Mar 27, 2015)

• Fixed a bug preventing background location syncing on iOS 8. Existing users will need to re-enable background syncing from the settings menu.

• Minor bug fixes.

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Version 1.5.8 (Oct 10, 2014)

• Support for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus
• Fixes for OneDrive (renamed from SkyDrive)
• Minor bug fixes

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Version 1.5.7 (Jun 23, 2014)

Fixed issue signing in to Dropbox.

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Version 1.5.6 (Jun 16, 2014)

This is a required update for Flickr users, to continue using CameraSync with Flickr from June 27th you must install this update.

• Flickr API updates.
• Bug fixes.

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Version 1.5.5 (Dec 23, 2013)

Fixed an issue where Box users were sometimes asked to re-login repeatedly.

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Version 1.5.4 (Dec 12, 2013)

Updated to using the new Box API.

If you sync to your Box account with CameraSync you will need to update to this version and re-add your Box account to continue syncing.

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Version 1.5.3 (Nov 09, 2013)

• Fixes an issue preventing background syncs from starting when "Wait for Wi-Fi" or "Only sync on Wi-Fi" is enabled.

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Version 1.5.2 (Oct 28, 2013)

• Fixed a crash for iOS 6 users.
• Bug fixes.

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Version 1.5.1 (Oct 19, 2013)

Fixed a crash on iPads.

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Version 1.5 (Oct 17, 2013)

WARNING: This update crashes on iPads, we have submitted a fix we hope will be available soon. Thanks for your patience.

• Complete visual redesign for iOS 7, a new look and a new icon.
• Fixes several bugs with iOS 7, including adding an S3 account.

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Version 1.4.5 (Aug 16, 2013)

• Fixed an issue logging in to SkyDrive.
• Fixed issue with certain Flickr accounts.
• Fixed issue with certain WebDAV servers.

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Version 1.4.4 (Jun 08, 2013)

• SkyDrive will now upload videos (only those below 100MB, due to SkyDrive API limitations - videos over 100MB will be ignored)

• Reliability improvements for Flickr video uploads.
• Fixes issues with selecting a directory using WebDAV.

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Version 1.4.3 (May 13, 2013)

• Sync Reminders - If you don't like location-based syncs this might be the answer for you: be reminded to sync daily, weekly or monthly at a time of your choice.
• In-app support - You can now contact support from inside the app.

• Bug fixes and improvements for Flickr syncing.
• Bug fixes for many specific WebDAV implementations.
• Various minor fixes.

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Version 1.4.2 (Mar 07, 2013)

• Fixed Dropbox syncing to the wrong folder on the first sync.
• Big reliability improvements for Dropbox video syncing.
• SkyDrive now uploads full size photos.
• Fixes issues connecting to several types of WebDAV server.
• FTP connections can now have anonymous logins.
• Removed iOS 4 support.

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Version 1.4.1 (Oct 02, 2012)

• Fixed a bug with rotation on iPads running iOS 6.
• Minor bug fixes.

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Version 1.4 (Sep 21, 2012)

• New icon and visual tweaks.
• Full support for iOS 6 and the iPhone 5.
• Google Drive support.
• WebDAV support.
• New option to wait for a Wi-Fi connection before beginning a location-triggered background sync.
• New option to toggle screenshot syncing (independently from photos)
• You can now choose to sync from a specific date when adding an account.

• Large performance and memory usage improvements.
• FTP transfers now correctly show progress for files.
• Minor bug fixes.

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Version 1.3 (Jul 31, 2012)

• Added background update locations - now CameraSync can start syncing completely in the background when you arrive at a specific location such as your home or office.
(This feature is only available on devices that support geofencing; that's the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and current iPad)

• Added option to sync all existing photos from a specific date onward.

• Corrected issue where uploads would occasionally continue after cancelling a sync.
• Corrected issue with uploading 500MB+ files to Flickr, they are now ignored (Flickr doesn't accept them).
• Compatibility fixes for future iOS versions.
• Minor performance improvements, bug fixes and interface improvements.

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Version 1.2.2 (May 31, 2012)

Fixed a problem with logging in to Dropbox introduced in 1.2.1

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Version 1.2.1 (May 29, 2012)

• Improved FTP reliability.
• When adding an FTP service, CameraSync will now upload directly to the directory you specify rather than attempting to make a subfolder for your device.
• Fixed several visual bugs and improved the settings icon.

