Gorilla Workout: Fitness Aerobic Strength and Exercise Trainer Program on a Budget

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"You don't need any exercise equipment for this program, but expect to use every part of your body" – LifeHacker.com

"Gorilla is a real-life, workout video game for men and women. As you exercise, you pass its fitness levels. So kicking your own butt actually feels fun and rewarding." - BloodSweatAndCheers.com


Gorilla Workout is a fast-paced, no-equipment grouping of over 40+ exercises. Our daily body-weight only workout routines combine cardio and strength training interchangeably, to achieve maximum results in a short amount of time. Each exercise targets specific muscle groups to help you strengthen and tone your core, abs, chest, back, arms, and legs, and melt away excess fat. With no need for gyms or fancy equipment, every workout can be done in the smallest of spaces and in practically any location. This is the perfect fitness app for people who want to get in to seriously great shape, lose weight, and gain strength without breaking the bank.

In addition to the normal Gorilla Workout routine we've also begun releasing Signature Workouts such as 100 Pushups, 100 Burpees, 200 Situps, 25 Pullups and 200 Squats to help you reach additional goals.


- 40+ body-weight exercises including push ups, squats, and burpees

- 4 fitness levels so no matter what kind of shape you're in you're guaranteed a great workout

- Cross training to maximize cardio and strength

- Easy to follow day-by-day workout regimen containing hundreds of unique workout routines based on your fitness level

- Real life video demonstrations and detailed text description of each exercise

- Full body workouts that will target upper body, lower body, and core while also vastly improving your cardio endurance

- Social abilities like sharing via facebook and twitter

- Gorilla Workout is a global app, so once you purchase you get it on all your devices (iTouch, iPhone, iPad)


Gorilla Workout contains 4 levels that provide different workouts depending on your current fitness level. Level 1 is for those of you who are just getting into the fitness game and will have you starting with exercises like wall push ups, air squats, and lunges. Level 4 is for the extremely athletic type, where you'll be performing intense exercises like burpees, pistols, and one arm push ups.

Every exercise comes with a detailed text description on the muscle group worked, how to perform each movement of the exercise, and even contains a video of a real person performing the exercise so you can always ensure your form is right.

You'll start at Day 1 in each level and work your way through a day-by-day workout routine that will push you to make it to the next level. Once completing a workout you can share on sites like Facebook or Twitter to get encouragement and motivation, or for bragging rights if you’re competing amongst friends.

These workouts were designed to work every muscle group, so strength and muscle gains will be easily attainable in muscles like arms, abs, chest, back, and legs. Gorilla Workout is not only about strength and size though. Each workout will vastly improve attributes like agility, vertical leap, and cardio endurance.

Don't forget to like us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/gorillaworkout and follow us on Twitter @GorillaWorkout https://twitter.com/#!/GorillaWorkout

What's New

Version 4.11.0 (Jul 29, 2015)

New Signature Workout: Leg Lift Challenge

Leg-Lift Challenge is Gorilla Workout’s latest Signature Workout that will have you performing perfect leg-lifts before you know it. By focusing on the correct supporting muscles, you will quickly see your core strengthen and your ability to perform lengthy leg-lifts sky-rocket.

This workout solely focuses on core strength so other exercises like planks, pushups, pullups, squats, and many others will also be beneficially affected. Plus, this certainly won’t hurt in getting those abs you’ve been looking for!

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Version 4.10.0 (Jul 16, 2015)

New Signature Workout: Pushup Challenge

Pushup Challenge will take you from the easiest forms of assisted pushups to the super difficult one-arm pushups in no time. By blending exercises that focus on pushup form, pushup strength, and dropping body-fat, you will see your ability to perform pushups skyrocket.

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Version 4.9.0 (Jun 22, 2015)

New Signature Workout: Belly Burn

Belly Burn is a signature Gorilla Workout based on exercises that rely solely on the weight of your body by directly tying your strength to your overall body weight. With this, we target your belly fat. The more you weigh, the harder you have to work to complete your workout. As you get deeper into the Belly Burn, the workouts will become easier as you build strength and drop fat!

