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"Down 18 lbs in 2 months using just this app! Love It!" - Dianne Peters ◆◆◆◆◆
"itrackbites community helps me stay accountable!" - fitmom34 ◆◆◆◆◆

Over 2000+ 5-Star Reviews and Ratings!
Over 250,000 users have downloaded our app on iOS, Android, and Amazon!

So... You've got a few pounds to lose...but you actually already KNOW how to lose fat:
Eat more fruits, veggies... less fast food.

But tracking your food score values is the BIG issue!

You have your phone with you 95% of the time (except the shower). So wherever you go you have a personal assistant waiting to track your food score values! Scan bar codes, create custom foods, or use our HUGE databases of common foods, pocket guide, restaurant guide or snack guide!

A successful user of our app said
"If you track, you'll lose weight! It's a whole new world. People treat you differently. You get more attention, feel better, and get more opportunities!"

That's exactly what iTrackBites does for you... manages your weight by allowing you to TRACK your food score values EASILY.

Wanna know what else is cool?!?!?!

There is a weight tracker that lets you weigh in and rewards you with milestone stickers to keep you motivated!!!

Get it now and start tracking your food score values so you can enjoy a long, healthy, and fulfilling life like hundreds of thousands of other iTrackBites users are already doing!!

√ Sync securely to multiple devices and easily backup/restore
√ Use our FREE online community feature!
√ Best weight tracker with Milestone sticker motivations for each goal!
√ Choose food items from pocket guide database!
√ Choose food items from USDA database!
√ Offers Restaurant, Beer, and Snack guides!
√ Scan barcodes for over 1,000,000+ UPC's!
√ Maintain list of favorite foods!
√ Works for Old Classic, New system, and Calories!
√ Check out the screen shots & see for yourself!
√ Visit our website for more
√ Contact us for help at

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◆◆◆◆◆ - "Love it and have lost 20lbs already!"

◆◆◆◆◆ - "Easy to track "bites" and stay on track!"

◆◆◆◆◆ - "If you already know the program, this is a great companion to go along with the weight loss program at only $5.99!!!"

◆◆◆◆◆ - "Great app love it! Use it constantly!"

What's New

Version 3.87 (Aug 31, 2014)

- Bug fixes
- Now can copy from recently tracked to favorites
- Barcode scanner added to front page for easier access

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Version 3.85 (May 08, 2014)

If you are happy with our customer support and this app please take the time to Write a Review and Rate the app! If you have problems please contact us at and we can help you! :)

- Fixed Classic activity calculator bug
- Fixed bug with daily consumed totals being incorrect in certain instances
- Fixed bug with daily allowance calculator regarding nursing mothers
- Add ability to save scanned items to favorites
- Fixed minor issue with bar code scanner not finding result after entering the information for an item not found
- Added ability to edit name and filling food properties for items in the Tracker list
- Replaced some bad threading code with new good stuff that will solve issues regarding the search occasionally freezing up
- Fixed bug in backup/restore which could cause unexpected results when combined with syncing feature
- Fixed bug with sync indicators

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Version 3.80 (Apr 24, 2014)

First, If you have a problem please email us at we will respond ASAP!! We can't respond to reviews so please let us know via email if you have issues and we will help you.

Second, thank you all for your feedback! I know the update was a big change, but we are listening to everyone and have made the changes you requested. Here is the first update I think you will find that it fixes many of the issues and makes the app better. We are still working at a few issues and requests, but this update should be a major improvement for you all.

- Added Pocket Guide and Favorites to main screen under a tab called 'Favs & Guide' for easier entry
- Made adding food easier (less taps to get to the important stuff)
- The + button from the Tracker page now goes directly to the Add To Log page
- Activity logging is at the bottom of the Add To Log page
- Moved Progress and Weight Tracker graph to the Tracker page
- Added ability to copy items from the log to next day and previous day by 'Long Pressing' on any item in the Tracker log
- Favorites are now in alphabetical order
- Daily remaining no longer shows negative if you go over your daily allowance and into your extra allowances. It will just remain at zero
- Added progress, healthy checks, and notes buttons to Tracker page for easy access
- Fixed bug where if in manual entry mode BITES list didn't go high enough.
- Fixed bug in height selector that wouldn't allow 5' 2"
- Fixed bug that caused BITES Classic mode activity to be calculated incorrectly
- Fixed bug that would show wrong weight units in graph if you chose anything other than pounds
- Fixed in sign up that wouldn't allow certain emails to register if the domain contained hyphens
- Fixed crash that could occur sometimes when accessing Weight Loss Plan in settings
- Fixed crash that could sometimes occur when changing weight loss plan settings
- Fixed bug in sync timer
- Fixed database bugs
- other bug fixes

We are always working to make iTrackBites more stable and efficient. If you stick with us you will find out quickly that our support is unprecedented! We actually listen and care about our users.

