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Tablet Talk

发行商: TribalWire Inc.
价格: 2.99 USD


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What if you could securely text and make voice calls from your Kindle Fire, using your Android phone number? Now you can! Unlike other apps, Tablet Talk doesn't force you to use a new phone number -- your friends and contacts can keep on using your main Android phone number for SMS and voice calls!
How does it work? Tablet Talk lets you pair your Android phone to an Android tablet using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi (sorry, iPads and other iOS devices are not supported). It's a direct connection between the devices, so messages can be sent and received without delay.
Other features include:
• Privacy. SMS messages are directly synced between your tablet and Android phone. They are not uploaded or passed through company servers.
• Instant notifications. Your tablet rings as soon as you receive a call. Use a headset with your phone, and Tablet Talk lets you dial/answer calls from the tablet.
• Flexibility. Text anywhere, anytime, with or without Internet access. Easily switch between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
• Wi-Fi hotspot. Use Tablet Talk to link your tablet over your phone’s Wi-Fi hotspot, so no mobile data is used to transfer your texts.
• Bluetooth support. Use a Bluetooth headset with your phone? Combined with Tablet Talk, you can even dial and answer calls directly from the tablet, including a full call log. You will never need to take your phone out of your pocket! Link over Bluetooth when Bluetooth tethering!
There's more: Quick reply popups, MMS & group MMS support, expandable notifications, custom themes, DashClock Extensions, SMS delivery reports, emoticons/smilies … the list goes on!
Install the Tablet Talk app on both your tablet and Android phone.
The Tablet Talk app needs to be installed on both devices. After installing Tablet Talk on your Kindle, download Tablet Talk from your phone's app store or the Tablet Talk website. Follow the installation and pairing instructions to send and receive SMS messages and voice calls on your Kindle.
Visit the Tablet Talk website at to see the FAQ and get other tips!


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