Photo Captions Free: Frames, Cards, Collage, Text & more

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Make custom photo cards, collage or decorate your photos with thoughtful or funny captions, frames or annotations shapes, images and stickers and share them on Facebook or email.

★★ Now make photo collage and cards with image search, remember birthdays and send printed or digital photo cards to your facebook friends.

★★ Upgrade to Photo Captions Premium and get
- 22 custom fonts
- tons of premium media ( thousands of more choices )
- Feathered edges, glow borders on photos
- Several new and cool Photo Effects
- Import your friends' photos from Facebook and make them scary or funny and put it back on Facebook and tag them

★★ Dont save or share standard photos anymore. A picture is worth a thousand words, but add a few captions and annotations and it is much more.

★★ Tap on photos and objects to select and scale and rotate with 2 finger pinch

Photo Captions Other Features :

o Tap outside the object to deselect.
o Greeting Card: select a card background and then add your photo(s), text and shapes.
o Load Multiple Photos: add more than one
photo on a card/photo background.
o Text captions align automatically to fit text.
o Frames, Shapes, Text and Cards are categorized
o Objects can appear on top of frames: tap object to bring to front.
o Flip Captions and Objects
o Font Colors
o Landscape mode is fully supported
o Several Bug Fixes
o Smaller watermark

Contact us at for any help, suggestions or feedback

Don on a new look with hairstyles, mustaches, goatees, and beards. Accessorize your face with masks, sunglasses, hats etc.

Express your moods with emoticons and captions selected from an extensive library of objects such as notes, thought/speech bubbles.

- Text annotations for captions with a library of colorful text objects:
- Thought bubbles
- Speech bubbles,
- PostIt or just
- Plain text on transparent background.

- Shapes to decorate your photos
- Emoticons
- Balloons
- Confetti
- Custom text messages

- Face Accessories
- Mustaches
- Beards and Goatees
- Masks
- Sunglasses and Frames
- Ear rings
- Wigs
- Many more to try how you app

- Photo frames: to frame your valuable pictures.

- Camera Roll support: Add annotations, frames and captions to existing photos from Camera Roll.

- Facebook integration: Share your funny captions or your face decorations with your friends.

- Try out different hair styles or jewelry and find out how they look on your faces.

- More object library updates.

- App will work with iPod Touch with loaded photos to edit, annotate and publish to Facebook.

With the Free version you have unlimited access to all the features and some of the library of frames, cards and objects available in the paid version. A watermark is added to the saved photos at the lower section of the photo.

What's New

Version 3.2 (Dec 21, 2012)

-- Bug Fixes

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Version 3.1 (Dec 10, 2012)

- Christmas and New Year content.
- Hide text shadow option
- Get notifications when new content is uploaded.

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Version 3.0 (Jun 03, 2012)

- Insert Backgrounds, Images from the Web with a simple Image Search
- Photo Captions now helps you remember friend's Birthdays. Import Birthdays from Facebook or set up your own reminders when you would want to send photo greetings or cards.
- Print and Mail Postcards.
- Improved Text ( with drop shadows )
- Import Photos from Flickr now as well.
- Share Photos to Instagram, Flickr and Twitter
- Newer cards and decorations.

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Version 2.1 (Dec 22, 2011)

- Updated Media with 2012 cards
- Other new media
- Bug fixes and memory optimizations

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Version 2.0 (Oct 02, 2011)

Huge 2.0 Update

- Complete new look and better UI + retina display support.
- B & W and threshold effects ( upgrade to Premium to get more )
- Feathered edges to inserted photos
- Tons of new content - frames, cards, graphics and captions.
- Facebook and Flickr import
- Choice of font types and colors, including a color picker to choose colors from your photo or cards ( upgrade to Premium to get more )
- Halloween, Fall, Back to School, Sports, glitter and tons more new graphics.
- Export and Share with Facebook, Flickr, Twitter.
- Export to Paint FX and add more custom effects.

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Version 1.50 (Aug 29, 2010)

- Updates to support iPhone 4 retina display.
- Bug fixes with Text Captions.
- New Ransom letters with in-App purchase to unlock

Photo Captions Premium latest edition, the Halloween edition is just out.
- Get 22 new custom fonts
- Add Feathered edges to your photos along with glow borders, rounded corners etc
- Import your friends photos from Facebook and make them funny or scary and put it back on Facebook and tag them.
- New Sketch, Burnt paper, Old look, Posterize effects.

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Version 1.45 (Jul 01, 2010)

- New Fireworks images
- Flags and more
- iOS 4 compatible.. fixes crash bug with iOS4

** Try the new Photo Captions Premium Edition.. with
A new redesigned UI,
New fx feature,
More content in the media library, and
Ability to save photos in higher resolution.

