Cool Wallpapers HD & Retina Free for iOS 8 iPhone iPod iPad

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The #1 Ranked and Best Wallpapers app with over 100,000 beautiful and cool wallpapers at your fingertips! Download NOW for FREE!

Here at Kappboom we work hard day and night to bring you the Best Wallpapers. Our caring and dedicated staff makes sure that our content is the best. Our developers work around the clock to constantly improve our applications, and to stay the best!

Awesome Features:
• Full support for the latest iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus! Modern and up-to-date flat style iOS 8 design!
• Retina Display High Resolution 1080x1920,750x1334,640x960 wallpapers for iPhone6, iPhone5/5s, iPhone4/4s!
• High Definition Resolution 2048x2048 for iPad 3! Beautiful poster-sized photography and wallpaper images for Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.
• And regular sized 320x480 images for iPhone 3GS/3G/2G and all iPod Touches!
• Intuitive and FAST navigation through a beautiful wallpaper gallery.
• Slideshow mode allows you to lean back and comfortably navigate cool photos.
• Browse through over 100,000 awesome photos and add the ones you like to your Favorites!
• "Hold and Drag" shortcut on the Gallery allows you to quickly Add to Favorites, find pictures with Similar Tags, and Share to friends and family.
• Search using our Kappboom's image search engine or with Yahoo's Flickr or Google's Picasa!
• Search for images with multiple tags, multiple colors, and multiple categories.
• Cool Collages lets you combine wallpaper images with our own photos to let you build the coolest wallpaper in town!
• Cool Effects allow you to add enhance images, add effects, frames, text, remove redeye, and even draw!
• Cool Skins gives you glow effects, app shelves, and other skins that are updated regularly.
• Share high-definition crystal-clear HD wallpapers, photography, and collage masterpieces and on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Vkontakte, WeChat Timeline/Sessions, Sina Weibo, Tencent Weibo, Line, Kakao Talk and more!
• You can easily also Message, Email, Copy+Paste, and AirDrop these awesome pictures to family and friends!
• Assign cool photos and wallpapers to your contacts easily with a few simple taps!
• Print out awesome images and frame them for your home and office!


"So cool!" 5 Stars
"This is the best wallpaper app ever!!! I would pay money for this!!"

"Cool" 5 Stars
"The best thing ever!!"

"Great app" 5 Stars
"It has cool wallpapers. It's so hard to choose which one to make my main screen. Awesome app!!!!!"

Categories for easy searching in our Wallpaper application:
Quote, Quotes, Joke, Jokes, 3D, Abstract, Animal, Anime, Architecture, Artistic, Baby, Car, Chat, Chats, Christmas, Color, Comedy, Cute, Effect, Effects, Facebook, Fantasy, Festival, Flags, Flickr, Food, Graffiti, Halloween, Holiday, Horoscope, Image, Images, Insects, Landscape, Miscellaneous, Music, Nature, New, News, Pattern, People, Photo, Photos, Photography, Plants, Quotes, Religious, Scary, Skins, Space, Sports, Star, Stars, Thanksgiving, Theme, Themes, Tumblr, Twitter, Universe, Valentine,

• Requires iOS 6.0 or later.
• Runs on iPhones: iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS.
• Runs on iPads: iPad Air, iPad 3, iPad 2, iPad 1, iPad Mini,
• Runs on iPod touches: All generations.
• Network connection is needed. However, iPod Touch users need to connect via wifi.

What's New

Version 4.3.8 (Jan 28, 2015)

* Fixed a sound bug where our sound effects unintentionally turned off background music. Our sound effects, if enabled, will no longer interfere with background music playback.
* Significantly optimized disk space usage of the application, especially for iPhone 6 and 6+ devices.
* Fixed an issue where category icons were loaded incorrectly.
* Fixed a bug where saving many favorites caused a decrease in performance. Saving to favorites should be much faster now.
* Fixed an issue where Picasa and Flickr images were being unintentionally cropped.
* Fixed an issue where Kappboom images were not optimized and not cropped correctly for iPhone 4 devices.
* The search text field is cleared when “Show All” is selected.
* An internet error alert now appears if you don’t have internet connection and thus cannot import a wallpaper to a Pic Collage.
* You can now manually close some ad views by tapping on the “X” circle button.

