ImageChef+ Caption and frame your photos

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Do amazing things with photos & text using ImageChef+. Use our amazing photo and text templates, or arrange text and stickers manually. Output as images, animated gifs, or videos that you can post to Instagram.


Photo Templates
Drop your photo into a series in scenes such as a wanted poster, billboard, picture frame and many more. Also browse and download animated frames and collages generated by community members. Some frames support up to four photos combined in unique ways.

Text Templates
Start with a brief phrase or a name, and watch your text instantly transformed into a message written on the sand in the beach, printed on a billboard and more. Over 50 text templates are included and new ones are featured weekly.

Visual Poetry
Your words are arranged into a shape of your choosing such as a heart, skull or star. Customize colors and styles. New Visual Poetry Video templates let you make zooming videos of your text collages.

'Sketchpad' Collage Tools
Anywhere in the app, click the 'magic wand' icon to add text and stickers on top of the your image. Drag your finger to reposition and scale each element. If you want video output, when saving you can pick from one of three different animation styles that control how the stickers appear and move.

With integration to the community site, you can connect to friends on ImageChef and see their posts in a shared feed. Photo frames you design with the Sketchpad tool at can be used in this app.

What's New

Version 7.7 (Dec 19, 2014)

Bug fixes and performance improvements.

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Version 7.6.1 (Nov 03, 2014)

- Text editing function improvement

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Version 7.6 (Oct 27, 2014)

- Minor bug fixes
- App performance enhancements

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Version 7.5 (Oct 09, 2014)

- Easier to use Save & Share page
- Highlights area on image where text will be added
- Supports iOS 8

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Version 7.4 (Sep 18, 2014)

- Easy access to more rich templates on the ImageChef website
- Improved "Featured Templates" navigation
- Receive notifications when new templates are released
- Improved experience for users with no network connection

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Version 7.3 (Aug 12, 2014)

* Added support for German, Spainish, Portuguese Brazil, Indonesian, Japanese languages
* Easier photo transfer from other apps into ImageChef
* Direct sharing to Whatsapp, Weibo and WeChat

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Version 7.2 (Aug 04, 2014)

1. In-app guide for importing and taking new photos
2. Enhanced usability for easier creating, saving and sharing
3. Twelve new creative text templates
4. Added link to mobile website for faster access to more templates
5. Improved "Info" instructions for better assistance

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Version 7.1 (Jul 02, 2014)

Bug fixes
* App crashes when selecting some templates
* Template download issues when using private networks

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Version 7.0 (Apr 07, 2014)

New fonts, photo frames, and fun styles!

Stickers for Easter too!

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Version 6.7 (Feb 04, 2014)

Fixed many bugs. New Valentine's stickers!

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Version 6.6 (Jan 27, 2014)

We've just added Visual Poetry videos -- Create movies that zoom through your words.

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Version 6.5 (Dec 19, 2013)

Improved Facebook sharing for photo templates.

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Version 6.4 (Dec 02, 2013)

Bug fixes. New Christmas stickers

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Version 6.3 (Nov 13, 2013)

New holiday stickers!

Additional bug fixes and feature improvements.

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Version 6.2 (Oct 21, 2013)

We've added Halloween and other Fall stickers.

New VIDEO functionality that allows you to animate your stickers and text as a video. Great for producing original content for Instagram.

Let us know what you think of the new video feature!!

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Version 6.1 (Oct 03, 2013)

Fixed sticker saving bug on iPad. Other improvements.

You can now hold your finger on a sticker or text to move it behind other items.

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Version 6.0 (Sep 24, 2013)

Full redesign with draggable sticker and text.

Full support for iOS7 and iPhone 5S and 5C

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Version 5.4 (Jul 22, 2013)

Fixed bug with Beach template. New text and photo frames.

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Version 5.3 (Jun 14, 2013)

New text templates. App is now under 50MB so it can be downloaded more easily.

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Version 5.2 (Jun 11, 2013)

More text templates with revamped faster display engine.

Improved social media posting to Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more.

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Version 5.1 (May 09, 2013)

Lots of new fun templates.

Fixed bug with switch enabling high resolution.

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Version 5.0 (Mar 15, 2013)

new photo and text templates

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Version 4.9 (Jan 11, 2013)

Bug fixes with registration via Facebook
New Visual Poetry styles

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Version 4.8 (Dec 17, 2012)

Holiday edition. New Christmas and holiday text and photo templates.

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Version 4.7 (Nov 01, 2012)

New photo and text templates
New Visual Poetry styles
Use text symbol as a mask in Visual Poetry
Fixed bugs with Clipboard.
Improved Facebook Support

Note: If you encounter problems with Facebook sharing you may need to log out, then log back in to ImageChef or Facebook on the ImageChef settings page.

