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Do you have troubles for managing thousands of photos and videos? Do you have any private photos or videos? Are you looking for a photo portfolio app? Photo Manager Pro is exactly you are looking for...

FINALLY! An iPad Photo Portfolio App I Like – Photo Manager Pro. - Scott Bourne,

Finally a Photo Manager that works. - Uwe Steinmueller,

A Comprehensive Photo Organizer for iOS. - Sue Chastain,

Of the several picture viewer / editor apps I've tested, I've found Photo Manager Pro the best. - Werner Ruotsalainen,

* Photo Transfer:
FTP Transfer: Transfer folders and files between computer and device over wifi network.
HTTP Transfer: Transfer files between computer and device over wifi network. View photos in the browser.
Peer to Peer Transfer: Directly transfer files between iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch over wifi network.
USB Transfer: Import/Export photos from/to iTunes file sharing.
Basic Transfer: Import/Export photos from/to the Photos app.

* Organize folders:
Create, Move, Delete folders
Drag and drop to reorder folders
Customizable folder color
Customizable background style

* Organize photos(videos):
Organize photos into folders and sub folders
Sort photos by dates, filenames, types or custom sort sequence
Drag and drop to reorder photos
Star rating module (Rate your photos with stars)
Copy, move, delete, rename files
Add caption on photos

* Presentation:
Photo gallery
Compare 2~6 photos on the screen (iPad only)

* Security:
Passcode lock entire app
Passcode lock individual folder
Support decoy password
Record break-in attempts
Badge alerts tell you about break-in attempts
View break-in attempts log

* Meta Data:
File name, size
Taken date, EXIF and geo-tag

* Sharing:
Share photos on facebook, twitpic
Send photos by email

* Share files with other apps:
Copy and paste files from/to clipboard
Support "Open In" command to open file from/to other apps

* More features:
Search photos by filename, caption
Support favorites
Support AirPrint
Support Trash
Camera for iPhone and iPad2
Support all orientations
Universal app

NOTE: Devices and computers must connect on the same wifi for photo transfer. All photos(including imported, transferred) are stored and managed by this app.

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What's New

Version 4.4.0 (Nov 06, 2014)

* Compatibility fix for iOS 8
* Fixed an issue that photos are damaged when adding caption.
* Replaced texture background with black/gray background color. Texture background doesn't look good on iOS 7 and iOS 8.
* Fixed an issue that some files (thumbs.db and *.ini) make Cyberduck raise an error during file uploading.
* Additional bug fixes and stability improvements.

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Version 4.3.2 (Oct 31, 2013)

* Fixed an issue that the order revert to original when deleting a photo.
* Fixed the in-app camera freeze issue.
* Fixed app crash when saving comparison result.
* Fixed crop ratio selection issue.
* Fixed an issue that date isn't displayed in search result.

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Version 4.3.1 (Sep 26, 2013)

* Bug fixes and stability improvements

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Version 4.3.0 (Sep 17, 2013)

* Compatible with iOS 7
* Bug fixes and stability improvements

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Version 4.2.3 (Feb 20, 2013)

1. Fixed password lock bug.
2. Fixed a bug about "Exposure Time" in EXIF.
3. Introduce a new way to backup/restore data. Please see user manual for details.

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Version 4.2.2 (Nov 07, 2012)

1. Fixed a bug photos can't be pasted to Message.
2. Fixed a bug photos can't be copied/pasted between apps.
3. Sorted folders by name in folder picker component.
4. Improved sort performance.
5. File names can be sorted like: IMG_2.JPG, IMG_3.JPG, IMG_11.JPG, IMG_100.JPG
6. Fixed wrong photo dimension value.
7. Fixed password login bug in web browser.

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Version 4.2.1 (Oct 08, 2012)

* Optimized for iOS6
* Support 4'' display on iPhone5
* Improve Facebook uploader on iOS6
* Hide rating stars in folder if "Show Metadata" option is turned off.
* Minor bug fixing

- The Photo Manager Pro Team

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Version 4.2.0 (Jul 24, 2012)

1. Change app icon
2. Play video in Slideshow.
3. Add resize options when sending photos by email.
4. Be able to revert to original photo after editing.
5. Add photo number indicator in gallery.
6. Add an option to enable/disable auto full screen.
7. Add "Home" button and "Refresh" button in folder view.
8. Add an option to show/hide the "Old Imp." button. Again, this button is deprecated and will be removed in the future.
9. Fix crash issue during importing photos from camera roll.
10. Fix a performance issue when scrolling massive sub folders.
11. Fix an issue the option "Skip iTunes/iCloud backup" can't be turned off.
12. Fix an issue photo will become pixelate after adding caption.

