Ghost Capture

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Ghosts Don't Exist Presents "Ghost Capture"


Create realistic paranormal photo manipulations right on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch**!

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With Ghost Capture, you can manipulate any photo from your iPhone photo album. After choosing an image, (or taking a new photo directly through Ghost Capture) select a ghost to superimpose onto the photo. Choose from creepy Victorian children, faceless torsos, Civil War soldiers, ghostly orbs, and more. After placing the ghost, slip the horizontal, adjust the size, rotation, and transparency to achieve the optimum effect. Don't like the way your ghost is turning out? Hit the reset button to put it back in the center of the screen for you to start over or even select a different ghost! Save and email your creation to your friends, and let them judge for themselves!

You can also create your own ghost! For the best results, plan your ghost and picture properly. Use the same color background to help mask the ghost the best.
1) select "create new" on the custom ghosts tab
2) take a picture or use a local one
3) size and center your "ghost" and tap done
4) select a slot to place your new ghost

Now go take a picture and place your new ghost in it!

You can also submit them to us for the gallery!

Check out what other people are doing with the app. From jokes to flat out creepy. At times pictures are done so well it's almost a 'Where's Waldo' game when trying to locate the ghost.

Ghost Capture is brought to you by Ghosts Don't Exist, an independent film by 19th + Wilson—executive produced by Chris Cooley of the Washington Redskins. The story revolves around a popular TV ghost hunter losing faith in what he believes. After announcing his retirement, he decides to take one last case when a potential client guarantees to provide the proof he's been looking for. Upon arriving at the home, the client announces that he will make good on the promise by contacting the team himself—from the beyond.

Eric Espejo - Director/Writer
Kunitaro Ohi - Director of Photography
Phillip Roebuck - Brett Wilson
Devon Marie Burt - Jennifer Hughes
Joe Hansard - Travis Garner
Josh Davidson - David Sherman
Frederick Cowie - Ritchie Lyons
Ted Taylor - Kurt Wilson
Katie Foster - Nicole Wilson
Chris Cooley - Deputy Dan
Chris Kennedy - Sheriff Fuller
Lindsay Czarniak - Lindsay - PsyFi News reporter
Produced by 19th & Wilson

**The ability to take pictures is not compatible with the iPod Touch, for obvious reasons. But you can still use it with any photos in the photo library on your iPod Touch.

(while our screener for the gallery doesn't mind you sending in nude pictures of your girlfriend, we are unable to put them in the gallery, as we try to keep it as family friendly as possible. So, please keep them for yourself.)

What's New

Version 4.5.1 (Sep 27, 2013)

iOS7 camera fix

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Version 4.5 (Sep 23, 2013)

Fix issues with ios7

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Version 4.0 (Jul 26, 2012)

You can now add unlimited Ghosts to every picture you make.

Facebook integration has been fixed.

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Version 3.05 (Mar 31, 2012)

Code cleanup and bug fixes

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Version 3.04 (Dec 20, 2011)

Sorry for all the updates. The new gallery has had a couple of bugs that weren't found until being used by our great fans. We're over 57k photos in the gallery now!

Updates in this version:
Indicator when accessing the gallery, so you know it's getting photos.
Bug fixes with Custom Ghosts and saving your current state.

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Version 3.03 (Nov 18, 2011)

Minor bug fix

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Version 3.02 (Nov 09, 2011)

Miscellaneous bug fixes

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Version 3.01 (Oct 18, 2011)

Fixed Issue with sending pictures to social media on ios5.0 devices

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Version 3.0 (Sep 28, 2011)

New User Interface for selecting ghosts
New User Interface for the Gallery
- Now you can upload to the gallery automatically
- You can also manage any pictures you have uploaded

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Version 2.2.1 (Jun 10, 2011)

Fixing it so that it works on IOS 4.0 or greater, instead of IOS 4.3 or greater
For people who were denied the last update because of this snafu, these are the updates from the last time:
Larger photos.
Added ability to upload to Twitter and Tumblr
minor bug fixes

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Version 2.2 (May 28, 2011)

Larger photos.
Added ability to upload to Twitter and Tumblr
minor bug fixes

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Version 2.1 (Feb 14, 2011)

bug fixes

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Version 2.0 (Oct 12, 2010)

We've added 10 more ghosts for a total of 40.
We've added the ability to create your own ghosts! (see full description for instructions or watch the instructional video in the app)
the UI has been updated
Bug fixes for smoother manipulation of the ghosts.

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Version 1.3 (May 19, 2010)

-Post Ghost Captures directly to Facebook

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Version 1.2 (Jan 15, 2010)

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4.5.1Sep 27, 2013Current release
4.5Sep 23, 2013
4.0Jul 26, 2012
3.05Mar 31, 2012
3.04Dec 20, 2011
3.03Nov 18, 2011
3.02Nov 09, 2011
3.01Oct 18, 2011
3.0Sep 28, 2011
2.2.1Jun 10, 2011
2.2May 28, 2011
2.1Feb 14, 2011
2.0Oct 12, 2010
1.3May 19, 2010
1.2Jan 15, 2010First tracked
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All Versions - 3.4 - 471 ratings
Updated on Aug 01, 2015


Compatibility: Universal

Category: Photo and Video

Updated: May 22, 2015

Version: 4.5.1

Size: 12.4 MB

Language: English

Seller: GDE Film, LLC

Rating: Rated 9+

  • Infrequent/Mild Horror/Fear Themes

Family Sharing: Yes

Requirements: Requires iOS 5.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Bundle ID: com.GDEFilm.83D8Y964G4

Supports Apple Watch: No

App ID:  349479650  [Copy]