600+ Spanish Human Voice Ringtones and Notifications

发行商: TeleBEEM
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Add a new sense of personality to your Android device with 600+ SPANISH Human Voice Ringtones and Notifications. This app features a collection of over 600 real sound bytes of native Spanish speakers, professionally recorded by voice actors. Use this audio collection to customize your phone's settings, replacing its mechanical beeps and buzzes with a more human interface. Personalize your phone with these cultured and chic voices that will tell you when you've received new calls or messages.
This pack may be used on any phone that allows MP3 files to be used in place of default notifications. It also includes eight different voice sets: sexy woman, business woman, cool chick, girl next door, sexy guy, business man, cool guy, and boy next door. Each set has 43 basic notifications for use with your phone, as well as alternate versions of each notification. Some of these include: e-mail, SMS, MMS, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and many more.

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