Fairy Farm: Magic Village Adventures

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~~> Get ready for the most exciting journey of your life!
~~> Raise amazing mythical animals!
~~> Cast spells and expand your magic garden!

Fairy Farm is a kind and beautiful game about magical wizards. Working magic has never been as simple as it is in our game – clear tutorials and fun quests will help you learn how to play in just minutes. Here, you can cast incredible spells using the ingredients that grow right on your Farm. You can build astonishing buildings, plant fantastic plants, and raise and tame hundreds of wild and domestic animals of which you have never heard before. Let your imagination run wild expanding your territory and building the Farm of your dreams! Beautiful graphics, fun characters and magic adventures will please anyone who likes farm games and wants to have their own magic garden.

- No Internet connection required. You can play anytime, anywhere!
- Regular updates available every week with new and unique animals and objects!
- Discover over 150 magical plants and trees!
- Tame over 400 animals, like the flying pony, dragons, unicorns and other unimaginable creatures!
- Craft potions using the berries and herbs from your garden and hold the bravest of alchemic experiments!
- Decorate your Farm with the endless assortment of incredible objects!

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What's New

Version 2.7.0 (Jul 01, 2015)

Good day, Magicians! It is time for great fairy music competition! Become the part of this event and collect all the best magic musicians from all over the world.
- New quests and adventures
- 4 new animals
Hope you enjoy them, and don’t forget to rate this update.

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Version 2.6.8 (Jun 01, 2015)

Prepare, the time travel adventure continues!

- new decorations and plants!
- 4 new animals from different times;
- new adventure;
- new building;
- slightly improved graphics and minor bug fixes.

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Version 2.6.7 (May 17, 2015)

Prepare for time travel!
-Epic adventure in time, new quests and rewards
-Four new animals from different times
-Brand new device: time machine

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Version 2.6.5 (Apr 20, 2015)

Prepare for adventure with Bunnies and Eggs:
- 2 new animals for holidays!
- 2 new characters, Prince and Princess, children of Annet and Robin!
- New adventure to discover!
- New recipes in your devices.

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Version 2.6.3 (Apr 02, 2015)

Are you ready for the fools day? ))
- Prepare your jokes!
- 5 new animals, but you know them all;
- New adventure to discover;
- Mysterious new device from other universe.

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Version 2.6.1 (Mar 19, 2015)

Prepare for st. Patrick's celebration
-New unique irish animals, collect them all
-New adventure, prepare your farm for st. Patrick's day
-Friend visiting becomes more comfortable, check it now

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Version 2.5.9 (Feb 19, 2015)

Prepare for Saint Valentine's day!
- New romantic adventure!
- 4 new princesses and only one of them will become a fiancee!
- Don't forget to check new special tub in shop window;
- And now you can hide animals into the inventory without any exceptions!

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Version 2.5.7 (Feb 05, 2015)

Meet the first update in 2015!
- New plants with unique drop.
- Redesigned House of Wizard: it becomes more cozy.
- 6 new animals from different countries, collect them all!

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Version 2.5.6 (Dec 29, 2014)

Try this new Christmas update!
-Help little hamster to bring his family back home for Christmas
-Five new animals and exciting Christmas adventure
-New building - hamster house
-Prepare for holidays - decorate your farm with the best stuff
-Celebrate Christmas and New Year with Fairy Farm

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Version 2.5.5 (Dec 18, 2014)

- New amazing farm background, now you can touch the sky
- New ergonomic interface graphics, try it now!

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Version 2.5.4 (Dec 05, 2014)

- Take part in amazing Detective event
- 5 brand new animals - find them all!
- Collect clues and reveal mystery beyond them
- Now you can share your magic words with friends on facebook

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Version 2.5.2 (Nov 05, 2014)

- Participate in Halloween Contest!
- 3 brand new Halloween animals - suit them up!
- New device - ghostly place to create masquerade costumes!
- New amazing Social window!
- It's much easier to share Spells with friends!

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Version 2.4.7 (Oct 09, 2014)

Amazing star shower was noticed in sky of Magic Lands!