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Version 1.2 (Mar 15, 2012)

• Added support for the retina display on the new iPad.
• Added support for Microsoft SkyDrive accounts (photos only for now).
• Added option to change which albums are synced.
• Fixed an issue where CameraSync would think Flickr photos hadn't synced successfully and attempt to sync them repeatedly.
• Updated to the latest Dropbox & Flickr SDKs, improving Dropbox & Flickr performance.
• Fixed a crash when uploading large video files to some services.
• Fixed an issue when displaying large messages in the log.

• Removed option to add an iDisk account (iDisk is shutting down in June 2012 - we strongly recommend backing up files from your iDisk and switching to a different service. For more info please visit: )

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Version 1.1.5 (Nov 14, 2011)

• Adds an option to upload files with their original filenames (iOS 5 only).

• Fixes an issue causing problems uploading to Amazon S3.
• Fixes a bug causing a crash when choosing whether to upload old photos or not during account adding.
• Fixes an infrequent crash when uploading large files.
• Fixes a bug causing RAW files not to upload in iOS5.
• Performance improvements.

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Version 1.1.4 (Oct 26, 2011)

Fixes a crash experienced when syncing pictures edited with iOS5.

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Version 1.1.3 (Oct 18, 2011)

• Fixes several issues with iOS5
• Fixes the "Mark All As Uploaded" button in iOS5

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Version 1.1.2 (Sep 06, 2011)

• Fixed issue when syncing in a different time zone.
• Fixed an issue where photos weren't found on newer iOS versions.
• Improved memory usage.

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Version 1.1.1 (Mar 08, 2011)

• Added an option to only sync when on WiFi

• Fixes an issue with uploading to Dropbox creating temporary files that were never removed, resulting in disk space filling up and some crashes.
• Fixes an issue causing photos imported as JPEG+RAW to only upload the JPEG.
• Fixes several crashes.

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Version 1.1 (Feb 21, 2011)

New Features
• New option to resize photos for faster uploads.
• You can now choose whether to sync all existing photos or only new photos when adding a service.
• You can now choose which folder to store your files in for Dropbox & iDisk.
• Added privacy settings for Flickr allowing you to have uploaded photos set as visible to everyone, only friends, only family, friends & family or only yourself.
• Flickr photos & videos are no longer uploaded with the "CameraSync" tag and no longer mention CameraSync in their description.
• Added an option to keep the device's screen switched on during syncs.

Bug Fixes
• Corrected several bugs causing crashes with long syncs.
• Corrected a bug which sometimes could cause initial syncs to Flickr to fail.
• Corrected a bug that made account editing inaccessible on the iPad.
• Flickr now correctly syncs all RAW files.
• Corrections to VoiceOver accessibility captions.

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Version 1.0.2 (Dec 22, 2010)

• Fixes a bug that caused iPhone disk space to be used until the app was restarted.

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Version 1.0.1 (Dec 19, 2010)

• Fixed a bug causing some users to be unable to sync.
• Fixed a bug causing crashes in long syncs.
• Fixed a visual glitch causing photos to slide up the screen early.

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Version 1.0 (Dec 13, 2010)

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1.5.9Mar 27, 2015Current release
1.5.8Oct 10, 2014
1.5.7Jun 23, 2014
1.5.6Jun 16, 2014
1.5.5Dec 23, 2013
1.5.4Dec 12, 2013
1.5.3Nov 09, 2013
1.5.2Oct 28, 2013
1.5.1Oct 19, 2013
1.5Oct 17, 2013
1.4.5Aug 16, 2013
1.4.4Jun 08, 2013
1.4.3May 13, 2013
1.4.2Mar 07, 2013
1.4.1Oct 02, 2012
1.4Sep 21, 2012
1.3Jul 31, 2012
1.2.2May 31, 2012
1.2.1May 29, 2012
1.2Mar 15, 2012
1.1.5Nov 14, 2011
1.1.4Oct 26, 2011
1.1.3Oct 18, 2011
1.1.2Sep 06, 2011
1.1.1Mar 08, 2011
1.1Feb 21, 2011
1.0.2Dec 22, 2010
1.0.1Dec 19, 2010
1.0Dec 13, 2010First tracked
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Compatibility: Universal

Category: Photo and Video

Updated: Apr 17, 2015

Version: 1.5.9

Size: 22.6 MB

Language: English

Seller: Homegrown Software Ltd

Rating: Rated 4+

Family Sharing: Yes

Requirements: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus.

Bundle ID: com.homegrownsw.camerasync

App ID:  406645727  [Copy]