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"Just between you and me, dragon parks are pretty rad." ~ TouchArcade.com

Hatched a dragon lately? Play DragonVale and raise, feed and breed your own lovable dragons.

PLEASE NOTE! DragonVale is completely free to play, but some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases. DragonVale requires an internet connection to play (3G or WiFi).

ALSO NOTE! By playing DragonVale you may find yourself hopelessly addicted to hatching and caring for adorable dragons. You may find yourself feeding them treats, watching them grow, building and decorating their habitats, and inviting others in to view them in their floating island home. You may even find yourself choosing pairs for breeding, or racing dragons to compete for awesome prizes.

DragonVale is an enticing social experience from Backflip Studios that is sure to keep you entertained. You get:

- Dozens of adorable dragons to raise
- A magical island you build in the sky
- Custom habitats where dragons graze
- Dragon races where you win great prizes
- Paths and decorations to delight your visitors
- Farms to grow dragon treats
- Full-color visuals and sparkling animations
- An original Renaissance music soundtrack
- Support for Game Center and Facebook to visit other parks and trade gifts

Don't just take our word for it. Here's what the press has to say about DragonVale:

"This new title has a depth and higher quality of art that’s reminiscent of the work that went into early console games." ~ VentureBeat.com

"Jurassic Park was cool, but really it doesn't have anything on DragonVale." ~ Gamezebo.com

"It builds up nicely, the art is colorful and fun." ~ TUAW.com

And to think it all started with an egg.

Install DragonVale today. It's free!


DragonVale is brought to you by Backflip Studios, makers of absurdly fun mobile games like Paper Toss, NinJump, Ragdoll Blaster, Strike Knight, Army of Darkness, Shape Shift and Graffiti Ball. Search the App Store for "Backflip Studios" to see all our apps.

Follow @BackflipStudios on Twitter for free game announcements and other updates.

Thanks for playing!

What's New

Version 3.1.0 (Jul 15, 2015)

Step right up, step right up, come one, come all to the Great Dragon Faire!

Thanks to community feedback, the wizards have altered the way you earn prizes! Throughout the event, pick and choose the prizes that you want in any order!

Play "Name That Dragon!" - a game to challenge your knowledge.

Spin the Wheel of Chance to test your luck!

Exciting elemental themes that change and add new prizes as the Faire progresses!

New dragons, island themes, new animated decorations, and more!

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Version 3.0.2 (Jun 08, 2015)

This update brings a new way to boost your progression, new activities for your light and dark dragons, and a pile of little improvements across DragonVale.

Breed epic dragons with your friends as Cooperative Breeding continues to be tweaked and improved!

Speed up your park's progression with new Experience Boosts, available in the market now!

Participate in new activities with your light and dark dragons including colosseum events and race tracks.

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Version 3.0.0 (May 05, 2015)

Star Fall has ended and the Wizards and Witches have discovered new magic and new dragons!

• Introducing the Cooperative Breeding Cave! You can now get dragons by cooperating with your friends in DragonVale... even limited time dragons!

• The Galaxy Dragons have arrived! Five stunning new dragons that can only be obtained with the help of the Cooperative Breeding Cave.

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Version 2.10.0 (Apr 08, 2015)

Collect Star Dust during the new Star Fall event to unlock unique rewards.

Midnight Dragon - A mysterious new celestial dragon for your park.
Meridiem Habitat - A special new habitat to house your celestial dragons.
The Weather Station - Change the atmosphere itself with this powerful contraption.
Stick around for a new feature in DragonVale after the conclusion of the event!

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Version 2.9.1 (Mar 23, 2015)

Bug fixes

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Version 2.9.0 (Mar 11, 2015)

Seven unique rewards to collect during the event:
-Four unique Monolith Dragons - Two new dragons that can be earned through the event, and two more that are unlocked via breeding.
-Monolith Habitat - a home for the new monolith dragons
-Two Monolith Pedestals
-Themed Pathway - A new pathway to decorate your park
-Relic of the Epics - A powerful magical relic that enables your epic dragons to level up to level fifteen.

