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Give your friends your very own phone number!

You can send as many texts and picture messages as you want - FREE!

Works on your iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone

There is no catch. No yearly or monthly fees! It is completely free!

The app comes with a few ads. If you don't like ads, you can purchase a subscription to remove them.

- Customize the look and feel of the app
- Tons of wallpaper, color schemes, and ringtones to choose from
- Use your own pics as wallpaper
- Customize your own voicemail greeting
- Make your own signature
- Super fast
- Bluetooth support for iPhone users

"If you want an unlimited texting without the high priced carrier based texting plans, then Textnow is the app for you." 4/5 rating --AppAdvice

"anyone needing an unlimited number of texts, we’d recommend TextNow as our app of choice" --AppAddict

"Just as fast sending/receiving as regular texts for me (including people who don't have the app)." -tbm248, MacRumors

Functionally, it makes no difference which area code you pick. As long as your friends are in the USA, they will not be charged any long distance.

What's New

Version 4.4.38 (Oct 21, 2014)

-Bug fixes for iOS 8
-Other optimizations for iOS 8 included
-For the best experience, we recommend upgrading to TextNow 5

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Version 4.4.37 (Jul 21, 2014)

-More UI bug fixes

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Version 4.4.36 (Jul 15, 2014)

-Minor bug fixes
-We've made it easier for you to upgrade to the latest TextNow 5!

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Version 4.4.35 (Jun 04, 2014)

-Added an easy to way upgrade to the new version TextNow without signing in again
-Added the TextNow Wireless store inside the app
You can now do everything without needing WiFi with a TextNow Wireless device and plan!
-Bug fixes

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Version 4.4.34 (May 14, 2014)

-New optimizations for iOS 7
-Various performance enhancements
-Various bug fixes

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Version 4.4.32 (Jan 13, 2014)

-Improved the look of the icon for iOS 7
-Added safeguards to prevent bad ads to redirect out of the app

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Version 4.4.31 (Dec 10, 2013)

There is a newer version of TextNow called TextNow 5 (with iOS 7 design) - search for it in the App Store.

This TextNow is renamed to TextNow Classic for those who still want the classic look and feel of TextNow.

This version also includes various bug fixes

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Version 4.4.30 (Nov 15, 2013)

Fixed bug on the iPad version where the call button sometimes disappear

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Version 4.4.29 (Nov 04, 2013)

-Fixed bug with earning credits

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Version 4.4.28 (Oct 15, 2013)

Fixed a number of iOS 7 related bugs including
-Visual glitches
-Crash when using the voice-to-text feature

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Version 4.4.27 (Sep 16, 2013)

Fixed issue where the app will sometimes crash when you answer phone calls when the app isn't open

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Version 4.4.26 (Aug 31, 2013)

The version includes more critical bug fixes

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Version 4.4.25 (Aug 09, 2013)

Fixed issue where the app would crash on launch after you update it

Previous version
-No longer requires your device ID to login
-Other bug fixes

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Version 4.4.24 (Aug 08, 2013)

There is a known issue that may cause the app to crash on launch. Another update has been submitted to Apple that fixes this issue. We apologize for the inconvenience!

-No longer uses your device ID to login
-Fixed some glitches

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Version 4.4.23 (Apr 18, 2013)

-More credit earning opportunities with video
-Bug fixes

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Version 4.4.22 (Mar 21, 2013)

-More opportunities to earn credits with video
-Fixed issue where calling crashes the app if address book is disabled in Privacy settings
-Fixed other minor bugs

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Version 4.4.21 (Feb 13, 2013)

-More availability of videos to watch for earning credits
-Added option to sign in with Facebook

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Version 4.4.20 (Dec 07, 2012)

-Calling other TextNow phone numbers won't require any credits and is UNLIMITED!
-Incoming calls do not require credits and is UNLIMITED
-TextNow now shows when a call is unlimited and FREE!
-More videos available to watch for earning of credits!

