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The 4th release in the series of Takayui Fukatsu's ToyCamera, which you can take continuous shooting with high quality effects. Now QuadCamera is a winner of Best App Ever Award 2009 Best Photography App!

Just pressing a button, QuadCam proceeds to take 4-8 serial shoots and create one image with 6 selectable effects. The popping sound of the shutter gives you a great feeling.

Taking pictures of running cars, watching sports, adorable behaviours of your pets or to wam up the party...this is a cool camera application that you can apply for any moments.

For more in info please check the review on Time, Ny Times, MacWorld, Hotwired etc... website.

Main functions
- 4 or 8 serial shoots.
- Set 0.1-3 seconds serial shoot duration.
- 4 effects, bright, vivid, dull, hi-con, black&white and no-effect.
- various layout variation: 2x2, 4x1, 4x2, 8x1.
- Resolution 800*600 or 1600*1200.
- Email, Twitter Export.
- Animated GIF Export.

- 8x1 layout is for PC use, I recommend 2x2 or 4x2 for diplaying on iPhone. They fit iPhone's screen.

What's New

Version 3.10 (Oct 02, 2012)

iPhone5 Supported

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Version 3.07 (Oct 21, 2011)

iOS5 issue bug fix.
Really sorry about your inconvenience.

- Crushing album picker is now fixed.

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Version 3.06 (Oct 20, 2011)

Some more iOS5 fix.
I hope now it all fine.

- iPhone4S, iOS5... tested
- iPhone4, iOS4x, iOS5x... tested
- iPhone3GS, iOS4x, iOS5x... tested

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Version 3.05 (Oct 19, 2011)

Some people reported QuadCam crushes with iOS5 and iPhone3G, 3GS combination.

Now its fixed.
Sorry for your inconvenience.

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Version 3.04 (Oct 17, 2011)

Quick aid for iPhone4s and iOS5 supports.

Fixed - Now it supports iPhone4S

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Version 3.03 (Sep 30, 2010)

Several Minor bug fix.

- Fixed bug with 800x600 large Animated GIF export.
- Now tested with iPod Touch 4th Generation(with Camera).
- Adjusted front camera position difference between iPhone4 and iPod Touch 4th Generation.

Thanks for your using QuadCamera.
Now we supports new iPod Touch. I hope they can also enjoy our apps. We will supports new OS and Device as soon as possible. :-)

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Version 3.01 (Sep 03, 2010)

Just minor bug fix.

- Now new iOS4.1 safe.
- New iPod safe? Sorry not sure check ASAP when we get them.

Thanks for your using my app.
If you have iPhone4, try front camera. Making animated gif with frontcamera is so much fun :-)

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Version 3.00 (Aug 28, 2010)

- Front Camera is supported for iPhone4
- Bug for iPhone 3G is fixed.

For all iPhone 3G users, I'm very sorry about the annoying bug. Now it's fixed!

For all iPhone4 users, now front camera is supported. Using QuadCamera for your face is very fun. Enjoy :-)

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Version 2.80 (Aug 18, 2010)

Now minimum requirement for QuadCam is iOS4.0 or later. If you are still using old iOS, please update iOS before update QuadCamera. I'm sorry about that but we need to that for future update.

- Stability for Animation mode of iPhone4.
- Optimization for iOS4.

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Version 2.55 (Jul 02, 2010)

- Bigger image support for iPhone4
- Icon, launch screen support for iPhone4 resolution.

Thanks for using the app.

Because we don't have actual new device camera yet, it may contain some minor bug. If so please give me email, we will fix it as soon as possible. Enjoy your life with photography :-)

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Version 2.51 (Jun 21, 2010)

- Icon image is re-designed to fit iPhone OS4.0

Thanks for the using QuadCamera.
Now we are preparing next coming iPhone4. As soon as we get iPhone4, we start testing and fix issues on that. Because we need to test with actual device, lens, it takes one or two week after iPhone OS4 release.

