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The most complete lucid dreaming app on the market, built by a lucid dreamer for the best lucid dreaming technique out there: dream reentry.

**iPhone3GS is NOT supported!**

Lucid dreaming reminders at night
Sleep analysis with 20 metrics
Dream journal with dream history
Biological clock for sleep cycle analysis
Hypnotic induction script

Singularity Experience is an app that turns ordinary dreams into conscious ones. Become aware in a dream, and it transforms into a virtual reality like experience, where you have superpowers and your brain has an unparalleled ability to experience pleasure.

Lucid Dreaming is fun, and singularity is the fastest way to master Lucid Dreaming using a highly praised technique: re-entering dreams consciously. You wake up, stay still in bed and fall back into a dream consciously. Easy to understand, difficult to perform without an outside aid.

Enter Singularity Experience. It is an external aid for dream re-entry. The app's secret is its ability to accurately monitor your sleep and make intelligent predictions of when you are dreaming. When dreaming is detected, an external audio, vibration and a light cue is played to arise your awareness just to the point where you can fall back to sleep consciously.

Created by a lucid dreamer, the app is packed with tools to improve your sleep and take your lucid dreaming to the next level, guaranteed. The stylish, hypnotic interface speaks directly to your unconscious, using the language of ratios and geometry, helping you learn lucid dreaming faster.

The app includes 8 built-in reminders, ranging from the mysterious "Void" to tranquil "Harmony". Each reminder is designed to elicit a certain feeling within you, which will affect the quality of your dream experience.

Using 21st century technology, the app introduces a brand new gadget – a GPS based astro-biological clock. With the help of the biological clock, you may estimate your body’s circadian rhythm and find optimal bed and rise times at a glance! Sleep in tune with your sleep cycle and experience quicker sleep onset, clearer dreams and easier awakenings.

Don’t remember your dreams? No problem! Start by touching the screen at night to mark when you are awake. Over time, you will start remembering fragments of dreams, and end up with full 5-7 dreams in a typical night.

Singularity includes an excellent dream journal – less typing, more action: simply tap screen at night to mark your dream, and the app will automatically create a dream journal entry for you – see when your dreams took place. You can come back to the dream at a later point and complete the entry.

By browsing the dream and awakenings history, you can quickly see how your dreaming ability changes over time. Over a few nights, you will see patterns of dreaming and will be able to predict the best times for practicing lucid dream induction techniques, like Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming or Dream Exit Initiated Lucid Dreaming.

Do not let the novelty of lucid dreaming scare you, this version of the Lucid Dreaming App includes helpful documentation and onscreen tutorials to describe every single aspect of the app. Please watch Youtube videos to help you get started with the app.

Singularity is a proficient sleep tracker, using sleep score algorithms with up to 87% accuracy of distinguishing sleep from wakefulness.

The app includes a great self hypnosis script to help you learn the dream re-entry technique.

Lucid dreamers, unite:
Sonho lúcido
Sueno Lucido
Tudatos Álmodás
luzides Träumen
осознанные сновидения
alholm almotahakam
Vis lucid
Lucide rêver
Bevisst drømming
Lucide dromen
Lucidno sanjanje
清醒梦 / 清明梦
sogni lucidi

At less than the price of a gallon of apple juice, this app gives you the tools and techniques to start living a little every single night.

What's New

Version 1.31 (Apr 02, 2014)

Updated interface for iOS7
Fixed usability issues from iOS7
Fixed calibration

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Version 1.3 (Feb 20, 2012)

+New research tool: sleep duration, bedtime, rise time, sleep onset time animation. Tap on any history row. Tap the center sun button. The app will animate your bedtimes, rise times, and sleep duration from that night until the present night.

+Daytime reality check notifications: these are played when the app is not visible. Create them to remind your to do reality checks when you are most awake. To schedule a reality check notification, open the config panel on the singularity screen and tap the new reminder button, so it turns green.

+Increased the maximum reminder duration from 60 seconds to 60 minutes, so you can try longer reminders (like audio books or hypnosis sessions ) at night. From 0 to 60 seconds, the reminder duration increment is 1 second, from 60 sec to 3 min it is 15 sec, and from 3 min to 60 min it is 60 seconds.

+Added an option to show labels for buttons on singularity screen. Added sleep cycles to in-app help.

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Version 1.2 (Jan 19, 2012)

+Improved sleep graph - shows sleep cycles, color coded dream probability

+Improved dream markers - instantly see clear and long dreams in history and dreams list

+Dreamsign search - to search for dream signs - both the dreams list and history display search results!

-Reduced the number of reminders played by the app to 1 per sleep cycle.

+Improved calibration stability
+Bug fixes, crash fixes

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Version 1.1 (Jan 06, 2012)

Added customizable reminder delay to the audio panel
Added sleep history CSV file and improved sleep history analysis
New sleep history mode - real time
New app mode - wristband with improved accuracy
Added vibration reminder
Sun button now dims screen when the start panel is not visible

Fixed Reminder not dismissing with 0 seconds of light
Fixed high resolution research data not saving
Fixed the format of high resolution research data
Fixed Null entries in high resolution research data
Fixed panel titles on the reminder info tab.
Misc stability and bugfixes

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Version 1.0 (Dec 15, 2011)

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1.31Apr 02, 2014Current release
1.3Feb 20, 2012
1.2Jan 19, 2012
1.1Jan 06, 2012
1.0Dec 15, 2011First tracked

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