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Calculator Ultimate Lite is now optimized for Kindle Fire.
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Calculator Ultimate Lite is a fully functional scientific calculator. It is a user-friendly tool, always available in your cellphone, with ample capabilities. As a Lite version of Calculator Ultimate it is recommended to anyone who needs the use of solving complex calculations including all features mentioned below.
Calculator Ultimate functions are divided into five main Tabs (Basic, Scientific, Equations, Conversions, Matrices). In Lite version only Basic and Scientific Tabs are activated.
Product Features
-Basic arithmetic calculations
-Trigonometric functions (including hyperbolic)
-Logarithms (in any given base)
-Results history
-Fling left or right between tabs
-Memory feature giving the ability to store 11 values
-Option for using rads or degrees in trigonometric calculations
-Option to move the application to SD card
-Ability to save screens of calculations in order to retrieve them later by name
We are continuously working on adding new features and improving our application. So please feel free to contact us if you counter any problems, have any recommendations or need any kind of help!

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