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The must-have companion for iMovie! Add text, titles and scrolling credits to your iMovie videos, as well as find millions of HD backgrounds, photos, clip art, and emoticons to use in your videos.

NEW!!! Now you can add SCROLLING CREDITS to any image, save it as a video, and import it into your iMovie.

• Text, Titles & Credits
• Scrolling Credits
• HD Backgrounds
• Clip Art
• Photos
• Upload your own photos and images

Here is how it works:

1. Select one of the millions of images, photos, HD backgrounds, etc.
2. Crop, rotate, customize, add text, scrolling credits, symbols, clip art, frames, drawing, etc. to the image.
3. Save the image or newly-created video file (if scrolling credits) to your photo library.
4. Run Apple's iMovie app and insert the image or video into your iMovie!

See several tutorial videos at: http://clipish.net/support/#videotutorial

DO EVEN MORE AND SAVE $$$! This app is part of the CLIPish Pro 2 mega app. To do everything this app does AND MUCH MORE, rather than buying this individual app, you may want to consider getting the all-in-one CLIPish Pro 2 app--20 APPS IN ONE for only $4.99!

"WOW! You will not find a more extensive library of high-quality multimedia files ANYWHERE for the iPhone or iPad...period...the one must-have app of the year!" ~ John Frameir, App Review Weekly


• BROWSE MILLIONS of Photos, Clip Art, Emoticons, Wallpapers, and HD Backgrounds.
• SAVE to your iPhone's photo library with one tap to user in your iMovies.
• SEARCH for ANY specific item, such as "Smiles," "Clouds," "Sunsets," "Hearts," etc., and be shown HUNDREDS of images to chose from.
• UPLOAD your own images for editing (crop, rotate, add text).
• PERSONALIZE images by adding text or scrolling credits to any image. Adjust font, color, size, placement, scrolling speed, etc. Great for titles and credits.
• VIEW REAL TIME how others are using the app and share your creations.
• UPDATED DATABASE of new images delivered daily directly to your device via the our servers.
• ORGANIZE FAVORITE images in customizable folders.
• SLIDE SHOW feature to turn your iPad and iPhone into a stunning picture frame.
• OPTIMIZED for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. (Apple's iMovie requires an iPhone 4 or Mac computer, but you can create your images to use on it with any of the iOS devices and send them to your Mac or iPhone via email or syncing.)
• PUSH NOTIFICATION when new images have been added to the master library.


IMPORTANT -- REQUIRES iMOVIE: This app is used to help you find graphics and add text to iMovie videos, so to use it, you'll need to have iMovie on either your iPhone or Mac, as well as have a good, working knowledge of how that app works. Images can be found, text added, cropped, prepared, etc. on either an iPhone or iPad, then used with iMovie on your iPhone or Mac.

* FAST INTERNET CONNECTION RECOMMENDED: Due to the extensive server-side communication for downloading images, this app works best for users with a strong 3G signal or WiFi connection. This app is NOT recommended for users with Edge, slower connections, and/or weak signals.

Some images featured are in the public domain. If you believe your work has been included in err, please let us know so it can be removed immediately.

WRITE US! Input and suggestions always welcome, and we're always here to help. Please contact us at support@clipish.net

What's New

Version 10.21 (Aug 26, 2014)

Misc. bug fixes.

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Version 10.13 (Oct 21, 2013)

Remember...High ratings keep us motivated to keep adding features. :)

• NEW! Full iOS 7 support.
• NEW! Disappearing navigation bars at top and bottom of app when scrolling on certain pages, giving you more screen space for the thumbnails and images.  The buttons also disappear as soon as you start to swipe through images.  The app also now uses one tap, instead of two, to hide or bring back the buttons.
• ENHANCED!  When adding Text, Symbols or Clip Art, the app now uses masking around the edges of the actual image so that you'll know exactly what part of the text, symbol or clip art will be visible when you save the image and what parts would be cropped off.
• ENHANCED! Larger thumbnails.
• ENHANCED!  Massive improvement in the speed of the app, particularly when loading and viewing thumbnail images on any of the tabs.
• Several misc. bug fixes and improvements.

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Version 10.01 (Dec 19, 2012)

Remember...High ratings keep us motivated to keep adding features. :)

★ ENHANCED! Full support for iOS 6.0.
★ ENHANCED! Now supports the new 4" display on the iPhone 5.
★ ENHANCED! The Recents tab is now "bottomless."  In other words, you can scroll down endlessly on the page without ever having to tap a Load More Images button, it will just do it automatically.  
★ ENHANCED! When going to the website of images found on the Recents tab, you are put into the Browser mode so that you can navigate and capture other images from that same website.

