Wlan4xx. WEP, WPA & WPA2 Arcadyan routers Keygen Audit.

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Wlan4xx. WEP, WPA & WPA2 Arcadyan routers Keygen Audit.
Dictionary Generator WEP WPA WPA2 networks default keys for Arcadyan routers of some Internet services providers (Arcor, EasyBox, Vodafone, Wireless, YaCom, WLAN and WiFi).
The main features are the Wireless Network scanner, dictionary generator WEP,WPA and WPA2 keys for Arcadyan routers, connection to open wireless networks and the Arcadyan vulnerable routers.
Vulnerable Arcadyan routers come from different Internet service providers. The ESSID specifications are: Arcor, EasyBox, Vodafone, Wireless, YaCom, WLAN or WiFi.
On the basic functions of scanner, autoscan contains fast and slow, normal scan on demand, turbo scan, types of networks to search, types of encryption to seek, sound to warn Arcadyn vulnerable routers and open networks, a network connection status and a description of networks.
Generates a dictionary with name 'Dic_ESSID.txt' in the root scard to select a vulnerable network, appearing the generate button network dictionary for Arcadyan vulnerable router.
Once selected and generated a network dictionary for vulnerable network, opens a drop-down with the keys generated for your choice. If the key selected in the drop coincides with the network key, and we made the 'audit' to the Arcadyan router. It is also possible that none of the generated keys is that good or can not associate with the network wireless.
Please note that this app is not meant to be a hacking utility.
The use of this product wireless analysis software should be a basic tool for professionals and individuals who are eager to know the security level of wireless facilities is strictly forbidden to use it to commit criminal acts of intrusion on wireless networks of which we do not own or do not have permissions to analyze their security.

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