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Attainment has been making augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) tools for 25 years. Our experience is front and center in GoTalk NOW, a flexible, easy-to-use, yet powerful app for people who have difficulty speaking.

NOW combines the simplicity of GoTalks (Attainment’s popular original AAC device) with the dynamic capabilities of an iPad. GoTalk NOW has all the essentials of an effective AAC app, like adjustable page layouts, customizable navigation, recorded and text-to-speech capabilities, and an included symbol set. But we sweated the details to create unique and compelling features that clearly separate NOW from other AAC apps.

The new NOW offers three styles of communication pages: Standard, Express, and Scenes. In Standard pages, the action occurs when the location is pressed. In Express pages, recorded or text-to-speech messages build in a speech bar and play in sequence when the bar is pressed. Scene pages are built around a single photo or image. When you arrange invisible hotspots over people or objects in the photo, the hotspots play speech, music, or videos! Feel free to mix and match pages within a communication book.

Create as many communication books as you need, each with unique settings and unlimited pages. Then share these books with other users via WiFi, and back them up for safekeeping via Dropbox or any Mac/PC. Envision the impact of blending video, music, and jump to actions among your pages. How cool is it to have your own private online galley to store and save your templates (up to five communication pages) for free, and to email these templates to parents and colleagues! Plus, GoTalk NOW is a full-feature scanning app!

• Choose 1, 2, 4, 9, 16, or 25 locations per page.
• Use images from your iPad camera, photo library, or the Imagine Symbol set.
• Search the Internet in-app for the perfect image or icon.
• Purchase SymbolStix or Widgit Symbols libraries in-app.
• Crop, scale, or rotate an image using your fingers.
• Combine multiple images in a single communication location.
• Color pages, borders, and text with any hue.
• Move and size text with your fingers so it feels just right.
• Record your voice or use our free text-to-speech voice.
• Buy higher quality voices for only 99 cents each, available in over 20 languages.
• Add spoken labels (auditory cues) to any button. Great for scanning, guiding visually impaired users, and identifying any new or difficult vocabulary.
• Trim videos in-app, and play them from any communication location.
• Select our alternate video interface to pause or exit the video easily.
• Link songs from your playlist to any communication location and control them with Pause/Play, Next, and Previous.
• Include a core vocabulary button for extra quick access to important messages.
• Create multimedia social stories and step-by-step instruction layouts by linking pages with an after action.
• Share complete communication books via WiFi with any iPad user who has NOW.
• Back up communication books via Dropbox or to any Mac or PC for safekeeping.
• Store and share interactive templates (each including speech, video, text, and jump to links) on our online gallery for free.
• Download and edit premade templates from Attainment’s collection on the public gallery, also free.
• Email links to your templates to parents and colleagues, who can open the template on their iPad by tapping on the link.
• Print and save communication book layouts via PDFs.
• Access Now with single or two-switch scanning.

GoTalk NOW participates in Apple's Volume Purchasing Program for Education in the United States.

Attainment is well known for top-notch customer service. Email us with questions or comments and check our website for free webinars. And yes, we're happy to talk to you on the telephone!

What's New

Version 4.9.1 (May 07, 2015)

Turkish Localization
Bug Fixes

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Version 4.9.0 (Mar 20, 2015)

Update to Acapela TTS Engine - Users will have to re-download any purchased voices (at no cost)
64-bit Support
Bug Fixes

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Version 4.8.6 (Feb 20, 2015)

AAC2go (Girl 11+) Available as IAP
Bug Fixes

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Version 4.8.5 (Jan 21, 2015)

Bug Fixes

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Version 4.8.4 (Jan 10, 2015)

Participate NOW IAP Available
Bug Fixes

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Version 4.8.1 (Sep 22, 2014)

Bug Fixes

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Version 4.8.0 (Sep 10, 2014)

PCS Symbols available as IAP
Bug Fixes

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Version 4.7.5 (Jun 03, 2014)

Portuguese localization added
Bug Fixes

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Version 4.7.4 (Feb 12, 2014)

AAC2go Young Boy
Bug Fixes

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Version 4.7.3 (Jan 21, 2014)