- CHANGED: The Favorites tab has been renamed to My Library and the Recent tab has been moved to the last tab.
- Fixed bug where sometimes the Featured Search thumbnails would not come up on the Web Library tab.
- Fixed a bug where sometimes the Keyboard wouldn't come up in searches, entering text for Facebook, etc.
- Gift App button has been added to the Home page.
- The app now has better warning messages if the user hasn't granted the app permission to save to, or import from, their photo library.  
- Fixed bug where app would crash after using the Save ALL button in a Favorites folder.

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Version 9.30 (Aug 17, 2012)

Misc. bug fixes.

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Version 9.29 (Apr 24, 2012)

★ Remember...High ratings keep us motivated to keep adding features. :)
★ ENHANCED! Adding scrolling text has been improved significantly with smoother scrolling, faster rendering times, and a progress bar has been added when rendering. Crashes during rendering have also been fixed, as well as the bug has been fixed where white lines would sometimes appear in video after having added scrolling text.
★ ENHANCED! Images saved to your photo library now look much sharper and clear, with no loss in image clarity, even after editing the image with clip art, text, skins, drawing, etc.
★ FIXED: Fixed a bug where you sometimes the app would crash when trying to Save or Share images pulled in from the Browser Mode.
★ FIXED: Fixed misc. bugs when moving images between folders.
★ FIXED: Fixed a bug where some devices couldn't save videos.
★ FIXED: Fixed a problem with reordering favorites would sometimes not work.
★ ENHANCED! Landscape mode is now supported when importing images into a Favorites folder when on an iPad.
★ FIXED: Fixed bug where it wouldn't always show you the Find More Images on Web Library Tab graphic and instead would show Load More Images button.
★ Misc. bug fixes and enhancements.

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Version 9.26 (Mar 30, 2012)

★ Remember...High ratings keep us motivated to keep adding features. :)
★ NEW! We have added a text editor to the adding text process. This makes it easier than ever to enter the text you want to add BEFORE you enter the formatting page. In other words, you can now enter your text with a simple, easy-to-use text editor, and then you will be shown the text in the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) view to format the text (position, font style, size, color, etc.). Other misc. changes have been made to the adding text processes to make it easier than ever before.
★ ENHANCED! Smoother scrolling for scrolling text that is saved as a video. There is a new setting that allows you to optimize either the resolution of your video or the smoothness of the scrolling. Because rendering scrolling text to a video is very resource intensive, it can be difficult to render perfectly smooth scrolling text if using a larger, super HD background image. This new setting will allow the app to auto size down the background image if it's too large, allowing for smoother scrolling text. This new setting will default to optimize for smoother scrolling, but you can change it if you don't want images to be scaled down, but this could result in less smooth text scrolling.
★ FASTER! Internal changes have been made on both our servers and this new version of the app to speed up starting the app, loading images, etc.
★ NEW! Now you can run the app and have access to your Favorites folder when you are not connected to the Internet. This allows you to view photos and images stored in your Favorites folders on airplanes or other place where you do not have Internet connectivity. (You will still need to be connected to the Internet to use the other tabs, which require connecting to our library servers.)
★ FIXED: Fixed a bug where sometimes you couldn't reset an image back to the original after having customized it.
★ ENHANCED! Misc. bug fixes and improvements.

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Version 9.16 (Dec 16, 2011)

★ Remember...High ratings keep us motivated to keep adding features. :)

★ NEW! SCROLLING CREDITS!!! You can now add SCROLLING TEXT to any image. You can choose to make either a Video or Animation with your scrolling text image. The video format is ideal for creating scrolling credits to use in your iMovies. The animation format is great for making fun, scrolling text animations to share with your friends via text message, email, etc. See the new tutorial videos in the Help section to see how to add scrolling text to any image.

★ ENHANCED! There is now a new option on the Settings page (found on the Help tab) that allows you to exclude the male and female model wallpapers from your search results. You can toggle that on or off at anytime.

★ ENHANCED! It no longer automatically adds another set of text if you go in to edit the text you've added to an image. You must manually tap on the Add More button to add more text. This prevents the user from being confused as to why there are multiple copies of the same text on their image.

★ ENHANCED! A Retry button has been added to the "not connected" warning page so that you can more easily try to re-connect if you lose your Internet connection, rather than having to restart the app.