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Version 4.2.11 (Nov 05, 2014)

• Note from Developers: This is a big update. We highly recommend that you update!
• NEW Flat design for iOS8!
• iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iOS 8 support!
• We also fixed serious image issues that occur on iPads running iOS 8.
• Search and Categories are now easier to find.
• Search tags and Search by Colors with Multiple Selection!
• Categories with Multiple Selection!
• Shortcut mode on Gallery!  Just "Hold and Drag" a thumbnail and then drop it to a specific action.  As a result, you now have quicker access to "Add to Favorites", "Search Similar Tags" and Social Actions, right from the Gallery.
• We added Sounds!  You can enable/disable sounds in the Settings Left Panel.  They're enabled by default.
• Scrolling performance is much faster because our engineers rewrote the scrolling code from scratch.
• Easily access the Remove Ads option (a.k.a VIP Membership)
• The action sheet now shows colored social network images on iOS 8.

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Version 3.1.2 (Jun 13, 2014)

* New iOS 7 Flat icons for fullscreen image.
* For iOS 7+ users, the fullscreen toolbar has moved some buttons into the action sheet. Therefore, the buttons are no longer crowded on iOS 7. Let us know what you think!
* You can now search via Picasa and Flickr in other languages
* You can now edit Facebook and Twitter sharing messages.
* You can share to a number of social networks now, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Flickr, Instagram, Tumblr, WeChat, Tencent Weibo, Sina Weibo, Line, Kakao Talk, VKontakte
* The category list is now always shown
* Fixed some of freeze issues

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Version 3.0.5 (Jan 09, 2014)

* Fixed an issue where upgrading to VIP from Picture Collage would not remove the ad.
* Fixed a bug where tapping on a new thumbnail too quickly causes the large image to be closed.
* Passbook was previously accidentally enabled (we don't use Passbook). It's now disabled.
* Now shows an overlay message "Saving to Photos" even if the alert has been hidden forever.

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Version 3.0.4 (Dec 06, 2013)

* iOS 7 support and flat design.
* It’s now faster to scroll through the wallpaper gallery.
* There’s a new, faster, and smoother animation when you tap on thumbnails.
* The Search bar is bigger for iPads.
* Fixed an issue where the Quick search options won’t attempt to reload after network connectivity is available.
* Fixed an issue during VIP upgrade where the gallery didn’t take the entire device screen because it didn’t remove the “Kappboom” bar at the bottom.
* Our application now should use less disk space.
* Fixed a bug in Picture Collage that prevented you from tapping on buttons.

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Version 3.0.3 (Jul 27, 2013)

* iPad 1, iPad 2 and iPad mini will now download Ultra High Definition 1024x1024 images instead of 1024x768 images.
* iPad Retina will now download Ultra High Definition 2048x2048 images instead of 2048x1576 images.
* Several bug fixes, and fixed a potential crash issue.
* Added a separator between navigation controls in fullscreen mode.

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Version 3.0.2 (Mar 18, 2013)

* Fixed a bug where adding effects can cause a 1 pixel line to appear across the edited image
* Added a new screen for searches
* Minor fixes with localized strings

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Version 3.0.0 (Feb 26, 2013)

* Added Cool Collages! Import photos from your gallery or camera and create beautiful collages. Mix and match with beautiful wallpapers.
* Added Cool Effects! You can now add awesome effects, draw something, and apply stamps and frames!
* Added Cool Skins! You can skin your new wallpaper creations with glow effects and other skins coming soon.
* FASTER and better! Lots of bug fixes and memory improvements.

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Version 2.4.3 (Nov 17, 2012)

* Now optimized for iPhone5, iPod Touch 5th Gen and iPad Mini!
* Better preview modes for Facebook and Twitter sharing
* Stability, and performance enhancements.
* Fixed cornering issues with thumbnail images.

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Version 2.4.2 (Jul 17, 2012)

- You can now bookmark images into your Favorites list!!
- The full screen now fades in the large image once again.
- The filters screen supports landscape mode.
- Enhanced Facebook/ twitter/ email pie chart--we hope you like it!
- Improved the image save performance.
- Fixed a number of errors that you may encounter when upgrading to iOS 6.
- Facebook posts now show shared images, instead of just text.
- Twitter image URLs are shorter.
- Please NOTE*: iOS 6 users please allow access to Photos in order to save photos. When saving images, they go into your Photos app so that you can set them as your wallpaper. 
- For VIP users: if you reinstalled the application or restored your device, you can easily restore your VIP membership by using the Restore option, instead of using the Purchase option.