Fix for Bluetooth speakers

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Version 4.7.2 (Dec 21, 2013)

Bug Fixes

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Version 4.7.1 (Dec 13, 2013)

Tweaks and Improvements

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Version 4.7.0 (Nov 12, 2013)

AAC2Go and Talk All Day Communication Books available for IAP
Private Auditory Cues (requires iOS 6+)
Hue lighting system control
Webserver backup/restore
Three finger double tap to exit button editor
Page Search (page title and/or button text/tts)
Uses MultiPeer for sending books on iOS 7
Save image on button to camera roll
Express bar can now be on bottom
Scanning express bar is now a toggle-aable option
!expresson and !expressoff redeem codes

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Version 4.6.3 (Oct 10, 2013)

Bug Fixes

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Version 4.6.2 (Oct 04, 2013)

Bug Fixes

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Version 4.6.1 (Sep 18, 2013)

Fixes iOS 6 Crash

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Version 4.6.0 (Sep 17, 2013)

iOS 7 Fixes and Improvements

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Version 4.5.1 (Aug 07, 2013)

Bug Fixes

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Version 4.5 (Jul 26, 2013)

New Text-To-Speech Engine, will require re-download of all installed voices!
Speed improvements, especially when dealing with large communication books
Page Wizard can now add images from Image Libraries
Redesigned Communication Book Selector with search and sorting
Can now import pages from a different communication book into your current book
Multi-line Button Text - text will automatically wrap or add a double pound sign (##) to force a line break
Enabled/Disable individual buttons
New Option – Scanning: Resume From Current Location (Off = Beginning)
Can switch between purcahsed and downloaded TTS voices without an internet connection
Change color of color swatches by long press
Additional X-Callback URL Handlers
Scanning bug fixes
Debounce bug fixes
Additional bug fixes

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Version 4.0.1 (Jun 10, 2013)

Bug Fixes

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Version 4.0.0 (May 16, 2013)

It is highly recommended you backup your communication books before updating to 4.0!

New Features:
File Format Change to allow for documents to be visible in iTunes File Sharing
Can now duplicate Communication Books
Can now duplicate a page in a communication book (within the same communication book)
Two Button Layout
Save TTS as recorded audio
Redeem Promo Code button Under Feedback
Can add videos via iTunes File Sharing (this option only appears if you have a video file present in the documents directory)
Express Option: Play When Adding
Added URL handler for opening a book to a particular page (to get the url for a page, click the action button on Page Options)
Added URL handler for changing settings
URL Buttons are no longer marked Experimental and included by default

Bug Fixes:
Localization Fixes (where words weren't correctly being localized)
Fix for Dropbox Video Chooser occasionally blocking the app
Preview Blank TTS now uses Button Text appropriately

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Version 3.6.2 (Feb 20, 2013)

Fixes for iOS 5

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Version 3.6.0 (Feb 01, 2013)

New Page Wizard to easily create new pages
The default button action is now Text-To-Speech
Ready-Set-Communicate is a pre-made communication book, available for download
Three Finger Circle Gesture to swap between Player and Editor
Czech Localization (including GoTalk Image Library Keywords)

Various Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements

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Version 3.5.11 (Nov 27, 2012)

Last version that will support iOS 4.3

Fix for RJ Cooper Scanning

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Version 3.5.10 (Nov 15, 2012)

Fix for image search

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Version 3.5.9 (Nov 15, 2012)

TTS Fixes

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Version 3.5.8 (Oct 21, 2012)

Photo Library Fixes

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Version 3.5.7 (Oct 09, 2012)

Fixes Crash on iOS 6 on Express Pages

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Version 3.5.4 (Aug 30, 2012)

After Actions for Scene Pages

Pull broadcast name is now "{Name of Book} on {Name of iPad}" instead of just "{Name of iPad}" - this is more likely to result in truncation, but should be more clear on what would be transferred

TTS rate option to speed/slow text to speech (per book)

Quiz Results Dialog now truncates after 20 results
Option to e-mail (full) quiz results at end of quiz (only appears if iPad is configured for sending e-mail)

Various bug fixes

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Version 3.5.3 (Aug 15, 2012)