★ FIXED: Fixed a bug where it sometimes wouldn't save all the images in a Favorites folder to your device's Photo Library when using the Save All feature.

• Misc. enhancements, and bug fixes.

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Version 9.13 (Nov 29, 2011)

★ Remember...High ratings keep us motivated to keep adding features. :)

★ ENHANCED! You can now import multiple images from your device's photo library at one time. Previously, you could only do this one image at a time. It's much faster now when importing several images.

★ ENHANCED! You can now import images from your camera or photo library from ANY Favorites Folder. Previously, the app only allowed you to import images to one special folder.

★ ENHANCED! We have added more HD sizes to the Wallpaper and iMovie Background filters on the Web Library tab, including 1080p sizes for iMovies and HD images for iPad (2048 x 1536 and 1536 x 2048).

★ ENHANCED! When backing up your device to iTunes or iCloud, it will now include in your back ups any images in your Favorites that 1) you uploaded from your device, 2) you took with your camera, 3) you pasted from another app, or 4) you customized. Previously, you would lose these images if you upgraded to a new phone, lost your phone, etc., and had to restore from your back ups.

• Changed the time-out period (amount of time the app isn't being used before it will reset back to the main screen for searches, etc.) from 3 minutes to 10 minutes.

• Fixed bug where sometimes it wouldn't save images from the Web Library tab with the image's full resolution.

• Fixed bug when trying to save an image from the Recently Used by You area of the app if it had been customized.

• Fixed bug that when adding sound to images and then trying to use those in an iMovie the sound would work but the image was black. This has been fixed so you now see the image as well in iMovie.

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Version 9.12 (Oct 20, 2011)

- Remember...High ratings keep us motivated to keep adding features. :)
- Misc. bug fixes.

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Version 9.11 (Oct 18, 2011)

★ Remember...High ratings keep us motivated to keep adding features. :)
★ NEW! You can now draw on an image and then swap out the background for a solid background color, instead of the image. This lets you "cheat" and make fun drawings by tracing on an existing image and then swapping out the original image for say a black or white solid background, so that your drawing looks like you did it all yourself, without any help. Great for showing off to friends, or just creating fun drawings of your favorite actors, musicians, friends, pets, etc.
★ NEW! The Erasure tool has been added to the Add Clip Art customization page. This allows you to erase sections of any clip art you add. This is particularly useful when you're using the Copy feature to insert another graphic as a clip art. For example, you could copy a photo of a friend, add that photo to another image using the Customize Clip Art feature, then erase all of the original photo of your friend, leaving only his face. You could then resize and rotate his face to place it on the head of someone else.
• Updated for iOS 5.
• ENHANCED: There is no longer a limit to the amount of text you can add. Previously it was set to 150 characters.
• BUG FIX: Fixed a bug where it wouldn't always save an image in it's full, original size after being customized.
• BUG FIX: Fixed a bug that wouldn't let you crop or rotate an image after having added text or other customization options.
• BUG FIX: Fixed bug where it sometimes wouldn't save an image to your library when tapping the Save button.
• BUG FIX: Fixed problem where app would crash when doing a SAVE ALL if you had a lot of Favorites.
• SEVERAL OTHER bug fixes and enhancements.

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Version 9.07 (Jun 16, 2011)