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Version 1.4 (Jun 08, 2010)

Fathers Day Edition
- Cards and shapes for Dad

Photo Captions HD - the iPad version is out now and is currently featured "New and Noteworthy" photography application.

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Version 1.3 (May 06, 2010)

Mothers Day Edition
- Mothers day cards (10) and images (more than 20 )
- New flower images
- New feathered,textured and bordered frames
- Several greeting cards and frames are now free.
- Several new cards
- Animals - Cats, Dogs, Butterflies etc images

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Version 1.2.1 (Feb 26, 2010)

- Landscape mode text editing fix
- Auto orientation based on card / image sizes

Buy the paid version and get more than 100 new frames, cards and shapes available only in the paid version..

- New Frames with feathered looks to blend your photos with the background and frames
- New Animal object library including cats, dogs, butterflies, spider etc.
- Frame Borders
- Textured backgrounds for cards


Also try another app: Camera Clickme: for taking self photos automatically with face detection technology


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Version 1.2 (Feb 09, 2010)

- Ability to add photos on top of other photos or cards.
- New postcard and stamps mode to make postcard style cards.
- New sets of Valentine theme shapes, frames and card templates available for download for only 0.99 c
- Load Photo crash fix.
- Memory optimizations to prevent black frames

Want your iPhone to take your own self photos automatically with smart face detection technology, while you concentrate on the right pose and smile and not how to fit yourself in the frame or click the buttons?

Try our new app: Camera ClickMe at

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Version 1.1.2 (Jan 11, 2010)

Bug fixes
- Occasional Black images on capture
- Crashes on low memory on new photos or loading from photo roll

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Version 1.1.1 (Dec 18, 2009)

Critical Bug fixes:
- Image Capture showed black frames sometimes and would crash occasionally. Fixed now
- Objects could not be deleted in Landscape mode. Fixed.

On Sale this weekend - Camera ClickME: If you want the ability to take self portraits using voice guided & innovative face detection technology and then decorate it with HUNDREDS of funny and themed shapes and text, try our other App: "Camera ClickMe"

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Version 1.1 (Dec 11, 2009)

- The watermark is now much much smaller and just fine text in a corner.
- New Greeting card mode, which allows creation of photo cards, by using a card as a background instead of a photo.
- New photo loading mode, which allows for adding multiple photos on top of other photos or card or collage backgrounds.
- Christmas and New Year Special Edition.
- Library of over 75 new and high quality shapes, frames, stamps, and text captions including special edition objects for Christmas and New Years
- In App purchase to get high quality shapes, frames and cards.
- Over 20 new enhancments and bug fixes
- New Greeting card feature with themes of Christmas, Birthdays, Collages, etc.

- Automatic Text captions adjustment to fit the text.
- Design and Customize your own frames with objects overlaid on top.
- Full Support for landscape mode
- Object library organized in categories for easy find.
- Flip captions and objects
- Font Colors
- Higher resolution photos
- Much enhanced and intuitive object and caption selection, scaling and manipulation to get fine alignments and placement on top of your photos.
- Faster application load
- Layering for shapes and captions
- Much reduced size of watermark.

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Version 1.0 (Oct 06, 2009)

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3.2Dec 21, 2012Current release
3.1Dec 10, 2012
3.0Jun 03, 2012
2.1Dec 22, 2011
2.0Oct 02, 2011
1.50Aug 29, 2010
1.45Jul 01, 2010
1.4Jun 08, 2010
1.3May 06, 2010
1.2.1Feb 26, 2010
1.2Feb 09, 2010
1.1.2Jan 11, 2010
1.1.1Dec 18, 2009
1.1Dec 11, 2009
1.0Oct 06, 2009First tracked
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Top In-App Purchases

0.99 USDPhoto Captions Frames, Shapes and Text objects
1.99 USDVersion 1.3 and Mothers Day Premium Items
1.99 USDPhoto Captions Love Theme
0.99 USDRansom Letters
0.99 USDFathers Day Premium Items
0.99 USDPhoto Captions Greeting Cards
0.99 USDBaby Items
1.99 USDHalloween Graphics, Frames & Cards
0.99 USDImage Search
0.99 USDFall Edition

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Compatibility: Universal

Category: Photo and Video

Updated: May 21, 2015

Version: 3.2

Size: 31.4 MB

Language: English

Seller: Sprite Labs

Rating: Rated 4+

Family Sharing: Yes

Requirements: Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Bundle ID: com.spritelabs.photocaptionsFree

Supports Apple Watch: No

App ID:  327921474  [Copy]