OSnap! Pro • Time-Lapse & Stop Motion Camera

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Simple, intuitive, powerful time-lapse and stop motion photography. Create and share stunning videos with ease. Packed full of features, OSnap! is truly the ultimate time-lapse and stop motion app. Perfect for both casual and serious photographers.


"...the best all-round time-lapse app out there, hands down" --epictutorials.com

"Very cool" --The Daily Appster

"...perhaps THE best time-lapse photography app on iOS" --redmondpie.com

"Incredibly powerful....I love it!" --iPad Today

"This app is packed full of features...a high recommendation" --148apps.com

"...a must have for shooting Time Lapses bar none" --DSLRVideoClassRoom

"The bounty of options never feels overwhelming or superfluous" --Eric Gwinn, Chicago Tribune

"HIGHLY RECOMMENDED...amazing results" --ephotozine.com



-Create quick and easy projects using built-in presets; or customize your projects with a multitude of options
-Projects are ongoing; add or delete images any time you like
-Supports portrait/landscape
-Customize your default settings so that each new project begins with the exact settings you want
-Far more features and flexibility than Hyperlapse

-Front/back camera, camera flash, exposure/focus/white balance lock
-Shoot 4:3, 1080p, Square and other HD resolutions (support varies by device)
-Pinch to zoom on supported devices
-Trigger photo capture with loud sounds in OSnap! 'Listening' mode
-Choose from a collection of unique, highly customizable guides to keep your photo sequences aligned and consistent
-Reminders: Never forget to take a photo. Set hourly, daily, weekly or monthly reminders
-Perfect for 'Daily Portrait' time lapse projects

-Create HD videos from 1-200 frames per second
-Include music or other audio from your device
-Videos are saved and archived and can be accessed at any time
-Share to Instagram, Vine, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, via Email or to your Camera Roll
-TIP: Exported video resolution is always dictated by the FIRST image in the time-lapse sequence
-Use OSnap! WiFi Transfer to download pics and videos from OSnap! directly to your Mac or PC ($0.99 In-App Purchase)

-Play and watch your projects immediately without rendering to video
-Adjust the speed of your playback WHILE you watch
-Choose speeds from 1-200 frames per second
-Add music from your device
-Record voice over ($0.99 In-App Purchase)
-Infinitely loop playback
-Videos you eventually render will mimic your playback settings exactly

-OSnap!'s powerful editing features allow for the ultimate in time-lapse creativity
-Duplicate, splice, reverse, mix and edit together pieces of your time-lapse sequences into entirely new cinematic creations
-Import photos from your device camera roll ($0.99 In-App Purchase)

-Set timer to capture images as fast as every 0.25 seconds (performance may vary with hardware) or as slow as every 48 hours
-Photos are saved immediately so that you will never lose data
-System notifications will not interrupt timed photo sessions
-Set a delayed start so that your capture session does not begin immediately
-Limit number of photos for each timed capture session; or take unlimited photos
-Darken screen during long image capture sessions to help preserve battery life
-Rapid timer settings (as fast as 0.25 seconds) allows for photo burst capabilities; capture multiple, quick photo sequences of sports and other live action events


What's New

Version 3.2.1 (Dec 31, 2014)

-iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus native UI
-Minor bug fixes

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Version 3.2 (Dec 10, 2014)

**Exciting new social sharing updates!**
--Share pics and videos to Instagram!
--Share videos to Vine!
--Share pics to Twitter!
--2 brand new dedicated OSnap! project presets for Instagram & Vine!
--Fixed obscure bug that could cause device to go to sleep during photo sessions with an initial delay
--Other minor bug fixes and improvements

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Version 3.1.1 (Nov 20, 2014)

-Reminders bug fixed
-Camera shooting screen now directly integrated with 'overlay guides' screen
-Twitter sharing temporarily disabled; Twitipic API has been shut down
-OSnap! rendered videos that lack audio will no longer cause phantom audio fuzz sound when imported into Vine
-Other minor bug fixes and improvements