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Version 4.6 (Sep 24, 2012)

Support for iOS6 and iPhone 5
Improved friend search
Swipe on main image to go to next/previous template

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Version 4.5 (Sep 03, 2012)

Loads of new features:
-Higher resolution support. Enable in App Settings.
-Many new text templates.
-New Visual poetry styles. You can now change to 16 different collage shapes.
-New photo frame styles. Many of the existing styles have been upgraded.
-New look for profile feed

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Version 4.2 (Jul 23, 2012)

New Visual Poetry templates let you make beautiful text collages.

You can now change colors in many ImageChef templates throughout the app.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram at @ImageChefApp to see what people are making with ImageChef.

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Version 4.1 (Jun 08, 2012)

Lots of new new text & photo templates. Also added for new user-generated template features-- check them out in the User Made tab.

Improved sharing on Facebook using OpenGraph and many bugs fixed.

Follow us on Instagram @imagechefapp, Twitter @imagechef and Facebook for the latest ImageChef news.

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Version 4.0 (May 24, 2012)

Now supports iPad including Retina display.
Fun new text templates.
Numerous bug fixes.

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Version 3.60 (Apr 05, 2012)

New photo and text templates! Easy sharing through Instagram. Tighter Facebook integration and other additional improvements.

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Version 3.50 (Nov 19, 2011)

Improved support for iOS5, using built in Twitter support.

You can now set your account privacy from within the application.

Other miscellaneous bug fixes.

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Version 3.41 (Oct 07, 2011)

Fixed crashing problems from downloaded content packs.

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Version 3.4 (Sep 30, 2011)

Framed is now named ImageChef+

Now includes fun text templates that you can customize with your name or message. No photo required!

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Version 3.3 (Jul 05, 2011)

Now supports viewing and adding comments on friend's items and Push Notifications.

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Version 3.2 (May 26, 2011)

New drawing system to a wider variety of user-generated frames. See them in the 'User Made' section.

Cool new 'Lens Flare' frame is built in.

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Version 3.1 (Apr 24, 2011)

Lots of improvements including support for posting to Twitter. You can also now add a comment when you post to Facebook.

Be sure to tap 'More Categories...' to download the free Easter photo frame Pack.

Follow us on twitter at @imagechef for the latest news.

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Version 3.02 (Mar 29, 2011)

Fixed issues with older iOS versions (iOS 3.0 and 3.1)

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Version 3.01 (Mar 16, 2011)

iOS 4.0 and above is recommended for this update. We are working on improving iOS 3.1 currently.

Fixed problem with registering for ImageChef account using Facebook Connect.

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Version 3.0 (Mar 08, 2011)

Framed 3 version is a major redesign with a slick new retina interface that is fun to use. This update has problems with OS versions 3.1 and below, so if you are running iOS 3.1, please wait for our next update. OS4.0 and above is fully supported.

With integration to the community site, you can connect to friends on ImageChef and see their posts in a shared new feed. Also thousands of community submitted templates are now available.

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Version 2.8 (Aug 16, 2010)

Improved Facebook support. When you post to Facebook will now show up in your wall and feed.

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Version 2.7 (Jul 07, 2010)

Restored compatibility with iPhoneOS 3.0 and above.

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Version 2.6 (Jun 29, 2010)

NOTICE: This version of Framed! requires iOS4. Do not upgrade if you are on an iPad or have an older OS. A version that works with older OS versions should be available early July.

Support for iOS4 and iPhone 4. Higher resolution interface, display and output on iPhone 4.

Added ability to adjust brightness on photos with a slider.

Added copy to clipboard functionality.

Other miscellaneous improvements.

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Version 2.5 (May 27, 2010)

Now with a faster interface for taking photos: For users of iPhone OS 3.1 and above, you can now set the cropping frame as you take the picture. You can always recrop afterwards by tapping the crop button at the bottom right of the screen.

New Streetcar frame.

A star in the toolbar alerts you when new Frames are ready for download.

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Version 2.3 (Apr 15, 2010)

Reminds you when new content is available for download within the app. A new purple app icon has been added. Other miscellaneous improvements.

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Version 2.2 (Mar 17, 2010)

Due to customer demand, we've decided to make frame update packs free!

Click the download bucket to download photo frames packs for your area of interest or for upcoming holidays.

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Version 2.0.1 (Feb 22, 2010)

Fixed several minor problems, including issues with in-app purchase and landscape mode viewing

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Version 2.0

-2 new templates: Old Building and Club Sign
-Redone browsing interface
-Create a list of your favorite frames for easy access.
-Automatically go to a particular frame on startup.
-Landscape mode browsing of your creations
- You can also purchase additional frame packages for more fun! Click the shopping cart icon.

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Version 1.3

3 new templates, including: Postcard, Chalk on Sidewalk, and Guitar.

Miscellaneous improvements and fixes.

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