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"Rated 4 out of 4 ... the best of its kind at the crowded App Store" - USA TODAY

The top selling fitness app of all time has returned! Becoming and staying fit has never been easier with the help of Full Fitness! Hundreds of exercises are explained with clear pictures, videos and text instructions all within the palm of your hand!

We understand personal trainers can be costly, but changing your workout routine is essential for keeping your body from growing accustomed to the same old exercises. If anything, adding some variety keeps things interesting and enjoyable - making it more likely that you will stick with the program.

For under the cost of a cup of coffee, Full Fitness not only provides instructions for hundreds of exercises, but it sorts them by body region, muscle of target, and the equipment needed. Use our easy-to-use exercise builder to create your own custom exercise routine, and then track your progress as you perform each exercise. Full Fitness allows you to log your exercises, view progress graphs, and email or backup the results online.

Not sure which exercises to perform? Use one of our 30 pre-defined routines to reach a particular goal. All of our routines are developed by licensed fitness professionals and come with complete instructions.

If you have no equipment available, or are more interested in cardio or stretches, Full Fitness has you covered! Tracking of cardio exercises, over 40 stretches and exercises and routines that require no equipment are all included! Full Fitness does even more. Track your food intake and body weight, schedule workouts, setup profiles to track more than one user, and more. This is the intuitive and beautiful fitness app you have been looking for!


● hundreds of unique exercises (more than any other app)
● clear images of people doing every exercise with full text instructions
● hundreds of video instructions for many of the more complicated exercises
● calorie tracker with over 90,000 food items
● cleverly designed logging feature to record and track each exercise
● ability to add your own exercise and track your progress
● exercises ordered by target (abs, arms, back, etc), muscle they target (deltoids, biceps, etc) or equipment they require (swissball, kettlebells, nothing, etc)
● 30 routines to reach various goals (weight loss, strength, ab definition, golf program, etc)
● ability to email your workout logs to yourself, back them up online or view them on the device
● graph your workout results to give yourself the encouraging boost you need
● stop-watch timer to keep track of your rest times in between sets
● weight monitor/BMI calculator and measurements tracker to view your progress
● schedule your workouts ahead of time so you never forget your workout routine
● ability to track MULTIPLE users
● iCloud support and the ability to import content from Full Fitness or original iFitness app
● workout sharing tool to share your workouts between other Full Fitness users

Unlike other fitness apps, everything is included - we do not believe in in-app purchases. Further, we are dedicated to providing regular free updates. The next update is under development. Write in and let us know what most interests you.

What's New

Version 2.2 (Sep 14, 2013)

We are working on a massive update involving new exercises, routines and some clever features ... but this update doesn't include it.

Because iOS 7 is being released next week, this update is just to ensure the app keeps working until we have the large update done.

PLEASE - leave us a review on iTunes! Even if you have an old review, we would appreciate an update. Positive word of mouth really encourages us in delivering these free updates.

Thanks again!

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Version 2.1 (Apr 29, 2013)

Thank you for making us the #1 selling fitness application for the iPhone!

This month's update includes:

- Italian and Swedish language support
- found and fixed a bug that resulted in rounding errors on graphed data
- fixed aesthetics of app when viewed under different languages

- Currently, when you go to log an exercise, the fields are pre-filled with the weight and reps you did on your last recorded date. Now, when you go to log an exercise, the right hand side will show your previous workout information if it exists.

As always, we always welcome your suggestions! If you have a moment to spare, we would love a review on iTunes as well. Even if you update an old review, it really helps us get the word out about our app and helps to encourage us.


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Version 2.0 (Apr 01, 2013)

For our international customers, we have added multiple language support! For the time being, Full Fitness now supports French, German and Spanish. In the future, we will gradually add additional languages.

The exercise descriptions have NOT been translated. There is simply too much text to be financially viable. Further, our research shows that most people use the images and videos to guide them.

We read every review and email we receive and take all suggestions into consideration. Thanks again for the positive reviews! The next update will introduce some much need feature updates.

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Version 1.9 (Mar 12, 2013)

This is a quick update to introduce three new routines:

- one workout for bodyweight training that requires no equipment, and two sport-related programs (rugby and surfing)

In addition, we have fixed the exercise videos so that they now run in landscape and do not interrupt your music/audio. Several bug fixes as well.

Our next update is going to introduce new languages for our international customers, but following that, we have some great new features to release. They are all based on recommendations we receive from you. Thanks.

We would *really* appreciate any reviews you can leave on iTunes - it helps us more than you would imagine. Even if you update an old review, we would very much appreciate it.

Thanks everyone.

