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Weather Widgets

发行商: Pixelspore
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Weather Widgets offers a comprehensive and customizable weather resource for your Android phone, providing regularly-updated local conditions, worldwide. Check current weather for any specified location (or your current position, identified by the app's geo-locating software), as well as forecasts for up to nine days ahead. Set the app to provide automatic updates at three, six, 12, or 24 hour intervals, or just refresh it manually as needed. One tap on a day's general forecast will call up detailed information regarding temperature, type of weather, expected rainfall, wind speed and direction, barometric pressure, sunrise and sunset times, and the length of day in hours and minutes. Most measurements can be displayed in either the applicable English or metric format: e.g., Fahrenheit or Celsius, meters or feet, etc. All weather data comes courtesy of the Norwegian Meteorological Institute's project.
The app includes 18 customizable weather widgets for your phone. The widgets have three size options, as well as optional clock displays with 12- and 24-hour settings. Widget backgrounds can be set as opaque, 50% transparent, or wholly transparent. New widgets released regularly, and requests for new widgets or features are considered on an ongoing basis.
The app currently supports Norwegian, English, Czech, and Dutch language use.


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