Color Blast! - Photo Splash and Color Editing Effects

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ColorBlast! lets you create dynamic black and white photos with selected areas of color by simply brushing in the area of interest.

ColorBlast! offers unique selective color brushes that help you to highlight an individual color without the frustrating zooming and erasing along the edges that other apps require. It also let’s you change the color of an object or tint the background to a sepia or other tone.

Some awesome features:
- selective color painting
- adjust hue color
- create sepia or other tones
- live controls
- interactive brushing
- multiple undo
- pan, zoom and device orientation support
- save at high resolution
- Save to the Album, eMail, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Tumblr and Twitter
- Send a real Postcard with Sincerely

----- Press Reviews -----

"ColorBlast! is a magnificent app that really makes adding color to a monochrome photo fast, easy, and enjoyable."
- 148Apps

"ColorBlast is quickly becoming my favorite selective colorization app on the iPhone."
- iPhoneography

What's New

Version 3.0.0 (Dec 20, 2014)

iOS8 and iPhone 6 support
New home screen

Apple clears reviews on updates, so a quick review or rating is always appreciated!

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Version 2.5.0 (May 08, 2014)

• We added a New Photo Picker

• An optional White user interface

• The AppStore clears reviews for new versions so if you enjoy using ColorBlast! a rating/review would be appreciated!

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Version 2.4.0 (Sep 17, 2013)

We've added CanvasPop support
Higher quality save to album
Remember album selections during save
Streamlined Instagram export

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Version 2.3.0 (May 08, 2013)

Re-worked soft brushing logic to provide a better result with more control.
Big performance improvements.

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Version 2.2.1 (Nov 28, 2012)

Fix tutorial video issue with iOS 6
Fix Facebook issue with special characters in comment field
Enable EXIF data when save to album disabled
Fix minor Tumblr issue

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Version 2.2.0 (Nov 14, 2012)

Support for the iPhone 5
Optimized for iPhone5 and iPad4
New Facebook and Tumblr integration

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Version 2.1.2 (Sep 04, 2012)

IOS 6 Tweaks

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Version 2.1.1 (Jun 08, 2012)

Minor Improvements
Enjoy sending Postcards!

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Version 2.1.0 (May 24, 2012)

Create and send real photo Postcards
White matte for Instagram postings
Work around for Apple issue with Nikon RAW files
Minor tweaks

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Version 2.0.1 (Apr 04, 2012)

Fix benign error during save to album with location services turned off.

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Version 2.0.0 (Mar 27, 2012)

Photo Management Improvements
- Recent List that stores recent edit sessions for easy retrieval
- Support for saving and viewing location, exif and other image metadata
- Select specific photo albums during save
- Automatically save originals of camera photos to library

- Load full size camera kit imported images on iPad
- Direct printing to AirPrint capable printers
- Removed Facebook import

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Version 1.1.0 (Oct 10, 2011)

User interface overhaul
Reworked export with support for Flickr, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram

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Version 1.0.9 (Mar 26, 2011)

Updated Home Screen
New Video Tutorial
Bug and performance fixes and improvements

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Version 1.0.8 (Jan 07, 2011)

Pan/Zoom Tool
High Speed Brushing
New Facebook Integration
Warn on exit if unsaved

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Version 1.0.5 (Oct 03, 2010)

Fixed facebook issue

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Version 1.0.4 (Sep 16, 2010)

Soft flow tool performance improvements
UI tweaks
Bug fixes
New icon

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Version 1.0.3 (Sep 13, 2010)

minor tweaks

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Version 1.0.2 (Aug 09, 2010)

New soft flow tools for subtle effects.
Fix crash bug that could occur after saving to the library.
Decreased memory footprint and increased output size on first and second generation devices.

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Version 1.0.1 (Aug 02, 2010)

Bug Fixes

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Version 1.0 (Jul 17, 2010)

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3.0.0Dec 20, 2014Current release
2.5.0May 08, 2014
2.4.0Sep 17, 2013
2.3.0May 08, 2013
2.2.1Nov 28, 2012
2.2.0Nov 14, 2012
2.1.2Sep 04, 2012
2.1.1Jun 08, 2012
2.1.0May 24, 2012
2.0.1Apr 04, 2012
2.0.0Mar 27, 2012
1.1.0Oct 10, 2011
1.0.9Mar 26, 2011
1.0.8Jan 07, 2011
1.0.5Oct 03, 2010
1.0.4Sep 16, 2010
1.0.3Sep 13, 2010
1.0.2Aug 09, 2010
1.0.1Aug 02, 2010
1.0Jul 17, 2010First tracked
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Current Version - 4.6 - 14 ratings
Updated on Jul 01, 2015
All Versions - 4.2 - 747 ratings
Updated on Jul 01, 2015


Compatibility: Universal

Category: Photo and Video

Updated: Jun 30, 2015

Version: 3.0.0

Size: 11.1 MB

Language: English

Seller: East Coast Pixels, Inc.

Rating: Rated 4+

Family Sharing: Yes

Requirements: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus.

Bundle ID: com.eastcoastpixels.colorblast

Supports Apple Watch: No

App ID:  380588086  [Copy]