Remember...High ratings keep us motivated to keep adding features. :)
★ NEW! You can now add and edit multiple layers of Clip Art images and Text. When you add a Clip Art or Text to an image, it now has a small X next to it. This X lets you know which item is being edited (resized, moved, etc.). You can tap the X to remove an item. You can also reorder the images, by the last item touched being on top of other items.
★ NEW! There is now one button for adding Text, Symbols and Clip Art and these three functions can be interchanged, all from the same page. This makes adding Clip Art, Symbols and Text much easier. Add as many of each without ever having to leave the same editing page by just tapping the new "+ Add More" button.
★ NEW! You can now turn ANY image into a Clip Art to be pasted on top of other images. This allows you to basically copy and paste any images onto other images for endless possibilities. To do this, just use the COPY button on the image you want to paste, then go to the image you want to paste on top of and tap the Customize button and then the Clip Art option. You'll notice the first Clip Art item listed is actually the image you copied into the clipboard and can be pasted, moved, resized, rotated, etc. onto the second image.
★ NEW! An erasure tool has been added to Drawings, Shelves and Skins. This allows you to "erase" certain shelves or skins. For example, if you don't want a particular row of the shelves, just toggle on the Erasure tool and erase any shelf or icon skin you want gone. Or, suppose you want to remove some icon holders from a skin that are covering up a particular part of the background, you can now just erase any you don't want.
★ NEW! We've added a Preview for the lock screen. When tapping on the Preview button, it will first show you a preview of the desktop with icons. If you tap it again, it will show you a preview with the Lock Screen. If you tap it a third time, it will turn off the preview.
★ NEW! You can now preview wallpapers with desktop icons and the lock screen right from the button-view mode, without having to be adding shelves or skins.
★ ENHANCED! On the Web Library tab, when looking for Wallpapers, we have now added the ability to also look for iMovie (800 x 450) and HD iMovie (1280 x 720) backgrounds. This makes it really easy to find perfectly sized background images on the Web Library tab for your iMovies.
★ ENHANCED! Swiping through images has been made smoother by tracking more closely your finger and only finishing the slide after you lift your finger from the screen. This adds a more natural feel to "flipping" through images.
★ ENHANCED! On the Web Library tab, when looking for Wallpapers and setting the size, it now shows the different sizes for each option (iPhone, iPhone HD, etc.).
★ ENHANCED! We have added grid lines to the thumbnail views, which looks nicer and makes it easier to see each thumbnail.
★ ENHANCED! The special effect sounds when using the app now play, even if you have your device in silent/vibrate mode. If you don't want to hear the special effect sounds when tapping buttons, etc. while running the app, you can turn them off from the Settings page, found on the Help tab.
★ ENHANCED! The app no longer stops any music you may have playing when running the app, even if you have the Sound Effects turned on.
• BUG FIX: Fixed a problem where sometimes the app wouldn't start up and appear frozen, forcing user to kill the app in multiuser mode and restart it.
• BUG FIX: Fixed a problem where screen would sometimes black out after sending an image via email.
• Misc. bug fixes and enhancements.

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Version 9.03 (May 24, 2011)

Remember...High ratings keep us motivated to keep adding features. :)

★ NEW! You can now rotate text using a multitouch gesture (two fingers on either side of image and twist).
★ NEW! 25 more fonts added (bold and italic versions of several fonts).
★ NEW! Images now auto adjust to fit perfectly inside of frames.
★ NEW! Now you can Draw on fixed images! Set color, size and opacity of your brush and use your finger to draw on the image.
★ NEW! You can now set the level of transparency for any text you add to an image. This can be used to make nice effects for titles.
★ NEW! You can now set the justification when adding text to an image to Left, Right or Centered.
★ ENHANCED! It now keeps the font size and style the same as the last time you added text. This makes it easier to layer text with the same look and feel on each layer.
★ ENHANCED! New toolbar for adding text.
★ ENHANCED! We now display a help message about resizing, rotating, dragging, etc. for text and symbols.
★ ENHANCED! The Reset button is now much larger on the Customize options page to help users better understand how that works.
★ ENHANCED! Added the sound effects to the new customization option features.
★ ENHANCED! Improved graphic handling to keep images a higher resolution.
- BUG FIX: Fixed problem when adding frames that you might lose the Reset button and not be able to remove the frame.
- BUG FIX: Fixed bug where Remove button wouldn't work on Recent tab.
- CHANGE: The Browse tab has been renamed to Library, and the Search tab has been renamed to Web Library.
- CHANGE: We no longer show the down arrow on thumbnails of images you've saved to your device.

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Version 9.0 (May 04, 2011)

★★★ MASSIVE UPDATE with loads of new features!
★ NEW! WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Text editing. When you add text to an image, you can now drag the text around and resize it using multitouch functionality. (Pinch in and out to resize, drag to reposition, etc.).
★ NEW! There are now 20 fonts for adding text. Previously there were only 6.
★ NEW! You can now quickly choose ANY color for the text you add, not just the previous pallet of a dozen colors.
★ NEW! You can now add a drop-down shadow to text.
★ NEW! Symbol Keyboard for adding over 600 symbols to images (found via the Add Text option).
★ NEW! You can now add a selection of clip art (hearts, talking bubbles, hats, glasses, arrows, etc.) to still images. You can easily move, resize and rotate the symbols anywhere on the image with multitouch commands.
★ NEW! You can now add a selection of Frames to still images.
★ NEW! You can now add a selection of Shelves to any still image to turn it into a Wallpaper with shelves. This works to make wallpapers sized for the iPhone Portrait, iPad Landscape and iPad Portrait.
★ NEW! You can now add a selection of Skins to any still image to turn it into a Wallpaper with icon skins. This works to make wallpapers sized for the iPhone Portrait, iPad Landscape and iPad Portrait.
★ NEW! You can now layer as much text and as many symbols, frames, shelves, and icons skins onto the same still image. This allows you to really dress up an image with multiple fonts, different colors of text, numerous symbols, etc.
★ NEW! A new Customize button has been added to support all the new features listed above.
★ ENHANCED! Adding text to an image has been made a lot faster, as it no longer needs to work with our servers to do this, but does it all inside the app itself.
★ ENHANCED! Completely new Favorites file system for stability and greatly improved speed in saving and using Favorites.
★ ENHANCED! You can now save images you've uploaded back to your photo library. This allows you to crop, add text, frames, symbols, etc., and then save it back to your device.
★ ENHANCED! Some of the graphics for the UI have been updated to give the app a cleaner look.
- BUG FIXED: Bug with cropping and adding text to images in Favorites has been fixed.
- BUG FIXED: Fixed crashing problem when trying to upload photos to your Favorites folder on iPad 2 devices.
- BUG FIXED: Fixed bug where you couldn't always add text to images you had uploaded.