Questing returns - Players can send their dragons on quests from the Perch of Kairos.
New skybox

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Version 2.8.1 (Feb 23, 2015)

- Icon Change
- Loading Screen Change
- End of Gathering of Roses Event

Expand notes
Version 2.8.0 (Feb 04, 2015)

Gathering of Roses Event!
- Collect magical Roses and turn them in for rewards
- Find Gardenia in your park and earn extra Roses!

Bug fixes
SDK updates

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Version 2.7.0 (Dec 17, 2014)

• Magical Iceberries that you can turn in for rewards
• New Snowflake Dragons
• New ‘Find the Wizard’ feature
• Treatery - an event reward that allows players to gift other players with magical dragon treats!
• Dragonsai Bush - an event reward that allows the player to increase the number of gems they
can gift to friends
• Bug fixes

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Version 2.6.2 (Dec 01, 2014)

- New tutorial system and tappable goals! Now you can tap your Goals to help you towards accomplishing them!
- Bug fixes

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Version 2.6.0 (Oct 08, 2014)

Whitbee's Candy Bash will begin soon!
- Collect magic Candy
- Earn amazing limited time rewards, like the Spooky Island Theme.
- Unleash the Nosferatu Dragon

Fix for iOS 8 GameCenter bug not showing friends without portraits.

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Version 2.5.0 (Sep 23, 2014)

New Island Themes feature!
- Decorate your park in the most impressive way ever! Cast a spell on an island to transform it with elemental magic!
- Custom sounds and animations for each Island Theme.

As always the Wizards have been very busy fixing bugs and optimizing the game.

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Version 2.4.2 (Aug 04, 2014)

- Client and server optimizations.
- Bug fixes.
- New custom notification sounds!

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Version 2.4.0 (Jul 09, 2014)

- Come play the new Firefly Event! Find and collect fireflies and then release them to the Wizards for awesome rewards.
- It is dusk in the Vale for the first time!
- Earn the Twilight Tower, which allows you to change the sky from day to night!
- Earn the new Dawn and Dusk Dragons!

Expand notes
Version 2.3.1 (Jun 26, 2014)

- New 3rd Party integrations
- Server/client communication optimizations.

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Version 2.3.0 (May 13, 2014)

All new feature, the Dragonarium!
- Keep track of your entire collection of dragons.
- Locate specific dragons in your park
- Rotate through the animations of dragons you've collected.
- Easily see if a dragon is available.
- New visual distinction of dragon rarity.

Bug fixes and optimizations.

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Version 2.2.5 (Apr 28, 2014)

3rd Party optimizations

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Version 2.2.4 (Apr 10, 2014)

Rare and Wonderful Prizes!

Every day, the Wizards and Witches of DragonVale will be hiding Magic Eggs throughout you and your friends’ parks. Be quick, though, the Magic Egg Hunt only lasts a couple of weeks!

1) Find FREE Magic Eggs throughout you and your friends’ parks.
2) Tell your friends to join quickly before the event expires!
3) Trade Magic Eggs for 6 fantastic prizes!!!

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Version 2.2.3 (Mar 13, 2014)

Bug fixes and optimizations.

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Version 2.2.2 (Feb 20, 2014)

Bug fixes

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Version 2.2.1 (Feb 05, 2014)

- New icon
- Added in-game language selection in the Options menu.

Expand notes
Version 2.2.0 (Jan 22, 2014)

DragonVale is now localized in 9 new languages!
- French
- Italian
- German
- Spanish
- Portuguese
- Japanese
- Korean
- Russian
- Traditional Chinese

Expand notes
Version 2.1.1 (Dec 11, 2013)

- Holiday Icon
- Bug fixes

Expand notes
Version 2.1.0 (Dec 04, 2013)

- New Friend Codes! Invite new players and get rewards with free Gems!
- You can now take an instant photo of your park and share it with your friends!
- Adjusted error messaging
- Other bug fixes

Expand notes
Version 2.0.0 (Oct 09, 2013)

Summon the Light & Dark Dragons!

Magic has gone wonky in the world of DragonVale and caused some exciting changes. Two entirely new classes of dragons are coming to DragonVale. It's up to you and the other DragonVale players to decide whether Light or Dark dragons come first by collecting Magic and using it to summon the Light or Dark...

1) Find Magic throughout your park
2) Cast your Magic for Light or Dark
3) Rally friends to summon Light or Dark

Also, the level cap of your dragons is now tied to the level cap of your park. You can also level up your dragons with gems.

