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As seen in Apple's Best Apps of 2012 & 2013. Featured by ABC News, Aol, Yappler, Mobile Entertainment, App Advice and appPicker.

Most people can use the iPhone straight out of the box, but miss out on many hidden features and secret shortcuts. To unlock all that potential and become an iOS power user, you need Tips & Tricks – iPhone Secrets.

This FREE Lite Edition provides you with five complete chapters, giving you a taste of the content you’ll get in the full app. You’ll also receive regular new material – tips, how-tos, news stories and app reviews.

Learn shortcuts, discover hidden features, type faster, browse quicker, secure your data, maximize your battery life, and more…
FREE content delivered to our iPhone every week!
Snappy tips that get straight to the point, all accompanied by images for clarity.
Share your favorite tips via Email, Twitter and Facebook.
Retina display graphics make the text and images crystal clear.
Save time, work more efficiently and enjoy your iPhone more!

The app also works on an iPad, so you can read on an iPad while you try the tips out on your iPhone or iPod touch.

With over 10 million downloads, we already have a lot of happy users – here’s what people are saying about Tips & Tricks – iPhone Secrets..
5/5 “This app could have easily come from Apple. It's simple, logical, and beautifully designed. Very well done.”
5/5 “I used every tip! Very useful!!” – USA
5/5 “So many tips I had no idea my phone could do. Easy format to understand. Not super techy so you won't be overwhelmed.” – USA
5/5 “A real eye-opener! I thought I knew a lot, but i didn't! ;-)” – Sweden
5/5 “Nice , little app. Does what it says. Perfect for those who are new to iPhone or to existent users after OS upgrade. This app should be default iPhone app and shipped with every new iPhone :)” – UK

Start mastering your iPhone today. Download Tips & Tricks – iPhone Secrets and see why this is "The App that should come installed on the iPhone".

What's New

Version 8.0.0 (Sep 25, 2014)

Updated to cover Apple's latest version of iOS, iOS 8.
Some tips have video to help explain.
We've updated our look to reflect a change from being called intelligenti to TapSmart.

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Version 7.0.6 (Apr 03, 2014)

Version 7.0.6 is here and it's a huge update for iOS 7.1. Here's what's inside:-

● The content has been updated for iOS 7.1.

● The whole user interface has had a refresh for 2014. We hope you like the new look.

● We've added a few more content sharing options including AirDrop, iMessage, Flickr, Save Image and Copy along with those you already had (Facebook, Twitter and Email).

● Improved the help overlays that explain how to use the app.

● Finally, we've squashed lots of pesky bugs including those annoying “New content available to download” notifications. Sorry about that.

Thanks for updating Tips & Tricks. If you have time it would mean a lot to us if you could review the latest version and let others know what you think.

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Version 7.0.5 (Oct 10, 2013)

Updates for iOS 7.
Content corrections.
Reports correct model when running on an iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s.

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Version 7.0.4 (Sep 20, 2013)


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Version 7.0.3 (Sep 14, 2013)

Added support for background downloads.
Bug fixes and performance improvements.

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Version 7.0.2 (Aug 02, 2013)

The last update contained a bug that stopped you from reading downloaded content. Very, very sorry about that. This update fixes that bug.

Also fixed a bug with cancelling download of content.

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Version 7.0.1 (Jul 30, 2013)

A whole new free chapter of keyboard tips. Master on-screen typing with these nifty shortcuts and then uncover the hidden emoji.

We've read your feedback and you no longer need to read all news articles for the app icon notification to disappear.

Improved content targeting so you only receive the content that's most relevant to you.

Bug fixes and stability improvements.

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Version 7.0 (Jun 17, 2013)

New chapter select layout allowing you to choose individual tips
Search to find specific tips
Bookmark pages as a favorite tip for quick access
All the latest News — get Apple and iPhone news delivered directly in the app
Regular bonus content — we've ironed out the gremlins and can finally send additional chapters for free.
Brand new icon — look how nice it is, and then tap it to open the app!

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Version 6.1.1 (Apr 25, 2013)

We've made fresh news and extra free content easier to find when it arrives.

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Version 6.1 (Mar 21, 2013)

✓ Major update gives three whole chapters of tips on shortcuts, organisation and battery life.
✓ New bonus chapter. We'll be updating this regularly over-the-air.
✓ A News section. Keep up to date with major new iPhone news as it breaks.

