Haypi Monster

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Haypi Monster is a world where monsters battle against one another. Collect hundreds of monsters and form your dream team through evolution, breeding, and synthesis. You can also team up with other players to duel other players, challenge bosses, and save the world!

... The most authentic and exciting monster game out there!
... Free download. You can have fun without paying a dime.
... Newbie gift packages to make the game more fun.
... Available on iPhone5 and iPad4.

.Journey through six scenes and hundreds of levels. An epic adventure awaits you!
.Over a hundred monsters can be discovered and captured. Each monster has its unique set of skills from one of 9 elements!
.Manage the advantages and disadvantages of each monster type wisely. Challenge powerful bosses and win excellent prizes!
.Power up and do severe damage to your opponents by mastering your battle tactics!
.Keep leveling up and use evolution tools to make your monsters more powerful!
.Use magic scrolls to synthesize your common monsters into rarer ones!
.Breed powerful baby monsters and bless them with extraordinary power!
.Multiplayer combat! Team up with your friends or do PVP to see who the best player in the game is!
.Participate in the Ladder Tournament and compete with players from all over the world!

You will discover even more cool features along the way!

Haypi Monster will definitely bring you an exciting gameplay experience! Start your adventure now!

Note: Internet connectivity required.

What's New

Version 1.7.0 (Jan 07, 2015)

1. Dailies Reward activity has been added. Complete Dailies to gain points for ranking and receive nice stuff in return.
2. Giftboxes can be gained through making purchases.
3. Magic Matrix, Magic Stones and Embedding system have been introduced.
4. General server optimizations have been made.
5. Some minor bugs have been fixed.

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Version 1.6.3 (Oct 24, 2014)

minor bugs fixed.

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Version 1.6.1 (Mar 31, 2014)

1.Display problem on some languages has been fixed.
2.Errors on certain tasks have been corrected.

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Version 1.6 (Mar 18, 2014)

1.A new scene - Deadly Desert has been introduced.
2.Four uncommon monsters have been introduced: Gralf, Bush, Boomie, and Booma.
3.Two epic monsters have been introduced: Needles and Bragga.
4.A new mystery talent - Thorn-III has been added.
5.Several minor bugs have been fixed.

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Version 1.5 (Oct 31, 2013)

1. A new legendary monster has been discovered and will start challenging you in Version 1.5.
2. Two new scenes have been added: Thorny Forest and Ocean Abyss.
3. Two new monsters have been introduced. They are awarded when completing all challenges in the new scenes (one monster per scene).
4. These 2 new monsters reside in different scenes. You can encounter them in their correspondent caves during your adventure through the new scenes.
5. Two new weather effects have been introduced to the system: Night and Magic Storm。
6. A Stat Bet system has been introduced that will help enhance stats of your monsters.
7. New legendary monsters will burst from Magic Eggs. We’ll also offer you a temporary treat --two legendary monsters hidden there for you to crack open at the same time.
8. New mystery talents that have been introduced: Favor and Malicious.
9. The Requirement of PVP (monthly) for purchasing Vertedeath has been lowered to 2000 points, Splashy to 2200 points.
10. NPC AI has been improved.
11. Application size has been compressed.
12. Some minor errors have been fixed.

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Version 1.4.2 (Sep 02, 2013)

1. Traditional Chinese supported.
2. Eastern Asian languages supported (Thai, Vietnamese, Malay, and Indonesian).

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Version 1.4.1 (Jul 01, 2013)

1. Limit set on the amount of daily collectible Boss Essence
a. Players can receive up to 10 Boss Essence a day.
b. Players will receive no more Boss Essence after they reach the daily limit.

2. PP consumption feature removed
a. PP will be automatically restored to its fullest after every battle.
b. White, Green, Blue, and Purple Potions have been removed from game.

3. The reward requirement for monster senders has been raised.
Inviters can get their skill book chest when their referrals reach level 15.

4. Bugs fixed on Mirror Shield and Magic Shield

5. Adjusted the effect of Pressure
The effect of the mystery talent Pressure will no longer be stacked when multiple monsters with Pressure are in combat.

6. Adjustment made on Penetrate
Now Penetrate works against Foresight, Mirror Shield and Magic Shield.

7. Item Drop Adjustment
Super Love Potions will drop again in the Team Mode of Frozen Cavern, Chaotic Swamp, Holy Ruins and Barren Land.

