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Want to organize and name your photos and videos as you want, directly on your iPhone or iPod Touch, and without needing to go through a computer, use Photo-Sort.
On trip or on the road and no computer within reach, don’t wait to be drowned in a flood of photos or videos, or to forget where or when they have been taken, or what they represent, organize them and name them directly on your iPhone with Photo-Sort.

The only app that enables you to:
• Organize your photos and videos on the road and do a backup on your computer once at home
• Create sub-folders
• Transfer whole folders while keeping their hierarchical organization
• Keep the original quality of your photos

Photo-Sort enables you to:
• Create folders and sub-folders
• Import photos and videos from the device's photo library (multiple selection available)
• Modify the compression rate of the imported photos
• Have the imported photos and videos, automatically numbered with the current directory name
• Cut, copy, paste, delete, and rename folders, photos, and videos
• Easily export/import folders, photos, and videos to/from your computer
(supported file formats at import: tiff, tif, jpg, jpeg, gif, png, bmp, BMPf, ico, cur, xbm, mov, mp4, mpv, 3gp)
• Email photos and videos
• Copy photos and videos to clipboard
• Upload photos and videos to camera roll
• Upload photos and videos to Facebook
• Protect the application access with a passcode lock
• Have a folder overview with as picture illustration, the first item of its content
• Browse your photos and videos with an advanced viewer, quite similar to the one from Apple
• View your photos in their original resolution after few seconds with no move
• View your videos in high quality
• Mirror it on an external display (requires an AV or VGA cable)
• Stream videos wirelessly (only works with AirPlay-compatible devices)
• Print photos wirelessly (only works with AirPrint-compatible printers)
• Tweet photos (only for iOS 5.0 or later)
• Store photos and videos on iCloud and wirelessly push them to all your devices (only for iOS 5.0 or later)

What's New

Version 2.4.1 (Nov 07, 2013)

- Fixed hang happening after playing a video on iOS versions lower than iOS 7.0.
- Fixed status bar not hidden in the viewer when controls are hidden.
- Fixed wrong thumbnail orientation for the videos (only for the newly imported).

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Version 2.4 (Oct 11, 2013)

- Fixed iOS 7 compatibility issues.
- 4-inch display support.
- Fixed image cropping of the photo viewer.

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Version 2.3.6 (Oct 17, 2012)

Fixed custom media picker's issues.

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Version 2.3.5 (Aug 13, 2012)

- Fixed Facebook service's disruption due to the Facebook migration from August 1st. Migrated it to the last Facebook API.
- Fixed minor iOS 6 compatibility issues.

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Version 2.3.4 (Jul 24, 2012)

Fixed that the app could not open at all on iOS versions lower than 4.2.

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Version 2.3.3 (Jul 17, 2012)

- Fixed bigger file size of the photos imported from the device photo library.
- Removed the long blocking process that appears at the opening of the app after the caches are cleaned, and replaced it by a non-obtrusive and lazily regeneration of the thumbnails.
- Fixed crash when receiving updates from iCloud and user is not on the main view.
- Changed the default ftp port to 2121.
- Added icons for retina display.

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Version 2.3.2 (Nov 23, 2011)

- Ability to modify the ftp port
- Averts system sleep during a slideshow
- Minor bugs fixed

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Version 2.3.1 (Oct 17, 2011)

Update of the manual thumbnails regeneration:
- Averts system sleep during the regeneration.
- Does not regenerate the thumbnails from scratch, but only regenerates the thumbnails which are missing (in this way, those who are facing low RAM memory issues, will at least be able to end up with the regeneration after several attempts).

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Version 2.3 (Oct 12, 2011)

- iOS 5 compatibility
- Tweet photos (only for iOS 5.0 or later)
- Store photos and videos on iCloud and wirelessly push them to all your devices (only for iOS 5.0 or later)
- Minor issues fixed

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Version 2.2.2 (Aug 16, 2011)

- Ability to send by mail, assign to contact, and send to Facebook, within the viewer
- Fixed upside-down photos' issue
- Minor issues fixed

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Version 2.2.1 (Aug 02, 2011)

- Fixed crash when editing names with accentuated or special characters
- Fixed crash when importing videos into a folder with accentuated or special characters in its name
- Fixed FTP issues with items with accentuated or special characters in their name
- Updated the instructions

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Version 2.2 (Apr 11, 2011)

- External Display (only for iOS 3.2 or later & requires an AV or VGA cable)
- Video AirPlay (only for iOS 4.3 or later & compatible renderers)
- AirPrint (only for iOS 4.2 or later & multitasking & compatible printers)