It bring us:
- 6 unique Dragons of Wisdom;
- 4 brand new Flowers of Eternity;
- Nonearthly crafts: try them all;
- Legendary event: participate and try to find Supreme Dragon
- Secrets of strange dragons: can you reveal them?

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Version 2.4.6 (Sep 15, 2014)

-New amazing adventure with legendary Oz characters!
-3 new characters, you can get on your farm;
-New unique building: say "Hello!" to Kansas;
-Dragon Monument returns: everybody can receive marvellous Fire Dragon!
-New epic adventures await you every week!

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Version 2.4.0 (Aug 03, 2014)

General bug fixes
5 new animals
New animals in the Bingo
An opportunity to get new dragons guardians of treasures

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Version 2.3.8 (Jul 14, 2014)

Make a small resort out of your Farm and invite new animals!
The Surfer Kitten and Summer Cat will gladly spend their vacation on your resort!
Build summer houses for your guests and plant exotic plants such as Magnificent Rafflesia and Tropical Brighamia!
Create new vases and enjoy new huge quest line!
Improved performance on some devices.
We tried to improve most of the game graphics.

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Version 2.3.3 (Jun 12, 2014)

A big sweet update!
You will be pleasantly surprised by an interesting story with 22 new quests, in which you will have to prepare your Farm for Sweet Week!
- 10 new animals!
- 4 new plants!
- 2 new buildings!

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Version 2.3.2 (Jun 01, 2014)

Huge update in Fairy Farm!
- New Special tab design
- New Bank design
- Storage classification by types of objects
- New ability to search items from the quest window
- Bingo
- Unique new animals in the Bank and Bingo
Check it right now! New adventures are waiting for you!

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Version 2.3.0 (May 09, 2014)

In the new version of Fairy Farm you will find an exciting quest marathon that will give you a chance to win one of two new amazing ponies! Don't miss out on the opportunity to get both ponies of this cute new couple in special offers.

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Version 2.2.9 (Apr 15, 2014)

This update will introduce 32 new spring quests!
Drive off the winter and wake up the Easter Bunny! Make your Easter celebration unforgettable!

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Version 2.2.8 (Apr 01, 2014)

In this update you will find 20 new quests in which you can help Prince Leonard find traces of ancient civilizations.
Two new animals -- Aztec's loyal friend, the Toucan and Moon People's pet, the Moon Panther.
Two new buildings -- Moon Temple and Aztec Temple. Both are architectural works of the ancient peoples.
The balance of the first 8 levels was changed for an easier start.

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Version 2.2.7 (Mar 20, 2014)

A new update for St. Patrick's Day!
Prepare a festive dinner for the citizens of the Kingdom and organize your own parade on the farm!

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Version 2.2.6 (Mar 05, 2014)

Only In this update you will find:

* Little talented fairy, her older sister, Fairy's Mother and a cousin - Magister of magic!
* Teaching supplies for Little Fairy: Table and Magical Training Simulator!
* A new recipe from a magic cookbook - Pie of Knowledge!
* Magic Postage stamp - her letter will reach any destination!
* Majestic Dragon monument - place it on your farm, and call an ancient Dragon!

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Version 2.2.5 (Feb 12, 2014)

Help the Prince and Princess save their babies and melt the heart of the wicked Dragon Queen!
In this update you'll find new plush animals, plants, trees and 28 new quests!

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Version 2.2.3 (Jan 22, 2014)

This update brings you an amaizing journey! Hot sands of Africa, fantastic Asian jungle, and the Royal trip to America are here for you! Also, the most wanted quests of smugglers chests are coming back!

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Version 2.2.2 (Jan 15, 2014)

It's time for some frosty adventure! The bravests magicians of our Kingdom are going on an expedition to the Cold Pole. You will need to prepare some provisions for the road, and help polar animals. Also quest line about stolen colors is coming back!

