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Impress your friends with your own personal comic strips, created on your iPad, iPhone or iPod using photos from your photo album or iPhone camera.

Select one of the many included page templates. Insert photos into the cells. Add a couple of balloons with fun words. Add additional effect symbols (stickers) like "Boom", "Splash", or "Bang" to spice up the story. When you are happy with your new graphic novel, share it with friends and family.

Photos can be added from the camera, your photo-album, or downloaded directly from your Facebook account. You can apply filters to photos, and change the layout of the page to fit your needs. You can even paint on the photos, or draw your own sketches from scratch.

Text balloons can be positioned, sized, and rotated freely on the page. You can alter colors, font, text-size. You can give the balloons color gradients for additional impact.

There are plenty of stickers to spice up the action, but you can also create your own using photos from your photo-album and the built-in masking and drawing tools.

Use warped text with thick borders and gradient color-fill to give your cartoon the super-hero look.

Additional fonts can be installed from the web, so you will only be limited by your own imagination.

While you work, you can freely pan and zoom to control even the smallest details.

Once you have finished your masterpiece you can save it to your photo album, email it to your friends, upload it to Facebook or Flickr, or create a tweet with Twitter and Twitpic

-- All from within Strip Designer.

• More than a 100 page templates with 1 to 9 photo cells
• Multipage books
• Create your own layouts with up-to 12 photo cells
• Many different balloon types
• Text with per letter colors and fonts
• Warped and perspective text (even 3D)
• Change ballon size, rotation, color, and transparency
• Use any iOS font or install additional fonts
• Color gradients
• More than 150 stickers to insert for additional impact
• Dropbox and WebDAV photo, fonts, and document download/upload support
• Publish on Facebook, Flickr and Twitter
• Download photos directly from Facebook
• Export to PDF to create real comic books
• Control scale, position and rotation of photos
• Integrated drawing tools to create your own drawings, paint on photos, or make your own stickers
• Many different cell styles
• Various photo filters
• Freely pan and zoom while you work
• Insert maps
• PDF import (for both cells and custom stickers)
• Advanced cell-layout management
• iCloud sync
• Page effects to give your pages old look

--- What the reviewers say ---
"Strip Designer is worth every penny it costs, and then some. I would pay a couple more bucks for Lifestrips. It's stable, it's easy, it's fun, and for all that I couldn't come up with anything witty for my comic text, I love the look of my comics. Someone with a better imagination than I apparently have could really do fabulous things with this app. I rate it a solid five stars out of five.", Pamela Flora, iPhoneography

What's New

Version 1.15.1 (Sep 26, 2014)

• comics stored in icloud are accessible again

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Version 1.15 (Sep 23, 2014)

Warning: If you need to access comics stored in iCloud, do not update to this version. Please wait until the next update. Due to a mistake in this update, iCloud documents from previous versions of Strip Designer will not be accessible in this version. Also, if you update, do not store documents in iCloud with this version, as these may become unavailable with future updates. An update that fixes this issue has been submitted to Apple, and is currently waiting for Apple's review. We are deeply sorry about this. Please contact us if you think we can help with anything.

• Drag photos from photo drawer on iPad in landscape
• Minor bug fix UI changes
• Support for iOS8

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Version 1.14.4 (Jul 31, 2014)

• Send to Instagram share option, if Instagram installed

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Version 1.14.3 (Jul 21, 2014)

• Fixed: Flickr login

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Version 1.14.2 (May 29, 2014)

• More predefined colors
• Save custom colors
• Color eye-dropper
• Minor bug-fix

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Version 1.14.1 (Apr 23, 2014)

• Fixed: "Open in ..." share option is back
• Minor fixes

When reporting bugs, please use the support email in Help rather than reviews.

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Version 1.14 (Apr 16, 2014)

• 3D text with depth
• Color and font setting for individual portions of texts (for supported devices)
• Overall higher image resolution
• Balloon tails can have additional control points
• Line space and balloon inset adjustment
• Transparent output
• Various UI changes and minor bug-fix

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Version 1.13.2 (Dec 01, 2013)

• Minor bug fix
• Minor UI changes

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Version 1.13.1 (Oct 04, 2013)

• Webdav upload/import support
• Minor bug fix and changes to UI

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Version 1.13 (Sep 18, 2013)

• New look and support for latest iOS
• Minor bugs fixed

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Version 1.12.3 (Aug 28, 2013)

• Fixed: Additional attached cells in a layout now added correctly

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Version 1.12.2 (Aug 22, 2013)

• Fixed issue with tools not reflecting selection changes correctly
• Fixed some shadow inconsistencies with non-opaque balloons

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Version 1.12.1 (Aug 16, 2013)

• Fixed: Page list revealed correctly on small screen devices again
• Fixed: Drawings are copy/pasted correctly

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Version 1.12 (Aug 09, 2013)

