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TextPic allow you quick to post pic with text and word to any social media and share your thoughts with all of your followers in seconds!

Doesn't it make you crazy that there is no simple way to send pic with text to social media?

TextPic make posting pic with text to social media directly very easy! You can write all your thoughts with a lots of well designed templates and your favorite photos.

It's a really cool and usefull way to share your thought in seconds with your followers!

UNLOCKER REVIEW(http://theunlockr.com):

For anyone who uses and loves Instagram the only thing the service doesn’t provide you with is a means to share a message with your followers.
Thankfully, there is an app called Textgram that gives you the ability to write a message and choose a unique background to share your thoughts with all of your friends. It’s a simple but useful app that acts as the perfect companion for all of the Instagram addicts out there.

*****USER REVIEWS*****

I love that i can write my thoughts an share them wit my friends!

I think tht textgram is wonderful. It allowes u to be creative in ur own way. Instead of puttin up regular pics u can put a pic up of words. Its an amazing app

This is the best text feature app ever !

TextGram Is Wonderful (: I Love It

This Is Like The Best App Ever Im Defflinty Telling My Friends Bout This :)

- Post text directly to Instagram
- Over 55+ well designed templates
- Over 65+ well designed stickers
- Over 65+ well designed frames
- Add text to your photos
- Shadow text
- Import your photos from photo library as templates
- Add stickers to your photos
- Over 30+ super cool art fonts and 40+ system fonts
- Change text color
- Pinch,zoom,pan stickers
- Pinch,zoom,pan text
- Pinch,zoom,pan your photos

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

We are not affiliated with Instagram, Evernote,Twitter, Facebook or any other social media.

What's New

Version 1.1.5 (Apr 06, 2015)

- minor bug fixed
- new name - TextPic

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Version 1.1.2 (Mar 06, 2015)

minor bug fixed

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Version 1.1.1 (Feb 09, 2015)

bug fixed

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Version 1.1.0 (Jul 19, 2013)

-New Frames
-Align text left,center,right
-More easy to operate sticker
-Minor bug fixed

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Version 1.0.9 (Jan 18, 2013)

Fix crash bug when tap "save" button more than 5 times.

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Version 1.0.8 (Jan 15, 2013)

- Support iPhone 5
- Support importing yourself templates
- New frames

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Version 1.0.7 (Sep 10, 2012)

- New templates
- New photo frames
- New stickers
- Fix some bugs

If you like your app, your great rate and review will be appreciated!
Thanks for your support!

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Version 1.0.6 (Jun 28, 2012)

1. Add adjust font size slider by tapping text to display
2. Support text shadow
3. Support add multiple sticks
4.Fix some crash bugs when launch app
5.Fix the bug stop background music when tap button
6.Fix some minor bugs
7.Make app more easy to use

If you enjoy using Textgram, your rate and great review will be welcome!
Thanks for your support!

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Version 1.0.2 (May 17, 2012)

- New creative templates,frames,stickers
- Remove watermark
- Bug fix
1. Can't open Instagram for some iPad,iPhone4 users(Make sure you have last Instagram version installed)
2. Other minor bugs

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Version 1.0.1 (May 01, 2012)

1. Fix crash bug after you use it for a certain time!
Update it now!
Enjoy it!

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Version 1.0.0 (May 01, 2012)

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1.1.5Apr 06, 2015Current release
1.1.2Mar 06, 2015
1.1.1Feb 09, 2015
1.1.0Jul 19, 2013
1.0.9Jan 18, 2013
1.0.8Jan 15, 2013
1.0.7Sep 10, 2012
1.0.6Jun 28, 2012
1.0.2May 17, 2012
1.0.1May 01, 2012
1.0.0May 01, 2012First tracked
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Average Ratings (United States)More Countries

Current Version - 4.8 - 5 ratings
Updated on Apr 18, 2015
All Versions - 4.6 - 12,294 ratings
Updated on Apr 18, 2015


Compatibility: Universal

Category: Productivity

Updated: Apr 16, 2015

Version: 1.1.5

Size: 27.5 MB

Language: English

Seller: mobile click

Rating: Rated 4+

Family Sharing: Yes

Requirements: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Bundle ID: com.click2mobile.textGramFree

App ID:  518972315  [Copy]