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Version 2.2.1 (Jan 03, 2014)

Dear wizards! The first New Year Fairy Farm update is waiting for you! Be the one to pass all the 10 new quests and get 6, absolutely new amazing kittens! Don't miss a chance to become a part of this Magic!

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Version 2.2.0 (Dec 20, 2013)


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Version 2.1.7 (Dec 18, 2013)

Christmas and New Year's are approaching fast! Did you already prepare all the presents for your loved ones? Make sure and hide all the presents, it seems that there are hooligans on the Farm who like to open other people's presents. There isn't a lot of time left to get ready for the holidays! You will find over 40 quests with new animals and decorations in the latest Christmas update.

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Version 2.1.6 (Dec 06, 2013)

More and more Ruby Coins are being found in our Kingdom. These coins hold unknown powers and can give their owner magic powers, especially when there are a lot of them. Over 20 new quests await for you and they will immerge you into the secrets and adventures of the wonderful world of Fairy Farm!

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Version 2.1.5 (Nov 25, 2013)

Celebrate Thanksgiving with your close friends in the Fairy Farm! Turn your farm into a real Indian village and invite its inhabitants for the holiday dinner!

- 9 Completely new animals
- 6 New scenery
- 15 New quests
Go for the new adventures!

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Version 2.1.3 (Nov 12, 2013)

Amazing adventures in the new version of the Fairy Farm! Absolutely new time quests, compleating which you get unique animal!
- More than 10 new time quests
- Completely new animal - Fire Horse
- New unique plant which brings crystals
- The very famous quest line «One Day Without Magic» is back again!

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Version 2.1.1 (Oct 25, 2013)

Masquerade and dancing! No one will be afraid on this scariest of all nights of the year! Are you ready for head-spinning adventures that await for you on Halloween? Your guests are already on their way, you should put on your costume and start the ball!

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Version 2.1.0 (Oct 17, 2013)

20 new animals!
Smugglers have been transporting boxes with stolen GIANT animals and ran into Prince Richard who was patrolling the road. He managed to fight off some of poor cubs and asks you to take care of them!

Place your bets! Huge Genie upgrade - now all winnings are doubled, added 10 new animals to collect and the luckiest have a chance to win the new secret animal ;)

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Version 2.0.9 (Oct 08, 2013)

It seems that the beautiful Princess isn't feeling well and Robin is waiting for our help to figure out what's going on. There is nothing to be worried about, everything will be fine and everyone will be very surprised, when they find out what was the reason for her sickness.

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Version 2.0.8 (Sep 21, 2013)

Fixed a bug causing game restart on some devices.

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Version 2.0.7 (Sep 16, 2013)

It seems that a whole group of Gremlins has settled on our farms. And every place they visit becomes a mess - scrap paper & ribbon from gift wraps, it's everywhere! Try to show them some good magics and teach to clean up after themselves!
Your beloved Gremlins are back at Fairy Farm!

We gave you a chance to change the day-night cycle and you voted for Sun. From now on night has become shorter!

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Version 2.0.6 (Aug 27, 2013)

Create your own Rainbow Dragon!
The long-awaited update to the Fairy Farm!
- 3 new stories for wizards of any level!
- Each of you will be able to decide the fate of the day-night switch!
- Create unique rare animals or the Rainbow Dragoness!
- Share new Buddy Cookies to get the animals free!

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Version 2.0.5 (Aug 06, 2013)

It's time for some frosty adventure! The bravests magicians of our Kingdom are going on an expedition to the Cold Pole and need your help more than even. You will need to not only prepare some provisions for the road, but help polar animals. Hurry and warm them up!

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Version 2.0.4 (Jul 18, 2013)

The time for exciting adventures has come!
This time, we are going to the mysterious USA, to experience its traditions and culture. There is a small task waiting for you in every State. By completing it, you will decorate your Farm, move forward along the quest development and discover more about this wonderful country.

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Version 2.0.3 (Jul 02, 2013)

Hot summer!
Take part in new wonderful quests, hold a beach party and collect new animals including a Brave Gorilla!

Also Fairy Kingdom is celebrating its Independence Day. Going to cook some sweets, launch fireworks and take care of the Eaglet!