• Perspective warp of effect text
• Better layout cell integration
• Minor UI changes and bug fix

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Version 1.11.3 (May 19, 2013)

• Stickers can be flipped now
• Added "Hands" stickers
• Balloons, stickers, and effect text can now be duplicated
• Film templates work again
• Fixed minor bugs related to PDF elements

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Version 1.11.2 (May 16, 2013)

• PDF import from Dropbox and supported apps
• Fixed a bug related to Facebook photos listing

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Version 1.11.1 (May 07, 2013)

• Now using Facebook iOS 6.0 integration
• Two new ballon types and two new predefined effect-text type
• Added send to other photo apps (PhotoAppLink )
• Various minor bug fix and UI changes

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Version 1.11 (Dec 19, 2012)

• Balloons can now have multiple tails and be merged
• Text flows tighter inside balloons
• Two new tail types
• Simple grid layout generation
• Various UI changes

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Version 1.10.1 (Oct 18, 2012)

• New ballon and frame types
• Balloon borders can be dashed now
• Various bugs fixed

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Version 1.10 (Sep 15, 2012)

• Various changes to UI and bug-fixes

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Version (Aug 30, 2012)

• Warped text can now have texture with mask and an attached background
• Minor UI changes
• Minor bug fix

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Version (Jul 24, 2012)

• Changed font UI a bit, and added font-install via dropbox
• Fixed som bugs

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Version (Jul 03, 2012)

• Dropbox support
• Balloons can now contain images
• Now, pinch/zoom out completely to reveal page list
• More Stickers
• Solves some performance problems related to large number of files and large documents
• Various bug fix
• Minor UI changes

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Version (Mar 30, 2012)

• Fixed missing undo button
• Fixed warp-text offset on some layouts
• Minor changes to Help
• Minor UI and chrash fixes

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Version (Mar 22, 2012)

• Balloons, stickers and warped text can now be clipped to frames.
• Various text-issues fixed
• Various crash issues fixed

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Version (Mar 13, 2012)

• Warped text will now be rendered as vector graphics on iOS 5 if possible
• Text can now fit within not rectangular text-cells
• Better Emoji support for regular and warped text.
• OTF fonts are now installable
• Various crash bugs fixed

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Version (Feb 24, 2012)

+ Text-cells now have fill and border
+ Additional clipboard functionality throughout
* Better crash reporting
* 1600 and 800 pixel output dimensions instead of 1599 and 799

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Version (Feb 14, 2012)

• New: Sides of cells in grid-layouts can now be slanted
• New: Grid-layouts now have page margins
• Changed: Comic selection UI changed again
• Fixed: Rounded rectangle balloons preview correctly again
• Fixed: Drawing/sketching works a bit better with inter-device synchronization
• Fixed: Issues that may appear during iTunes synchronization

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Version (Feb 02, 2012)

• Fixed: Stickers can be deleted again
• Fixed: Background color works for grid layout pages
* Fixed: Changing page size will now properly resize grid-layout
• Fixed: Fonts and stickers now also sync, in files not created or modified by version 1.9.9
* Fixed: Comic selection is a bit smoother now
* Fixed: Time-stamp was not properly converted to 1.9.9 from very old files

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Version 1.9.9 (Jan 17, 2012)

+ Easy and flexible grid layout editing
+ iCloud support
+ New file selection view
+ Copy/paste alle pages from one strip into another
+ Access PDF/Strip Designer using the iTunes documents system.
+ Email Strip Designer files
* Changed icon
* Using iOS Twitter on iOS 5 instead of Twitpic
* Cells not completely covered by a photo are now be transparent instead of black
* Minor UI changes

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Version (Aug 19, 2011)

* Fixed: Crash when opening font panel on older iOS
* Fixed: Unable to erase custom sticker completely bug
* Fixed: After inserting/editing custom sticker now has correct crop area

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Version 1.9.8 (Aug 12, 2011)

+ Additional drawing tools and brushes
+ Warp text has additional character effects
+ Strips with multiple pages on capable iPod/iPhone devices
+ Changed several image filters
+ Page effects has intensity
+ Stickers can now be dragged onto the strip
+ Snap guides
* Various minor UI changes
* Various crash bug fix

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Version 1.9.7 (Mar 31, 2011)

* Minor bugfix

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Version 1.9.6 (Mar 25, 2011)

* Page grunge effects
* Color gradients
* Color wheel
* Direct Facebook photo download

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Version 1.9.5 (Feb 08, 2011)

* Warped text
* Balloons can be scaled to fit text size
* Many user interface changes
* No more swipe to change template
* Cutouts have been moved to Stickers

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Version 1.9.2 (Dec 17, 2010)

+ New: Can now import cutouts with alpha channel from photo-album
+ New: Layout group (nTychs) (1-9 photos).
+ New: "Grunge" image style
+ New: PNG email
+ New: Global border thickness can be changed
+ New: pageformat (8.5x5.5)
* Changed: Drop-shadow and high-res output settings now in "Preview view"
* Changed: Redesigned "thought" balloons a bit
* Changed: Page list is now default hidden (on iPad)
* Changed: Touching unlocked empty photo cell now always opens "Select photo options"
* Changed: Smaller text margins in square balloons
* Changed: Enlarged some UI items
* Changed: Decreased default ballon shadow size
* Changed: Images now draggable to cells hidden by balloons or stickers
- Fixed: "Other" for image source works again.
- Fixed: Vignettes work in PDF now.