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Version 1.8 (Feb 26, 2013)

As always, thank you for making Full Fitness the top selling fitness application for both the iPhone and iPad devices worldwide!

This update brings the following:

- 26 new exercises and stretches for the exercise bank
- 42 new videos for existing and newly added exercises
- fixed an unfortunate bug that prevented the emailing of exercise logs

Thanks again for your wonderful support! We appreciate every and all iTunes reviews and encourage you to email us with any suggestions.

We should have another wonderful update in the coming weeks.

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Version 1.7 (Feb 01, 2013)

Thanks to all of our users for making Full Fitness (formally known as iFitness Pro) the #1 selling fitness app on both the iPhone and iPad devices!

This update basically patches some problems found after our most recent update:

- performance improvements
- fixed bug with sharing workouts
- fixed spelling mistakes with the timer
- other bug fixes

We are working hard to make the app even better. We have a very large content update planned for later this month. As always, we greatly appreciate your iTunes reviews - thank you!

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Version 1.6 (Jan 22, 2013)

Thanks for making Full Fitness the top selling fitness app on both the iPad and iPhone devices! We have a big update ready for everyone!

First off, you may notice that we are in the transition of changing our name to Full Fitness. A rather large American corporation has claimed they have the trademark to "iFitness" and while it is baseless, as a small development team, we do not have the money to fight it. As a result, we have been forced to transition to the name Full Fitness.

Your app purchase stays the same though, and you can continue to get free updates!

On that note, here is what is new with this update:

- new workout sharing tool to share workouts between other users (find it under the MORE tab)
- two new routines (skiing and cycling)
- "Total Weight" as a statistic is now logged for exercises
- improved rest timer for easier input (we know of the misspelling in the app - sorry)
- fixed occasional crashes on workout builder
- fixed images appearing too large in PDF export
- other performance and stability improvements

Again, thank you for your continued support! As always, we appreciate any reviews on iTunes.

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Version 1.5 (Nov 01, 2012)

A big thanks to our users for making iFintess Pro the #1 fitness app around the world! This update includes:

-Full iPhone 5 and iOS 6 support
-Updated exercise database
-memory and performance optimization
-other minor fixes as we prepare for the next update

We are working on the next update that will bring some great new features. Write to us and let us know what most interests you.

Thanks for all the positive reviews. It really motivates us to work harder to create the best fitness app.

Note: we now have a free app (iFitness Pro Lite) for your friends and family to try!

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Version 1.4 (Oct 23, 2012)

- new icon
- added graph option on log entry screen
- enlarged log entry button on workout list
- increased sound of timer alarm
- added missing remove button on schedule workout screen
- many other minor optimizations

Thanks for all the support and positive reviews, it means a lot to us. Write to us and let us know what improvements you would like to see!

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Version 1.3 (Oct 12, 2012)

- iOS 6 and iPhone 5 optimization and stability improvements
- improved iCloud sync
- fixed calendar bug on 3.5 inch screens;
- many other minor bug fixes

Thanks for all the support and positive reviews, it means a lot to us! This Update brings more optimization and stability as we work hard at adding great new content and features for the next update.

Write to us and let us know what improvements you would like to see!

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Version 1.2 (Sep 30, 2012)

This update brings some notable changes, as listed below:

- iPhone 5 screen support, iOS 6.0 support and countless bug fixes and speed enhancements

- over 35 new exercises and stretches have been added, as well as 3 new routines put together by our resident fitness experts

- search feature is now enabled whereby you can use the search tab to find exercises quicker by their name

- tab bar is a new design and back in black (a red option exists under the settings tab)

Thank you for your wonderful support. Thanks to your continued dedication, we are now the #1 Health & Fitness app in over 20 countries! Thank you. Going forward, we promise to work diligently to add new features, iron out old bugs, and bring new content.

As always, if you have any suggestions, email us. If you would like to be notified when our website or MacOS app launches, sign up for an email alert at:


We appreciate any positive reviews on iTunes as it always encourages our team and motivates them!

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Version 1.1 (Jun 20, 2012)

-Fixed startup crash on older devices running iOS 4.x (Thanks Alex)
-Fixed occasional crashes on custom workouts using exercise dividers
-Minor UI improvements
-Memory and performance optimizations

We are finalizing our next update that will bring some great new features. Thanks for all your support!

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Version 1.0 (Jun 15, 2012)

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Compatibility: Universal

Category: Health and Fitness

Updated: Aug 03, 2015

Version: 2.2

Size: 27.5 MB

Language: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish

Seller: Mehrdad Mehrain

Rating: Rated 4+

Family Sharing: Yes

Requirements: Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Bundle ID: net.healthxperts.ifitness.pro

Supports Apple Watch: No

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