8. Adjustment made on AI
NPC monsters no longer use the same supplementary skills repeatedly.

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Version 1.4 (Jun 19, 2013)

New Features:
1. Player level cap raised to 40.
2. Monster level cap raised to 60.
3. Weekly PVP Rank Rewards added.
4. Return gifts are now available for veteran players who return to the game. To qualify, their last login must be on or before May 1st, 2013.
5. Two new scenes now available: Holy Ruins and Barren Land.
6. New monsters available: Pattapilla, Pattafly, Sneopard and Clawpard.
7. New monster skills are available: Electrocute (Electric), Vengeance (Physical), Nature Boost (Plant), Punishment (Ghost), Magic Mirror (Psychic), Mirror Shield (Psychic), and Waterspout (Water).
8. New mystery talents available: Rage, Bolster, Purify and Madness.
9. Skill Upgrade feature added.
10. Monster Rewards now reward the scroll of the legendary monster Leviathan.
11. Players are now able to obtain Crystal by passing all veteran mode challenges.
12. Players can obtain Setanic Scroll by passing all expert mode challenges.
13. Players are now able to encounter and capture legendary monsters randomly during their challenges.
14. Lock feature added. Players can now lock their monsters to protect them from being accidentally sacrificed, synthesized or sent as gifts.
15. New items available in the Honor section of Shop.


1. Lowered the difficulty of certain levels.
2. Mystery talents are now color-coded by rarity.
3. Hippogon can activate the new mystery talent Rage.
4. Improved the balance of Fernir and Gryphion’s potential mystery talents.
5. Improved the balance of skills by adjusting certain stats, (i.e. PP and hit rating etc.)
6. Increased the effects of the mystery talents Hypnosis Jinx-I, Hypnosis Jinx-II, Thorn-I, Thorn-II, and Ice Therapy-I.
7. PVP Arena 2v2 matches have been improved. Teams will be matched according to whichever player has the higher PVP score.
8. Monster genders are now directly viewable on the Monsters page.
9. Monster count added to the Monsters page.

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Version 1.3 (May 24, 2013)

1. Magic eggs activity added. Crack eggs to get powerful monsters, even legendary monsters.
2. Pal connection system added. You can add pals, gift monsters and raid bosses with pals.
3. Boss Raids system added: work together with Pals to defeat dangerous bosses and win great rewards and exchange for legendary monsters.
4. Disenchanting (D/E) system added: Players are now able to disenchant their unwanted skill books and synthesis scrolls to exchange them for those they want. Epic monsters will no longer be out of your reach!
5. Dual Duel added. Players now have the option of using two-monster combat. Dual Duel adds a new dimension to PVP Arena and certain challenges.

Other Improvements:
. Team Mode cooldown process redesigned. You now have the option of using up to 5 Team Mode challenges at once.
. Fast-Forward feature added for improved battle efficiency.
. Players will get more rewards by teaming up with another player in Team Mode
. A Block feature is now available. You can now block chat messages and letters from others you don’t like.
. You can now receive coins in Online Rewards and certain Daily Tasks.
. The 4th monster combat slot can now also be unlocked with 2 Pal Connections.
. Daily Collection tasks have been simplified by removing all tasks and drops relating to Crystal Blocks.
. The method of using EXP Cards and opening multiple chests has been simplified.
. All players will get six more bag spaces. Item stack limits will also be raised. You will no longer have to struggle to cram everything into your bag!
. Level Rush feature added. You can instantly complete a Veteran or Expert Mode challenge through Level Rush by simply tapping the Rush button on the level entrance page.
. Plantosaurus is a new legendary monster that is available in the Encyclopedia. The honor requirement for certain monsters has also been halved.
. Honor points rewards added in some PVP related daily tasks.
. Lowered the difficulty of passing certain levels.
. Increased the original amount money in newly created accounts.
. Online rewards adjusted. Players can get much better rewards now.
. Essence of Life will also drop in Veteran Mode.
. Essence of wisdom will also drop in Expert Mode.
. Mystery talent activating part improved. You can choose whether to replace the former mystery talent with the new one or not.
. Several bugs fixed.

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Version 1.2.2 (Mar 27, 2013)

1. Features fine-tuned
2. Bugs fixed

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Version 1.2 (Mar 15, 2013)

New Features
1. A new element, Ice, has been added.
2. 15 new monsters have been added: Glacie, Glazelle, Glaze, Yaki, Yeti, Evergreen, Lupus, Freezy, Fragician, Trunky, Chunky, Crystal, Snoe, Blubbie and Splashy.
3. 17 new skills have been added: Super Fire Bomb, Lethal Powder, Super Thunderstorm, Icicle, Ice Bullets, Avalanche, Aurora Borealis, Chill, Ice Armor, Ring of Ice, Subzero, Blizzard, Ice Beam, Fog, Snowflakes, Massive Boulder, and Exhaust.
4. 4 monster skills have been added: Flame Trap, Drown, Toxic Stake, and Shake.
5. 5 new mystery talents have been added: Frost Aura-I, Frost Aura-II, Frost Aura-III, Nightmare, Spreading Flames and Frigid.
6. 2 new scenes have opened: Frozen Cavern and Chaotic Swamp.
7. Collection Progress for ice-type monsters is now available.
8. A new weather type, Blizzard, has been added.
9. The monster level cap has been raised to 50.
10. Rune gems can now be upgraded.
11. A new debuff, Lethal Poison, has been added.
12. 2 new items are now available: the Rune Gem Chest and the Skill Book Chest.
13. Weather-changing skill books can now be rewarded in Veteran Mode.
14. Skelly and Splashy can be purchased with honor points in the Encyclopedia (when players have met the monthly PVP score requirement).
15. New tasks have been added.