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Version 4.4.19 (Nov 13, 2012)

-More videos to earn credits!
-Fixed bug relating to earning credits after restoring app installation to new device

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Version 4.4.18 (Oct 22, 2012)

-Added support for the longer display
(iPhone 5 and 5th gen iPod Touch)
-Fixed crashes
-Improved performance

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Version 4.4.17 (Sep 25, 2012)

-Bug fixes
-Easier earning of credits!
-iOS 6 compatible

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Version 4.4.16 (Sep 03, 2012)

- More stability fixes
- Added more ways you can earn credits for FREE!

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Version 4.4.15 (Aug 02, 2012)

-Fixed issue that causes the app to crash sometimes on sending messages
-More performance improvements to make the app faster
-Other minor bug fixes

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Version 4.4.14 (Jun 25, 2012)

New feature! Send drawings to your friends (for iOS 4+ iPhone & iPod Touch)
Performance improvements
Fixed various bugs & crashes

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Version 4.4.13 (May 28, 2012)

More bug fixes

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Version 4.4.12 (May 15, 2012)

-Stability fixes and
-Crash fixes

(sorry guys!)

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Version 4.4.11 (May 07, 2012)

- Added logout button in 'My Profile' view
- To provide an easy way to let you reset your password, the app will ask you to provide and confirm your email address
- Stability improvements
- Bug fixes

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Version 4.4.10 (Apr 03, 2012)

New awesome feature: Customize your own voicemail greeting!
Go to Settings (tap the gear cog on the bottom left) and then go to Voicemail to record your own!

Fixes annoying issue where the app will crash randomly.

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Version 4.4.9 (Mar 06, 2012)

Fixed serious issue where the iPad app would crash on launch

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Version 4.4.8 (Mar 02, 2012)

Please DO NOT update! There is a VERY serious bug in this update!

If you already updated, please go to support.textnow.com for more information.

You can also access TextNow on the web by going to www.textnow.com.


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Version 4.4.7 (Feb 17, 2012)

-Fixed a log of bugs
-Added the ability to delete individual messages (hold down on the message to delete)
-Added the ability to email yourself the entire conversation history (Go to My Profile)

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Version 4.4.6 (Jan 04, 2012)

You can now text for free on your computer by going to www.TextNow.com!

-Fixed issue where the contact name doesn't show in the message preview
-Fixed bug where when you update the contact name in the adress book, it wouldn't update in the app
-You can now make longer signatures
-Fixed a couple visual bugs
-Made app smaller so it can be downloaded over 3G

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Version 4.4.5 (Dec 19, 2011)

-You can now text on your computer by going to www.TextNow.com!
-App is now called TextNow + Voice to reflect free calling and texting!
-Stability improvements
-Fixed bug when getting incoming calls inside the app
-Fixed bug with receiving incoming calls in iPad
-Shows tip on how to receive picture messages (send them to yourusername@textnow.me)

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Version 4.4.4 (Dec 08, 2011)

This should fix the crashing problems in 4.4.3 - sorry guys!

Also, you can now text from your computer by going to www.textnow.com!

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Version 4.4.3 (Nov 30, 2011)

-Fixed a bunch of crashes
-Made the app smoother
-Fixed a whole bunch of other bugs
-Made earning credits better

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Version 4.4.2 (Oct 28, 2011)

-Added a 'Delete Conversation' (scroll up to the top of the conversation to delete)
note that you can also delete a conversation by swiping the row of the conversation of the main view
-Fixed some more iOS 5 compatibility issues
-Fixed issue with text input bar hiding a portion of the Japanese keyboard
-Fixed issue with the text input hiding text in the 3rd line
-Calling is now FREE!
-Canadian area codes are now also available (calling not supported yet in Canada)

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Version 4.4.1 (Oct 15, 2011)

Fixed crashing issues for those with iOS 3. Sorry about that!

