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How do you face up to those tough decisions where the outcome ... honestly doesn't matter all that much? How do you choose a course of action when there's six in one and a half dozen in the other? Like a talking coin toss or magic eight ball, "Just Pick It!" helps you resolve difficult questions like: Skirt or jeans? Pizza or salad? The red or the yellow tie? Chick flick or SAW 100?
Say it, spin it, pick it--it's that simple. First, tell "Just Pick It!" your options. The app uses Google's online voice recognition service to record your options as you speak into the microphone. You can also enter the options manually--this works even if you've lost your internet connection. Then flick or tap the roulette-like wheel to start it spinning. When the arrow lands on the winning choice, the text-to-voice software "reads" the winner's name aloud. And your not-so-weighty (perhaps weightless) decision has been made!
Just Pick It! also lets you save your options, for those arbitrary choices you have to make over and over.

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