1. Unlocking the fourth combat slot will no longer cost coins.
2. 9 VIP progress points are given to all players.
3. The purchase requirements for Roco and Lava have been adjusted.
4. The reward for logging in consecutively for 5 days will now be a Rune Gem.
5. The maximum number of bag slots has been increased to 80.
6. Players can see obtainable items in Team Mode.
7. New daily tasks have been added.
8. Some daily tasks will now award extra Expert mode challenge attempts.
9. The PVP Arena now offers more rewards.
10. Seasonal and monthly PVP scores have now been changed to monthly and weekly PVP scores, respectively.
11. Expert Mode will now reward skill book chests of the corresponding element instead of any specific book.
12. Haypi Monster will now save temporary data. If a player is disconnected or closes their app during a challenge, they will be able to continue the challenge by logging in immediately afterwards.
13. NPC AI has been improved.
14. The mystery talent system has been improved. Purchased monsters can now have mystery talents.
15. Certain weather effects have been changed.
a) During a sandstorm, all monsters that are not fire or earth-type experience a decrease in their hit rating.
b) During a blizzard, the dodge rating of ice and water-type monsters increases.
16. A critical hit now does 200% damage instead of 150%.
17. The powers of the skills Solar Smite, Water Torrent and Psychic Thrust have been raised to 120 while their hit ratings have been increased to 90%.
18. Bugs on some mystery talents have been fixed: Penetrate, Unbending, Adaptability, No Guard and Adrenaline.
19. Small changes have been applied to mystery talent Pressure: the additional PP loss has been increased from 1 to 2.
20. The damage dealt by Ambush has been adjusted
21. Purity can now have the mystery talent Flush.
22. Skelly and Kreepie can now have the mystery talent Nightmare.

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Version 1.1 (Feb 18, 2013)

1. Registration for new accounts is now available.
2. Change Password option now available.
3. "Monster Rewards" system added.
4. "Mystery Talent" system added.
5. Weather system added.
6. Coins-for-Money exchange now available.
7. 14 new monsters added:
Escarglow, Bubbles, Seafoam, Cygness, Lambush, Sally, Neon, Angel, Glider, Crispy, Shadow, Grubby, Mantis, and Scythe
8. 9 new skills added:
Self-Sacrifice, Martyrdom, Relay, Execution, Wind Blast, Foresight, Celestial Prayer, Rain Prayer, Sand Storm
9. "Monster Details" feature added.

Modifications & Corrections:
1. Increased the base number of bag slots by 6.
2. Bag expansion costs have been lowered.
3. Lowered the difficulty of some levels.
4. Fixed the display problem in Sealed Space-2.
5. Fixed the Ambush bug.
6. Armordillo will appear more often in Sealed Space-6.
7. Fixed the breeding bug (Thor and Neo).
8. Neo can now evolve if equipped with a Bolt Bead.
9. Dice boards in Veteran and Expert modes will feature more nest squares, making it easier to capture rarer monsters.
10. Seal Cards and a Seal Card Box are now available in the Shop.
11. Rune Gems can activate a Mystery Talent for your monster.
12. Increased the drop rate of an Advanced Book Chest in Expert Mode and from Crystal Chests.
13. Adjusted Daily Task rewards and requirements.
14. Adjusted some skills and the trigger rate of their additional effects and buffs/debuffs (Whirling Flame, Hot Smoke, Sewage, Electric Ball, Shadow Swipe).
15. The electric type skill, Shock Switch, is now a physical type skill, Switch Hit.
16. Renamed Electromagnetism as Seduction. Its effect is restricted to the opposite sex.
17. Adjusted the hit rating of some skills (Water Cell, Entwine and Fissure).
18. Adjusted the effectiveness of Dream Thief and Cunning.
19. Damage proportions of self-damaging skills (e.g. Infliction, Kamikaze) are now based on a monster's total damage and no longer its total health.
20. Fixed a purchase bug on Purity.
21. Legendary monsters can now be unveiled in the Encyclopedia through prestige.
22. Blessing no longer has a VIP requirement.

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Version 1.0.2 (Jan 08, 2013)

1. GameCenter supported
2. Features fine-tuned
3. Bugs fixed

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Version 1.0 (Dec 21, 2012)

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