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Version 2.0.2 (Jun 10, 2013)

A mysterious Merchant has arrived from the East to visit us! You need to surprise him with a warm reception that you reserve for very special guests, to put him in a good mood and receive a gift. 10 NEW tasks are already waiting for you, together with some new animals and a special Oriental lucky box!

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Version 2.0.1 (May 23, 2013)

What can real Magicians do in the world without magic? Find out in this game update!
Enjoy new tasks, which will absorb you in the world of real farming! You will learn how to treat real animals and plants!
You will also meet several new cute real farming animals.

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Version 2.0.0 (Apr 23, 2013)

This update includes several new quests for players of any level!
You will be visited by the wisest and strongest Black Dragon!
You will participate in the Farmers’ Competition.
And you will investigate the dirty work of an evil mage!
Watch the video presentation from the evil mage on our Facebook page - facebook.com/iFairyFarm

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Version 1.9.2 (Mar 28, 2013)

Easter at the Fairy Farm! This update will teach you how to decorate Easter Eggs and even how to make your own Easter Bunny!

Bug with Amorous Bunny fixed.
Server upgrading. If asked to load save - tap "No"

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Version 1.9.1 (Mar 18, 2013)

St. Patrick's Day! Your Farm is going to host a celebratory St. Patrick’s Day Parade. You will find out about special St. Patrick’s Day traditions and finish some new quests, which will tell you all about the symbols and stories of this special holiday.

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Version 1.9.0 (Mar 01, 2013)

All farmers are waiting for the spring! In this update of the game, you will need to organise the Spring Fair and an amusement park! Amaze your friends with new weird plants and the rarest exotic animals!
- new Spring quests!
- two new characters
- two new buildings
- several new creatures, and over a dozen new decorations, flowers and trees

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Version 1.8.9 (Feb 20, 2013)

Fable Kingdom banner fixed.

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Version 1.8.8 (Feb 11, 2013)

- Dozens of new decorations, plants and animals!
- Breathtaking outcome of the Annette and Robin story.
- Touching Cat Masquerade!

Sorry to inform you that the banner and the quest-link for Fable Kingdom are not yet working. You can find the Magic Word needed for the quest just by searching AppStore for "Fable Kingdom".

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Version 1.8.7 (Jan 28, 2013)

You, players, made your choice! Annette has accepted Robin’s heart and hand in marriage!
A big wedding is going to take place in our Kingdom!
Princess Annette and Prince Robin are getting ready for the upcoming celebration!
This update includes 8 new quests, related to preparations of Annette’s and Robin’s wedding, new animals, decorations and a mythical device - Laboratory of Love.

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Version 1.8.6 (Jan 08, 2013)

Winter-quests are prolonged due to their large number - you still have time to finish them all!

In the upcoming update be prepared to meet new heroes along with old-known friends! Exciting adventures await our King and his sons. They will meet the beautiful princess and it's you who's going to help her choose the right prince!

We've added:
- 5 animals
- 1 mixing device
- More than 10 buildings
- New character's dialogues
- And the unique opportunity for all the Unicorn holders: teach them how to fly!

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Version 1.8.5 (Dec 12, 2012)

Christmas is knocking at your door! Join us and feel the holiday's spirit right here and now!

We've prepared lots of new stuff for you and a big sack of surprises along with exciting features! Let's get it started:

- New Year themed quest chain with more than 20 new quests
- Brand New dialogue system which helps you to get into the spirit of this game better
- New items in each and every category
- Improved Performance and overall graphics quality on most devices
- Special "fiery" offer with unique reward

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Version 1.8.4 (Nov 20, 2012)

- Each and every citizen in our kingdom celebrates the Thanksgiving Day!
- 5 themed, fun and exciting quests are waiting for you!
- 9 new quests designed specially for our high-level players
- 10 brand new fabolous decorations are already available in the shop!
- New device for mixing!
- We'll give an amazing fairy house to those who complete the new quest chain!
- Fixed game freezes on large farms.