Localization tweaks

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Version 3.5.2 (Aug 02, 2012)

Partial German Localization

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Version 3.5.1 (Jul 24, 2012)

Bug Fixes
Added right to left accumulation
Added experimental "Quiz" options

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Version 3.5.0 (Jun 15, 2012)

Scene Pages
Widgit and SymbolStix Image Libraries available for Purchase
Bug Fixes

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Version 3.0.0 (Apr 05, 2012)

iPad 3 Retina Support
Pro Features are now Free
Express Pages
Backup to Computers and Dropbox
Updated Users Guide
Bug Fixes

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Version 2.0.2 (Feb 05, 2012)

New Pro Feature: E-mail PDF of Communication Book
Fixed a bug preventing rotating and resizing of images simultaneously
Fixed display glitch Online Template Gallery under iOS 4
After Actions menu now closes properly
Tweaks to movie playing to prevent glitches
Added Option to Disable Internet Search
Updated Users Guide

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Version 2.0.0 (Jan 20, 2012)

Various Fixes and Improvements
Added GoTalk Now Pro In-App-Purchase

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Version 1.1.0 (Nov 30, 2011)

• Text to Speech Engine has been redone - should now be faster and take up less space
• Bug fixes
• Interface Cleanup

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Version 1.0.2 (Nov 14, 2011)

• You can now double tap on objects in the button editor to bring up their options (button text, images, background color, border color)
• Support for External Displays via the VGA adapter
• Support for the Attainment Switch's "Device Images" feature

Bug Fixes:
• Various fixes for Scanning
• Duration required for long presses has been reduced

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Version 1.0.1 (Oct 27, 2011)

• Video Buttons no longer marked Experimental
• Option for scannable video playback interface
• Trimming Video Buttons is now optional
• Added Debounce Option to ignore multiple taps over a short period
• Added ability to specify which Attainment Switch Image is used

• URL Buttons

• Fixed display of version on Main Menu
• Fixed bug when changing TTS Voice
• Fix for scanning when resuming
• Fix for first page being disabled and still showing up
• Fix for thumbs on audio trimmer being difficult to drag

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Version 1.0.0 (Oct 10, 2011)

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4.9.1May 07, 2015Current release
4.9.0Mar 20, 2015
4.8.6Feb 20, 2015
4.8.5Jan 21, 2015
4.8.4Jan 10, 2015
4.8.1Sep 22, 2014
4.8.0Sep 10, 2014
4.7.5Jun 03, 2014
4.7.4Feb 12, 2014
4.7.3Jan 21, 2014
4.7.2Dec 21, 2013
4.7.1Dec 13, 2013
4.7.0Nov 12, 2013
4.6.3Oct 10, 2013
4.6.2Oct 04, 2013
4.6.1Sep 18, 2013
4.6.0Sep 17, 2013
4.5.1Aug 07, 2013
4.5Jul 26, 2013
4.0.1Jun 10, 2013
4.0.0May 16, 2013
3.6.2Feb 20, 2013
3.6.0Feb 01, 2013
3.5.11Nov 27, 2012
3.5.10Nov 15, 2012
3.5.9Nov 15, 2012
3.5.8Oct 21, 2012
3.5.7Oct 09, 2012
3.5.4Aug 30, 2012
3.5.3Aug 15, 2012
3.5.2Aug 02, 2012
3.5.1Jul 24, 2012
3.5.0Jun 15, 2012
3.0.0Apr 05, 2012
2.0.2Feb 05, 2012
2.0.0Jan 20, 2012
1.1.0Nov 30, 2011
1.0.2Nov 14, 2011
1.0.1Oct 27, 2011
1.0.0Oct 10, 2011First tracked
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Updated on May 21, 2015


Compatibility: iPad Only

Category: Education

Updated: May 08, 2015

Version: 4.9.1

Size: 73.4 MB

Language: Czech, Danish, English, German, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish

Seller: Attainment Company, Inc.

Rating: Rated 4+

Family Sharing: Yes

Requirements: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPad.

Bundle ID: com.attainmentsoftware.GoTalk-Now

Supports Apple Watch: No

App ID:  454176457  [Copy]