Expand notes
Version 1.17.3 (Sep 19, 2013)

- Internal error fixes.

Expand notes
Version 1.17.1 (Sep 03, 2013)

Collection bug fix

Expand notes
Version 1.17.0 (Aug 22, 2013)

More information from the Wizards about how to succeed in DragonVale!
Breeding hints!

Expand notes
Version 1.16.2 (Jul 24, 2013)

- Bug fixes
- SDK integrations

Expand notes
Version 1.16.0 (Jun 27, 2013)

- Upgrades to the Gemstone Island to allow for more Gemstone Dragons and more gems!
- Changes to the Social menu to better show who gifted you gems!
- You can now receive News and Gifts from the Wizards of DragonVale
- You can now get BONUS habitats above the normal limit for those people who like to show off every possible dragon!
- New market cards for dragons to show their rarity!
- New Treasure Chests replacing the spinning wheel at the end of Dragon Races.
- By popular demand, you can now buy dragon egg pedestals directly in the market.
- Added filter buttons to the Breeding Menu
- Added a 'Repeat Breed' button for those players trying to get a specific dragon!

Expand notes
Version 1.15.1 (May 15, 2013)

- Bug fixes
- Server fixes

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Version 1.15.0 (Apr 29, 2013)

- All new Giant Habitats for all 8 elements!
- Added the ability to place egg pedestals in the Storage Tower!
- Items you clear from your islands are now available in the market as decorations!
- Wizards are always hard at work fixing bugs and making improvements.

Expand notes
Version 1.14.4 (Apr 17, 2013)

-Bug Fixes

Expand notes
Version 1.14.0 (Mar 26, 2013)

★ NEW Decoration Storage!
★ Ambient sounds to make DragonVale more alive.
★ New goals!
★ Now you can get gems for sharing your DragonVale accomplishments on Facebook and Twitter.
★ Some hidden Wizard magic and bug fixes.

Expand notes
Version 1.13.2 (Feb 27, 2013)

- Now with 100% more Luck o' the Dragon
- Fixed a bug with progress bars.

Expand notes
Version 1.13.0 (Feb 20, 2013)

★ Better breeding odds for level 15+ dragons!
★ iPhone 5 screen resolution support.
★ Shrines are now upgradable with gems.
★ Bug fixes.

Expand notes
Version 1.12.3 (Feb 04, 2013)

- Bug fixes
- A whole lotta love.

Expand notes
Version 1.12.2 (Jan 16, 2013)

Bug Fixes

Expand notes
Version 1.12.1 (Nov 26, 2012)

- Holiday icon
- Notification improvements
- Added the possibility for a surprise holiday gift.
- As always, bug fixes.
- Big thank you to our loyal DragonVale community for reporting issues and helping us continue to bring you the best product possible. Happy holidays!

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Version 1.12.0 (Nov 20, 2012)

★ Dragon Questing - You can now send your dragons on quests to hopefully retrieve magical pieces of the artifacts to summon Kairos, the Legendary Time Dragon!
- Minor bug fixes
- Shiny new rocks. Well, not shiny, but new rocks!

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Version 1.11.0 (Oct 17, 2012)

- Amazing new Legendary Dragon, Kairos.
- Exhibit power over time and space and speed up your entire park once you have constructed the artifacts to summon Kairos!
- Numerous bug fixes.
- Update works for 2nd Gen iPod Touch

Expand notes
Version 1.10.1 (Oct 08, 2012)

- Fixed a potential friends crash for iOS 4 users.
- Other bug fixes.
- This is the last update for 2nd Gen iPod Touches in order to add support for iPhone 5. The game will still be playable, but updates will not be seen moving forward.

Expand notes
Version 1.10.0 (Aug 29, 2012)

★ Tutorial Improvements
★ Added Facebook and GameCenter image support.
★ Additional space in the Hibernation Cave
★ Bug fixes

Expand notes
Version 1.9.1 (Aug 07, 2012)

- Fixed the Spin to Win issues for Dragon Races
- Now you can race against limited time dragons!
- Other racing and bug fixes.