- Photo Manager Pro Team

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Version 4.1.0 (Apr 27, 2012)

1. Optimize for the New iPad
2. New photo crop feature
3. Auto dismiss toolbars in gallery
4. Use pure black color as default background style.
5. Supports tiff format
6. Be able to transfer Canon and Nikon RAW file from computer to iOS device.
7. Add an option to reduce photo size.
8. New password forgotten feature
9. Supports auto rotation during slideshow.
10. Improve thumbnail scroll performance.
11. Improve photo rendering performance.
12. Fix an issue that filename is changed when open it in other apps.
13. Fix an issue that transferring large files via FTP will crash app.
14. Fix an issue that photo cannot be exported.
15. Fix an issue that toolbars easily appear when viewing photos.

- The Photo Manager Pro Team

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Version 4.0.4 (Mar 12, 2012)

Add MDTM/MFMT/MLST/MLSD ftp command
Add filename in EXIF panel
Add an option to enable or disable password reminder in settings panel
Enhance photo compare feature
Fix a bug file modification date is changed during ftp transfer
Fix a bug there is no sound when playing video

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Version 4.0.2 (Jan 23, 2012)

1. Fixed crash issue when importing photos on iOS4
2. Fix crash issue when viewing photos
3. Fixed empty folder password bug
4. Fixed the open-in issue

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Version 4.0.1 (Jan 13, 2012)

Note: This update have a bug regrading with import photos on iOS4. A new update is pending in review. If you're still using iOS4, please don't update to this version.

Photo Manager Pro 4 is rolling out. All new features is requested from you. Thanks for your great ideas and supports.

1. Customizable user interface
a) Customizable background style
b) Customizable folder color
c) Add an option to hide folder cover individually
d) Add an option to hide camera button on folder

2. Improve privacy protection module
a) Support strong password
b) Add decoy password feature
c) Record break-in attempts with front camera
d) Badge alerts tell you about break-in attempts
e) View Break-in attempts log

3. Add video controller
4. Add an option to disable iCloud or iTunes backup
5. Add star rating module (Rate your photos with stars)
6. Add folder sort feature
7. Twitter integration
8. Play multiple songs in slideshow
9. Increase zoom level for iPad2
10. Add simple camera for iPad2
11. Support air print
12. Overwrite files when importing from iTunes file sharing if the filename is same.
13. Support deleting files/folders from ftp client
14. Fix backup file corruption issue
15. Minor bug fix and performance improvement

- The Photo Manager Pro Team

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Version 3.2.4 (Oct 19, 2011)

1. Compatible with iOS5
2. Generate thumbnail based on image aspect ratio (iPad only)
3. Backup/Restore app data from/to device
4. Performance improvement for photo gallery
5. Bug fix and stabilize application

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Version 3.2.3 (Oct 04, 2011)

Fix folder movement bug

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Version 3.2.2 (Sep 27, 2011)

[NEW] Support Cyberduck (FTP Client)
[NEW] Folders and files can be renamed through FTP
[NEW] Files can be overwritten through FTP
[NEW] Ascending and descending sort files
[NEW] Save caption to IPTC metadata

[FIX] FTP Server crashes when uploading files
[FIX] Back button is missing when rotating photo
[FIX] Rotating photos will lose metadata

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Version 3.2.1 (Aug 22, 2011)

[FIX] Sub menu cannot pop up.
[FIX] App crashes when uploading files from computer to PMP FTP Server.

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Version 3.2.0 (Aug 09, 2011)

[NEW] Add a built-in ftp server. Please read the help manual for details.
[NEW] Apply sort option on sub folders
[NEW] Add new sort option: sort by file size
[NEW] Support Open In: open in photos and videos from/to other apps
[NEW] Import RAW format photo from the Photos app

[FIX] Can't clear photo caption
[FIX] Display photo modified date, instead of taken date
[FIX] Sometimes video can't be played
[FIX] Photos in locked sub folders are searchable
[FIX] Photos in locked folders are displayed in the favorites
[FIX] App shows wrong photo rotation when viewing photos in browser

If you have problems or suggestions, please send email to us.
If you like this app, please rate us. We need your support!

- The Photo Manager Pro Team

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Version 3.1.5 (Jul 09, 2011)

[FIX] Sub menu can't pop up
[FIX] The import/export indicator isn't dismissed
[FIX] App crashes when importing big video
[FIX] App crashes when viewing photos
[FIX] Bad geo tag with built-in camera
[FIX] Bad folder name(non-english character) which is created from browser

[NEW] Add confirmation dialog before deleting photos
[NEW] Move caption down for slideshow
[NEW] Change app icon

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Version 3.1.3 (Jun 24, 2011)

[NEW] Support IE9
[NEW] Auto publish the uploaded photos on facebook

[FIX] Crash when importing videos
[FIX] Videos can't be exported to camera roll on Verizon iPhone
[FIX] Filename won't be transferred (P2P transfer)
[FIX] The master passcode still activate, even if it has been disabled.