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Version 3.1 (Oct 25, 2014)

-OSnap! now shoots 1x1 Square Photos! (available iOS 7 and above).
-Also included, a second HD Square shooting mode for OSnap! Pro & Upgrade
-Locate Square resolution at Project Settings > Photo Capture > Resolution
-Battery saving mode efficiency increased by up to 50%
-Other minor bug fixes and improvements

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Version 3.0.2 (Oct 15, 2014)

More iOS 8 updates and bug fixes
Fixed crashing problem on iOS 6
Twitter sharing for pics/videos is back! (Twitpic will stay in business after all!)
Other minor improvements

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Version 3.0.1 (Oct 04, 2014)

iOS 8 Updates
OSnap! renamed to OSnap! Pro; OSnap! Lite renamed to OSnap!
Temporarily disabling Twitter sharing; Twitpic service is shutting down
Ending support for iOS 5
Minor bug fixes and improvements

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Version 3.0 (May 17, 2014)

--Added OSnap! Voice Over recording capabilities (requires one-time In-App purchase of $0.99)
--Minor bug fixes and improvements

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Version 2.9.7 (Apr 11, 2014)

Added pinch to zoom up to 30x (iOS 7 on supported devices only)
Minor bug fixes and improvements

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Version 2.9.6 (Apr 03, 2014)

-Max playback/render speed for OSnap! projects increased to 200 FPS
-HUGE speed improvements when rendering landscape videos
-Fixed rare bug where 'thumbs' screen appears blank
-Fixed rare bug that sometimes caused 1px green strip to appear at bottom of portrait rendered videos
-Other minor bug fixes and improvements

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Version 2.9.5 (Dec 18, 2013)

-We are pleased to introduce OSnap! WiFi Transfer: Easily download pics and videos from OSnap! directly to your Mac or PC (requires one time In-App purchase of $0.99)
-30% speed increase when exporting photos to Camera Roll
-Photo import now honors cropping, filters and other effects applied to images in the iOS Camera Roll
-Improved and more consistent metadata on exported images
-Other minor bug fixes and improvements

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Version 2.9.2 (Oct 03, 2013)

-Improved YouTube login and upload process
-Minor bug fixes

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Version 2.9.1 (Sep 26, 2013)

-Fixed OSnap! 'listening mode' which on some devices was too sensitive and could result in unwanted pics being taken
-Fixed camera errors on some devices when taking pics with flash enabled

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Version 2.9 (Sep 21, 2013)

-iOS 7 updates
-Improved ability to continue timed photo shoots during and after system alerts and events such as phone calls, calendar, and text message notifications. Airplane Mode is still highly recommended for long shoots
-Twitter sharing bugs fixed
-More sensitive sound detection in OSnap! 'Listening Mode'; better responsiveness to a wider range of sounds, particularly higher frequency sounds such as hand claps
-Added 'Loop Playback' On/Off toggle button to playback screen for easier access
-Added Front/Back camera and Landscape/Portrait options to 'New Project' dialogue box for faster configuration
-Added ability to quickly import/copy current OSnap! project settings into Default New Project Settings
-Other minor bug fixes and improvements

A couple of bugs have been inadvertently introduced into this build, as follows:
1) Some devices will be overly sensitive to triggered sounds in OSnap! 'listening mode' in the camera view
2) Some devices will experience errors when attempting to take a picture with the flash enabled

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Version 2.8.2 (May 12, 2013)

-Added the ability to quickly and easily select, move and rearrange arbitrary groups of photos within each OSnap! project
-Fixed freezing/camera errors some OSnap! users were experiencing in OSnap! 'Listening' mode

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Version 2.8.1 (Apr 07, 2013)

-Stability improvements during timed photo sessions with intervals of 2-5 seconds, particularly in the case of iPhone 4 shooting hi res
-Greater resistance to failure as a result of incoming phone calls during a timed photo shoot (Airplane Mode is still highly recommended)
-Added new 'OSnap! Add-Ons' section for making/viewing/restoring In-App purchases
-Other minor bug fixes and performance improvements

