Pirates Plunder Slots

发行商: Pokie Magic
价格: 1.99 USD


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If you like slot machine apps you have a lot of fun with Pirates Plunder Slots for Android. Unlock the treasure chests while the Jolly Jackpot grows and grows. Arrrrr! Can you win it?
This game has all kinds of fun twists and bonuses. For example: During normal play the plucky parrot substitutes for all symbols, except scattered coins, and triples your winnings; three or more scattered pirate coins will trigger the Treasure Feature; a winning spin allows you to add to your winnings with a suit-matching card flip or a spin on the roulette wheel; and Blackbeard's bonus gives you a second spin with one of 16 different bonuses awarded.
In Treasure Mode, a treasure map will appear with 15 closed treasure chests on it. A naughty landlubber has locked the bottom five chests. Choose from the top ten chests and win free spins or a key to open the locked chests. Find a Skull of Doom and ye shall choose no more!

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