GirlsCamera, Japanese purikura style photo decoration app

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Fun of a Print Club sticker machine (Purikura) is brought to a camera app as it is!

It's a big hit in Asian countriesTotal downloads exceeded 11million times!
GirlsCamera that 1 million people enjoy each month is a camera app for girls that they can experience fun of a photo booth sticker machine anytime, anywhere.

・The number of items that can be used for free is more than 800 pieces!
・The number of added material of DIY stamps is more than 200 pieces and they are also popular.
・It's from a manufacturer of a popular Print Club sticker machine! You can enjoy a photo sticker anytime, anywhere with an enhanced decorative function!
・It has plenty of features such as cute stamps, frames, effects, a color pen, a brush of a background, background removal, and easy whitening skin.

■All are cute! Free items are more than 600 pieces.
・Characters and color of the pen are unlimited! You can colorfully decorate it with your favorite color!
・Message stamps will easily make your picture cute, if you just add one of them to the picture.
・Let's stylishly process it with the fashionable materials such as a stamp in the blogger style.
・You can enjoy many fonts for free such as the text in the handwritten style!
・Of course, you can process the picture with whitening skin!
・It's easy to process it with image filters, background removal, and the brush for the background.
・There are a lot of recommended decorative items such as popular "Seasonal Collection", "Makeup Collection", which attracts the most attention now! 

■It's perfect for taking a picture with your friend or your family!
If people who like stylish decoration app DecoPic, DecoBlend or lots of' cute character LineCamera or magazine decoration app Cameran collage or photo cutting Papelook, Petapic and absolute you will love GirlsCamera also!
The camera is basically the front-facing one, which is easy to take a picture by yourself!
You can email from your cell phone with attached photos while you check whether your face is surely inside the frame. (You can turn it into a rear-facing camera.)
Also, you can take pictures of your fashion, coordinates, makeup of the-days, or your pet or cooking. It's very useful in various scenes!

■Let's share the DIY stamps and enjoy them with everyone!
You can make an original stamp and a frame such as a pictograph or a portrait by yourself; the stamp you made can be shared and used by everyone.
All are free of charge and unlimited use ranging from the handwritten decorative mail style to an illustration with an animated style!
The number of stamps everyone shares is more than 200 pieces every day. Now, a total of 50,000 pieces is shared!
Share a stamp and a frame you made with users in the world and enjoy them with everyone.

■Avoid blurring of an image due to the hand movement by using a timer!
If you press shutter button, the picture may be blurred or you may also fail to take a picture.
If you use a timer, you can avoid blurring of a picture and you can easily take a picture.

■You can easily start another camera app from GirlsCamera!
Tap "Menu" button on the Picture decorative screen and tap "Start in app"!
You can process the decorated picture with another app as it is.
And you can easily share the picture you finished processing with a friend by using email, Ameba, mixi, Facebook, twitter, Line, kakao talk, instagram, Dropbox.
Let's have fun by sharing it with everyone on SNS or Blog!

■Let's print the picture you decorated with a printer. (It's only supported with the printer connected to Wi-Fi)
You can print your decorated picture with the printer connected to Wi-Fi.
Tap "Menu" button on the Picture decorative screen and tap "Connect to the Wi-Fi printer".

■Recommended pictures of everyone are open to the public every day on the Facebook page and the Pinterest page of GirlsCamera! Refer to it for decoration.

※"Purikura", which refers to a photo sticker booth, is a registered trademark of Index Corporation.

What's New

Version 4.10.1 (Apr 18, 2015)


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Version 4.10 (Apr 04, 2015)

- Added a new stamp & frame !
- Minor bug fixed

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Version 4.9 (Mar 20, 2015)

- Added a new stamp & frame !
- Minor bug fixed

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Version 4.8.1 (Feb 28, 2015)

A brand new DIY STAMP function released. TRY it now!

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Version 4.7.4 (Feb 14, 2015)

Add new cute chinese new year icons!

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Version 4.7.2 (Jan 22, 2015)

Bug fixes

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Version 4.7.1 (Dec 16, 2014)

・New 2015 new year stamps added
・Photo campaign bug fixes

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Version 4.7.0 (Dec 16, 2014)

Start new photo contest

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Version 4.6.7 (Nov 19, 2014)

Stamp bug fixes
New Stamp added
New Frame added

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Version 4.6.6 (Nov 13, 2014)

New Official User added

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Version 4.6.2 (Oct 20, 2014)

•Halloween stamps added
•Roll stamp bug fixes
•DIY stamp bug fixes

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Version 4.6 (Oct 08, 2014)

New Icon Design Contest

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Version 4.4 (Aug 26, 2014)




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Version 4.3.4 (Jul 30, 2014)

NEW Cute stamp added

NEW Cute frame added

NEW Campaign

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Version 4.3.3 (Jul 02, 2014)

NEW Cute Frame added!

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Version 4.3.2 (Jun 21, 2014)

NEW DIY Stamp Campaign start!