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Version 8.9 (Feb 16, 2011)

★ BUG FIXED: Sometimes when posting to Facebook your Friends List wouldn't always appear. This has been fixed.
★ ENHANCED! A Retry button has been added to the server-offline message. There was a problem where the servers would be down for just a minute or two, users would get the server-down message, but because the app was running in the background, each time they re-ran the app, it would still just show the offline message, so they assumed the servers were down for hours or even days. The Retry button will solve this problem.
★ BUG FIXED: A problem was fixed where sometimes the Recents tab wouldn't show up.
★ BUG FIXED: Once in a while, tapping on the Home button didn't bring up the Featured Searches. This has been fixed.
★ The name of the SEND button has been changed to SHARE.

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Version 8.8 (Jan 26, 2011)

* A new button has been added to the Search tab when looking for images, allowing the user to specify which size they prefer: ALL SIZES, iPhone, iPhone HD, iPad Portrait, or iPad Landscape.
* Added progress bar to Save All button in Favorites.

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Version 8.5 (Jan 06, 2011)

Updated app graphics for Retina displays.

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Version 8.4 (Dec 19, 2010)

NEW! App's graphics have been upgraded to HD images for iPhone 4 Retina Displays!

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Version 8.1 (Nov 27, 2010)

* Updated to support OS 4.2

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Version 7.82 (Oct 26, 2010)

* CHANGED: Removed Start Here button from Help tab and moved help videos and text to image items found under the ALL media type selector.
* BUG FIXED: Problem fixed with the media type selector buttons not always working correctly.
* ENHANCED! Tweaked sensitivity when scrolling the featured search thumbnails so it doesn't accidentally open items when you're trying to scroll.
* BUG FIXED: Problem fixed on iPad where sometimes tapping on a featured search thumbnail folder it wouldn't respond.

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Version 7.8 (Oct 15, 2010)

★ NEW! Bio information added to many of the featured searches for celebrities.
★ NEW! Now you can use drag and drop to move around images in your Favorites folders. This is especially helpful when making custom slide shows.
★ NEW! Option has been added to the Settings page to turn the sound effects on or off.
★ ENHANCED: On iPad, the app now starts in the correct orientation rather than "flipping" to it after loading.
★ ENHANCED: Added progress bar and cancel button to clearing the cache and fixed it from crashing.
★ ENHANCED: When posting images to Facebook, the Save method now posts to the Wall folder. (Required for change Facebook made.)
★ BUG FIXED: Problem fixed where it wouldn't always save images you uploaded.
★ BUG FIXED: Problem fixed where you might not always get all the featured search thumbnail folders to span the iPad when in landscape mode.
★ BUG FIXED: Problem fixed where sometimes tapping on a featured search thumbnail folder it wouldn't respond.
★ BUG FIXED: Sometimes the image thumbnails wouldn't appear when tapping on the ALL IMAGES featured search.
★ BUG FIXED: Problem fixed where you couldn't get to the Symbol Keyboard when in Landscape mode on the iPad.
★ BUG FIXED: Problem fixed where occasionally the app wouldn't fully download a larger image, and it would show the image partially in gray. The app now detects this and will refresh any such image so it is reloaded fully.

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Version 7.5 (Sep 23, 2010)

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10.13Oct 21, 2013
10.01Dec 19, 2012
9.30Aug 17, 2012
9.29Apr 24, 2012
9.26Mar 30, 2012
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9.13Nov 29, 2011
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