If you have problems or suggestions, send email to
If you like this app, please rate us.

- Photo Manager Pro Team

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Version 3.1.2 (Jun 03, 2011)

[FIX] Photos won't be displayed if the default sort type is missing.

If you like this app, please rate us.
If you have problems or suggestions, send email to

- Photo Manager Pro Team

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Version 3.1.1 (May 31, 2011)

[NEW] Copy photos between folders
[NEW] Copy photos to system clipboard
[NEW] Compare photos
[NEW] Rewrite Facebook uploader
[NEW] Random slideshow (shuffle mode)
[NEW] Option to turn off caption on slideshow
[NEW] Diagnosis program to identify hard cases

[FIX] App will crash when open some specific folder
[FIX] Can't search by filename
[FIX] Display wrong location(geo-tag) on the map

If you have problems or suggestions, send email to
If you like this app, please rate us.

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Version 3.1.0 (May 20, 2011)

[NEW] Import/Export photos via iTunes file sharing
[NEW] Improve performance (import, transfer, gallery)
[NEW] Enhance UI
[NEW] Drag and drop to sort sub folders
[NEW] Show confirmation dialog before delete folder
[NEW] Save sort method
[NEW] Camera for iPhone
[NEW] Display file name, file size, taken date
[NEW] Display Exif info
[NEW] Display geo-tag on map
[NEW] Rename file
[NEW] Display caption on slideshow

[FIX] Slideshow display blurry photo on iPhone4
[FIX] Delete folder without passcode
[FIX] Low quality of folder tumbril on iPhone4
[FIX] Modify folder name will change folder passcode
[FIX] Somehow app displays out of focus photo

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Version 3.0.1 (Apr 11, 2011)

Fixed bugs:
1. The imported photos are blur.
2. App crashes when uploading and displaying huge photos (>20MB).
3. Image Picker always display "loading".

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Version 3.0.0 (Apr 04, 2011)

New features:
Drag and Drop to sort folders and photos
App level password (Master password)
Folder level password (Folder password)
Use password to login web server
Custom folder thumbnail
Create folders via browser
Use the caption as the filename for email

Fixed bugs:
App crash when uploading photos
Lost meta data when importing photos

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Version 2.4 (Jan 11, 2011)

Urgent bug fix:
1. The subfolder disappears after rename it (*).
2. Lost files when exporting massive files to camera roll
3. Temporary bring back obsolete import feature for transition. Please try to use the new one.

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Version 2.3 (Jan 07, 2011)

Fixed bugs:
1. Crashes when massive file uploading
2. Crashes when viewing photos
3. Crashes when moving a single photo
4. Crashes when fast deleting photos
5. Crash when upload multiple photos to facebook
6. Device sleep when transferring
7. Passcode protected photo can be searched
8. Passcode protected folder isn't closed when exit app

New features:
1. Load next photo in background
2. Slideshow improvement
3. Sort photos and folders
4. Move folders
5. Rotate photo
6. Add a option "Show Caption"
a) Show caption on views
b) Take caption as filename for download

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Version 2.2 (Nov 30, 2010)

Urgent fix for iOS4.2 compatibility
Bugs fixed:
1. Compatible with iOS4.2
2. Can't import photos from photo library
3. Wrong photo size ratio
4. Lost files when transferring photos between devices.

New features:
1. New photo picker component
a) Multi-Select/Select All import
b) Import videos without compress
2, Take filename as photo tag when uploading files from computer
3, Performance improvement for photo gallery

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Version 2.1 (Nov 16, 2010)

Urgent bug fix!
Bug fix:
1. Remove display version of image to decrease data volume.
2. Fix localization can't be displayed issue.

New features:
1. Select all photos for web download
2. Multi-select files for web upload
3. Import all photos from album by single tap (iPhone only)
4. Send photo via MMS

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Version 2.0 (Oct 31, 2010)

1. Upgrade to universal version
2. Transfer photos/videos among Apple touch devices.
3. Upload and download photos/videos between touch devices and computers.
4. Fully support retina display
5. Bug fix

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Version 1.1
Version 1.0

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Compatibility: Universal

Category: Photo and Video

Updated: May 21, 2015

Version: 4.4.0

Size: 3.9 MB

Language: Chinese, English


Rating: Rated 4+

Family Sharing: Yes

Requirements: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Bundle ID: com.linkbrains.photomanager

Supports Apple Watch: No

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