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Version 2.4.1 (May 18, 2012)

- Re-Added Facebook and Twitter! FB/Twitter/Email are now accessible by the share icon in the fullscreen view. You can now share awesome wallpapers to your friends and social networks.
- The search bar didn't allow you to search when the search bar was empty. But now, you can now "show all" by keeping the search bar empty and tapping "search".
- Sometimes an incorrect category can be shown as checked (selected) in the filters screen. That is fixed.
- The application would lag if you scrolled too quickly. That's now fixed. We added significant performance improvements.
- There was a problem where some images could not be saved to your iOS device. That's fixed.
- Sometimes it appears the application is freezing when you're saving an image, even though it's just working. So we brought back the loading indicator after you save an image.
- Fixed a few minor UI issues.
- Fixed a few memory leaks in the application.

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Version 2.4.0 (Apr 20, 2012)

- Searching via Picasa and Flickr!!!
- Retina display quality wallpapers for the new iPad 3! 2048x2048 resolution images!
- Fixed an issue where a black screen was displayed when a user scrolls too fast.
- Fixed the import photo bug where users are unable to exit the view.
- Fixed an orientation issue when users rotate their devices.
- Fixed an error when users tapped on the 'info' button in landscape view.
- Text overlay displayed when submitting your search.
- Network related Bug/Crash fixes.
- Memory enhancements.

Thank you very much for your emails! We greatly appreciate your help in reporting these bugs and suggestions.

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Version 2.3.3 (Nov 14, 2011)

• fixed an iOS 5.0 iPad bug that caused the Menu button to appear behind ads in landscape mode
• fixed an iOS 3.X crash

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Version 2.3.2 (Nov 11, 2011)

iOS 5 fixes

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Version 2.3.1 (Oct 18, 2011)

* Significant performance increase!
* Faster downloads for all
* Fixed a bug where a low memory error causes the "Menu" button to disappear
* Removed stale share buttons
* Buttons are now bigger and easier to see
* Added Left/Right buttons for the full screen page

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Version 2.3.0 (Sep 26, 2011)

*Bug Fixes
*Memory Fixes
*Optimization Fixes
*Become a "VIP Member" to be entitled with:
1) No Ads
2) More Content
3) Faster Downloads

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Version 2.1.1 (Mar 25, 2011)

Note From Developers* iOS 4.X users, we're happy to announce that 2.1.1 has been released to fix the notifications bug from 2.1.0. To APPLY the fix, after updating to 2.1.1, please simply OPEN the application. When you do so, ALL notifications will be cleared! The reason is that there may be pending notifications that exist from 2.1.0, and you will either have to launch 2.1.1 to clear them, or wait for all of the 2.1.0 notifications to disappear!

*Old* Note From Developers
Dear iOS 4.X users, if you ran into the notification bug, please download this version, 2.1.1, and then LAUNCH the application. Launching 2.1.1 will clear any notifications(if there are any) from 2.1.0! All notifications are now turned OFF. We've been up all night to fix this issue, thanks to the countless and valuable feedback that you've given us regarding this problem, which slipped past all of us completely.

We sincerely apologize for the notification bug that:
1) showed frequently when new images are added too frequently, and
2) for the lack of a disable switch! We didn't know that Apple didn't automatically add an OFF switch for these notifications.

Please rest assured that we're doing our best to better serve you, and please don't hesitate to send feedback our way at! Thank you!

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Version 2.1.0 (Mar 24, 2011)

*Note From Developers* iOS 4.X Users: We advise you to PLEASE WAIT for version 2.1.1 to be released! We've just posted 2.1.1 to the AppStore and it is currently under Review. This current version, 2.1.0, has a notification bug that alerts you when users upload new wallpapers, which can become very frequent! Even worse, we just realized that turning off "notifications" in settings doesn't help because these are different types of notifications. So, please wait for version 2.1.1, and Sorry for the inconvenience folks!!!

