Move 2 SD Pro

发行商: Antoine Vianey
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If you feel comfortable with doing some fancy rearranging of your smartphone's memory system, Move 2 SD can be a very useful app to free up memory space by moving apps from internal storage to the external SD card and vice-versus through the system settings.
This free tool lists movable apps, allows you to move one or all of those apps to the SD card, shows the app size and installation date, lists non-movable apps, can move apps back to internal storage, shows available space on your device, uninstalls apps, shows the app's details page, and notifies you when a movable app is installed.
If an app uses any of the following features, the Android system won't let you install it on the external SD storage:
- App Widgets
- Services
- Input Method Engines
- Live Wallpapers
- Live Folders
- Alarm Services
- Account Managers
- Sync Adapters
- Device Administrators
This app is not used to backup apps to the SD card. It helps you free up space in your phone's limited internal memory. You must manually install the apps after switching to a new phone or a hard reset. App shortcuts will disappear from the home screen after you move the apps to the SD card.

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