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Version 4.3.1 (May 18, 2014)

•New Cute Stamps added

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Version 4.3 (May 01, 2014)

•New Photo Contest Campaign!!
•New Frame

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Version 4.2.1 (Apr 12, 2014)

•Add NEW cute frames
•Add NEW cute stamps
•Bug fixes

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Version 4.2 (Apr 02, 2014)

•New Cute Frames added
•New DIY Profile
•Frame Download bug fixes
•Missing download stamp bug fixes

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Version 4.1.1 (Mar 15, 2014)

•Add new stamp
•Add new campaign

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Version 4.1 (Mar 03, 2014)

•DIY Stamp Bug Fixes

•NOW you easily search lots of stamp in the search mode. Update now and give a try!!

•Add new Frame


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Version 4.0 (Feb 23, 2014)

• NOW you easily whitening your skin color and beautiful complexion with the new function. Update now and give a try!!

• NEW Frames added

•Shop Bug fixes

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Version 3.9 (Feb 04, 2014)

The NEW version of GirlsCamera not only enables you to edit your own DIY profile, you could also see the DIY ranking for every week. And also, there are lots of Chinese New Year stamps and cute frames added. Come and check them now!!!

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Version 3.8.1 (Jan 09, 2014)

bug fixes

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Version 3.8.0 (Jan 03, 2014)

•Event post error bug fixes
•New Cute Frame added

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Version 3.7.9 (Dec 16, 2013)

•NEW SNS share function added
•NEW Japanese new year stamps and frames added

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Version 3.7.7 (Dec 10, 2013)

•NEW Happy Holidays Party start!
•NEW DIY stamp creator follow function
•More Christmas stamps added!
•Support new hindi language

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Version 3.7.6 (Dec 02, 2013)

Add new FREE cure [Merry Christmas] Stamps!

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Version 3.7.5 (Nov 18, 2013)

Add new 20 FREE Cute Music Stamps!

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Version 3.7.4 (Nov 11, 2013)

Add new 20 FREE Cute frame!

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Version 3.7.3 (Nov 05, 2013)

•Add new 72 FREE「Character」style stickers.
•Diary bugs fixes
•Push message bugs fixes

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Version 3.7.2 (Oct 17, 2013)

•Add many kind of colorful cute pens, sparkling pen and exclusive handwriting pen.
•Add new FREE「Halloween」style stamps.

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Version 3.7.1 (Oct 04, 2013)

Add new「Autumn」style stamps.
Add new「Chinese Fashion」style stamps.

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Version 3.7 (Sep 16, 2013)

Support NEW IOS7

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Version 3.6 (Sep 07, 2013)

•A feature of "New flat design" was added.
•A feature of "New Diary album service for japan" was added.
•A feature of "FREE Mid-Autumn Festival Stamps" was added.
•A feature of "FREE Stamps" was added.

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Version 3.5.3 (Aug 12, 2013)

•A feature of "New FREE Harajuku stamp" was added.
•Diary bug fixes

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Version 3.5.2 (Aug 07, 2013)

A feature of "New FREE Frame" was added.

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Version 3.5.1 (Jul 30, 2013)

•A feature of "New FREE Harajuku style background" was added.
•A feature of "New FREE Harajuku style stamp" was added.
•Spanish Supported
•Favorite function bug fixes

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Version 3.5 (Jul 17, 2013)

•NEW App Design.
•A feature of "New FREE Frames" was added.
•A feature of "Multiple photo" was supported.
•A feature of "My Favorite stamp" was added.

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Version 3.0 (Jun 21, 2013)

Get Ready For Summer!
Win gorgeous gifts form GirlsCamera now.

Improve your chances by decorating your photos with summer design and spreading the buzz about this fantastic event Summer Stamp Party!

The above campaigns are not affiliated in any way with Apple.

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Version 2.9.2 (May 29, 2013)

Diary Bug Fixes

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Version 2.9.1 (May 28, 2013)

•A feature of "New free background images" was added.
•A feature of "Free DragonBoat stamps" was added.
•Stamp bug fixes

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Version 2.9 (May 17, 2013)

•A feature of "New shape crop function" was added.
•A feature of "New shape crop function" was added.
•A feature of "New photo increase function" was added.
•A feature of "New background color" was added.

•A feature of "Free stamps" was added.
•A feature of "Free Chinese stamps" was added.

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Version 2.8.3 (May 03, 2013)

FREE Summer Stamps added on device

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Version 2.8.2 (Apr 20, 2013)

New Stamps

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Version 2.8.1 (Apr 11, 2013)

Crash fixes

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Version 2.8 (Apr 11, 2013)

-New UI
-New Color contacts lenses stamp
-New Handsfree photo Cropping

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Version 2.7 (Mar 27, 2013)

GirlsCamera 1st Anniversary

Thanks to all of you, we can fortunately mark our frist anniversary(2013/3/8) . We would like to express our thanks for your loyal patronage, new version of GirlsCamera will add lots of FREE [HD Stamp] for you!