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Version 4.8.0 (May 26, 2015)

New Signature Workout: Gorilla Explosion

Gorilla Explosion specializes in explosive movements to prepare you for competitive sports like football, soccer, basketball, volleyball, etc. Any type of sport that goes from standing still to a full sprint or all out maximal jump requires explosiveness to excel at that sport.

To train for this, Gorilla Explosion uses an array of explosive exercises like sprints, various jumps, and quick aerobic movements to simulate explosiveness.

If you're involved in any physical sport or you just want to have an athletic physique Gorilla Explosion is the workout for you. Don’t wait and get powerful and explosive today!

BUG FIX: This build also fixes the YouTube API issue that was causing videos to not play.

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Version 4.7.0 (May 07, 2015)

New Signature Workout: Quad Crusher

Gorilla Workout doesn’t ever forget about leg day! This Signature Workout focuses on the often desired quadriceps. These account for the anterior portion of your thighs and contain what muscle seekers refer to as “the sweep” and “the teardrop” muscles. In addition to solid looking legs, the quads are heavily utilized in almost all lower body exercises so if you want to gain strength, speed, and explosiveness you need great quads.

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Version 4.6.0 (Apr 14, 2015)

New Signature Workout: Functional Movement

Functional Movement is a signature Gorilla Workout that places a focus on body-movement exercises. A body-movement exercise is one that emphasizes proper functional movement to help the body preserve its health and posture long term. With the Functional Movement workout, you won’t need much time to rest, as these workouts focus more on building proper form as opposed to building muscle mass.

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Version 4.5.0 (Mar 17, 2015)

New Signature Workout: Super Strength

Super Strength places a focus on body-weight exercises that provide the most raw strength boost. Let's get Gorilla strong!

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Version 4.4.0 (Jan 18, 2015)

New Signature Workout: Core and Six-Pack Abs!

In this Signature Workout we take abdominal and core training to a new level. By combining isolated ab exercises, lower back exercises, and aerobic training, this program will help you achieve optimum core strength and development.

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Version 4.3.0 (Jan 04, 2015)

Another Signature Workout is in order: Interval Intensity!

This time around we're working in high intensity intervals to really get that heart rate up and get those calories burning!

If you love Gorilla Workout we'd really appreciate an honest review. Reviews help us to keep providing workouts and to keep maintaining this app. They also help us keep you happy. Leave us a review to show your support!

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Version 4.2.0 (Aug 01, 2014)

Due to popular demand we've added another fat scorching program: Full Body Burner!

Full Body Burner is the perfect aerobic and anaerobic program to melt fat off your body. Get ready for that six pack!

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Version 4.1.0 (Jun 20, 2014)

Get your body ready for summer with our new Signature Workout: Beach Body!

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Version 4.0.2 (May 14, 2014)

Fixed bug where exercise video's were only playing sound with no image on older devices.

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Version 4.0.1 (May 04, 2014)

Fixed issue with All Signature Workouts button

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Version 4.0.0 (Apr 28, 2014)

As promised:

- Two new signature workouts that you get for free if you've made the All Workouts in app purchase
- Push notification reminders to keep you accountable and motivated


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Version 3.7.0 (Apr 05, 2014)

You've asked for it and we've delivered. We're now offering a one time purchase to buy all current and future Signature Workouts at a deeply discounted rate.

The next update will include two new Signature Workouts (you'll get these at no charge if you've made the purchase mentioned above) and a couple other surprises so stay tuned!

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Version 3.6.0 (Feb 11, 2014)

New Signature Workout: Fat Shredder

- Fat Shredder is optimized for losing fat and burning calories
- Perfect workout to go along with a diet and eating at a caloric deficit
- Great for removing belly fat to expose that hidden six pack!

We also included a bug fix for sharing on Twitter.


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Version 3.5.0 (Jan 22, 2014)

Check out our brand new Signature Workout: Plyometric Madness!

Like to jump? Plyometrics is all about jump training. It's one of the best sources of aerobic exercise around and is invaluable for both serious athletes looking to increase speed and power, and people just looking to lose fat.

Get Plyometric Madness. You'll hate it (in a good way)!

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Version 3.4.0 (Dec 20, 2013)

Get ready for the new year with two new Signature Workouts: Upper Body Sculpt and Lower Body Sculpt.