If you fine any issue, please email me and it will be fixed. Thanks.

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Version 2.50 (May 19, 2010)

Thanks for the using QuadCamera!
Here is a new update.

- Vignetting (Shadow on the corner) from in-app setting menu.

It would be great, if you are happy to review it and giving your idea for future update.

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Version 2.40 (May 02, 2010)

Minor update.

- improved twitter upload stability

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Version 2.30 (Feb 23, 2010)

- Finally, In-App Animated GIF exporter is supported !!!

How to:
When you see taken photo, set app to animation play mode from footer bar, after tweet or email it from bottom right button.

QuadCam win Best app ever award2009, best photography app category!! Thanks for all users!
If you like it, It would be great to review the app. Thanks!!

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Version 2.10 (Dec 30, 2009)

- Twitter posting feature.
- Stability Bug Fix.
- Changing Shutter sound, because of api and rights issue.

Thanks for your using the app.
This time we add twitter support, you can set account from iPhone's "setting" app.

Now we are researching about in-app animated gif exporter, facebook upload, and manual shot.
Please review or let me know if you have any idea and request.

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Version 2.00 (Dec 12, 2009)

- Animation Player is added.
- You can change maximum value of timer interval to 9 from iPhone's default setting.app

It would be great, if you like new animation player :-)

As a next step, I will research animated GIF exporter. Until then, try my web service called QuadAnimator to convert yout image to animated gif. You can find it via google.

If you have any feedback and request, feel free and contact me. Thanks!

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Version 1.99 (Aug 05, 2009)

-You can zoom the taken result image with mutli-touch gesture.
-Autofocus is perfectly supported.

It would be great if you like this update and happy to review.

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Version 1.95 (Jul 27, 2009)

Finally QuadCam is back, after long review!! Now run with iPhone OS3.0, I'm very sorry for your inconvenience.

Version 1.95 is minor update.

- OS3.0 support!!!!
- CountDown indicator is added. Now you can easily take some kind of artistic trick photos.

Next comming update plan is
- touch & zoom feature to result view.

It would be great, if you re-review this version.
Thanks :-)

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Version 1.90 (Mar 16, 2009)

Series of minor setting is added.
Open iPhone's "Setting" app from home screen and scroll down. You can see general preference for QuadCam.

Also if you still use old iPhone OS, please update to iPhone2.2.1 with iTunes.

- Disabling border line.
- Disabling vignetting.
- Disabling shutter sound.
- Enablng TapAnyware feature.

Thanks for your feedback :-) If you have any future request, feed back, feel free and email / twitter me. Thanks.

Because app store changes their review system, many review is gone away. If you are happy to write review, its my pleasure :-)

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Version 1.80 (Feb 20, 2009)

- New effect mode Bright is added.
- New effect mode NoEffect is added.
- Camera button become bigger.
- Close button is added to the result view.

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Version 1.60 (Feb 13, 2009)

- Simple flashing effect is added to indicate shutter moment.
- Now the fastest shutter interval is 0.1 sec!
- Now Sound syncs shutter.

Thanks for your using QuadCameraa! Next update will includes two more effect setting.

If you are happy with my app, please feel free and review it. If you are not, email me your request, question, etc. I will respond them as much as possible. :-)

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Version 1.50 (Feb 06, 2009)

- New Effect Vivid is added.
- New Effect HiCon is added
- 30% image processing speed boost
- Now sounds sync shutter
- Image progress indicator is added

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Version 1.10 (Jan 23, 2009)

This version contains several small UI improvement.

- value popup is added to the timer slider.
- hit area of shutter button become larger.
- mail button is changed to info button.
- info button contains the series of support link.

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Version 1.0 (Dec 31, 2008)

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Compatibility: Universal

Category: Photo and Video

Updated: May 21, 2015

Version: 3.10

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Family Sharing: Yes

Requirements: Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

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