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Version 4.4 (Oct 13, 2011)

New credit system designed to let you earn credits faster - now you can earn credits by watching a short video ad!
Added option to disable message previews in alerts
Better stability
Improvements to the calling functionality:
- Better voice quality
- Be able to text message while on a call

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Version 4.3.8 (Feb 04, 2011)

-Fixed problem where the app will sometimes crash on launch

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Version 4.3.7 (Jan 31, 2011)

-Fixed crashes from 4.3.6
-Fixed bug where it wouldn't auto scroll to the bottom of the conversation

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Version 4.3.6 (Jan 26, 2011)

-Added the ability to search for conversations
-Added pull down to refresh
-Fixed a lot of bugs and crashes

iPad users: If the app keeps on crashing for you, update to the latest OS (4.2.1) and that should fix it. We submitted a fix to Apple and should arrive as soon as Apple approves it.

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Version 4.3.5
Version 4.3.4
Version 4.3.3
Version 4.3.2
Version 4.3.1
Version 4.3
Version 4.2
Version 4.1.1
Version 4.1
Version 4.0.3
Version 4.0.2
Version 4.0.1
Version 4.0
Version 3.3.4
Version 3.3.3 (iPhone OS 3.0 Tested)

Added additional FREE ringtones and backgrounds.

Important bug fix:
Fixes the bug where the app would crash on launch

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Version 3.3.3
Version 3.3.2 (iPhone OS 3.0 Tested)

-Moved the send button (no more accidental sending!)
-A bunch of new backgrounds
-Fixed really important bug where in-app purchases won't update when quitting the app in the middle of the transaction

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4.4.38Oct 21, 2014Current release
4.4.37Jul 21, 2014
4.4.36Jul 15, 2014
4.4.35Jun 04, 2014
4.4.34May 14, 2014
4.4.32Jan 13, 2014
4.4.31Dec 10, 2013
4.4.30Nov 15, 2013
4.4.29Nov 04, 2013
4.4.28Oct 15, 2013
4.4.27Sep 16, 2013
4.4.26Aug 31, 2013
4.4.25Aug 09, 2013
4.4.24Aug 08, 2013
4.4.23Apr 18, 2013
4.4.22Mar 21, 2013
4.4.21Feb 13, 2013
4.4.20Dec 07, 2012
4.4.19Nov 13, 2012
4.4.18Oct 22, 2012
4.4.17Sep 25, 2012
4.4.16Sep 03, 2012
4.4.15Aug 02, 2012
4.4.14Jun 25, 2012
4.4.13May 28, 2012
4.4.12May 15, 2012
4.4.11May 07, 2012
4.4.10Apr 03, 2012
4.4.9Mar 06, 2012
4.4.8Mar 02, 2012
4.4.7Feb 17, 2012
4.4.6Jan 04, 2012
4.4.5Dec 19, 2011
4.4.4Dec 08, 2011
4.4.3Nov 30, 2011
4.4.2Oct 28, 2011
4.4.1Oct 15, 2011
4.4Oct 13, 2011
4.3.8Feb 04, 2011
4.3.7Jan 31, 2011
4.3.6Jan 26, 2011
3.3.3 (iPhone OS 3.0 Tested)
3.3.2 (iPhone OS 3.0 Tested)First tracked
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Top In-App Purchases

1.99 USD100 Credits
2.99 USDCall Forwarding and Voicemail - 1 Month
2.99 USD200 Credits
5.99 USD1 Year of Ad-free Texting
7.99 USD500 Credits
0.99 USD25 Ringtone Pack
0.99 USDAd Free Texting - 1 month
7.99 USDLifetime of Ad-free Texting
1.99 USD100 Minutes
0.99 USDPremium Wallpaper

Average Ratings (United States)More Countries

Current Version - 4.0 - 1,329 ratings
Updated on Jul 06, 2015
All Versions - 3.6 - 160,227 ratings
Updated on Jul 06, 2015


Compatibility: Universal

Category: Social Networking

Updated: Jul 06, 2015

Version: 4.4.38

Size: 23.2 MB

Language: English, Spanish

Seller: Enflick, Inc.

Rating: Rated 4+

Family Sharing: Yes

Requirements: Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Bundle ID: com.tinginteractive.usms

Supports Apple Watch: No

App ID:  314716233  [Copy]