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Version 1.8.2 (Oct 23, 2012)

The greatest update in the history of Fairy Farm is finally here! We've prepared several huge improvements but let's take a look on them one by one.

- Celebrate Halloween with us!
On the occasion of this event we've added special holiday quests, new decorations, trees and animals!
- Welcome our new guest!
The mysterious Genie has arrived in our Magical Kingdom! From now on you can play the prizes-for-all lottery and take your chances! Maybe it's YOU who's going to win the Super Prize!
- Your animals can create couples now and will miss each other if separated! And they give extra harvest when placed adjacent to each other!
- Improved animals' animations and added animations to decorations. Now you can liven up your old decorations just by tapping on them!

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Version 1.7.7 (Oct 05, 2012)

Сontinuing series of huge updates, we added 10 new flowers, 6 animals and 5 Trees! New animal, Manul, is incredible!
Use new plants to make the most intresting bouquet for your teacher.
Princess' dolls quest line is extended! Learn the story of Frog, the Minstrel!

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Version 1.7.6 (Aug 30, 2012)

Begin a new life in an updated wonderful world of Fairy Farm!

- A lot of new quests, so interesting that neither experienced player nor a new one can manage to tear away from them! Significantly increased rewards for quests!
- 8 animals, new masterpieces of the magical breeding!
- New plants and trees, for the envy of Magic Ministry's gardeners!
- A present for those who are bored of themselves: 4 new character customizations!

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Version 1.7.5 (Aug 13, 2012)

Critical bug causing crash on iOS 4.3 fixed!

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Version 1.7.4 (Aug 09, 2012)

If you have iOS 4.3 - do not update! Please wait for version 1.7.5!

Summer Magic Tournament is taking place in Fairy Kingdom! Added lots of new amazing decorations, quests to participate in the Tournament (no crystals needed as you've asked!) and new unique animals!

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Version 1.7.3 (Jul 25, 2012)

- Added 10 magical Vases for the best wizards and witches!
- A new exciting quest line which tells you how to get expensive Vases almost for free!
- A Gremlin Family is waiting for mages to give them shelter!

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Version 1.7.2 (Jul 08, 2012)

- Celebrate Independence Day of the Fairy Kingdom properly!
- Amazing new quests, decorations, trees, devices and animals!
- Dreamcircle, Wizard's Table and Cupboard with Potions are now listed under the «Devices» tab in the shop.

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Version 1.7.1 (Jun 25, 2012)

- New exciting quests devoted to Euro 2012 football championship!
- Added new plants, decorations and animals! Unique prizes for those who finish quest line.

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Version 1.7.0 (Jun 13, 2012)

- You can now share Magic Words with friends and get rewards together! Do not try to cast your own spells!
- New fairy quests and alchemy recipes!
- New plants, trees and animals
- All decorations are now sold for coins!

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Version 1.6.4 (May 19, 2012)

- Elemental Boxes are now sold for Сrystals!
- Added extra profitable one-time special offers!
- Red Wyrm now gives from 3 to 5 Сrystals!
- Fixed a layer bug.

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Version 1.6.3 (May 02, 2012)

- New QUEST LINE starring adorable Elemental Cats! Become the ruler of Elements and restore nature's balance!
- The Altar of Wishes - a new device to combine elements into ENERGY potions!
- Enhanced performance on iPad 3.
- Minor bug fixes.

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Version 1.6.1 (Apr 13, 2012)

Little by little Winter is being driven off by the Spring. But this year Fairy Land needs your help with that.

New update brings:

- A GIANT QUEST LINE containing more than 20 new missions. Let the spring blossom!
- Added social functions. VISIT YOUR FRIENDS’ farms, communicate and RECEIVE GIFTS from them!
- Finally you are able to SELL stuff from Storage.
- Fixed an issue causing game crash on launch.
- And as always: tons of new plants, trees, animals and decorations!