Our Wallpapers app supports all Apple iOS devices: iPhone4, iPad, iPhone 3GS/3G/2G, and all iPod Touch versions! The correct image resolutions are sent to your device to exactly contour and fit your device's entire screen.

Now with Effects, as of Version 2.0! With Cool Wallpapers 2.0, you can add glow effects, black and white effects, and blur effects. Unleash your inner artist, and share your masterpieces with friends!

* Retina Display High Resolution 640x960 for iPhone4!
* High Definition Resolution 1024x1024 for iPad!
* And normal sized 320x480 images for iPhone 3GS/3G/2G and all iPod Touches!

P.S. Thank you for your delicious comments! They brighten our day and make our hard work worthwhile! :-)

So cool! ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
This is the best wallpaper app ever!!! I would pay money for this!!

Cool ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
The best thing ever

Great app ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
It has cool wallpapers. It's so hard to choose which one to make my main screen. Awesome app!!!!!

Over 20,000 wallpapers at your fingertips--more added every hour. Browse through a gallery of pictures by SHAKING, SWIPING or by TAPPING on the arrows on the toolbar.

The gallery photos can be ordered by either popularity, or by recent additions. You can also filter for picture categories, which are updated with the latest search trends. New pictures are added by the minute to always keep you entertained and to fill your photos library with tons of cool images!

Notes From Developer:
* To set a wallpaper that you've just saved to your photos library, simply navigate to the Photos application on your iPhone or iPod Touch, select the wallpaper you'd like to use, and then set the wallpaper as your wallpaper.

Updating is HIGHLY recommended! Tons of goodies, enhancements AND stability in this version.
* Due to popular demand, page jump is now supported. You can easily navigate to a page number you left off from.
* Landscape mode is fully supported across all screens. This will come in handy especially if you're on an iPad (iPad 2) device
* iPad users can now download full 1024x1024 wallpaper images, instead of the typical 768x1024 ones. 1024x1024 images are better formatted for the iPad (and iPad 2) as they center the wallpaper's image on the screen.
* You can now single-tap on the full screen image view to lower the toolbar. Doing so will allow you to better reveal the full screen images.
* The original default thumbnail has been replaced with a loading indicator to increase performance
* Lots of memory and performance enhancements, for a very stable version.

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Version 2.0.1 (Nov 06, 2010)

Updated Friday 2:43PM:
Version 2.0.1 has been released to fix the crazy crash issue that was experienced by users who are still running iOS version 3.1.3 or below. We sincerely apologize for that problem! Our team worked vigorously, non-stop and without any sleep, to find the root cause and to fix this issue. Please download this version, 2.0.1, especially if you're running iOS version 3.1.3 or below. Thank you for your feedback!

-Kappboom Developers

Wednesday 9:45PM:
To users still running iOS version 3.1.3 and below, if you upgraded to Cool Wallpapers version 2.0.0 then you most likely have experienced a crash issue that is FIXED in this latest update, 2.0.1. The root cause of this problem was from accessing a feature that only existed on iPad devices, which was only available in iOS 3.2 and higher. Thus, this functionality would cause a crash in earlier OS versions, iOS 3.1.3 and below. Your feedback has been very helpful in helping us track down this issue (and it was indeed a very hard one to track down). Please let us know right away if you experience any other issues!

Kappboom is proud to present… (drum roll)… Cool Wallpapers 2.0!

* New Effects feature! With Kappboom's Cool Wallpapers app, you can now add special effects to a community image, an image in your photo gallery, or an image taken from your camera (Note: If your iOS device has a camera).

You can:
* Add Glow effects!
* Add blur effects.
* Convert an image into black and white.

Furthermore, you can also mix and match effects.
Unleash your inner artist! Then, share your masterpieces with friends.

We've also:
* Fixed a number of critical and minor bugs.
* Improved memory usage across the board.

* Once again, we just want to give a shout out to the community for all of the helpful feedback. Please keep em coming--thanks folks!

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Version 2.0.0 (Nov 03, 2010)

VERSION 2.0.1 HAS BEEN POSTED. TO USERS STILL RUNNING iOS VERSION 3.1.3 AND BELOW, PLEASE WAIT FOR 2.0.1 INSTEAD, AND DO NOT UPGRADE TO 2.0.0. FOR DETAILS, please refer to the previous status updates below.