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Version 3.74 (Apr 17, 2014)

- I rewrote everything from the ground up!

- Thanks to all the current users for sending in your feature requests. Also thank you for your patience and I hope you enjoy the new app! I know you have all been waiting a while for this upgrade! If you have any problems please contact us at

- New iOS7 look and feel
- Full online community support
- Added ability to backup/restore your data using wifi network (Free)
- Added ability to backup/restore your data easily and securely over SSL using our cloud server backup (as an addon)
- Added ability to sync your data securely over SSL across devices (as an addon)
- Added ability to have multiple users per device using our login system
- Added database of common activities
- Ability to add your own activities and store them for future use
- Support for weight units lbs, stones, or kgs
- Support for height units inches, cm, or feet and inches
- Support for using decimals
- Added ability for app to automatically use activity and weekly food scores allowances
- Added option to manage the usage of weekly and activity allowances manually if desired
- Ability to select the order in which activity or weekly food score allowances are used
- Added multi-add feature so you can add multiple items at once from any of our database lists
- Added Recently Tracked list to allow you to add from your list of recently tracked foods
- Added FAQ guide to the app
- Barcode scanner with database of over 220,000 foods and ability to add your own if the item you scanned does not exist
- Weight tracker graph integration with landscape feature for easier viewing
- Support for banking activity earned
- Support for Calorie counting weight loss system
- Support for old and new food score systems
- Serving size integration
- USDA food database integration
- Restaurant guide add-on integration with multi-add feature for quickly adding your restaurant items consumed to your tracker log
- Snack guide add-on
- Beer guide add-on integration

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Version 1.91 (Jul 18, 2013)

- Fixed bug that would freeze the app when entering weight on the daily allowance screen

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Version 1.9 (May 19, 2013)

-Minor bug fixes

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Version 1.8 (Apr 05, 2013)

- Now optimized for the iPhone 5!

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Version 1.7 (Feb 15, 2013)

- Fix for decimal points rounding issue in favorites list
- Fixed bug that caused wrong item to be copied to favorites from the pocket guide after search
- Added in weight tracker achievement animations!
- Graphics updates
- Performance Enhancements

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Version 1.6 (Jun 20, 2012)

- Updated daily allowance calculator for new 2012 sysem!

- Decreased spacing for favorite list items

- Fixed "copy from pocket guide to favorites" but

- Removed extra edit step between for favorites "log it" feature. It is back to the way it used to work by adding it directly to your daily log.

- Bouncing blue icon only appears when there is an update you have not seen yet and will go away once you have viewed it until there is a new update to show you. Sorry! it was not meant to annoy you, there was just a bug that caused it to ALWAYS show up :)

- Fixed bug with daily notes feature not showing correct date.

- Bug Fixes

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Version 1.5 (Jun 17, 2012)

- Decimal support
- Copy from pocket guide to favorite list
- Copy tracker items to next/prev days
- Added daily allowance calculator
- Fixed errors in pocket guide
- Added weight tracker feature
- Added daily notes feature

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Version 1.4 (Oct 17, 2011)

-Includes iOS 5 fixes! This version has been updated to provide compatibility with iOS 5!

The following is a list of items that have been fixed to ensure compatibility with iOS 5

- Fixed bug that caused app to exit when changing Daily points allowance on the settings page

- Fixed bug that sometimes caused the app to exit when navigating using the tab bar

- Fixed bug of green diamond indicating power food or filling food showing up as a playing card

- Fixed bug of points totals text fields not having a proper yellow background

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Version 1.3 (Sep 20, 2011)

- Fixed problem of some points plus food items not being marked as power foods

- The calendar now defaults to the current day when opened

- Fixed a problem so that you can now type in a ' character in your food item name without causing the app to exit

- other minor bug fixes

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Version 1.2 (Sep 06, 2011)

- Updated to support new Plus system, but also still supports Classic system!

- Added pocket guide for new Plus system and Classic system! Now just pick food items from pocket guide db!

- Added option into settings page to allow user to select to use Plus system or Classic system!

- Added ability to enter up to 33 items into the daily tracker log!

- UI Improvements and updated icons/graphics

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Version 1.0 (Nov 22, 2010)

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3.85May 08, 2014
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1.7Feb 15, 2013
1.6Jun 20, 2012
1.5Jun 17, 2012
1.4Oct 17, 2011
1.3Sep 20, 2011
1.2Sep 06, 2011
1.0Nov 22, 2010First tracked
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