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Version 1.5.6 (Feb 28, 2012)

The Valentine's day has passed, but Love still blooms at your farm! This update includes:
- Final discount for all Valentine's Day items. Hurry while they are still available at the Shop!
- New Achievements added
- A new quest that can help you earn FREE CRYSTALS!
- Fixed a crash after building a Home of Love

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Version 1.5.5 (Feb 16, 2012)

Saint Valentine's Day is here! Ministry of Magic is proud to announce this huge update:
- Eight unique collectable animals. Can you get all of them?
- Abundance of new decorations, plants and trees!
- Storyline of captivating rhymed quests. Best the evil Magician and save the charming Prince from a terrible curse!
- Fixed rewards for higl-level plants

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Version 1.5.1 (Feb 08, 2012)

- Unique and profitable opportunities every day!
- New ways to get free Crystals
- Amazing new plants, trees and decorations for up to level 50
- Additional bug fixes

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Version 1.4.3 (Jan 14, 2012)

Additional bug fixes

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Version 1.4.2 (Jan 04, 2012)

Fixed crashes in the Christmas update

Version 1.4.1:
Christmas rejoicing comes to the Fairy Land with the first snowfall. The most important update of the year includes:

- Original winter background and Christmas music theme
- Six adorable New Year animals -- the cutest and funniest in the game at this moment
- Two additional character avatars available for selection from the Magic Mirror
- Two Christmas quest lines that won’t allow you to be bored during the holidays: find the keys to mysterious chests and return the stolen gifts, stage an incredible music performance of animated snowmen and launch fireworks into the night sky. Help Santa to make this Christmas truly unforgettable!

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Version 1.4.1 (Dec 20, 2011)

Christmas rejoicing comes to the Fairy Land with the first snowfall. The most important update of the year includes:

- Original winter background and Christmas music theme
- Six adorable New Year animals -- the cutest and funniest in the game at this moment
- Two additional character avatars available for selection from the Magic Mirror
- Two Christmas quest lines that won’t allow you to be bored during the holidays: find the keys to mysterious chests and return the stolen gifts, stage an incredible music performance of animated snowmen and launch fireworks into the night sky. Help Santa to make this Christmas truly unforgettable!

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Version 1.3.1 (Dec 07, 2011)

Fixed the bug with app crashing at the loading screen. Ministry of Magic would like to thank our players for their patience and help with locating the bug.

- Unique plants, decorations and devices for celebrating Thanksgiving Day
- Return of the summer background and music and a final chance to purchase Halloween content at a lowered price
- Storyline of quests dedicated to the Thanksgiving Day. By the end of the celebrations the player who cooks more turkeys and pumpkin pies than anyone else will receive free Crystals!
- Two additional Farm expansions!
- Significant decrease of app size and increase in performance and stability
- Fixed a bug that caused freezes and crashes on the loading screen

Since version 1.1.2:
- Huge content-pack for those fun and scary October nights: pumpkins and Jack-o-Lanterns, Wailing Trees and Gargoyles, Witch Hats that grow in your flowerbeds already filled with candy, a magic Moon floating just above ground surrounded by a pack of bats and much more
- A number of very special Halloween animals
- New amazing characters available from the Magic Mirror - choose your appearance for the celebration
- Enhanced interface and usability - playing the game became even more comfortable
- German and Spanish languages support

Since version 1.1.1
- Costs of Energy refills are greatly lowered
- Plant revival now requires only 1 Energy!
- Elixir of Revival now costs only 3 Crystals instead of 10
- Greater harvest and better growing periods for some of the old plants (including Rainbow Mushrooms, Starry Dandelions and Lilies-of-the-Valley)
- Minor bug fixes

Since version 1.1.0
- Four new magic animals, including an adorable Diamond Turtle and a playful Flying Seahorse
- New trees and plants, with an amazingly profitable Bread Tree
- New storyline for characters above Level 12 - raise the futute victor of Mythical Races and win the Champion Cup; teach a lesson in modesty to an insidious gremlin and learn a new alchemical recipe which can help prevent your plants from withering!