IF YOU ARE RUNNING iOS VERSION UNDER 3.1.3 AND BELOW, PLEASE DO NOT UPGRADE TO 2.0.0 AND WAIT FOR 2.0.1 INSTEAD! This 2.0.0 version uses an iPad-specific feature that does not exist for iOS versions under 3.2! Hence, it will cause a crash! A newer version, 2.0.1 with a fix will be posted shortly!

NOTE to users running iOS 3.1.3 or lower. We're hearing from many users that the update is not working for iOS 3.1.3 and lower and is crashing. We're investigating this problem right now, but if this update doesn't work for you please help us fix this problem sooner by letting us know which iOS device you have, which iOS version you're running (4.0, 3.2, etc) to! Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience--we're definitely going to get to the bottom of this crazy issue!


Kappboom is proud to present… (drum roll)… Cool Wallpapers 2.0!

* New Effects feature! With Kappboom's Cool Wallpapers app, you can now add special effects to a community image, an image in your photo gallery, or an image taken from your camera (Note: If your iOS device has a camera).  

You can:
 * Add Glow effects!
 * Add blur effects.
 * Convert an image into black and white.

Furthermore, you can also mix and match effects.  
Unleash your inner artist!  Then, share your masterpieces with friends.

We've also:
* Fixed a number of critical and minor bugs.
* Improved memory usage across the board.

* Once again, we just want to give a shout out to the community for all of the helpful feedback.  Please keep em coming--thanks folks!

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Version 1.7.0 (Oct 28, 2010)

* Slideshow crash bug now fixed
* In the earlier version, if you hit the "stop" slideshow button while the slideshow is running at the "right time", the application would sometimes crash. Now fixed!
* Fixed syncing issues w/ iTunes
* We've optimized the application for any issues regarding syncing that we can think of. Any syncing issues should now be fixed. Thank you for your feedback!
* Performance has been improved significantly.
* We've been re-writing the codebase, which did run into some performance bottleneck issues as reported by some users. The same applies to memory.
* Navigation bar is now hidden when navigation so that you can see bigger thumbnails on iPhone, iPod and iPad.
* Added a menu button to show the navigation bar.
* Thank you for you continuous feedback and support! Please continue to send emails our way at!

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Version 1.6.0 (Oct 18, 2010)

- Added Fixes
- Fixed Slideshow
- Performance and memory improvements
- Fixed disk usage issue that caused slow iTunes syncing

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Version 1.5.0 (Oct 08, 2010)

* You can now slide to the next full screen image
* Added a slideshow option
* New colorful UI buttons
* Memory enhancements
* Performance optimizations

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Version 1.4.0 (Sep 21, 2010)

*Bug fixes
*Memory optimization

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Version 1.3.1 (Sep 08, 2010)

* Bug fixes
* If your mail application isn't configured to send mail, an alert will now appear to ask you if you'd like to configure your mail app.
* The navigation arrows didn't orient themselves correctly when the application is used in landscape mode. This is now fixed.
* When toggling between popular and new, the gallery lost a few pixels of height and left an unsightly empty space of about 5 pixels. This is now fixed.
* Thank you for your comments and feedbacks about these bugs! Please continue letting us know how we're doing--we're here for you!

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Version 1.3.0 (Aug 25, 2010)

* Tons of enhancements in this version.
* Now shows 3x3 images for iPhone and iPod touch devices! Picking the wallpaper that you're interested in just got easier.
* Higher resolution thumbnails! Especially for iPhone4 and retina devices.
* Memory consumption is improved. Only 3 pages are buffered, instead of 10 pages, to reduce memory load.
* More iPhone4 High-Quality Retina Support!
* When running this updated app on your iPhone4, you will only see high quality Retina wallpapers from our image servers. Prior to this, both Retina (640x960) images and normal sized images (320x480) for iPhone 2G/3G/3GS and iPod Touches were retrieved for iPhone4 devices.
* Remember, on iPad devices, only High Def pictures are automatically retrieved (1024x768) from our image servers.
* Email sharing now occurs within the app! Email sharing no longer takes you out of the app, since we're no longer supporting iPhone OS 2.X.
* New icons have been added.
* Email icon has been enhanced.
* Save button is now a save icon.
* Thanks for all of your support! Please feel free to email questions and suggestions to

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Version 1.2.1 (Aug 12, 2010)

- Optimized for iPhone 4 Retina Display; new high resolution icon replaces the previous 57x57 icon.
- New iPhone4 640x960 images are constantly being added. Tune in often to see more and more high-resolution iPhone4 wallpapers!
- Minor twitter fixes. Now shows if twitter's servers are down during tweet attempts.