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Version 2.1 (Mar 17, 2011)

- Fixed compatibility issues with iOS 4.3
- Minor bug fixes
- UI update

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Version 2.0.1 (Nov 26, 2010)

- FTP timeout issue fixed
- FTP transfer not interrupted on an unsupported file

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Version 2.0 (Oct 25, 2010)

- iOS 4.2 compatibility fixes
- Minor bug fixes
- Mail of videos
- Save of videos to the Camera Roll
- Upload of videos to Facebook
- Copy of photos and videos to the clipboard
- Delete confirmation
- No more required to approve photos uploaded to Facebook. Permission directly asked on the device.
- For iOS 4.1 or later: Ability to choose between two media picker types: the old one (original one) and the new one (custom one with a "select all" button, a checkmark for the medias selected, etc...)

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Version 1.15 (Sep 13, 2010)

Minor bug fix

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Version 1.14 (Sep 11, 2010)

Fixes the memory issues when importing videos from the Apple photo library

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Version 1.13 (Aug 28, 2010)

- Video support (.mov, .mp4, .mpv, .3gp)
- Hide file extensions
- Show file sizes
- Correction of multitasking related issues: Passcode and parameters' saving

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Version 1.12 (Aug 17, 2010)

Essentially fixes the compatibility issues of the version 1.11 with the OS versions lower than 3.2

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Version 1.11 (Aug 16, 2010)

Issue with lower versions has been fixed.

• iPhone 4 compatibility fix (pictures taken in landscape mode with the volume buttons up are shown upside-down)
• Folder illustration’s distortion fixed
• Better resolution for the thumbnails in the “grid view” mode with 3 items per line (only applies to the new imported photos)
• Photo viewer improvements
• Info screen updated

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Version 1.10 (Jun 17, 2010)

Ability to switch between plain view, grid view (4 items per row) and grid view (3 items per row)

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Version 1.9.1 (Jun 06, 2010)

- Photo upload to Facebook
- AutoLock disabled during the FTP transfer
- Fixed a crash issue when viewing high quality pictures

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Version 1.9 (May 13, 2010)

- Item selection improved: faster and compliant with Apple style
- Minor UI updates
- Parametrable slideshow
- Risks of low memory minimized

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Version 1.8 (Apr 19, 2010)

- Ability to upload photos and folders to your device (supported file formats: tiff, tif, jpg, jpeg, gif, png, bmp, BMPf, ico, cur, xbm)
- Ability to set a passcode lock
- Ability to export photos to the camera roll
- Album illustration size increased
- "Settings" screen's design improved
- Display of a warning and tips when device is running low on memory
- Fixed filenames encoding issue with the FTP server (accentuated and special characters, including also east asian characters, now displayed correctly)

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Version 1.7 (Mar 23, 2010)

- Ability to select multiple photos to import
- Minor changes and bug fixes

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Version 1.6 (Mar 02, 2010)

- Photos displayed in full resolution and after few seconds with no move when swipping
- Available on iPod Touch

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Version 1.5 (Feb 23, 2010)

Meta-data change for iTunes and AppStore

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2.4.1Nov 07, 2013Current release
2.4Oct 11, 2013
2.3.6Oct 17, 2012
2.3.5Aug 13, 2012
2.3.4Jul 24, 2012
2.3.3Jul 17, 2012
2.3.2Nov 23, 2011
2.3.1Oct 17, 2011
2.3Oct 12, 2011
2.2.2Aug 16, 2011
2.2.1Aug 02, 2011
2.2Apr 11, 2011
2.1Mar 17, 2011
2.0.1Nov 26, 2010
2.0Oct 25, 2010
1.15Sep 13, 2010
1.14Sep 11, 2010
1.13Aug 28, 2010
1.12Aug 17, 2010
1.11Aug 16, 2010
1.10Jun 17, 2010
1.9.1Jun 06, 2010
1.9May 13, 2010
1.8Apr 19, 2010
1.7Mar 23, 2010
1.6Mar 02, 2010
1.5Feb 23, 2010First tracked
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All Versions - 2.5 - 369 ratings
Updated on May 26, 2015


Compatibility: Universal

Category: Photo and Video

Updated: May 21, 2015

Version: 2.4.1

Size: 2.5 MB

Language: English

Seller: Romain HENRY

Rating: Rated 4+

Family Sharing: Yes

Requirements: Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Bundle ID: com.romainhenry.photosort

Supports Apple Watch: No

App ID:  349041242  [Copy]