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Version 2.8 (Jan 28, 2013)

-Added option to reverse frames in a project, allowing time-lapse sequences to be played backwards
-Added option to duplicate select photos within a single project
-Added links to 'FAQs' and 'Outstanding Bugs' in info section
-Fixed Twitter sharing errors
-Fixed missing labels on all sharing screens for iPad users
-Fixed potential crashing issue when attempting to add DRM protected music to a project
-Other minor bug fixes and performance improvements

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Version 2.7.4 (Jan 12, 2013)

Added option to restore In-App purchases

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Version 2.7.3 (Dec 21, 2012)

-On certain devices some users were experiencing unprompted photo captures when initially navigating to the camera shooting screen. This bug is now fixed.
-Added more info to FPS setting screen

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Version 2.7.2 (Dec 13, 2012)

-Changed scrub bars to number pickers in FPS and Video Quality screens for easier, more precise settings changes
-Updated video rendering resolution settings for iPad 4, iPad Mini, iPod Touch 5th gen
-Increased iPad 2 max 4:3 video rendering output
-Other minor bug fixes and improvements

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Version 2.7.1 (Oct 31, 2012)

Fixed 4:3 live camera display issues on iPhone 5. This fix should also resolve onion skin alignment issues on iPhone 5

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Version 2.7 (Oct 09, 2012)

-OSnap! is now a universal app with full support for iPad
-iPhone 5 support
-iOS 6 support
-You can now tap to set focus while exposure is locked and tap to set exposure while focus is locked
-Added the ability import photos from the iCloud Photo Stream for those that have purchased photo import
-Minor bug fixes

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Version 2.6.2 (Jul 26, 2012)

-Changed name from OSnap! Ultimate Time Lapse to OSnap! Time-Lapse & Stop Motion
-Fixed spelling errors in popup dialogues
-Minor bug fixes

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Version 2.61 (Jul 11, 2012)

Fixed potential crashing issue while rendering out very long videos

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Version 2.6 (May 31, 2012)

-LANDSCAPE RIGHT & LANDSCAPE LEFT: Now shoot OSnap! landscape projects with your device tilted in either direction
-NEW VIDEO RENDERING ALGORITHMS: OSnap! will now take extra care to render your final videos at extremely smooth, clear, extra vivid quality
-MORE AGGRESSIVE IMAGE PRE-PROCESSING: OSnap! will now attempt to preprocess images for shoots with timed intervals of 2.0 seconds or more
-SHARE VIDEOS TO TWITTER: You can now share rendered videos directly to Twitter
-FIXED SHARE PHOTO TO TWITTER: Share photos to Twitter is fixed (updated to OAuth 2.0)

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Version 2.5.2 (Apr 11, 2012)

-Added 1080p photo capture for supported devices (iPhone 4S, etc.) as well as 1080p export for supported devices (iPhone 4S, iPads, etc.). TIP: Exported video resolution is always dictated by the FIRST image in the time lapse sequence
-Added link to our OSnap! Vimeo Channel
-Added additional copy/explanation for users who might be confused about Apple's technical requirements regarding Location Services permissions; OSnap! DOES NOT store or use your location data
-Fixed minor spelling errors
-Other minor improvements and bug fixes

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Version 2.51 (Mar 21, 2012)


--Added additional 16:9 resolution options for photo capture: 960x540 and 1280x720 on supported devices (iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, etc.)
--Added option to auto create albums when exporting photos to camera roll
--Major speed improvements for deleting and copying projects and photos (speed improvements only apply to newly created content; existing photos still function on the legacy system)
--You can now import photos from your device camera roll into existing OSnap! projects (requires $0.99 In-App purchase)
--Standardized all rendered video output to 30 FPS; this should solve occasional issues with frame rate irregularities and pauses when sharing to services such as YouTube
--OSnap! will now abort all critical processes (including photo capture) once device battery level drops below 10%; this safety mechanism has been put in place to protect data integrity
--Stability improvements during project playback
--Many other minor improvements and bug fixes