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Version (Oct 28, 2012)

✓ Major update now covers iOS 6 tips
✓ New settings screen - by popular request you can now disable the page flip sound
✓ Share your favorite tips on Facebook
✓ Bonus Tips for October

★ Problems updating or downloading the app? Take a look at our FAQs here

★ We'd love for you to rate our app on iTunes as it's great to read the reviews however we can't respond there so if you have any problems please don't hesitate to contact us at

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Version (Aug 31, 2012)

New Bonus Tips for August

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Version (Jul 24, 2012)

✓ Free bonus tips for July.

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Version (Jun 08, 2012)

✓ Brand new bonus tips for May 2012.

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Version (May 03, 2012)

✓ Brand new bonus tips for April 2012.
✓ Some minor bugs fixed

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Version (Mar 23, 2012)

✓ Brand new bonus tips for March 2012. Spring is here!
✓ A full redesign! Now even more gorgeous.
✓ Brand new icon to make it easier to find on your Home screen.
✓ Some minor bugs fixed
✓ Let us know what you think at 😃

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Version (Feb 21, 2012)

New tips for January
Happy 2012 to all!

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Version (Dec 16, 2011)

New Tips for December - Happy Holidays!

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Version (Nov 18, 2011)

New bonus tips for November.
New 'unread tips' feature.

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Version (Oct 28, 2011)

New tips for iOS 5

New free tips for October

Brand new icon - notice the linen!

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Version (Sep 30, 2011)

Monthly update with more tips for September.

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Version (Sep 06, 2011)

New bonus tips for August.

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Version (Aug 03, 2011)

Bonus Tips for July

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Version 4.3.1 (Jun 27, 2011)

New tips added for June.

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Version 4.3 (May 02, 2011)

New Bonus Tips for April.
Minor bug fixes.

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Version 4.2 (Mar 21, 2011)

New bonus tips
New Section on 'Behind the Scenes' describing how we create our apps.

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Version 4.1 (Nov 12, 2010)

Updated for Latest iOS.

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Version 4.0.2 (Sep 27, 2010)

Updated for September with new tips, new higher-resolution graphics for Retina Display, new ways to share, and also now a Universal App.

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Version 4.0 (Jul 19, 2010)

Now covers iOS4
New bonus tips for July.

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Version 3.7 (Jun 03, 2010)

New chapter graphics, look and feel
New bonus tips for June 2010
Fixed tweeting bug

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Version 3.6 (Jan 11, 2010)

New Tips
New design
Share Tips via Twitter

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Version 3.2 (Nov 06, 2009)

Contains Spanish Translation
Faster app launch

Two New Tips:
Calculator Backspace
Add Icons to Homescreen

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Version 3.1 (Aug 20, 2009)

New Tip - improve voice control
New feature - share Tips via e-mail

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Version 3.0 (Jul 15, 2009)

Updated for 3.0 and the 3GS
Now contains 10 tips

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Version 2.1 (Jun 25, 2009)

2 New tips:
Zoom out from maps
Neat features you might not have noticed

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Version 3.6 (iPhone OS 3.0 Tested)

New Tips
New design
Share TIps via Twitter

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8.0.0Sep 25, 2014Current release
7.0.6Apr 03, 2014
7.0.5Oct 10, 2013
7.0.4Sep 20, 2013
7.0.3Sep 14, 2013
7.0.2Aug 02, 2013
7.0.1Jul 30, 2013
7.0Jun 17, 2013
6.1.1Apr 25, 2013
6.1Mar 21, 2013 28, 2012 31, 2012 24, 2012 08, 2012 03, 2012 23, 2012 21, 2012 16, 2011 18, 2011 28, 2011 30, 2011 06, 2011 03, 2011
4.3.1Jun 27, 2011
4.3May 02, 2011
4.2Mar 21, 2011
4.1Nov 12, 2010
4.0.2Sep 27, 2010
4.0Jul 19, 2010
3.7Jun 03, 2010
3.6Jan 11, 2010
3.2Nov 06, 2009
3.1Aug 20, 2009
3.0Jul 15, 2009
2.1Jun 25, 2009
3.6 (iPhone OS 3.0 Tested)First tracked
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Current Version - 4.0 - 21 ratings
Updated on May 29, 2015
All Versions - 3.2 - 70,361 ratings
Updated on May 29, 2015


Compatibility: Universal

Category: Books

Updated: May 21, 2015

Version: 8.0.0

Size: 71.7 MB

Language: English, Spanish

Seller: Intelligenti Ltd

Rating: Rated 4+

Family Sharing: Yes

Requirements: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Bundle ID: com.intelligentipublishing.tipsandtrickslite

Supports Apple Watch: No

App ID:  317014828  [Copy]