Use just one of them (one workout every other day) or together (alternate daily) for maximal results.

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Version 3.3.0 (Nov 11, 2013)

New Signature Workout: Cardio Challenge!

- Perfect for losing fat
- We've added two exercises for this workout: Jogging and Sprinting

Are you up for the challenge?

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Version 3.2.0 (Oct 11, 2013)

New Signature Workout: Gorilla Bootcamp

- Uses similar exercises and programming you'd find in a common bootcamp style fitness class
- Available in 4 different fitness levels so you can work your way up to each level
- If you're a fan of the original Gorilla Workout you're going to love Gorilla Bootcamp

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Version 3.1.2 (Sep 25, 2013)

Getting Gorilla Workout ready for iOS7

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Version 3.1.1 (Sep 08, 2013)

Gorilla stomps YouTube video bug which was causing videos to not play for some users.

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Version 3.1.0 (Aug 28, 2013)

Hey Gorillas! We have a new Signature Workout for you:

Killer Core
- All core and ab workouts for that slimmed down midsection or that rippling six-pack
- 4 progressive levels that get more and more intense
- Hope you don't mind ab soreness because this is going to hurt!

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Version 3.0.3 (Aug 06, 2013)

- Minor bug fixes
- Also, check out the Our Other Apps section for our newest fitness app: Ninja Fitness!

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Version 3.0.2 (Jul 12, 2013)

Updated YouTube library to fix video loading bug

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Version 3.0.1 (Jun 13, 2013)

Gorilla Update:

- As promised we've added in brand new and much improved exercise videos that will give you better instructions on how to accomplish perfect form for every move

- New handsome gorilla app icon for the iTunes store

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Version 3.0 (May 09, 2013)

Huge Gorilla sized update! You talked and we listened:

- Complete re-design of app with improved user experience and new gorilla characters
- New built in timer for use during workouts
- New ability to view all workouts in a level at a glance
- New ability to change your level individually for each signature workout
- We've also added Gorilla Workout apparel with some clothing and cases for your iDevices

Our next update will include brand new videos with audio instructions which will give you further in depth technique and form tips!

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Version 2.0.4 (Mar 04, 2013)

Fixed bug where restoring purchased Signature Workouts would duplicate existing purchases.

Also, we're taking suggestions for new Signature Workouts. Let us know in your reviews or on our facebook/twitter pages what you'd like to see and we'll do our best to deliver!

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Version 2.0.3 (Feb 26, 2013)

Due to popular requests we're releasing our next Signature Workout: 25 Pullups

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Version 2.0.2 (Jan 31, 2013)

We've added a new Signature Workout and it's a beast!

100 Burpees to bring out your inner Gorilla!

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Version 2.0.1 (Jan 18, 2013)

Fixed signature workouts button error plus big updates from 2.0 release


Big update with lots of new features and workouts for the new year!

- Modest redesign for a better look and feel

- Signature workout section where you'll find new workouts such as 100 Pushups, 200 Situps and 200 Squats

- Added reset button so you can reset the app to start from the beginning

- Support for iPad 3 retina display

- Bug fixes

Stay tuned for more signature workouts from Gorilla Workout to come!

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Version 2.0.0 (Jan 17, 2013)

Big update with lots of new features and workouts for the new year!

- Modest redesign for a better look and feel

- Signature workout section where you'll find new workouts such as 100 Pushups, 200 Situps and 200 Squats

- Added reset button so you can reset the app to start from the beginning

- Support for iPad 3 retina display

- Bug fixes

Stay tuned for more signature workouts from Gorilla Workout to come!

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Version 1.0.5 (Oct 24, 2012)

- iOS6 support
- iPhone 5 larger screen support

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Version 1.0.4 (Aug 14, 2012)

Language support now for Spanish, Japanese, and Portuguese

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Version 1.0.3 (Nov 29, 2011)

Minor bug fixes

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Version 1.0.2 (Sep 16, 2011)

Minor fixes

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Version 1.0.1 (Jul 12, 2011)

Minor bug fixes

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Version 1.0 (Jun 15, 2011)

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