Expand notes
Version 1.9 (Jul 25, 2012)

★ Dragon Races! You can now enter your dragons into races against other dragons and win prizes.
★ New Island and another habitat at level 14.
★ Added an FAQ button to the options menu.

Bug fixes

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Version 1.8.1 (Jun 14, 2012)

- Bug fixes, art improvement, and optimization.

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Version 1.8 (May 17, 2012)

The picturesque Gemstone Island is home to a new breed of magical Gemstone dragons. Each month, the DragonVale wizards will release a new, rare dragon based on that month's birthstone that is available only for one calendar month. Gemstone dragons are particularly coveted in that you earn free gems just by having them in your park.

The Emerald Dragon is the first of the precious Gemstone Dragons. It's only available for the month of May, so start breeding today.

Reduce breeding times by upgrading your habitat.

Pay close attention to the new tips from the DragonVale wizards that appear as you wait a moment for the game to load. You may learn a few tricks that could help you further advance in the game.

☺ ENJOY!!! ☺
Please rate this update 5-stars so we can continue to offer new dragons and awesome feature updates.

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Version 1.7.2 (Apr 10, 2012)

➊ Fixed Zoom on New iPad
If you own one of the new iPads, you'll be happy to know that we fixed an issue that was preventing you from fully zooming out to a wide view of your park. By the way, sweet new iPad, dude!

➋ Other Bug Fixes
We won't bore you with the details.

Expand notes
Version 1.7.1 (Apr 02, 2012)

Now with even fewer bugs! By bugs, we mean the few minor technical bugs that cause the app to go all screwy. Not icky roaches or termites, which are just gross. DragonVale has thankfully always been roach and termite free.

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Version 1.7.0 (Mar 21, 2012)

Get the latest and greatest DragonVale update yet! Here is what's included...

Discover an entirely new class of dragons. There are 7 lovable Metal dragons in all.

Breed the new Metal dragons with other dragon classes to hatch new, rare hybrids.

The volcanoes in DragonVale now erupt hot molten lava. Behold the wonders of nature.

The graphics in this update are optimized for retina devices, so the game will look great on those shiny new iPads.

➤ Install the update today!

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Version 1.6.0 (Feb 22, 2012)

★★★ Fountain of Youth ★★★
Magically transform your adult dragons into cute, cuddly babies. Players who reach level 12 and above can access the Fountain of Youth from the Market and make their dragons forever young.

★★★ New Paths For Your Park ★★★
Decorate your island with sidewalks made of brick, marble & gold. You'll unlock these new path materials starting at level 6.

★★★ Bug Fixes ★★★
We won't bore you with the nitty gritty details, but we squashed a few minor technical bugs.


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Version 1.5.0 (Jan 28, 2012)

★ Added new 'Hibernation Cave' so you can keep your favorite dragons while still building up your Shrines.
★ Increased the zoom level for certain devices.
★ As always, the wizards were furiously squashing bugs!

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Version 1.4.0 (Jan 04, 2012)

Ring in the New Year with numerous new game updates courtesy of your friendly neighborhood DragonVale wizards...

Expand your dragon park empire with three new islands! Remember back in 2010 when you didn't own even ONE dragon park island? Now in 2012, you can get up to seven. There's no telling what the future may hold.

Level up in 2012! Our most advanced players reached level 25 in 2011, which was previously the highest level. There are five new player levels now, so you can work your way up to 30.

With the shinny new Gold Shrines, you can increase your dragons' level from 10 to 20. That's a 100% increase in dragon level awesomeness for 2012.

The dragon living quarters were getting a little cramped towards the end of 2011. In 2012, you can add ten more habitats to your park for a maximum of 28.

Your dragons' New Years resolutions don't include weight loss. Feed them more dragon snacks with the help of three more farms. You can now have up to eleven farms total.

Get yourself one of the new Gem Trees for 2012, which let you gift not just 3, but 6 gems to friends each and every day.

HAPPY ➋❂➊➋ DragonVale!

The Wizards

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Version 1.3.0 (Dec 02, 2011)

Winter is coming... to DragonVale. Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa & Festivus come early this year with these gifts from your wish list. This biggest update yet includes something for everyone - naughty or nice:

❄ The red-nosed Reindeer Dragon and other Holiday cheer. Hatch your very own Rudolph (for a limited time only) and let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

❄ Several new levels for you go-getters who already reached player level 20.