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Version 1.2.0 (Jun 29, 2010)

* Cool wallpapers iPhone version is now iPad compatible!
* When you're running this app on your iPad, High Definition wallpapers (1024x768 in size) are automatically sent to your iPad, instead of iPhone sized wallpapers (320x480 in size).
* A loading indicator now appears when a tweet is posted to show you the status of twitter's servers
* A timeout is added to tweet posts in the event that twitter's servers are slow to respond or worse, if they are down
* Some enhancements to the iPad UI have been added
* Fixed a bug with landscape orientation with iPhone devices
* Splash view is now moved to the correct offset during application launch to fix the "jerky" logo jump
* Thank you for your feedback. Please feel free to email us at Thanks!

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Version 1.1.1 (Jun 21, 2010)

To all users who are currently running iOS3 software, please wait for the next version to install this app. The current update requires iOS4. We apologize for any inconvenience.

* Hot and ready for iOS4.0!
* Google ads have been removed, in favor of the beautiful and engaging iAds.
* Multi-tasking enhancements have been added. When the application is launched from the background, it will take you back to where you left off, instead of going back to the first page.
* A ton of performance and memory improvements.
* Logo jump has been fixed.
* Our logo has been changed to reflect our new name, KAPPBOOM!
* The twitter alert is now smaller and more compact.

* We've rebranded ourselves as KAPPBOOM!
* A Special thanks to the uploaders who took the time to share their beautiful images so that the iPhone/iPod/iPad community can enjoy them as well

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Version 1.1.0 (Apr 05, 2010)

* Supports all orientation modes (Portrait, portrait upside-down, Landscape Left and Landscape Right).
* Background tint color now changed to white from black to show the contrast of thumbnail images better.
* Segmented control now shows up more clearly as a control on an opaque navigational bar.
* Some performance tweaks for image pre-caching.
* Arrows should be even easier to press on, for users who prefer to use them for navigation.
* Added more sensitivity to SHAKING gesture.

Notes from Developers:
03/29/10: an iPad version has been posted to the AppStore! iPad users, brace yourself for "Cool Wallpapers for iPad"!

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Version 1.0.6 (Mar 11, 2010)

Cool Wallpapers is now a top 10 Free Overall application! Thank you all for your immense support!

Version 1.0.6 (03/05/10)
* Fixed a crash bug in iPhone OS 2.X devices when scrolling back too quickly.
* Updated the attribution section by allowing uploaders to more easily send attribution info.
* Statistics gathering now in place to calculate popular images more effectively.
* Moved navigation arrows higher by 20 pixels and add more padding around arrows to make navigation easier. Remember, you can swipe the gallery pictures by SWIPING left or right, or by SHAKING.

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Version 1.0.5 (Mar 04, 2010)

* Tons of Enhancements and Fixes in this version:
* Fixed a significant bug that prevented users from moving to the next set of pictures after hitting the right arrow button when tapping too quickly.
* Replaced navigation toolbar with custom arrows. Arrows are bigger than before, and block the thumbnails only slightly, instead of blocking 4 images at a time. Extra tapping "space" is provided around the arrows so that you don't accidentally tap a thumbnail into "fullscreen" mode.
* New application icon. Thank you for your feedback and suggestions regarding this.
* Loading pie charts now shown for image downloads! We've had many complaints from EDGE users that images appeared too slowly. Although we cannot improve the downloading times for EDGE (and we already have 50+ fast servers all around the world at different geographic locations), we now show you how long each image will take to load.
* Removed ads from the Filter screen.
* Renamed "Category" to "Searching For", since categories are essentially convenient methods of Search-By-Keyword/Tag.
* Fixed a crashing bug in 2.X clients when multiple fullscreen webviews are displayed (after tapping on the "X" before a full screen image loads, if you tap on another thumbnail, there is a possibility of a crash).
* Full image saving now also shows a loading pie chart and is renamed "Saving to Camera Roll" instead of "Please wait."
* Adding a new default splash screen with our logo "Appsilicious", which "bounces out" of the application after the application finishes launching.