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Version 1.9.1 (Dec 03, 2010)

+ New: Drag and drop photos between cells
+ New: Basic printing on iOS devices with print support.
+ Changed: Minor UI changes
+ Fix: Crash which would occur during swipe+open

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Version 1.9 (Nov 20, 2010)

* Multiple pages (iPad only for now)
* Fixed some snap issues
* Fixed an issue with loading older strips
* Documented more and newer features in help
* Minor UI changes

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Version 1.8.4 (Oct 29, 2010)

* New: Size change of templates.
* New: Flip images (in image adjust)
* New: You can now select additional image-cell styles.
* New: Individual image cell border color and thickness
* New: Paint on cutouts and photos
* Fixed: You can now reset the template, but reselecting it from the template list
* Fixed: Creating a new strip will now clear the undo stack
* Fixed: Embossed images are better clipped
* Change: Colors are now indicated on toolbar
* Change: Font selection in iPad is now larger
* Change: Vignette now has a size

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Version 1.8.2 (Oct 19, 2010)

* Fixed: various crash-problems with cutouts on iPad
* Fixed: sometimes images would be covered by blackness.
* Changed: MarkerFelt is default font for balloons again
* Added: Right-to-left languages support (with built-in fonts and only iOS 3.2 or higher)
* Added: Can now set default balloon style from cut/paste menu (only iOS 3.2 or higher)

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Version 1.8.1 (Sep 30, 2010)

* Added: Halloween stickers
* Fixed: major crash issue in "Share/More" on older devices
* Fixed: multiline text no longer invalidates entire strip
* Fixed: image count when browsing templates
* Fixed: a compatibility problem with older strips
* Fixed: problem with auto-open
* Fixed: problem where strips would not be saved
* Fixed: Minor UI issues

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Version 1.8 (Sep 17, 2010)

+ Add/move panels

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Version 1.7.1
Version 1.7
Version 1.6
Version 1.5.5
Version 1.5.1

* Should fix widespread crashing on launch. We are deeply sorry about that one.

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Version 1.4.1

* Fixed bug where bubble positions would not be restored correctly
* Fixed a bug with font panel not showing fonts initially
* Added two more stickers
* Minor changes to a few templates

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Version 1.4

+ Added stickers
+ Added font download and install
+ Added Flickr group
+ Added paste and copy support
+ Added more landscape support
+ Increased normal and high export resolution
+ Minor UI polish and bugfix

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Version 1.3.1

* Fixed problem with speech balloon settings
* Fixed a problem with template color settings
* Fixed minor issues with template selection

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1.15.1Sep 26, 2014Current release
1.15Sep 23, 2014
1.14.4Jul 31, 2014
1.14.3Jul 21, 2014
1.14.2May 29, 2014
1.14.1Apr 23, 2014
1.14Apr 16, 2014
1.13.2Dec 01, 2013
1.13.1Oct 04, 2013
1.13Sep 18, 2013
1.12.3Aug 28, 2013
1.12.2Aug 22, 2013
1.12.1Aug 16, 2013
1.12Aug 09, 2013
1.11.3May 19, 2013
1.11.2May 16, 2013
1.11.1May 07, 2013
1.11Dec 19, 2012
1.10.1Oct 18, 2012
1.10Sep 15, 2012 30, 2012 24, 2012 03, 2012 30, 2012 22, 2012 13, 2012 24, 2012 14, 2012 02, 2012
1.9.9Jan 17, 2012 19, 2011
1.9.8Aug 12, 2011
1.9.7Mar 31, 2011
1.9.6Mar 25, 2011
1.9.5Feb 08, 2011
1.9.2Dec 17, 2010
1.9.1Dec 03, 2010
1.9Nov 20, 2010
1.8.4Oct 29, 2010
1.8.2Oct 19, 2010
1.8.1Sep 30, 2010
1.8Sep 17, 2010
1.3.1First tracked
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Compatibility: Universal

Category: Photo and Video

Updated: May 21, 2015

Version: 1.15.1

Size: 41.7 MB

Language: English

Seller: Jens Egeblad

Rating: Rated 9+

  • Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence

Family Sharing: Yes

Requirements: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Bundle ID: com.mexircus.comic

Supports Apple Watch: No

App ID:  314780738  [Copy]