❄ Dragon Shrines! Unwrap the ability to advance your dragons to even higher levels.

❄ The all-new Epic Breeding Island. 'Tis the season for epic dragon breeding.

❄ The DragonVale wizards squashed some technical bugs.

Happy Holidays!

Expand notes
Version 1.2.0 (Nov 11, 2011)

- New Sun and Moon Dragons, with their own habitats!
- New decorations
- New sounds effects.
- Ability to see your friend's names when you visit their park.
- A magical amount of bug fixes, including iPhone 4S.
- Increased performance.
- "New" sticker in the market.

Expand notes
Version 1.1.2 (Oct 18, 2011)

Happy Halloween!
- New Bone Dragon, Witch Hut and Jack-O-Lantern to celebrate Halloween. Available for a limited time.
- Sandstorm Dragon now available.
- New decorations.
- Colosseum changes. Better rewards (including gems)
- Various bug fixes and performance enhancements.

Expand notes
Version 1.1.1 (Sep 30, 2011)

-3 New Dragons!
-New Decorations
-Our wizards were working very hard on bug fixes

Expand notes
Version 1.1 (Sep 13, 2011)

-Crash fixes
-Improved load time

Expand notes
Version 1.0.1 (Sep 01, 2011)

Fix for excessive push notifications

Expand notes
Version 1.0 (Aug 25, 2011)

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3.1.0Jul 15, 2015Current release
3.0.2Jun 08, 2015
3.0.0May 05, 2015
2.10.0Apr 08, 2015
2.9.1Mar 23, 2015
2.9.0Mar 11, 2015
2.8.1Feb 23, 2015
2.8.0Feb 04, 2015
2.7.0Dec 17, 2014
2.6.2Dec 01, 2014
2.6.0Oct 08, 2014
2.5.0Sep 23, 2014
2.4.2Aug 04, 2014
2.4.0Jul 09, 2014
2.3.1Jun 26, 2014
2.3.0May 13, 2014
2.2.5Apr 28, 2014
2.2.4Apr 10, 2014
2.2.3Mar 13, 2014
2.2.2Feb 20, 2014
2.2.1Feb 05, 2014
2.2.0Jan 22, 2014
2.1.1Dec 11, 2013
2.1.0Dec 04, 2013
2.0.0Oct 09, 2013
1.17.3Sep 19, 2013
1.17.1Sep 03, 2013
1.17.0Aug 22, 2013
1.16.2Jul 24, 2013
1.16.0Jun 27, 2013
1.15.1May 15, 2013
1.15.0Apr 29, 2013
1.14.4Apr 17, 2013
1.14.0Mar 26, 2013
1.13.2Feb 27, 2013
1.13.0Feb 20, 2013
1.12.3Feb 04, 2013
1.12.2Jan 16, 2013
1.12.1Nov 26, 2012
1.12.0Nov 20, 2012
1.11.0Oct 17, 2012
1.10.1Oct 08, 2012
1.10.0Aug 29, 2012
1.9.1Aug 07, 2012
1.9Jul 25, 2012
1.8.1Jun 14, 2012
1.8May 17, 2012
1.7.2Apr 10, 2012
1.7.1Apr 02, 2012
1.7.0Mar 21, 2012
1.6.0Feb 22, 2012
1.5.0Jan 28, 2012
1.4.0Jan 04, 2012
1.3.0Dec 02, 2011
1.2.0Nov 11, 2011
1.1.2Oct 18, 2011
1.1.1Sep 30, 2011
1.1Sep 13, 2011
1.0.1Sep 01, 2011
1.0Aug 25, 2011First tracked
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Average Ratings (United States)More Countries

Current Version - 4.6 - 2,098 ratings
Updated on Jul 29, 2015
All Versions - 4.6 - 465,445 ratings
Updated on Jul 29, 2015


Game Center:

Compatibility: Universal

Category: Games

Updated: Jul 16, 2015

Version: 3.1.0

Size: 87.9 MB

Language: Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish

Seller: Backflip Studios

Rating: Rated 4+

Family Sharing: Yes

Requirements: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus.

Bundle ID: com.backflipstudios.dragongame

Supports Apple Watch: No

App ID:  440045374  [Copy]