ABP+ Maps (Kindle Tablet Edition)

发行商: ADR Microtech, Div DPP Products, LLC
价格: 2.99 USD


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NOTE: This APP is optimized for the kindle fire or 7" Tablets/devices that support 1024 x 600 res.
ABP+ Maps has the ability to display full screens Maps! The Maps support all current canvas types including: Roadmap, Satellite, Hybrid and Terrain! Map marks is another plus with ABP+ Maps. You can save as many Maps as you like for easy access to them again. You can search by address or latitude & longitude or simply view the World Map to navigate where you would like to go. ABP+ Maps has a very simple to use interface and should be quite simple to learn for even the novice user! You can tab back and forth between the Silk Web browser and the Maps browser with the touch of a single button! ABP+ Maps also preserves your last session, so when your return you are right back where you left off! Use ABP+ to learn, teach, explore or just to entertain yourself. See the world in the palm of your hand, full screen and full color today!

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