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Version 1.1.0 (Getestet unter iPhone OS 3.0)

* Unterstützt jetzt die iPad! Das Universal Binary läuft auf dem iPhone, iPod Touch und iPad, für alle iPhone OS-Versionen.
* Unterstützt alle Orientierung Modi (Portrait, Portrait upside-down, Querformat Linke und Landschaft rechts).
* Hintergrund-Farbe Farbe jetzt von Schwarz auf Weiß geändert, um den Kontrast von Miniaturansichten besser zu zeigen.
* Segmented Kontrolle zeigt nun deutlicher als ein Steuerelement in einem undurchsichtigen Navigationsleiste.
* Einige Performance-Verbesserungen für die Bild-Pre-Caching.
* Arrows sollte noch einfacher, drücken Sie auf, für Benutzer, die sie für die Navigation verwenden wollen.
* Added mehr Sensibilität zu schütteln Geste.

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Version 1.0.6 (Getestet unter iPhone OS 3.0)

Cool Wallpapers ist jetzt ein Top-10-Free Insgesamt Bewerbung! Ich danke Ihnen allen für Ihre große Unterstützung!

Version 1.0.6 (03/05/10)
* Fixed a crash bug in iPhone OS 2.x-Geräten beim Scrollen wieder zu schnell.
* Aktualisierte den Abschnitt honorarfrei, indem uploaders leichter honorarfrei info schicken.
* Erstellung von Statistiken jetzt im beliebten Ort, um Bilder besser berechnen.
* Moved Navigationspfeile höher um 20 Pixel und fügen Sie mehr Polsterung um Pfeile, um die Navigation zu vereinfachen. Denken Sie daran, können Sie die Bilder aus der Galerie von swiping links oder rechts, oder durch Schütteln Durchzugsleser.

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Version 1.0.5 (Getestet unter iPhone OS 3.0)

* Tonnen von Verbesserungen und Fixes in dieser Version:
* Fixed einen erheblichen Bug, der Benutzer aus, in die nächste Reihe von Bildern nach der Kollision mit der Pfeiltaste nach rechts beim Eintippen zu schnell.
* Ersetzt Navigations-Symbolleiste mit benutzerdefinierten Pfeile. Die Pfeile sind größer als zuvor, und blockieren den Miniaturbildern nur leicht, statt der Blockierung 4 Bilder auf einmal. Extra Klopfen "Raum" ist rund um die Pfeile vorgesehen, so dass Sie nicht versehentlich tippen Sie auf ein Vorschaubild in "Fullscreen"-Modus.
* Neues Programm-Symbol. Vielen Dank für Ihr Feedback und Anregungen zu dieser.
* Laden Kreisdiagrammen jetzt für die Bild-Downloads angezeigt! Wir haben zahlreiche Beschwerden von EDGE-Benutzer, die Bilder erschienen zu langsam war. Wir können zwar nicht die Download-Zeiten für EDGE zu verbessern (und wir haben bereits 50 + schnellen Servern auf der ganzen Welt an verschiedenen geografischen Standorten), wir zeigen Ihnen jetzt, wie lange jedes Bild zu ergreifen, um zu laden.
* Removed Anzeigen aus den Filter-Bildschirm.
* Umbenennung in "Kategorie" auf "Searching For", da Kategorien sind im Wesentlichen praktische Methoden der Search-By-Keyword/Tag.
* Es wurde ein Absturz Fehler in 2.x-Clients, wenn mehrere webviews Vollbild angezeigt werden (nach dem Tippen auf das "X" vor einem Vollbild geladen wird, wenn Sie auf einem anderen Vorschaubild tippen, gibt es die Möglichkeit eines Absturzes).
* Vollbild Speichern zeigt nun auch beim Laden ein Kreisdiagramm und wird umbenannt in "Speichern unter Camera Roll" statt "Bitte warten."
* Hinzufügen eines neuen Standard-Splash-Screen mit unserem Logo "Appsilicious", die Bounces "out" des Antrags nach dem Starten von Anwendungen beendet.