- Fixed a bug with the duplication of completed quests
- Fixed a bug with untimely riping and withering of plants
- Fixed the image of Stone Bramble
- Fixed the image of Silver Tree

Since version 1.0.0:
- Russian language support added
- Fixed a bug with the crash on starting screen
- Fixed a bug with the loss of quest progress
- Improved overall stability (minor fixes)

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Version 1.2.1 (Nov 23, 2011)
Version 1.1.2 (Oct 24, 2011)
Version 1.1.1
Version 1.1.0
Version 1.0.1
Version 1.0.0

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2.7.0Jul 01, 2015Current release
2.6.8Jun 01, 2015
2.6.7May 17, 2015
2.6.5Apr 20, 2015
2.6.3Apr 02, 2015
2.6.1Mar 19, 2015
2.5.9Feb 19, 2015
2.5.7Feb 05, 2015
2.5.6Dec 29, 2014
2.5.5Dec 18, 2014
2.5.4Dec 05, 2014
2.5.2Nov 05, 2014
2.4.7Oct 09, 2014
2.4.6Sep 15, 2014
2.4.0Aug 03, 2014
2.3.8Jul 14, 2014
2.3.3Jun 12, 2014
2.3.2Jun 01, 2014
2.3.0May 09, 2014
2.2.9Apr 15, 2014
2.2.8Apr 01, 2014
2.2.7Mar 20, 2014
2.2.6Mar 05, 2014
2.2.5Feb 12, 2014
2.2.3Jan 22, 2014
2.2.2Jan 15, 2014
2.2.1Jan 03, 2014
2.2.0Dec 20, 2013
2.1.7Dec 18, 2013
2.1.6Dec 06, 2013
2.1.5Nov 25, 2013
2.1.3Nov 12, 2013
2.1.1Oct 25, 2013
2.1.0Oct 17, 2013
2.0.9Oct 08, 2013
2.0.8Sep 21, 2013
2.0.7Sep 16, 2013
2.0.6Aug 27, 2013
2.0.5Aug 06, 2013
2.0.4Jul 18, 2013
2.0.3Jul 02, 2013
2.0.2Jun 10, 2013
2.0.1May 23, 2013
2.0.0Apr 23, 2013
1.9.2Mar 28, 2013
1.9.1Mar 18, 2013
1.9.0Mar 01, 2013
1.8.9Feb 20, 2013
1.8.8Feb 11, 2013
1.8.7Jan 28, 2013
1.8.6Jan 08, 2013
1.8.5Dec 12, 2012
1.8.4Nov 20, 2012
1.8.2Oct 23, 2012
1.7.7Oct 05, 2012
1.7.6Aug 30, 2012
1.7.5Aug 13, 2012
1.7.4Aug 09, 2012
1.7.3Jul 25, 2012
1.7.2Jul 08, 2012
1.7.1Jun 25, 2012
1.7.0Jun 13, 2012
1.6.4May 19, 2012
1.6.3May 02, 2012
1.6.1Apr 13, 2012
1.5.6Feb 28, 2012
1.5.5Feb 16, 2012
1.5.1Feb 08, 2012
1.4.3Jan 14, 2012
1.4.2Jan 04, 2012
1.4.1Dec 20, 2011
1.3.1Dec 07, 2011
1.2.1Nov 23, 2011
1.1.2Oct 24, 2011
1.0.0First tracked
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1.99 USDPack of 20 Crystals
4.99 USDExclusive Object (Tier 5)
4.99 USDPack of 60 Crystals
1.99 USDExclusive Object (Tier 2)
2.99 USDExclusive Object (Tier 3)
9.99 USDExclusive Object (Tier 10)
9.99 USDPack of 150 Crystals
19.99 USDPack of 500 Crystals

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Updated: Jul 06, 2015

Version: 2.7.0

Size: 82.4 MB

Language: English, Russian

Seller: Game Garden, LLC

Rating: Rated 4+

Family Sharing: Yes

Requirements: Requires iOS 5.1.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Bundle ID: com.fairyfarmgame

Supports Apple Watch: No

App ID:  453755178  [Copy]