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Version 2.0.1 (Dec 13, 2011)

BUG Fixes:
-Fixed recent crashing problem while using onion skin overlay
-Fixed infrequent pagination glitches on thumbs view
-Fixed infrequent crashes when deleting photos from thumbs view
-Other minor bug fixes and improvements

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Version 2.0 (Dec 05, 2011)

EDITING: OSnap! now allows you to easily and intuitively duplicate, splice, mix and edit together pieces of existing time-lapse sequences into entirely new cinematic creations. We are very excited about this powerful new feature; it allows for a whole new level of creativity with OSnap!

FOCUS LOCK: OSnap! now allows the ability to lock focus on supported devices (thank you Nate Graham for the feedback!)

IPHONE 4S HIGH RES VIDEO EXPORT: iPhone 4S users can now render videos at up to 1280x960

PLEASE NOTE: This update requires a database migration which can take a little time on initial load of the app immediately after update.


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Version 1.5 (Nov 02, 2011)

Added OSnap! resources and info section. On the home screen tap the info button in the upper right hand corner to view. Enjoy!

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Version 1.45 (Oct 25, 2011)

-added white balance lock
-fixed video distortion bug when exporting to landscape video on iPhone 4 on back camera projects

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Version 1.4 (Oct 20, 2011)

Updated for iOS 5 compatibility

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Version 1.33 (Oct 13, 2011)

Fixed crashing issue when exporting large numbers of landscape images to the camera roll.

Other minor bug fixes and improvements.

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Version 1.32 (Oct 11, 2011)

Fixed 'save to camera roll' error on iPhone 3G/3GS for high quality videos; adjusted video quality bit rate range to accomodate iPhone 3G/3GS native allowances

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Version 1.31 (Oct 06, 2011)

Fixed system timeout during database migration
Added ability to lock exposure during shoots
Added ability to adjust video export quality

Our deepest apologies for temporarily breaking OSnap! Thank you for your patience! If you left us a poor review, please consider revising! We can really use the positive support to help further the development of the app!

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Version 1.3 (Oct 04, 2011)

Added ability to lock exposure during shoots

Added ability to adjust video export quality

PLEASE NOTE: This update requires a database reconfiguration. On the initial launch of the app immediately after the update, OSnap! may pause for a long period on the home screen. Don't panic! The app is busy updating the database and it will eventually finish...be patient.

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Version 1.2 (Sep 28, 2011)

-Major stability and performance improvements, particularly during and after long time lapse sequences of 3-10 seconds

-Important processes such as image post processing, sharing upload, and video export will no longer be interrupted by systems notifications such as texts and reminders. It is still highly recommended that you keep the app open during important processes, particularly video export. As has always been the case, OSnap! timed time lapse shooting will not be interrupted by system notifications.

-Improvements and minor bug fixes to video player player UI

-New 'Info' button on home screen links to OSnap! tutorials

-Other minor bug fixes and improvements

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Version 1.1 (Sep 07, 2011)

-Now you can watch exported videos in portrait or landscape. Use the orientation button on the video player to toggle between portrait/landscape view

-Updated artwork for iPad and iTunes

-Fixed minor bug in 'Thumbnails' Screen that caused rare issue of app sometime staying in 'editing mode' after deleting selected images

-Fixed rare but potential occurrence of timed photo session being interrupted by system notification

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Version 1.0 (Aug 25, 2011)

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3.2.1Dec 31, 2014Current release
3.2Dec 10, 2014
3.1.1Nov 20, 2014
3.1Oct 25, 2014
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2.51Mar 21, 2012
2.0.1Dec 13, 2011
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1.5Nov 02, 2011
1.45Oct 25, 2011
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1.33Oct 13, 2011
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1.3Oct 04, 2011
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