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Version 2.6 (Feb 26, 2013)

•New PuriDiary function
•New pen size function
•New Photo zoom in/out function
•Bug fixes

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Version 2.5 (Jan 04, 2013)

20 cute New background images added

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Version 2.4 (Nov 20, 2012)

•New Stamps
•New background pen

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Version 2.3 (Oct 29, 2012)

•New Stamps
•Free Gift code
•Bug fixes

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Version 2.2 (Oct 05, 2012)

•iPhone 5 supported
•New Font Style
•New Frames (44 added)
•rotation bug fixes

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Version 2.1.1 (Sep 30, 2012)

bug fixes on IOS6

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Version 2.1 (Sep 19, 2012)

GirlsCamera v2.1 Autumn Collection

•New Stamp
•GirlsCamera Shop open
•Free Stamp for each day
•Bug fixes
•Corroboration with japanese Idol
•New Social share

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Version 2.0 (Aug 21, 2012)

The new version GirlsCamera v2.0 with NEW feature for iPhone
What's New in Version v2.0
・New Social Network
・New My Puri Diary
・New Camera Function
・New Frames
・New Message function
・Bug fixes

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Version 1.5 (Jul 15, 2012)

Language Bug Fixed!
English -> Japanese

NEW frames

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Version 1.4.1 (Jun 30, 2012)

Language BUG fixed

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Version 1.4 (Jun 21, 2012)

・2 player mode
・GirlsCamera mini game
・able to use old stamp
・Application Push Notification
・New brush images
・Lot's of new sharing network
・Photo Printing
・bug fixed

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Version 1.3 (May 31, 2012)

~Summer Collection~
・New User interface
・New photo filter mode
・New Brush pen Updated
・New Stamps Updated
・New Social Network added
・Camera Bug Fixed

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Version 1.2 (Apr 19, 2012)

GirlsCamera v1.2 SpringCollection
·New Frames
·New design & New category UI
-Start up
-Frame Camera
-Game Mode
·Fast Saving
·Fast Whitening
·No more photo deformation

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Version 1.1 (Apr 03, 2012)

·HD Photo save
·HD pen
·Support horizontal photo
·Recovery function
♪Supported languages: English, French, Chinese, Korean, Japanese,Thai,Vietnam,Indonesia,Malay,Taiwan,Cantonese

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Version 1.0 (Mar 08, 2012)

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4.10.1Apr 18, 2015Current release
4.10Apr 04, 2015
4.9Mar 20, 2015
4.8.1Feb 28, 2015
4.7.4Feb 14, 2015
4.7.2Jan 22, 2015
4.7.1Dec 16, 2014
4.7.0Dec 16, 2014
4.6.7Nov 19, 2014
4.6.6Nov 13, 2014
4.6.2Oct 20, 2014
4.6Oct 08, 2014
4.4Aug 26, 2014
4.3.4Jul 30, 2014
4.3.3Jul 02, 2014
4.3.2Jun 21, 2014
4.3.1May 18, 2014
4.3May 01, 2014
4.2.1Apr 12, 2014
4.2Apr 02, 2014
4.1.1Mar 15, 2014
4.1Mar 03, 2014
4.0Feb 23, 2014
3.9Feb 04, 2014
3.8.1Jan 09, 2014
3.8.0Jan 03, 2014
3.7.9Dec 16, 2013
3.7.7Dec 10, 2013
3.7.6Dec 02, 2013
3.7.5Nov 18, 2013
3.7.4Nov 11, 2013
3.7.3Nov 05, 2013
3.7.2Oct 17, 2013
3.7.1Oct 04, 2013
3.7Sep 16, 2013
3.6Sep 07, 2013
3.5.3Aug 12, 2013
3.5.2Aug 07, 2013
3.5.1Jul 30, 2013
3.5Jul 17, 2013
3.0Jun 21, 2013
2.9.2May 29, 2013
2.9.1May 28, 2013
2.9May 17, 2013
2.8.3May 03, 2013
2.8.2Apr 20, 2013
2.8.1Apr 11, 2013
2.8Apr 11, 2013
2.7Mar 27, 2013
2.6Feb 26, 2013
2.5Jan 04, 2013
2.4Nov 20, 2012
2.3Oct 29, 2012
2.2Oct 05, 2012
2.1.1Sep 30, 2012
2.1Sep 19, 2012
2.0Aug 21, 2012
1.5Jul 15, 2012
1.4.1Jun 30, 2012
1.4Jun 21, 2012
1.3May 31, 2012
1.2Apr 19, 2012
1.1Apr 03, 2012
1.0Mar 08, 2012First tracked
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1.99 USDThanksgiving Day
1.99 USD35 real stamp
2.99 USD80 cute stamp
1.99 USDBlack and white neon stamp
1.99 USD46 cute stamps!
1.99 USD35 black color stamp
1.99 USDFunny character with other staff
2.99 USDCoin pack 3
0.99 USDCoin pack 1
1.99 USDCoin Pack 2

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Compatibility: Universal

Category: Photo and Video

Updated: Jul 27, 2015

Version: 4.10.1

Size: 38.2 MB

Language: English, French, Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Vietnamese

Seller: GMO Media, Inc.

Rating: Rated 4+

Family Sharing: Yes

Requirements: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

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