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Version 1.0.4 (Getestet unter iPhone OS 3.0)

* Tons of users asked us to bring back the navigation toolbar, instead of the transparent grayish navigation buttons, and so we did that right away. We apologize for the inconvenience this caused you. We thought it was a good change, but users were confused by this, and the gray buttons were problematic because they were on top of the thumbnails. Oops!
* We also made the navigation bar smaller so that more of the bottom thumbnails are shown. The navigation bar was previously removed to fix this issue, but it appears that you guys prefer to have the nav bar in there instead.
* fixed a few issues with image alignment
* some fixes for Facebook Connect and Twitter
* Please don't hesitate to send us feedback! Because of your email responses, we were able to post an update to meet your needs right away. Thanks!

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Version 1.0.3 (Getestet unter iPhone OS 3.0)

Vielen Dank für Ihre enorme Feedback und Unterstützung. Bitte fahren Sie mit mehr Feedback an uns zu schicken, damit wir kontinuierlich unsere Produkte verbessern können. Wir hoffen, Ihnen diese neue Version. * Die Bilder sollten jetzt viel schneller zu laden. * Twitter ist nun integriert! Tweet Ihre Lieblings-Wallpaper auf Ihrem Nachfolger! * Facebook Connect ist nun integriert! Bringen Sie sich ein cooles Wallpaper einen Nachrichten-Feed Post und zeigen an Ihre Freunde! * Removed der Navigations-Symbolleiste und ersetzte sie durch schwebende Rechts / Links-Pfeil-Symbole auf dem Bildschirm. Damit können Sie einen vertikalen Abstand, genug, um Ihnen die volle Vorschaubild Höhen, ohne dass Sie nach oben oder unten. * Ein Problem wurde behoben, bei der Anzeige eines neuen Tapete voller Größe kann das bisherige Tapete zeigen, wenn die vorhergehende angewendet wurde noch nicht geladen. * Es wurde ein Absturz Problem, wenn das Umschalten zwischen "Popular" und "Neu"

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Version 1.0.2 (Getestet unter iPhone OS 3.0)

* Bilder geladen wird viel schneller nachfolgenden Downloads.
* Aufgrund der großen Nachfrage, können Sie jetzt per E-Mail Wallpaper zu anderen Menschen. Wir danken Ihnen für Ihre große Anregungen und Unterstützung!
* Die Performance-Verbesserungen wurden sanfteres Blättern aufgenommen.

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Version 1.0.1 (Getestet unter iPhone OS 3.0)

* Ein Fehler wurde behoben, wo die gleichen Bilder radelte bekommen immer und immer wieder, wenn Tippen auf den Pfeil nach rechts oder durch Schütteln, um die Galerie navigieren
* Miniaturbilder jetzt fade in
* Webview jetzt blendet
* Standard großes Bild Bildschirm hat einen schwarzen Hintergrund, in Einklang zu bringen mit den anderen Bildschirmen

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3.0.2Mar 18, 2013
3.0.0Feb 26, 2013
2.4.3Nov 17, 2012
2.4.2Jul 17, 2012
2.4.1May 18, 2012
2.4.0Apr 20, 2012
2.3.3Nov 14, 2011
2.3.2Nov 11, 2011
2.3.1Oct 18, 2011
2.3.0Sep 26, 2011
2.1.1Mar 25, 2011
2.1.0Mar 24, 2011
2.0.1Nov 06, 2010
2.0.0Nov 03, 2010
1.7.0Oct 28, 2010
1.6.0Oct 18, 2010
1.5.0Oct 08, 2010
1.4.0Sep 21, 2010
1.3.1Sep 08, 2010
1.3.0Aug 25, 2010
1.2.1Aug 12, 2010
1.2.0Jun 29, 2010
1.1.1Jun 21, 2010
1.1.0Apr 05, 2010
1.0.6Mar 11, 2010
1.0.5Mar 04, 2010
1.1.0 (Getestet unter iPhone OS 3.0)
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1.0.5 (Getestet unter iPhone OS 3.0)
1.0.4 (Getestet unter iPhone OS 3.0)
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